Youth Sports & Programs

Please continue to wear a mask, practice social distancing at all times, and get vaccinated when it is your turn.

Youth Programs

For Boys & Girls

Move and Groove: 1-3 years with caregiver. 10:00-10:30 A Dance and tumble promotes coordination, strength, flexibility and spatial awareness.

Preschool Ballet: 3-5 years with caregiver. 10:45-11:15 A Children will learn basic ballet terms, position, stretching balance and coordination.

Hip Hop: 4-7 years. 11:30 A-12:00 P Learn hip hop moves and perform them to upbeat kid friendly music. Games, activities and some tumbling will also be part of the fun! This class helps develop coordination, strength, flexibility and spatial awareness.

(Registration Deadlines: the Wednesday before each session. Classes may be canceled or combined if enrollment is low)

F          8/13-8/27          Fall 1                $39
F          9/10-9/24          Fall 2                $39
F          10/8-10/22        Fall 3                $39
F          11/5-11/19        Fall 4                $39
F          12/3-12/17        Winter 1           $39
F          2/4-2/18            Winter 2           $39
F          3/4-3/18            Winter 2           $39

Civic Center


(2nd-6th gr. in Mayfield School District). Running can be done anytime and anywhere without a court, a pool, a ball, or a team. Running does not only help the physical body, it helps improve mental health as well. Michele Fortuna, a Mayfield School teacher and former track coach created this program to introduce the sport of running in a non-competitive environment. All classes will have a warm-up, group runs and end with stretching and cool-down. This program is instructional with an emphasis on learning the fundamentals and being active. Instructor: Michele Fortuna. Registration Deadline: 8/22.

M/W     5:45-6:45 P       8/23-10/6          $60
(except week of 9/6)

Parkview Recreation Area


Get ready to learn through play. Participants will work on fine and gross motor skills through individual and group activities. They will engage in various art, math, language, movement and science activities. Your little one will gain skill and confidence while having fun. Each day the experience will be different. Register for 1 or 2 days a week. Limited to 10 participants per session.

T & Th 9:00-9:45 A
$45 per child/both days/session
$25 per child/one day/session

Session 1 - Theme: Things are Changing

Session 2 -
Theme: Fall Colors and Shapes

Session 3 -
Theme: Thank you for baked goods

Session 4 -
Theme: TBD

Session 5 -
Theme: Snow Days

Session 6 - Theme: Healthy Hearts

Session 7 -
Theme: Spring Time and Birthdays

Civic Center


Head into one of the most loved pizza shops in Mayfield Village and create your own delicious masterpiece! Participants will have the opportunity to build their pizza by pressing the dough, adding sauce and placing their favorite toppings on before it goes in the oven. While it’s baking participants can color on their box and when it’s ready, stay and enjoy their yummy personal creation at Pizza Roma or take it home! Space is limited to 8 participants. Registration Deadline: Wednesday before each date.

S     1:00-1:45P      11/6 & 1/15      3-5 yrs.        $13/date
S     1:00-1:45P      11/13 & 1/22     6-12 yrs.      $13/date


Tennis (Age 3-4 &5-6)

The Rookie Sports Club Tennis Program is a great introduction for beginning players. Each week will include fun, developmentally appropriate activities that will be used to help younger players become comfortable with the game of tennis. The coaches create a positive learning environment that encourages skill development while providing an exciting tennis experience! Min/Max: 8/15 participants.

M  9/13-10/11 $60
6:15-7:00 P (3-5 yrs.)
7:15-8:00 P (6-8 yrs.)

Parkview Tennis Courts

T-BALL (Ages 3-4)

Rookie T-Ball is a great introduction to the game of baseball for young children. Using age-appropriate activities, players will be introduced to baseball fundamentals in a fun and supportive atmosphere. Each week the program will include an instructional portion including batting, base running, fielding, throwing, and catching. A modified game will be played each week. Parent participation is strongly encouraged to allow the program to run smoother. Children should bring their own glove. Min/Max: 10/40 participants.

T      6:15-7:00 P 9/7-10/5          Tuesday Session     $60
W     6:15-7:00 P 9/8-10/6         Wednesday Session $60

Parkview Softball Green Field


This program is a great introduction to coach-pitch baseball for young baseball players. The instructional portion of the program utilizes developmentally appropriate drills with modifications and/or progressions designed to help every child improve their baseball skills despite their current abilities. Skills taught will include batting, fielding, throwing, and catching. A modified, non-competitive game will be played each week. As the weeks progress, new aspects of the game scenarios will be added to allow children to learn within the game context. Children will be able to use a tee during the game if they are having difficulty hitting a pitched ball. Parent participation is encouraged to allow the program to run smoother. Children should bring their own glove. Min/Max: 10/40 participants.

T          7:15-8:00 P 9/7-10/5   Tuesday Session        $60
W         7:15-8:00 P 9/8-10/6   Wednesday Session   $60

Parkview Softball Green Field

GOLF (Ages 5-7 & 8-12)

The Rookie Sports Club Golf Program welcomes players of all skill levels to learn and practice golf fundamentals. Skills taught and practiced will include driving, putting, chipping, and pitching. Note that this program is not designed for the advanced golfer. Children should bring their own clubs. Limited clubs available for use. Min/Max: 8/15 participants.

TH    9/9-10/7  $60      
6:15-7:00 P (5-7 yrs.)  
7:15-8:00 P (8-12 yrs.)

Parkview Soccer Fields

BASKETBALL (Ages 3-4 )

Rookies Basketball provides children with a fun and educational first basketball experience! Players are taught the fundamentals of dribbling, shooting, passing, rebounding, defense, and the concept of game play. The curriculum incorporates teaching styles that help this age group build an understanding of the skills that are taught by utilizing fun terminology and engaging activities. A positive and encouraging atmosphere is created in which kids learn proper sportsmanship. Each week players participate in developmentally appropriate instruction and modified, recreational game play. Registration begins December 2. Min/Max: 10/30

W         6:15 P-7:00 P   1/5-2/2              $60

Wildcat Sport & Fitness

SOCCER (Ages 3-4 & 5-6)

Rookie Sports Club leads an age-appropriate program that utilizes fun games and activities to teach fundamentals to beginning soccer players. Coaches focus on teaching the basics of dribbling, passing, scoring, and the concept of game play. Proper sportsmanship is emphasized in a positive and encouraging atmosphere enabling children to enjoy learning soccer while also having fun being physically active. Each week will include both developmentally appropriate instruction as well as recreational, non-competitive game play. Min/Max: 10/40 participants.

S   9/11-10/9  $60    
10:00-10:45 A (3-4 yrs.)
1:00-11:45   A (3-4 yrs.) 12:00-12:45 P (5-6 yrs.)

Parkview Soccer Fields