David B. Hartt was hired as the Village’s Planner on a part-time basis in 2009.  He is the founder and president of D.B. Hartt Planning and Development Consultants and has been involved in area planning for the last 35 years. He has worked with nearly every local community in Northeast Ohio, in addition to involvement with Cleveland State University and work on the Midtown Corridor in Cleveland.  Mr. Hartt had previously assisted with various projects and was instrumental in the development of the 2020 Vision Plan, which Mayfield Village adopted as its comprehensive plan in 2005.  As Planner, Mr. Hartt supervises the Planning Development Department and brings his experience and expertise to Mayfield Village.

Ted Esborn is the Economic Development Director. Ted has been working for Mayfield Village since 2007, and has done work in the Finance Department and the Administration Department. He has become the Village’s point of contact with Mayfield businesses, the county and state departments of development, and area non-profits working on a regional approach to development. Ted also seeks outside funding in the form of grants.