Adaptive Programs

The Parks & Recreation Department has established and will enforce preventative measures to curtail the spread of COVID-19 in its programs and facilities. The Recreation and Service Staff is undertaking every effort to keep facilities clean; our patrons must wear masks and remain socially distanced.  Individual instructors must meet our standards and may add additional precautions to their programs. Program participants and park patrons should be aware that, by participating in any passive or active recreational activity, they are increasing their risk of contracting COVID-19. Please understand that program offerings, facility operations, and park use may differ from the past as we continue to follow the guidance of the CDC for Administrators of Parks & Recreation Facilities and the directives of the Ohio Board of Health and the Governor's office.      

Please continue to wear a mask, practice social distancing at all times, and get vaccinated when it is your turn.

Activities designed for individuals with physical, sensory or developmental disabilities. The programs listed below are open to all abilities. In order to avoid cancelling programs, we need the cooperation of participants to sign up by deadlines. Please note that Mayfield Village reserves the right to deny registrations after the deadline due to limited enrollment, planning, etc.


(18 yrs+) LEAP has organized this program to get you outside and moving during the beginning of spring. Explore the different parks in the area. Not only is walking great physical exercise; it is a fun way to boost your mood and increased mental well-being including reducing stress. Bring water if you want it; it will not be provided. Each session is limited to 10 people, including caregivers. Registration Deadline: 4/14, 5/19, 6/23, 7/28.

M     6:00-7:00 P        4/19-5/10  Session 1      $12
M     6:00-7:00 P        5/24-6/21  Session 2      $12
M     6:00-7:00 P        6/28-7/19  Session 3      $12
M     6:00-7:00 P        8/2-8/23    Session 4      $12

Cleveland Metroparks Euclid Creek Reservation


(13 yrs+) Bocce ball has simple rules, making it a fun and easy game for all ages to learn and play. Bocce is the third most popular sport in the world! Try your luck at this low impact sport and enjoy playing against other people each week. Limited to 12 participants per session. Bring your own water. Registration Deadline: 4/16, 5/21.

T   6:00-7:00 P     4/20-5/11  Session 1   $12
T   6:00-7:00 P     5/25-6/15  Session 2   $12

Parkview Bocce Courts


(13 yrs+) Who doesn’t love a good game of kickball! Get those legs ready to kick the ball and take off down the bases. Participants will also take the field distanced from other players. Bring your own water; none is provided. Limited to 20 participants (caregivers musts be counted in this total if participant needs one on one assistance from caregiver). Bring your own water. Registration Deadline: 4/16, 5/21.

F    5:00-4:45 P     4/23-5/14     Spring Session        $15
F    5:00-5:45 P     5/28-6/18     Summer Session     $15

Parkview Green Softball Field


(13 yrs+) Come on out for this one-time special event and have a great time enjoying music and dancing before you head down a paved path in search of spring related items during the scavenger hunt. Will you be looking for a wiggling worm or maybe a beautiful butterfly? Maybe you will need to find a very special rock along the way?! Who knows what you will be looking for! Also enjoy a few game stations along the search. Everyone wins and will go home a winner! Registration is limited and begins April 1. Registration Deadline: 5/13.

S    1:00-3:00 P     5/22     $7

The Grove


(13 yrs+) Leah from Communities In Motion will lead this group in dances and movement that will get that heartrate up. But not to worry, this program is low impact and tons of fun. If you danced with Leah at Game Nights in the past, you know exactly what to expect. She plays current songs and has all of the old favorites as well. Come get some exercise, boost your mood, express yourself and move with the music at your own pace. There is no wrong way to dance! Bring your own water; none provided. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. This program is held outside. Limited to 12 participants per timeslot (caregivers musts be counted in this total if participant needs one on one assistance from caregiver). Registration Deadline: 4/19 & 5/24.

W  5:00-5:45 P     4/21-5/12     Session 1   $39
W  5:00-5:45 P     5/26-6/16     Session 2   $39

The Grove


(13 yrs+) Embrace Abilities teaches an integrated system of adaptive poses, breath work, daily function skills, movement exercises, meditation practices, and facilitates ongoing conversations. Students focus on what they can achieve; an optimistic approach is reinforced. This will be an outdoor program. Wear comfortable clothes and bring a mat. Registration Deadline: 5/20.

T   4:45-5:45 P     5/25-6/29    $64

The Grove


(18 yrs+) It’s time to play outside and participate in fun games and activities! Activities may include volleyball, kickball, cornhole, etc. Bring your own water and wear comfortable clothes. Registration Deadline: 5/21.

Th   6:00-7:00 P   5/27-6/17  $12 

Parkview Soccer Fields


(13 yrs+) Dig your toes into the sand and get ready to help get the ball over the net. This is a fun activity with very little competition. Anyone who needs one-one assistance/ constant guidance is required to have a family member/caregiver play with them. Bring your own water. Registration Deadline: 6/25.

W     6:00-6:45 P  6/30-7/21  $15

Wiley Park


(All ages) The group will get a theater all to themselves. The concession stand will be open so bring money for snacks. Movie: TBD. This even is limited to 50 participants, including caregivers. No payment/registration at the door.

Day and Time TBD

Atlas Cinema-Eastgate 10


(10 yrs+) This class is all about movement in the water. Swimming skills are not required. All exercises are performed in an area in the pool where everyone can touch the bottom. It is a relaxed atmosphere, with low impact movements and everyone goes at their own pace. Limited availability. Reg. Deadline: 6/25.

Th    6:15-7:00 P  7/1-7/22    $25

Parkview Pool


(13 yrs+) Everyone will have a chance to hit the ball and play in the field. This year due to covid restrictions and sharing equipment, we may just use a plastic bat and foam ball (no need for helmets and gloves!). Feel free to bring your own glove if you like. Registration Deadline: 7/24.

Th    6:00-7:30 P  8/5-8/26   $25

Parkview Softball Green Field


(All ages) Wondering what it’s like to get on the water in a canoe or kayak? Come learn and observe or if you want, take a turn in a canoe or kayak and practice some skills. We will be in the safety of shallow waters, there will be staff in the water, and all participating will wear a life vest. Helmets may be required. All equipment provided Registration Deadline: 8/6.

W     5:00-6:30P  8/11     Free

Parkview Pool


(All ages) Come see the Indians take on the Los Angeles Angels. Seats are in the Family Deck. Registration Deadline: 7/7.

F     7:10 P      8/20     $27-Family

Deck (ADA Accessible Seats Available)