Worton Park Culvert

Mayfield Village has been working for the last several years with the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District to monitor storm water levels in the Worton Park neighborhood and develop a comprehensive plan to address flooding issues there. The Sewer District has completed its review and has made several recommendations for improvements.  Phase I includes replacing two culverts in the Worton Park neighborhood, with channel work to be done between the new culverts. One of the culverts is located on Worton Park Drive near Hemingway Road, and the other is on North Woodlane Drive. A preliminary meeting with residents was held on June 30, 2021. Materials provided at the meeting are available below and all updates will be posted on this page.

Contact Info for Project:

Scott Sipos
Tom Cappello
Service Director Village Engineer
Mayfield Village Hovancsek & Associates
440.759.0413 216.731.6255
ssipos@mayfieldvillage.com tcappello@hovancsek.com