Caucus: July 5th 2022

Mayfield Village Civic Hall - Mayfield Village Reserve Hall
Immediately Following the Special Meeting of Council
Tuesday, July 5, 2022– 7:00 p.m.

The Council of Mayfield Village met in Caucus Session on Tuesday, July 5, 2022 immediately following the Special Meeting of Council.  Council President Schutt called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m.


Present: Mr. Arndt, Mr. Marquardt, Mr. Meyers, Mr. Murphy, Mr. Schutt, and Mr. Williams

Also Present: Mayor Bodnar, Mr. Wynne, Ms. Calta, Mr. Cappello, Chief Carcioppolo, Chief Matias, Mr. Marquart, Mr. McAvinew, Mr. Sipos, and Mrs. Betsa

Absent: Mrs. Jurcisek (Excused),  Mr. Russell (Excused), and Ms. Wolgamuth (Excused)


  • Ordinance No. 2022-06, entitled, “An ordinance adjusting the compensation of the Mayor and submitting same to the electorate for approval by majority vote.” Introduced by Council President Schutt and Council Members Williams and Meyers. (First Reading May 16, 2022; Second Reading June 20, 2022).

Council President Schutt stated, Ordinance No. 2022-06 will be on Third Reading at the Regular Meeting of Council on July 18, 2022.

  • Ordinance No. 2022-07, entitled, “An ordinance adjusting the compensation of the President of Council and members of Council and submitting same to the electorate for approval by majority vote.” Introduced by Council President Schutt and Council Members Williams and Meyers.  (First Reading May 16, 2022; Second Reading June 20, 2022).

Council President Schutt stated, Ordinance No. 2022-07 will also be on Third Reading at the Regular Meeting of Council on July 18, 2022.

  • Ordinance No. 2022-08, entitled, “An ordinance increasing, as of January 1, 2024, the annual compensation of the Mayor, President of Council and members of Council by 2.5% and submitting same to the electorate for approval by majority vote.”  Introduced by Council President Schutt and Council Member Meyers. (First Reading May 16, 2022; Second Reading June 20, 2022).

Council President Schutt stated, Ordinance No. 2022-08 will also be on Third Reading at the Regular Meeting of Council on July 18, 2022.

Council President Schutt stated, Council will be voting on all three of the above Ordinances at the Regular Meeting of Council on July 18, 2022.

  • Ordinance No. 2022-10, entitled “An ordinance repealing and replacing Mayfield Village Codified Ordinance Section 1149.02 relating to Conditional Use Permits.” Introduced by Mayor Bodnar. (First Reading June 20, 2022).

Council President Schutt stated, Ordinance No. 2022-10 will move to Second Read at the Regular Meeting of Council on July 18, 2022.


Thank you, Council President.  I have a couple things.  I wanted to thank Shane McAvinew, Scott Sipos and the Service Department and all of our first responders under Chief Carcioppolo and the Police Department for their work on fireworks night on Saturday night. It was a full day of activities.  Everybody was safe.  Everybody had a wonderful time.  The crown and glory of the night was the fireworks.  So, thank you very much.  I appreciate all of your efforts.  A lot of work went into that.  A lot of people were happy with the great event.  Thank you very much.

The other thing I wanted to report on is I was notified today by our County Executive Armond Budish that we are going to receive a County matching grant for the County’s 2023-2024 50/50 road program. That is for resurfacing the north side of Ridgebury Road from the east corporation limit to Lander Road.  They are going to contribute 50% to the project up to a maximum of $247,500 subject to County Council approval.  Hopefully we will get word of the approval soon.  I will keep you posted on that.

Council President Schutt stated, thank you Mayor Bodnar.


I would like to echo the Mayor’s comments on the Independence Day Celebration.   Thank you to our Parks and Recreation Department, Service Department, Police and Fire Departments.  It was by far the most we had in attendance for our Independence Day Celebration.  Thank you for all your hard work on that and for keeping everybody safe.  Thank you.

As mentioned in the Special Meeting we held prior to this meeting, Councilwoman Jurcisek, Mr. Russell and Ms. Wolgamuth are all excused from Caucus this evening.

We also have some birthdays to celebrate. We have former Councilwoman Patsy Mills.  Her birthday is on July 8th.  We have Police Chief Matias whose birthday is on July 17th. Danielle Echt’s birthday is on July 18th and Councilman Denny Murphy’s birthday is on July 28th.  Happy Birthday to all of you.  Thank you for all your hard work.


1) Sidewalk Snow Plowing (Service)

Council President Schutt asked, Mr. Sipos?

Mr. Sipos stated, thank you Council President. It’s 90 degrees and we are talking about snow plowing.  I wanted to go over a few things relating to the sidewalk snow plowing.  The reason we are having this discussion now is so that the residents are aware of the policy in advance.

Last year we had some concerns about some residents asking when we are going to get to the sidewalks during the heavy storms.  I am going to talk a little bit about that and what our policies are in the Service Department.  I would like to get Council’s opinions moving forward. 

In the past 17 or 18 years, we have been plowing sidewalks and secondaries.  We had some light snowfalls of 2-3 inches and we were able to get work done on the roads and were able to give our residents some extra service.  The residents were getting that service for so long and they came to expect it.  We do have an ordinance, 521.06 that says residents are supposed to clear their own sidewalks but being that we were able to do it, we gave them this special service.

This past year, we ran into trouble.  When snowfall gets that deep, we can’t see where the sidewalks are on the side streets because the residents don’t mark off their properties so we tend to just guess where they are and destroy the properties.  I think we did 17 yards this year that we had to repair. We also have a hard time getting through it because of the ice.  If you use a V plow you can get through, but then the snow mounds go back into their driveways and they are not very happy when we do that because they have to go back and clean them. 

That being said, that was some of our problems, getting through the heavy snow this year.  Along with clearing the sidewalks, we have a priority list.  The first priority for us is to plow and salt the main roads as many times as it takes.  We then go on to the secondaries and then the parking lots.  The last thing on the list is doing the sidewalks.  We will always continue to do the sidewalks on the mains, that being Wilson Mills, SOM, Ridgebury, Lander and Beta so kids can walk to school or walk to the bus stops.  That will always be on our list to do. We will also continue to do Aintree Hill next to Heinen’s because there’s kids who walk down the street to catch the bus and so we want to do the sidewalks for them.

The two options I have for Council would be one, to go back to following the ordinance and continue to do the mains and on the secondaries have the residents maintain theirs.  The other option would be to continue to do what we are doing with the understanding that when snowfall gets heavy, we can’t plow those sidewalks because we don’t know where they are.  As we do our other duties, when there’s a heavy snowfall, it takes us days and days to get the parking lots done in some cases. It’s okay when it’s 2-3 inches, but during a heavy snowfall, it’s hard to get the equipment through.

If you have any questions or opinions on this, let me know.

Mr. Williams asked, what do you recommend?

Mr. Murphy stated, and to take a step back, you couldn’t get the sidewalks last time and people went into an uproar saying, hey, they are not plowing our sidewalks.  Can you give us a little background on what happened there?

Mr. Sipos replied, I had three people that had an issue.  One was concerned if she was going to be able to jog.  I understand that.  Another lady wanted to walk her dog and someone else was concerned if children were able to get to their buses.  Those are concerns.  I get it.  To give you a little history to be transparent, those are the only three calls I got.  I got about 17 yards to fix when their yards were torn up.  Every time we go out to plow the sidewalks, I probably get no less than 20 phone calls saying why are you pushing the snow into my driveway?  It’s not going to make everybody happy, but that’s what happens.  We did get to the sidewalks last year.  It just took some time.  It took about a week and a half before we could get to the sidewalks because we broke our snowplow.  When we can’t see the sidewalk, we start picking up rocks out of the yards and it broke it.  It’s an inconvenience, but we want to make our residents happy and do the best we can.  We are going to let them know what our policy will be.  If you want us to continue to do the side streets, it’s not a problem. We are going to just let them know what our policy will be. If we end up doing it, it might take a long time to do it.

Mr. Murphy stated, part of the issue last time was we just cold turkey couldn’t get to it and people-I think sending out a letter from you or somebody else to educate the people that it is your responsibility, we have been doing this as a service, we will try and get to it.  I just think the more communication, the better.  Whatever direction you want to do.  Your still darn if you do, darn if you don’t. I think the more communication the better.

Mr. Arndt stated, I was going to say what Denny was saying.  Also, I was thinking too is there some way we can get some seasonal help?  Have just a sidewalk guy?  That may help you not have to worry about the ice freezing over if you have a sidewalk guy.  We trust you.

Mr. Sipos stated, it’s always tough to hire someone seasonal for just snowplowing.  It’s something we can look into.  When the crews are going around the clock, there’s three four-man shifts.  Sometimes it’s five days in a row around the clock. At that point, their nervous system starts to fail.  Snowplowing is tough.  It’s tough on the body.  The way we have been doing it works.  When the snow has fallen two to three inches, we can get all the roads clear.  It’s no problem doing sidewalks.  I think it’s a great thing. Another thing that kind of stopped us up was the state of the sidewalks.  Not only not finding them but because of the poor shape they are in. We are going to repair those now.  I agree that communication is great.  We will let the residents know that there is an ordinance and they should clean their sidewalks.  We can clear them when it's two to three inches. When the snow gets deep, it’s going to be a long time or not at all.

Mr. Murphy stated, I think people need to know that too.  I think people need to understand that.

Mr. Sipos stated, the good thing about Cleveland as we all know, we may have two feet of snow and then two weeks later it is nice.  If it’s okay with you guys, we will go in that direction.   Any other questions?

There were none.

Mr. Sipos stated, okay, so I will keep you posted. We will put out fliers and let them all know.  I will field any phone calls.

Mr. Murphy stated, I appreciate you bringing it to us.

Mr. Sipos stated, it’s a discussion we have been having.  Thank you.

Mr. Meyers asked, is the equipment adequate that we have?

Mr. Sipos replied, our snow machine is a new one.  It’s the third one we have had since I have been here.  We have adequate equipment for what we do.  We were able to get some blades for the parking lots this year, some pusher boxes to clear the parking lots a little better and quicker.  We are putting things in place to move a little quicker at this point.  Our equipment is adequate, it’s just slow going.  We also do the paths as well.  You would be surprised how many people are walking the path.

Mr. Meyers asked, in the winter?

Mr. Sipos replied, at 2:30 in the morning we are putting down salt and there’s someone on the path.

Council President Schutt stated, thank you, Mr. Sipos.

2) Renewal of School Resource Officer MOU with the Mayfield School District (Finance)

Council President Schutt stated, a copy of the MOU was provided in Council packets.  Mr. Wynne, do you have anything to add?

Mr. Wynne stated, the School District reached out to us with the desire to renew the Agreement for next year.  It will run from the later part of August through the first week or so of June.  We will have SROs at the High School and Center School.  This is a just a continuation of what we have been doing for the past several years.  The cost of doing this at both facilities is split 50/50.

Council President Schutt asked, any questions for Mr. Wynne?  I am glad that we are providing an officer at both schools now.  A few years back, we were splitting between the schools.  It makes sense to have one at both schools.  I agree with that absolutely.  Thank you, Mr. Wynne.

3) Amending Codified Ordinance Chapter 351 to add Aintree Park cul-de-sac to list of prohibited parking places
(Law Dept./Police)

Council President Schutt asked, Ms. Calta, do you or Chief Matias have additional information on this?

Chief Matias replied, that cul-de-sac has always kind of been a little bit of problem because it’s narrow.  It’s a very tight turn. The Service Department trucks, Fire vehicles and school buses can’t make that turn.  They have to back down. We feel this is an appropriate time to designate that part of Aintree Park Drive on the cul-de-sac as No Parking. We are going to put together some language to amend the parking ordinance and add it to some of the restrictions we already have.

Council President Schutt stated, makes sense. Any questions for the Chief?

Mr. Meyers asked, could the hill be added on the way up where there are cars that always park and get out and go across the street to the apartment buildings?  Could that be added to that parking ordinance.  On the way up to the cul-de-sac.  I have gotten multiple complaints.  That’s why I am asking.

Chief Matias stated, that’s a separate issue from the parking on the cul-de-sac.  Parking on the cul-de-sac is because of turns for the vehicles. The fact that residents on Aintree don’t like the people from the apartments parking on the street, that’s a little bit harder to manage because then we will just keep going and we will end up having no parking on every side street.  There’s justification for what we are looking at doing because of the unique situation of the cul-de-sac because of the buses, emergency vehicles and Service vehicles.  Further down is kind of a different issue.

Mr. Meyers stated, okay.  The residents don’t like it, so I figured if you were doing that maybe you can look into that too.  Thank you.

Mr. Murphy asked, Chief, what about sending those residents that live in the cul-de-sac a memo or just put a sign up?

Chief Matias replied, yes, we could.  We haven’t really discussed the notification process.  I am sure we will come up with some kind of notification.

Mr. Murphy stated, do the residents know there’s a problem of how the cul-de-sac is narrow?

Chief Matias replied, the issue we have with residents on that street is cars blocking mailboxes.  That’s something that we have had over the years.  The majority of the people who park on that cul-de-sac are from the apartment buildings.  It would only be three houses that would be affected.  The complaints we have gotten are blocking mailboxes and the fire hydrant.

Mr. Murphy stated, it could be that the houses on the cul-de-sac would welcome this with open arms.

Chief Matias stated, I couldn’t say for sure.  I would think it wouldn’t be too much of a problem.  If they need to do street parking, we can make accommodations for that.  Simply call us and say they are having an event and they would like to have some parking on the street.  We could consider that as giving permission just for one day as long as it is not an obstruction.  Usually, the problems we have are school buses which is during the school year, Service vehicles when they are doing snow removal and hopefully a rare time that people will be in need of the Fire Department.

Mr. Murphy stated, I think it’s worth a memo from either the Police Department or the Law Department notifying the residents that there is no parking on the cul-de-sac and including what’s going on and why it’s being done rather than just posting a No Parking sign on the cul-de-sac.

Ms. Calta stated, when we do the legislation, we will give them a copy.

Mayor Bodnar asked, didn’t we talk about that at the Department Head meeting to give them a copy of the legislation?

Chief Matias replied, Mayor, I just couldn’t remember if we actually decided on it.

Mayor Bodnar stated, I was looking through my notes and I can’t put my hands on it right now, but I think we talked about it. We will do that.

Mr. Murphy stated, the more communication the better.

Council President Schutt asked, any other questions for Chief Matias?

There were none.

Council President Schutt stated, thank you Chief Matias.

4) Updates to Stormwater Ordinances (Law Dept./Engineer)

Council President Schutt stated, Mr. Cappello, I believe you mentioned these updates at an earlier meeting.  Do you have additional information on that?

Mr. Cappello replied, no, Council President.  Just if anyone has any questions.  These are just updates to the existing ordinance in place.  It puts us in compliance with Phase II.

Council President Schutt asked, any questions on the stormwater ordinances for Mr. Cappello?

There were none.

Council President Schutt stated, thank you Mr. Cappello.

5) Aintree Park Sidewalk Replacement Project (Engineer)

Mr. Cappello stated, this includes Aintree Park Drive, Derby, Chase, Northboro, Foxboro, Beecher’s Brook.  Scott and I walked the sidewalks.  There are approximately 436 slabs 5x5 that are the Village’s responsibility.  There’s approximately 432 slabs that are the homeowner’s responsibility.  We are going out to bid this Thursday.

Council President Schutt asked, any questions for Mr. Cappello on the Aintree Park Sidewalk Replacement Project?

There were none.

Council President Schutt stated, thank you Mr. Cappello.

6) Improvements to Aintree Park medians and paving of Garden Drive (Engineer)

Mr. Cappello stated there are two locations for the Aintree Park medians. One is back between the center median where there was a planter.  Over the years it’s been an issue for plowing and also people hitting the planter. 

Mr. Sipos stated, we removed the planter because it was unsafe.  Some liked it because there were flowers in it.  It’s been hit a couple of times.  Last year somebody hit it head-on.  She fit the car on the pedestal perfectly.  We deemed it unsafe and removed it.  The problem with it now is people tend to blow through the island, hitting it.  It’s a safety issue.  We want to restore it back to the way it was and remove the raised island and straighten out the road.  I can put something on the side so it is decorative.  The other one is at the top of the road.  When you pull into Heinen’s you notice that there are two trees missing.  We have replaced those two or three times.  Sometimes when semis come through, they would hit them. We would like to shorten the median.

Mr. Cappello stated, with regard to Garden Drive, most people are familiar with the path that goes to the high school heading south on Ridgebury.  Scott had a complaint from someone that there was an ADA issue.  A person in a wheelchair was having a problem.  It’s not paved.  It’s gravel. We decided we are going to pave it in our dedicated right-of-way which goes from Ridgebury to the back of the school’s property. 

Mr. Sipos added, a child’s father reached out to me.  She’s in a wheelchair.  The pavement was so bad that she couldn’t get over it and had to go on the grass and was afraid she was going to fall over.  We put a temporary patch in.  We want to correct this mistake. 

Mr. Cappello stated, the paving won’t be a whole width roadway.  It’s going to be approximately 16 feet at the dedicated portions.

Council President Schutt stated, thank you. Any questions for Mr. Cappello or Mr. Sipos?

There were none.

Council President Schutt stated, thank you both for those updates.


Council President Schutt asked, are there any other matters to come before Council tonight?

There were none.

There being no further matters, the meeting concluded at 7:37 p.m.