Special Interests

The Parks & Recreation Department has established and will enforce preventative measures to curtail the spread of COVID-19 in its programs and facilities. The Recreation and Service Staff is undertaking every effort to keep facilities clean; our patrons must wear masks and remain socially distanced.  Individual instructors must meet our standards and may add additional precautions to their programs. Program participants and park patrons should be aware that, by participating in any passive or active recreational activity, they are increasing their risk of contracting COVID-19. Please understand that program offerings, facility operations, and park use may differ from the past as we continue to follow the guidance of the CDC for Administrators of Parks & Recreation Facilities and the directives of the Ohio Board of Health and the Governor's office.      

Please continue to wear a mask, practice social distancing at all times, and get vaccinated when it is your turn.


This Tai Chi Class is great for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. Learn why this multi-faceted art form is not only good for self-defense but is also good for relaxation, balance, core and lower body strength. In this class, you will learn the movements of the Yang Style 108 Tai Chi form, as well as Energy building exercises, known as Qigong (Chee-Gong). Tai Chi is known to loosen stiff joints, stretch the muscles and open the mind.


(18 yrs+) Head to the riverfront for one of the most acclaimed arts festivals in the country, featuring more than 240 artists, fabulous food, and entertainment. Shop for household items, from kitchen gadgets to full kitchens at amazing prices at IKEA. Transportation by deluxe motor coach.


(21 yrs+) Spend the day at Pennsylvania’s premiere casino resort, located near the Allegany Mountains. Enjoy table games, slot machines, and free beverages and cocktails on the gaming floor. Enjoy $15 in free slot play and $5 for food (subject to change). Transportation by deluxe motorcoach.