Adaptive Programs

Activities designed especially for individuals with physical, sensory or developmental disabilities. People of all abilities are welcome to attend. Participants who are not capable of participating independently must be accompanied by parent or caretaker. In order to avoid canceling programs, we need the cooperation of participants to sign up by deadlines.

If you have questions please contact


(13 yrs+) Embrace Abilities teaches an integrated system of adaptive poses, breath work, daily function skills, movement exercises, meditation practices, and facilitates ongoing conversations. Students focus on what they can achieve; an optimistic approach is reinforced. Wear comfortable clothes, bring a mat and water. Instructor: Heidi Wuescher. More sessions could be added, contact decht@ to be added to a mailing list. Must have 8 participants. Registration Deadline: 9/2.

T         4:45-5:45 P     9/6-10/11      $64

Civic Center


(13 yrs+) Bocce ball has simple rules, making it a fun and easy game to learn and play. Bocce is the third most popular sport in the world! Try your luck at this low impact sport and enjoy playing against other people each week. Registration Deadline: 9/2.

T         6:00-7:00 P     9/6-10/11      $20

Parkview Bocce Courts


(13 yrs+) This program is low impact and tons of fun. Participants will hear current songs and old favorites as well. Come get some exercise and boost your mood. Each week Miss Leah works with the group to practice choreographed moves. There is no wrong way to dance; participants are encouraged to express themselves with their own movements! Registration Deadline: the Friday before each session. $39/session.

  • W 5:15-6:00P
  • Fall 1 (9/7-9/28)
  • Fall 2 (10/12-11/2)
  • Fall 3 (11/16-12/7)
  • Winter 1 (1/11-2/1)
  • Winter 2 (2/15-3/8)
  • Spring 1 (3/22-4/19) *except 3/29


(15 yrs+) Learn the fundamentals of basketball and build skill each week in a non-competitive environment. Different drills and activities will be used to teach and improve upon the basics of the game. Mini games against each other at the end of each practice. Classes will be four week sessions; exception dates will apply. Contact for a schedule of specific session dates. Registration Deadline: the Friday before each session. $25/session. Held at Wildcat Sport & Fitness

  • W 6:15-7:45P
  • Fall 1 (9/7-9/28)
  • Fall 2 (10/12-11/2)
  • Fall 3 (11/16-12/14) *except 11/23
  • Winter 1 (1/11-2/1)
  • Winter 2 (2/15-3/8)
  • Spring 1 (3/22-4/19) *except 3/29


(13 yrs+) Get ready to kick the ball and run the bases. It’s just friendly competition. Everyone kicks and plays in the field! Registration Deadline: 9/2.

Th       6:00-6:45 P     9/8-10/13      $20

Parkview Green Softball Field

SOCCER with Solon Blue Ribbon

(12 yrs +) Empower Sports takes to the field with participants for another energetic season of soccer skill-building, topped off with competitions and games. Location TBD. Registration online only at $30/session

  • M 6:00-7:15 P 9/12–10/10
  • 5:30-6:45 P 10/17-10/24


(10 years+) Movement in water is an excellent method to experience low impact exercise & great for cardiovascular health. Participants move at their own pace within their own comfort level. Kate Sullivan leads the class. Classes will be four week sessions; exception dates will apply. Contact for a schedule of specific session dates. Registration Deadline: the Friday before each session. $20/session. Held at Wildcat Sport & Fitness

  • T 6:30-7:30 P
  • Fall 1 9/13-10-4
  • Fall 2 11/8-12/6 (*except 11/22)
  • Winter 1 12/13-1/24 (*except 12/20, 12/27, 1/3)

KARAOKE with Solon Blue Ribbon

(16 yrs+) Your singing and dancing moves will be inspired by the talented DJ! Get ready for fun and fame as you sing to your favorite music jams. Pizza, chips and beverage will be served. Registration Deadline: 9/22.

F          6:00-8:00 P     10/7     $13

Solon Community Center


(5 yrs+) No experience needed! The So-So Artsy Staff will give step by step instruction so painting a canvas is something all abilities can do. All necessary supplies provided! Let your creativity flow and put your own spin on a pre-selected design. Each date will be a new picture! Create a beautiful work of art for home, office or as a gift for someone else. Anyone ages 5-13 years must be accompanied by an adult. For anyone who cannot participate independently, a parent or caregiver must be present and available to assist. Registration Deadline: the Friday before each date.

Th       6:00 P       11/10, 12/1, 1/26, 2/9, 3/9       $19/date


(13 yrs+) A new version of Friday Game Nights! Want to play a board game or color with friends? Feel free to bring your own or use some of the provided ones. Maybe you just sit and talk with friends or meet new people; we have the space! We will have music to listen to or dance to. A light dinner of pizza, chips and beverages will be supplied. All of this before we head to the theater in the building to watch an entertaining movie. Popcorn and water provided. There will be no dinner available once the movie begins. Must Register in advance. Registration Deadline: the Wednesday before each date. $5/date

  • F 5:00-6:30 activity/dinner      
  • 6:45 movie begins
  • 10/21, 11/18, 1/13, 2/24

Civic Center


(All ages) Staff will help you to press the dough, add the sauce and desired toppings, place it in the oven and…enjoy! You have your very own personally created pizza to enjoy in the store or take home. Registration is limited. Registration Deadline: 11/2, 2/9

  • S 1:00-1:45 P 11/19 $13
  • S 1:00-1:45 P 2/18   $13