A Master Planned Community

Draft Master Plan: May 1st, 2019

2020 Vision Plan.  Mayfield Village leaders last appointed a master plan committee (known then as the 2020 Vision Committee) in 2003. The 2020 Vision Committee worked with a planning professional to recommend an overall strategy for guiding future development and collective action for preserving our community’s quality of life. The 2020 Vision Plan can be view here.

New Master Plan.  The 2020 Vision Plan has served Mayfield Village well since it was adopted in 2004, but the time has come for a new master plan as most of the goals and objectives of the 2020 Vision Plan have been achieved.  In late 2016, a grant program was offered by the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission to provide professional planning assistance to local communities to develop or update their master plans.  Mayfield Village successfully applied for this grant and, with Council’s approval, the terms of the grant were accepted.  A Project Team of Administration personnel and a Steering Committee made up of residents and business leaders who have shown an interest in serving the community and who the Mayor felt would bring important perspectives to the planning process were appointed.

The Project Team includes the following members of the Administration:

Brenda T. Bodnar (Mayor), Ronald Wynne (Finance Director), Diane Wolgamuth (Director of Administration), John Marrelli (Building Commissioner), Douglas Metzung (Service Director), and Shane McAvinew (Director of Parks & Recreation)

Together, this group has decades of experience with Mayfield Village in a variety of capacities and brings valuable insight and information to the process.

The Steering Committee consists of the following residents and business leaders;

Stivo DiFranco, Rosemarie Fabrizio, Jim Farmer, Rick Hall, Bob Haycox, Joanna McNally, John Michalko, Edward Parker, Mary Singer, Greg Tarkowsky, Joseph Saponaro (Council President), Dr. Michael Barnes (Assistant Superintendent, Mayfield Schools), Kevin McGrath (Director of Real Estate Development, Progressive Insurance), Tony Panzica (CEO/President of Panzica Construction), and Bert Toth, Facilities Manager (Quality Electrodynamics/QED)

Both the Project Team and the Steering Committee have been working with the County Planning Commission over the last several months and, over the next year, they will help develop a new set of goals for Mayfield Village, including action steps and an implementation plan.  We have been fortunate to work closely with the following team from the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission:

Glenn Coyne (Executive Director), James Sonnhalter (Manager, Planning Services), Micah Stryker (Project Lead), and Rachel Novak (Planner).

Community Survey.  Because the opinions of ALL Village residents are important to making this process a success, a Community Survey was developed and mailed to each household.  The results of this survey are a valuable guide for the Project Team and the Steering Committee as they work through the planning process.

Existing Conditions.  The County Planning Commission has also helped put together a Current Conditions document that utilizes data available from a variety of sources to provide an overall assessment of trends and existing conditions in Mayfield Village.  It includes population and housing statistics and trends, income and tax receipts, transportation, infrastructure and community services profiles, as well as detailed maps and information regarding land use, zoning, vacant land, etc.

Community Vision. Broad goals for how the community wants to grow and develop in the future.

Goals & Actions. Action steps to achieve the community's desired future.

Master Plan Workshop.

Implementation Presentation.

Master Plan.