Youth Sports & Programs

MOVE WITH LEAH - For Boys & Girls

Friday Classes

Move and Groove: 1-3 years with caregiver. 10:00-10:30 A. Dance and tumble promotes coordination, strength, flexibility and spatial awareness.

Preschool Ballet: 3-5 years with caregiver. 10:45-11:15 A. Children will learn basic ballet terms, position, stretching balance and coordination.

Hip Hop: 4-7 years 11:30 A-12:00 P. Learn hip hop moves and perform them to upbeat kid friendly music. Games, activities and some tumbling will also be part of the fun! This class helps develop coordination, strength, flexibility and spatial awareness.

(Reg. Deadline: the Wednesday before each session. Classes may be cancelled/combined if low enrollment)  $45/session

  •  9/2-9/16 Fall 1          
  • 10/7-10/21 Fall 2
  • 11/4-11/18 Fall 3
  • 12/2-12/16 Winter 1
  • 1/13-1/27 Winter 2
  • 2/10-2/24 Winter 3
  • 3/10-3/24 Spring 1

Wednesday Classes

Ballet and Creative Movement: 5-9 years 4:30-5:00 P. This class will incorporate ballet movements and incrementally advanced choreography with a variety of musical stylings, ranging from classical (The Nutcracker, Swan Lake) to contemporary (Frozen, Moana). This class is perfect for dancers who have attended Preschool Ballet 1 & 2 and are looking to refine their technical dance skills. No prerequisite required, ballet attire optional, both encouraged!

Hip Hop: 7-12 years

6:15-6:45 P. Dance along to upbeat, fun hip hop routines and learn basic tumbling skills. This class focuses on coordination, strength, balance, flexibility, and spatial awareness. (Reg. Deadline: the Wednesday before each session. Classes may be cancelled/combined if low enrollment). $60/session

  • 9/7-9/28           Fall 1       
  • 10/12-11/2       Fall 2
  • 11/16-12/15     Fall 3 (except for 11/23)
  • 1/11-2/1           Winter 1
  • 2/15-3/8           Winter 2
  • 3/22-4/19         Spring 1 (except 3/29)

Civic Center


(2nd-6th gr. in Mayfield School District) Running can be done anytime and anywhere without a court, a pool, a ball, or a team. Running does not only help the physical body, it helps improve mental health as well. Michele Fortuna, a Mayfield School teacher and former track coach created this program to introduce the sport of running in a noncompetitive environment. All classes will have a warm-up, group runs and end with stretching and cool-down. This program is instructional with an emphasis on learning the fundamentals and being active. Instructor: Michele Fortuna. Registration Deadline: 8/26.

M/W   5:45-6:45 P     8/29-10/17       $65 (except 9/5, 9/26, 10/5)

Parkview Recreation Area


(8-14 yrs.) Back by popular demand! Each week the participants will be split up into two teams to play against each other. No formal teams or standings kept; basically “pickup” format. Participants should come ready to play in comfortable clothing and closed toed shoes; bring water. Registration Deadline: 9/9. Min/Max: 15/30.

M        5:45-6:45 P     9/12-10/10       $20

Parkview Green Field


For Boys and Girls 3rd-4th and 5th-6th Grade.

New Varsity Coach Mara Metz and her staff will work on skill development, rules, and team fundamentals, and incorporate game play into each week. Practices will be held at Mayfield High School Main Gym. Deadline: 9/18. 40 Max participants in each grade level.

  • Su - 1:00-2:00 P (3rd-4th)   9/25-10/16
  • 2:15-3:30 P (5th-6th)

$50 SD/$55 NSD


(3-5 yrs.) Get ready to learn through play. Each day’s activities children will work on fine and gross motor skills through individual and group activities. Children will engage in various art, math, language, movement and science activities. Your little one will gain skill and confidence while having fun. Each day the experience will be different, register for 1 or 2 days a week.

T & Th 9:00-9:45 A

$45 per child/both days/session

$25 per child/one day/session

9/13-9/29         Session 1

Theme: Things are Changing

The Grove/Wetlands Path

10/4-10/20       Session 2

Theme: Fall Colors and Shapes

The Grove/Wetlands Path

10/25-11/10     Session 3

Theme: Food Explorers

11/15-12/8       Session 4

Theme: Holidays around the World

1/10-1/26         Session 5

Theme: Snow Days

2/7-2/23           Session 6

Theme: Healthy Hearts

2/28-3/16         Session 7

Theme: Spring Time and Birthdays

Civic Center (unless noted)

KIDS YOGA (3-5 yrs.)

Children will strengthen their bodies and balance through a series of yoga poses in a playful manner. Games, stories and music are incorporated into each class, as well as mindfulness activities. Children will learn breathing exercises to calm their minds and bodies as well as some relaxing visualization techniques during class. Please bring a yoga mat & water bottle for your child. Instructor: Jaclyn Zeigler, Mom of 3, RYT 200 hr. & Certified in Children’s Yoga. Additional sessions can be added after initial session, contact if interested. Min./Max Participants: 5/10. Registration Deadline: September 12.

Th       10:00-10:30 A            9/15-10/6         $55

Civic Center

KIDS YOGA (6-9 yrs.)

Children will strengthen their bodies, minds and balance through a series of yoga poses. They will explore how to focus and center themselves with various breathing and visualization techniques. They will also gain self-respect and respect for others with the practice of fun, yet challenging partner and group poses, including yoga games. Instructor: Jaclyn Zeigler, Mom of 3, RYT 200 hr. & Certified in Children’s Yoga. Additional sessions can be added after initial session, contact if interested. Min./Max Participants: 5/12. Registration Deadline: the Wednesday before each date.

Su        10:30-11:15 A      9/25        $15/date

S                                        10/22, 11/12

(additional siblings 10% discount per same date $13.50)

Civic Center

Funky Forces with MAD SCIENCE

(K-5th) Explore the forces of our world and learn about the foundational blocks of physics. Inertia, Gravity, and Potential and Kinetic Energy are just some of the key concepts kids will experiment with. The instructors of Mad Science will lead the groups every week while exploring Funky Forces!

Th       5:30-6:30 P     10/6-11/10 (except 11/3)         $119

Community Room


(5 yrs+) No experience needed! The So-So Artsy Staff will give step by step instruction so painting a canvas is something all abilities can do. All necessary supplies provided! Let your creativity flow and put your own spin on a pre-selected design. Each date will be a new picture! Create a beautiful work of art for home, office or as a gift for someone else. Anyone ages 5-13 years must be accompanied by an adult. For anyone who cannot participate independently, a parent or caregiver must be present and available to assist. Registration Deadline: the Friday before each date.

  • Th       6:00 P       11/10, 12/1, 1/26, 2/9, 3/9       $19/date


Head into one of the most loved pizza shops in Mayfield Village and create your own delicious masterpiece! Participants will have the opportunity to build their pizza by pressing the dough, adding sauce and placing their favorite toppings on before it goes in the oven. While it’s baking participants can color on their box and when it’s ready, stay and enjoy their yummy personal creation at Pizza Roma or take it home! Space is limited to 8 participants. Registration Deadline: the Wednesday before each date.

  • S          1:00-1:45 P     11/5 & 1/14        3-5 yrs.         $13/date
  • S          1:00-1:45 P     11/12 & 1/21      6-12 yrs.       $13/date


(K-6th grade). Nearly all parents wish they had more time in the day. Especially around the holidays; there is always so much to get done. But hey, if you want just drop off the kids and relax at home or go have dinner, that’s fine too. Mayfield Village Parks and Recreation Department and additional staff will watch your kids for you. There will be games, coloring, maybe a craft and a movie will be played to keep everyone occupied. A small snack and beverage will be available too. Must have 10 kids registered by 12/2.

  • T  6:00-8:00 P           12/6
  • S  10:00 A-1:00 P     12/10

$10 first child per date

$5 second child per immediate family, per date

Civic Center

STEM-ulating Science with MAD SCIENCE

Discover the wonderful world of animals - above and below water! Feel the force of energy and the might of motion in two exciting physics explorations. Finally, explore sources of power. And mix up some cool concoctions that will be sure to spark your inner scientist!

Th       5:30-6:30 P        2/2-3/9       $119

Community Room


Gilmour Youth Hockey League

Contact: Mike Chiellino 440-449-7493

Hurricanes Swim Team Highland Heights

Contact: Laura Mayher,
Contact: Beth Faiman,

Mayfield Soccer Club


Mayfield Wrestling Club

Contact: Tony Khas at 440-449-5039

Wildcat Youth Football Club

Contact: Michael Macauda at 216-385-3464

Wildcat Youth Football Club Cheerleading

Contact: Amanda Jancar at 440-477-3759
Contact: Lashanda Stevens at 216-262-5590

Great Lakes Sailfish Swimming