Rust Belt Riders

We all have them—food scraps from dinner, food that we didn’t get around to eating, and food that we can’t put down the disposal. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, food is the single largest category of material placed in municipal landfills, where it emits methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. Over 40% of all food in the United States ends up in landfills, accelerating climate change. 

Since 2014, Rust Belt Riders has been working across Northeast Ohio to provide an alternative to landfills for food waste and support our local food system through the creation of agricultural products (Tilth Soil), sold and donated to local
farms, community gardens and garden centers.

Join now to help the effort!

A Community Drop-Off Location Is Now Available in the Mayfield Village Civic Center Parking Lot @ 6622 Wilson Mills Road

For more information or to become a member, visit or call 216.800.4651 (Ext 2)