The Mayfield Village Recreation Department has 4 Bocce Courts with lights available at the Parkview Recreation Area located off of S.O.M. Center Road. The courts are programmed through the Recreation Department, and for additional information call 440.461.5163 or check out our program guide. There is least one court available for open play throughout the week.

Bocce is an international game and sport. Second only to soccer, it is the most played sport in the world. It is one of the earliest known games although the exact time and place of origin are difficult to pinpoint. The game was originally played with polished stones and involved tossing the stones with the intent of coming close to a smaller target stone. Today, bocce ball is a calming, competitive way to spend a few hours outdoors in the pleasant company of friends.

The bocce courts are:

  • Available for public use
  • Courts are open 6 am to 11 pm
  • Prioritized by contract classes and Village programs

Bocce Court Rules:

  • No food or drink is allowed on the court’s surfaces.
  • Courts are open during park hours on a first come first serve basis.
  • No running, scuffing feet, or horseplay on the Bocce Courts. 
  • Flat soled shoes only allowed on courts. Please no high heels.
  • Smoking is prohibited on Bocce Courts
  • Equipment unrelated to Bocce is not allowed on courts at any time. 
  • When Bocce Courts are full, there is a two-match limit. Once the limit is reached, players must yield to those who have waited in turn for the next available court. 
  • One individual may not hold a court if there are teams ready to play
  • Park and Recreation Department sponsored lessons, tournaments, or clinics have priority for use of the courts
  • If courts are full please be mindful of those waiting to play
  • No alcohol is allowed
  • No pets are allowed on the Bocce Courts.
  • All garbage must be disposed of in designated receptacles.