The 1964 Mayfield Village Master Plan (click here to view the 2020 Masterplan) reflects many of the same values that Mayfield residents hold today. Most notably, both Villagers today and Villagers 45 years ago want to keep Mayfield a Village, and want it to maintain its quiet residential character.

Master Plans for Mayfield Village have had these residential values at their cores; but at the same time, Villagers have recognized that business broadens the tax base and allows for the continuation of first rate services. They have also recognized that retail amenities—especially near the center of town—have helped to build the community.

Planning in Mayfield Village focuses on balancing development opportunities with those values that have always been central to Villagers. We look at the zoning code and ask whether it allows for land uses that could enhance the character of Mayfield Village. We look at traffic patterns and ask whether the current infrastructure is sufficient for current usage and for potential growth. In all of these things, we work with Mayfield Village resident volunteers to ensure that our plans are in accord with the interest of Village stakeholders.