Wilson Mills Sidewalk Extension

Friday, June 26, 2020

PROJECT UPDATE - June 25, 2020

Installation of the concrete sidewalk extension on Wilson Mills Road, from Hanover Road to Echo Drive, is tentatively scheduled to begin during the week of July 6, 2020.  Liberta Construction was awarded this project for the bid amount of $208,816.00.

The duration of this project is estimated to be 45 calendar days. One-lane, two-way traffic will be maintained during the construction hours utilizing temporary traffic signals.  Two-lane, two-way traffic will be restored at the end of each work day.

This project includes the following work:

  • A 5-ft. wide concrete sidewalk will be installed on the south side of Wilson Mills Road from Hanover Road to Village Trail and on the north side of Wilson Mills from Village Trail to Echo Drive.
  • A 6-inch high concrete curb will be installed on the south side of Wilson Mills Road from Hanover Road to Village Trail.
  • Drive aprons affected by the new sidewalk will be replaced in concrete.
  • Regrading of the area between the new sidewalk and existing roadway will be required.  Positive drainage will be maintained and disturbed areas shall be seeded and mulched.

The sidewalk was designed in an effort to minimize the removal of trees, however, some existing trees and brush in the public right-of-way must be removed to make room for the new sidewalk. Prior to work beginning, the sidewalk will be staked and the trees scheduled to be removed will be marked.

Residents should expect some delays during the project. If your drive apron is scheduled for replacement, Liberta Construction will provide you with advanced notice and instructions.

We appreciate your patience during this long-anticipated improvement to Wilson Mills Road.

If you have questions, please contact Engineer Tom Cappello at 216.731.6255 or Service Director Doug Metzung at 440.442.5506. Check the Village’s website for updated information.