Liability Waiver Agreement

I hereby release and hold harmless Mayfield Village including but not limited to Mayfield Village Parks and Recreation and all employees, agents and representatives from any and all claims, costs, damages, and liabilities for any injuries sustained by me and any additional individuals I sign up to participate in any program offered by Mayfield Village Parks and Recreation. I understand that any fees charged for a program do not include accident or personal property insurance. I further represent that I and additional individuals signed above are physically capable of participating in the program in which I or the above signed individuals are enrolled, based upon consultation with my personal physician. Further, in the event of any injury, I hereby GIVE MY PERMISSION and consent and authorize emergency first aid/or hospital care or treatment for myself or above listed individuals if deemed necessary by qualified medical or emergency personnel, or by said employees, agents, or representatives of Mayfield Village including but not limited to the Recreation Department and further agree to assume all expenses for said treatment. Lastly, I permit Mayfield Village to use photographic images myself, son and/or daughter in marketing and promotional material in Mayfield Village's Parks and Recreation Spring/Summer Parks and Recreation Brochure, the Village's newsletter or on the Mayfield Village on-line website and social media sites. If you would like to request that you and/or your child's photographic image not be used, you will need to contact the Recreation Department and submit your request in writing.

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