Employment Opportunities

Employees in Mayfield Village are subject to the Civil Service laws of the State of Ohio.

Employees within the classified service include:

  • All regular full-time members of the Police Department, including the Chief of Police but excluding those not having statutory misdemeanor arrest powers;
  • All regular full-time members of the Fire Department, including the Fire Chief; and
  • All other regular-full time employees other than those serving a probationary period or who are otherwise excepted by the Charter or the laws of Ohio.

Employees in the unclassified service include:

  • The Clerk of Council;
  • Secretaries and Administrative Assistants to Department Heads and Elected Officials;
  • Department Heads
    • Director of Finance
    • Director of Parks & Recreation
    • Director of Administration
    • Building Commissioner
    • Service Director
  • All temporary or part-time employees

Applications for employment will be made available upon request.  Any available positions will be posted in this section.

Mayfield Village is an equal opportunity employer. For current positions available, click here.