Council - October 20th 2014

Mayfield Village Civic Hall
Monday, October 20, 2014 - 8:00 p.m.

The Council of Mayfield Village met in Regular Session on Monday, October 20, 2014 at Mayfield Village Civic Hall.  Council President Buckholtz called the meeting to order at 8:00 p.m.

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Present: Mr. Buckholtz, Mr. Jerome, Mr. Marquardt, Mrs. Mills, Mr. Saponaro, and Dr. Parker

Also Present: Mayor Rinker, Ms. Calta, Chief Edelman, Chief Carcioppolo, Mr. Marrelli, Mr. Metzung, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Cappello, Mr. DiNardo, Mr. Esborn, and Mrs. Betsa

Absent: Mr. Marrie, Mr. Wynne, and Ms. Wolgamuth

The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag was given.


3-minute limit imposed by Chair.  Those who wish to speak must first state their name and address.

There were no comments.


Regular Council Meeting – September 15, 2014

Mrs. Mills, seconded by Dr. Parker, made a motion to approve the minutes as written. 


AYES: All                                            
NAYS: None  

Motion Carried. Minutes Approved.


Mayor Rinker stated, if you have all noticed, we are getting a lot of aesthetic improvements done.  We will hopefully get them completed before the snow flies.  This Saturday, we have the official opening of our Greenway which has already been unofficially utilized by a motor vehicle. Citations issued accordingly.  If you can make it this Saturday at 11:00, we have some dignitaries and maybe some indignitaries coming as well. Should be fun. Weather is supposed to be nice.

Mr. Jerome asked, will someone drive on this again?  Are there provisions to keep it from happening?

Mayor Rinker deferred to Chief Edelman.

Chief Edelman replied, we will investigate the possibilities.


There were no comments.

DEPARTMENT HEAD REPORTS:                          

SERVICE – Douglas Metzung

Mr. Metzung reported, leaf season is upon us. We are out. It will last through mid-December, weather permitting.

Council President Buckholtz asked, do we pick up the leaves from people’s yards when they get to be a certain age?

Mr. Metzung replied, no.

Mrs. Mills stated, you have to check with the Commission on Aging for that. They have a drawing.

BUILDING – John Marrelli

Mr. Marrelli reported, the Governor’s Village expansion kicked off this week. They are starting construction on the expansion. Another 45 beds.  The old library building is starting its conversion to the STEM program starting next week.

ENGINEERING – Tom Cappello

There was no report.


There was no report.

FIRE – Chief Eugene Carcioppolo

Chief Carcioppolo reported, the Civil Service Commission is working on the new Rules and Regulations.  They are also currently working on putting together an application packet to post a full-time civil service test because we don’t have a current active list. That should be coming up in the next few weeks. We have two vacancies that are not filled at this time. Chief Edelman, myself and the Mayor have gone to some meetings regarding the Ebola outbreak. We are doing well in that arena in terms of our preparedness. The Fire Station is undergoing some updating on the outside.  The front of the building and the north side should be done by the weekend.  It’s all being clad in aluminum and vinyl so it doesn’t have to be painted again.

FINANCE – Ron Wynne

There was no report.

POLICE – Chief Richard Edelman

Chief Edelman added to the Fire Chief’s report. We are well ahead of what a lot of communities are doing as far as Ebola preparation. We have tweaked some of our policies and procedures to be close in line to what the CDC and County Health Department recommends. We are well stocked in emergency gear. We are undergoing training. We are on top of where we need to be at this point.  On another note, the MARCS Schools Program is up and running.  I was with the people from B&C last week when they installed all the MARCS radios in all of the district school buildings.  That is a process that hopefully we will never need, but it is ready if we need it.

Mr. Jerome asked, can you quickly explain a little more?  Will these radios be available in certain classrooms, in offices?

Chief Edelman replied, there’s one radio per school in the main office. In the event of a life-threatening emergency, there’s a button that they push that opens a direct link to the dispatch center. It allows us to hear what’s going on. Even if they push a button and run out of the room, we can still know what’s going on.  It’s a direct line of communication to the Police Department.

Council President Buckholtz asked, any other questions? There were none.


Mr. Thomas reported, our 16th Annual Halloween Window Painting Contest is going on right now. We have 36 windows. These are students from the Middle School, St. Paschal’s and St. Francis.  This is the largest participation we have had in 16 years.  Last Thursday, we had our Annual Wildcat Teen Halloween Event for the middle school aged students. We had 68 pre-register last year. This year we had 175 pre-register. We had over 300 middle school students at the Wildcat Center.  It was really great.  We had 31 Key Club members volunteer to run the games and refreshments. On Saturday, the Recreation Board held their annual Halloween Party.  A special thank you to Meg Stifler and Kate Sullivan, the Co-Chairs, Mary Murphy, Peg Kerver, Pat Andryzcyk and Gilda Koch for helping plan, set up and run the party. Paul Lynch, who has been doing the annual Haunted House for 16 years volunteered with 21 Key Club members helping out.  We couldn’t do it without them. The final piece for the picnic shelter at the soccer fields went in last week.  That’s the Progressive picnic tables. They are beautiful.  Plastic, round, gray tables. They are great.  They are heavy.  I don’t think anyone is going to be moving them over the winter months.

As far as the Senior program, Mr. Thomas reported, we have received 225 applicants for the Senior Snow Removal Program.  Opt outs are due no later than December 31st.  Knitting, crocheting, tai chi and watercolor classes are going well. The next Lunch N Movie is November 12th.  The movie is Lone Survivor.  Reservations are due by November 5th.  Fifty people have registered for the free Lunch n Learn program on November 21st.  It will be held here. The topic is how to get a good night’s sleep.  I am also signed up for it.  The luncheon program is sponsored by University Hospitals Medical Center at Ahuja. This is sold out.  Foot clinics are on December 5th and 12th. We are already booked for those. We will be scheduling two clinics a month because of the demand.  The next trip will be held on November 19th. We have a lunch and tour of the Canton Woman’s Club and then a tour of the First Ladies Museum.  This trip is also sold out. We are currently taking reservations for the Holiday Party on Friday, December 12th.  It is for Village residents and will be held in the Community Room from 12:00-3:00.


There was no report.


Mr. Esborn reported, the University Hospital’s Women’s Health Institute is now located in the Georgian Center property.  I mention that specifically because it is my understanding that this is University Hospital’s Regional Women’s Health Center that used to be located at the main campus. They have chosen to relocate here to Mayfield Village. The second item, this Wednesday, October 22nd, Jersey Mike’s Sandwich Shop will open in the Musca Plaza. On that very same day, they will start a 5 day promotion with the Mayfield City School District.  If you go on the School District website, you can download a coupon and get $1.00 off any regular sub and they will donate $1.00 to the School District.

ADMINISTRATION – Diane Wolgamuth

There was no report.


Activities Committee – Mrs. Mills reported, we had our meeting in October and discussed the summer programs and also our schedule:  Tree Lighting is December 7th at 7:00; Singing Angels is on the 13th; the Menorah Lighting is on the 16th at 7:00; Santa Ride is on the 13th.  Our next meeting is January 13th.

Architectural Review Board – Mr. Marrelli stated, there was no meeting last month. There will be a meeting this Thursday.

Board of Appeals – Mr. Marrelli stated, Board of Appeals was scheduled to meet tomorrow. The attorney for the applicant sent us an e-mail today asking to cancel that until further notice.  Council President Buckholtz asked, let us know when that is.  Mr. Marrelli replied, as soon as we reschedule it.

Cemetery – Mrs. Mills reported, the Garden Club planted mums on the outer edge of the fence.

Citizen's Advisory Board – Mr. Jerome reported, our last meeting was on September 22nd.  Mrs. O’Brien came by from Community Partnership on Aging. We talked about the topic of seniors staying in their home, modifying their home or some other options such as moving to Governor’s Village or other assisted living facilities. A couple interesting facts was she said that 80% of senior population wants to stay in their home.  The State has championed that idea.  It saves the State and people a lot of money if they can stay in their home rather than go in to a care facility.  Also, we discussed the fact that seniors staying engaged socially is very important, whether at home or in a group home situation.  Another point was that in the future, seniors being able to stay in Mayfield Village – what are some of the options?  Obviously Governor’s Village is one of them, but what are some other options?  Shirley Jay was talking about a couple of friends of hers that lived in Mayfield Village. There were no options for them.  They had to move out of the Village.  Other than that, upcoming events were discussed.  You Got Hate Mail was in the Civic Center at Civic Hall. It started on Friday and will be running for three weeks.

Council President Buckholtz asked, how did that go?

Mr. Jerome replied, Diane said she went.  She said it was all right.  Not a huge crowd, but it was the first week.

Safety and Service – Safety and Service met on October 6th.    Mr. Jerome stated, in addition to other items, we discussed the Drainage and Infrastructure Committee. I brought some ideas of whether it is something we need to expand, or if it needs more money put into it; what’s the future of this Committee?  At the next meeting, we will talk about some of those issues and see what everyone on the Committee thinks.

Council President Buckholtz suggested that the Committee look at more holistic approaches to the problem.  Maybe Drainage and Infrastructure can identify a pattern, between Service and Administration and Engineering.  Another alternative is just building up the coffers which I agree with.  It’s going to take more money.  There was a memo prepared a few years back which  stated it’s going to get to a point where it has to be handled by not that Committee.

Mayor Rinker agreed. The Committee has always been trying to deal on more of a spot basis, but with some of the storm events we have had, we have seen far more extensive issues and big storms. We have had two toward the end of the summer this year. The website we have been posting, so far we have had close to 300.  As a reminder to everyone, even if people didn’t have problems, but to your point about patterns, it’s kind of giving us an idea of when we have a major surge like that, it’s almost like dye testing, where the weaknesses are. That’s going to be ongoing work.  It’s good coordination of effort.

Finance Committee – Mr. Marquardt reported, Finance Committee met tonight.  There were four items on the agenda that are on our Council agenda. Finance Committee recommended approval of all four items.

Historical Society – Mrs. Mills reported, we went to Bainbridge on October 4th for a brunch and a meeting. We also toured their facility which is very very nice. Tomorrow we will be going to Wellington to a Northeast Regional meeting. They will have a potluck dinner. We will be touring their Historical Society. On November 12th, we will have black memorabilia by Joan Gottschling who was one of our residents.   Ralph Tarsitano presented in October. That was very well attended. He talked all about Channel 8 and all of the personalities there.  It was a funny evening.

Hillcrest Council of Councils – Mr. Jerome reported, we met on September 27th at the Hilton Garden Inn. Featured were Cuyahoga County Executives Jack Schronn and Armond Budish.  It was well attended. Everyone enjoyed themselves.  Council President Buckholtz asked, who won?  Mrs. Mills replied, they didn’t debate, so there was no winner.  Mr. Jerome added, it was not a debate, Armond went first and Jack went second.  It was more of a 15 minute presentation.

Ordinance Review Committee – Mr. Marquardt stated, there was no meeting. There is no report.

Planning and Zoning – Mr. Marquardt reported, Planning and Zoning met last Monday, October 6th.  There were two items on the agenda.  One was a Conditional Use Permit for Color Luxe Village Salon Studios. The other item was for the temporary sign ordinance, Section 1185.14(e)(3). Those are both on the agenda tonight for Council.  Both were recommended for approval.

Recreation Board - Mr. Thomas reported, the Recreation Board met on Wednesday, October 15th. We talked about the Halloween Party and getting ready for that.  The Committee also is very pleased with the new bathrooms at the soccer fields. They are getting a lot of use. Thank you Doug.  Your staff is doing a great job of keeping up on cleaning them.  They are also very excited about the Greenway Trail Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.  Our next meeting is Wednesday, November 19th at 7:00 p.m.

Commission on Aging – Mrs. Mills reported, at our last meeting, we talked about the services offered at the Community Center and the bus trips, the Art Show at the Library.  The watercolor show from the students at the Community Center will start on November 8th. There will be a nice reception.  The Holiday Lunch is December 12th.  On November 1st, there is a Chili Cook-Off at Highland Heights. The Community Partnership on Aging is sponsoring that.  It starts at 11:45. The next meeting will be January 9th.


Information & Technology – There was no meeting. There is no report.

Records Commission – Mrs. Mills reported, Shred Day is tentatively scheduled for May 2015.  Mrs. Betsa should be receiving a confirmation soon. The public records request by the Sun Messenger was fulfilled.  Our next meeting is November 12th.

Community Economic Development – Mr. Saponaro stated, there was no meeting. There is no report.

The Grove Committee - Mr. Jerome reported, we had a meeting on October 9th. We discussed a nice season and a lot of different avenues of what we liked, what we didn’t like, what we want to see moving forward to next season. Garry Reagan is hoping to give a brief presentation of where we have been and where we would like to go at the next Caucus.  We will go from there.


There was no Old Business to discuss.


Motion to approve recommendation from Planning & Zoning Commission for Conditional Use Permit for Color Luxe at 6751 Wilson Mills Road.

Mr. Marquardt, seconded by Mrs. Mills, made a motion to approve recommendation from Planning & Zoning Commission for Conditional Use Permit for Color Luxe at 6751 Wilson Mills Road.

Council President Buckholtz asked, any additional conversation?  There was none.

Roll Call:        

AYES: All        
NAYS: None            

Motion Carried. Recommendation Approved.

Motion to authorize the purchase of 1,200 tons (+/- 10%) of road salt from Cargill De-Icing Technology at a cost of $51.22 a ton for the winter season through ODOT purchasing.

Mr. Saponaro, seconded by Mr. Marquardt, made a motion to authorize the purchase of 1,200 tons (+/- 10%) of road salt from Cargill De-Icing Technology at a cost of $51.22 a ton for the winter season through ODOT purchasing.

Council President Buckholtz asked, any questions or discussion? There were none.

Roll Call:        

AYES: All       
NAYS: None            

Motion Carried. Expenditure Authorized.

Motion to approve expenditure in the additional amount of $170.00 to Morton Salt for summer salt fill. (Change order – original amount:  $71,850.00).

Mrs. Mills, seconded by Mr. Saponaro, made a motion to approve expenditure in the additional amount of $170.00 to Morton Salt for summer salt fill.  (Change order – original amount:  $71,850.00).

Council President Buckholtz asked, any further discussion? There was none.

Roll Call:        

AYES: All       
NAYS: None            

Motion Carried. Expenditure Authorized.

Motion to acknowledge receipt of financial reports for September 2014 and to approve of same as submitted.

Mrs. Mills, seconded by Mr. Jerome, made a motion to acknowledge receipt of financial reports for September 2014 and to approve of same as submitted.

Council President Buckholtz asked any questions or comments?  There were none.

Roll Call:        

AYES: All       
NAYS: None            

Motion Carried. Financial reports for September 2014 Acknowledged/Approved.

First Reading of Ordinance No. 2014-22, entitled, “An Emergency Ordinance authorizing and directing the Mayor and President of Council to enter into the First Amendment to Site Lease Agreement.”  Introduced by Mayor Rinker and Council as a Whole.

Mr. Saponaro, seconded by Mr. Marquardt, made a motion to suspend the rules of Council requiring an Ordinance to be read on three separate occasions.

Roll Call:        

AYES: All       
NAYS: None            

Motion Carried. Rules Suspended.

Mr. Saponaro, seconded by Mr. Jerome, made a motion to enact Ordinance No. 2014-22.

Council President Buckholtz asked, any discussion?  Is this the power supply?

Mr. Saponaro replied, yes, this was explained in the memo Joe prepared.

Council President Buckholtz asked, any questions or comments?

Mr. Saponaro stated, the only comment that Gino aligned us on is that the maintenance of the old system as he looked back was between $2,000-4,000 a year, so this is pretty much in line with that.  It’s no different.  It’s a better system.

Council President Buckholtz asked, any other comments? There were none.

Roll Call:        

AYES: All       
NAYS: None            

Motion Carried. Ordinance Enacted.

First Reading of Ordinance No. 2014-23, entitled, “An Emergency Ordinance amending Codified Ordinance Section 1185.14(e) by adding Section 1185.14(e)(3) relating to temporary signs permitted in any district.”  Introduced by Mayor Rinker and Council as a Whole.

Council President Buckholtz asked, are we in a hurry to pass this?

Mr. Marrelli replied, there’s no real push for it right now. You can let it go through the readings.

Council President Buckholtz asked Mr. Marquardt, it was recommended by Planning and Zoning?

Mr. Marquardt replied, yes it was.  And by Ordinance Review.

Ms. Calta added, and Board of Appeals at one point also.

This Ordinance was left on First Read.


Council President Buckholtz asked if there were any other matters. 

Mr. Jerome reported, I went to a tour of the Excel Tech facility at Mayfield which is part of 8 school districts that do their vocational program.  I was actually a product of that. They do really good stuff there.  It’s not vocational of 30 years ago, it’s a real good program.  I am happy that the home base is in Mayfield. 

Council President Buckholtz asked, anything else? There were no further matters.


Mrs. Mills, seconded by Mr. Marquardt, made a motion to adjourn.

The meeting adjourned at 8:32 p.m.  The next Council meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 17, 2014 at 8:00 p.m.