Police FAQs

  1. Where are you located?  
    620 SOM Center Road, Mayfield Village, Ohio 44143
    Just north of Beta Dr and south of Highland Rd across from Whitehaven Cemetery.

  2. What are your hours?  
    The Police Department is open 24hours a day/7 days a week.
    The Records Division is open Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm for copies of reports.

  3. Can I make a police report over the phone? 
    Any incident that requires an actual report must be done in person. If it is an incident that has occurred where you currently are and have not left the scene an officer will respond to your location within the Village. However an incident that is a late reported incident or you are no longer at the location of the incident we will ask you to come to the station to make your report. Of course there are exceptions in some cases. If in doubt call Dispatch at 440.461.1234.

  4. Where do I pay my traffic ticket?
    Moving Violations are to be paid at Lyndhurst Municipal Court at 5301 Mayfield Road 44124. The phone number to the court is 440.461.6500. Also after hours, fines may be paid at Lyndhurst Police Station at the same address.

  5. How much is my traffic ticket?
    You will need to call Lyndhurst Municipal Court for the proper waiver amount. 440.461.6500 M-F 8am - 4pm.
    You may also look up your fine on the Lyndhurst Municipal Court website http://www.lyndhurstmunicipalcourt.org/

  6. My parking ticket says you don't accept personal checks?
    We do now accept personal checks for payment of parking fines. Checks should be made out to Mayfield Village Police Department. It is wise not to send cash via mail to pay fines, however you may pay the parking fine in person with cash.

  7. Where do I pay my parking ticket fines?
    Parking Violations can be paid at or sent to Mayfield Village Police Department:
    620 SOM Center Rd., Mayfield Village, Ohio  44143

  8. How long is the power going to be off? Why is the power off?
    Mayfield Village Police Department has no control over power outages. In inclement weather the likeliness of a power outage is high. During these times the Police Dispatcher can be very busy handling emergency phone calls of accidents and alarms and other nature and in some instances are also dealing with power outage within the Police Station as well. We of course will continue to help in case of emergencies, and especially if you see power lines down. To report routine outages without any sign of power lines down you will need to call First Energy's (Illuminating Company) automated outage line. You will need to give them your phone number that is associated with you electric account so they will know that your power is out. The phone number to report your power outage is 1.888.544.4877.

  9. How do I get a police report and is there a cost?
    The Records Division at the Mayfield Village Police Department is open Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm. You should call first to find out if a report is complete and ready for distribution. You can come in and pick up a copy of the report during the above hours at a cost of 5 cents per page. If you can not make it during the posted hours you can call and request a copy that can be made ahead of time and it will be left for you to pick up and pay for with Dispatch. You can also request a copy of a report by sending a self addressed stamped envelope with your request.

  10. What is the phone number for ________________?
    Village Hall - 440.461.2210
    Service Dept. - 440.461.5506
    Building Dept. - 440.461.2213
    Parkview Pool - 440.446.1688
    Mayfield Regional Library - 440.473.0350
    Mayfield Heightts PD - 440.442.2323
    Highland Heights PD - 440.442.1221
    Lyndhurst PD - 440.442.1234

  11. How do I rent the community room?
    You need to contact Village Hall at 440.461.2210

  12. There was a holiday this week ...when is garbage pick up? 
    Rubbish/Recycling is only affected if a major holiday falls on a Monday. If this occurs then rubbish/recyclables will be delayed one day. If holiday falls on a Tuesday regular rubbish/recyclables will be picked up on Monday as normal and Tuesdays will be picked up on Wednesday. For verifications of pick up - call Kimble Companies at 1.800.201.0005. You can view the affected holidays here.

  13. Who is your chief?
    Chief Richard Edelman

  14. When and where are fireworks?  
    Fireworks dates vary year to year; usually the Saturday nearest July 4th and can be seen from the towncenter area (Gazebo).

  15. When is cruise night?
    Second Saturday in June, rain date is the following Sunday.

  16. If I am the victim of a crime, what should i do?
    Call 911 as soon as possible. If you are need of medical care let the dispatcher know right away. Stay on the line with the dispatcher until he or she tells you that you can hang up – they may ask you to hold while they send a police officer or rescue squad to your location.