Inside the Fire Station

The Mayfield Village Fire Department was established in 1946, and today provides quality emergency response services including fire suppression and Emergency Medical Service to our community. In addition, we provide Emergency Medical Services under contract to the Village of Gates Mills.

These quality services are provided round the clock by a staff of both career and part-time professionals which include of a total of 7 career positions including the Fire Chief, and three lieutenants, and three firefighter/paramedics, supplemented with 20 part-time positions and a full-time administrative assistant.

Our fire department was the first in the Hillcrest area to offer an EMS service staffed by paramedics in 1979, and we were the first to commit to the safety of our firefighters by purchasing a fire engine with an enclosed crew cab in 1989.

We participate in several regional emergency response teams including the Hillcrest regional Fire Investigation Unit, and the Hillcrest Technical Rescue Team by providing staffing, equipment and funding.

Public education is a priority and we work with our educators at both the Senior High and elementary school levels to provide training and education in fire safety and CPR as well as career path guidance, with hands-on experience.

Public fire safety is maintained by our fire prevention bureau. The bureau is responsible for fire safety inspections of business occupancies, public safety education and awareness, and fire code enforcement. Fire safety inspections of single family homes are also offered by request only.

In addition, we offer smoke alarms and batteries for those who cannot afford them. We will also install smoke alarms and change batteries for those who are not able. Please contact Lt. Michael Girbino of the fire prevention bureau for more information. 440.461.3802 or email at

We welcome you to spend some time to view the photos here and take a tour of the fire station!