Adaptive Programs


(10 years+) Movement in water is an excellent method to experience low impact exercise & great for cardiovascular health. Participants move at their own pace within their own comfort level. Kate Sullivan leads the class. Held at Wildcat Sport & Fitness.

T         6:30-7:30 P       $20/session

  • 3/8-3/22 Winter 4   
  • 3/29-4/12 Spring 1
  • 4/19-5/3 Spring 2
  • 5/10-5/24 Spring 3
  • 5/31-6/14 Summer


(10 yrs+) Miss Leah is back to teach a fun and energetic dance class. Come get some exercise, boost your mood, express yourself and move with the music at your own pace. There is no wrong way to dance! Bring your own water. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Registration Deadline: 4/1, 5/6, 7/29. Min/Max: 5/15. Held at MV Civic Center

  • W        5:00-5:45 P     4/6-4/27        Spring 1      $39
  • W        5:00-5:45 P     5/4-5/25        Spring 2      $39
  • W        5:00-5:45 P     8/3-8/24        Summer       $39


(10 yrs+) Bocce ball has simple rules, making it a fun and easy game for all ages to learn and play. Bocce is the third most popular sport in the world! Try your luck at this low impact sport and enjoy playing against other people each week. Bring your own water. Registration Deadline: 4/29, 5/27. Min/Max: 10/30. Held at Parkview Bocce Courts.

  • T         6:00-7:00 P     5/3-5/24        Spring 1       $15
  • W        6:00-7:00 P     6/8-6/29        Spring 2       $15


(10 yrs+) Who doesn’t love a good game of kickball?! This game is fairly simple and tons of fun. Take turns in the field and kicking/running the bases. Each week participants will be split into teams and a friendly game will be played. Come dressed in comfortable clothes and close toed shoes. Bring your own water. Registration Deadline: 5/3, 6/3. Min/Max: 10/30. Held at Parkview Softball Green Field.

  • Th       6:00-7:00 P     5/5-5/26        Spring 1       $15
  • T         6:00-7:00 P     6/7-6/28        Spring 2       $15


(13 yrs+) Embrace Abilities teaches an integrated system of adaptive poses, breath work, daily function skills, movement exercises, meditation practices, and facilitates ongoing conversations. Students focus on what they can achieve; an optimistic approach is reinforced. This will be an outdoor program. Wear comfortable clothes (dress for outdoor weather) and bring a mat. Instructor: Heidi Wuescher. Registration Deadline: 5/20. Min/Max: 8/15. Held at The Grove

  • T  4:45-5:45 P     5/24-6/28      $64


(13 yrs+) Dig your toes into the sand and get ready to help get the ball over the net. This is a fun activity with very little competition. Bring your own water. Registration Deadline: 6/25. Min/Max: 10/16. Held at Parkview Sand Volleyball Courts

  • T  6:00-6:45 P     7/5-7/26        $15


(10 yrs+) The summer is a fabulous time to be outside! Sign up for this program and experience outdoor fun in Mayfield Village. The plan is to allow time for open play and then also try a few organized activities. Activities may include walking along the Greenway Trail or into the Wetlands, a short game of cornhole or catch, or even just kicking a soccer ball to develop skills. Bring your own water and wear comfortable clothes. Registration Deadline: 5/21. Min/Max: 5/30. Held at Parkview Soccer Fields.

  • W 6:00-7:00 P     7/6-7/27     $15


(10 yrs+) This class is all about movement in the water. Swimming skills are not required. All exercises are performed in an area in the pool where everyone can touch the bottom. It is a relaxed atmosphere, with low impact movements and everyone goes at their own pace. Caregiver must get in water if participant needs individual assistance. Registration Deadline: 6/30. Min/Max: 5/20. Held at Parkview Pool.

  • Th   6:15-7:00 P     7/7-7/28     $25


(All ages) Adapted participants and their family are invited to attend this dance party/pool party/music party at the Parkview area. Join friends/family for two evenings of fun! Parkview Pool will be open for swimming and dancing from 4:00-6:00 p.m. The group will be able to use the pavilion for a light meal of pizza/snacks and beverages during 5:15-6:30 p.m. The night continues next at The Grove (outdoor amphitheater next to pool) for more music and dancing! Bowie Live (the Musical Life of David Bowie) performs July 8 and Moving in Stereo (a Tribute to The Cars) provides entertainment July 30. No registration at the door! Registration Deadlines: 6/29, 7/20.

  • F 4:00-9:30 P   7/8  Free
  • S 4:00-9:30 P   7/30  Free

Parkview Pool/The Grove


(10 yrs.+) A fun variation of traditional baseball! Everyone will use a plastic ball and bat. No helmets needed; glove optional (bring your own if you want). The ball is fairly easy to catch and throw! An oversized bat will also be available to be used! Join the group each week in this non-competitive game and enjoy playing defense in the field, hitting and running the bases. Bring your own water! Registration Deadline: 7/29. Min/Max: 10/30. Held at Parkview Softball Green Field

  • Th     6:00-7:00 P 8/4-9/1 (except 8/11)  $25


(All ages) Wondering what it’s like to get on the water in a canoe or kayak? Come learn and observe or if you want, take a turn in a canoe or kayak and practice some skills. We will be in the safety of shallow waters, there will be staff in the water, and all participating will wear a life vest. Helmets may be required. All equipment provided. Registration Deadline: 8/5. Held at Parkview Pool

  • Th     5:30-6:30 P     8/11     Free


(10 years+ with caregiver) Enjoy the beauty of nature with an easy hike along an accessible path before learning how to build a fire. Reward your fire building skills with the sweetness of chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers as you make the perfect’s more. Details are being finalized. Contact to be on the mailing list. Held at the North Chagrin Reservation


(5 yrs+) No experience needed! The So-So Artsy Staff will give step by step instruction so painting a canvas is something all abilities can do. All necessary supplies provided! Let your creativity flow and put your own spin on a pre-selected design. Each date will be a new picture! Create a beautiful work of art for home, office or as a gift for someone else. Anyone ages 5-12 years must be accompanied by an adult. For anyone who cannot participate independently, a parent or caregiver must be present and available to assist. Registration Deadline: The Friday before each date. $19/date. Held at the MV Civic Center

  • F 6:00 P 5/20, 5/27, 6/10, 6/24, 7/8, 7/22, 8/12, 8/26


Families with special needs children must exercise extra care in making their estate plans. This is especially true for those receiving needs-based public benefits such as SSI or Medicaid. Regardless of age or circumstance, a special needs individual can lose their benefits if they receive an inheritance. This workshop explores the essential basics of special needs planning involving creating the plan, protecting SSI and Medicaid benefits, selecting caregivers, and managing the financial estate. Attendees will enjoy a hands-on approach to special needs planning through many real-life examples and context. Snacks will be available. Registration Deadline: 5/17. Held at the MV Civic Center.

  • T 11:00      5/24     Free