Deer Management

Dear Residents,

Many of our neighboring communities have established deer management programs.  Mayfield Village is fortunate to have the Metroparks’ North Chagrin Reservation within its borders and has relied on the annual deer culling program done there to help control the deer population.  In 2020, the Village had only six reported deer/vehicle accidents and seven injured or dead deer picked up by the Animal Warden.  While some residents enjoy having deer in the area and in their yards, others find them a nuisance and have expressed concern about the problems they can cause.

In order to get a full picture of our deer population, we have scheduled a Village-wide infrared deer survey to be performed by USDA Wildlife Services sometime in the next several weeks.  We also ask that residents complete this short survey to assist us in determining whether a deer management program should be considered and to help us define its goals and objectives, if implemented.  We know from speaking with the experts that that no solution will be inexpensive and that any program must be on-going to be effective, however, we feel that it is important to take these steps to determine if further action is needed.  Thank you for your assistance.

Mayor Brenda T. Bodnar and Members of Council

3. Below is a list of concerns you may have related to deer. Please indicate which you have experienced and how concerned you are about each in your neighborhood.

Please provide your complete street address to assist us in determining where deer concerns exist in Mayfield Village. Survey responses without addresses will not be counted.

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