Caucus: August 6th 2018

Mayfield Village Civic Hall - Mayfield Village Civic Center
Monday, August 6, 2018 – 7:00 p.m.

The Council of Mayfield Village met in Caucus Session on Monday, August 6, 2018, at Mayfield Village Civic Hall in the Mayfield Village Civic Center.  Council President Pro Tem Williams called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


Present: Mr. Marquardt, Mr. Meyers, Mrs. Mills, Dr. Parker, Mr. Schutt, and Mr. Williams

Also Present: Mayor Bodnar, Mr. Wynne, Mr. Budzick, Assistant Fire Chief Girbino, Chief Edelman, Mr. Cappello, Mr. McAvinew, Mr. Marrelli, Mr. Metzung, Ms. Wolgamuth, and Mrs. Betsa


Mayor Bodnar stated, thank you Mr. Williams.  I just wanted to note that last Thursday night we concluded our summer concert series at the Gazebo.  It was very well attended this year.  We had great bands play.  The last one was the McCartney Project. Everybody thoroughly enjoyed it.  People did a great job in being there and serving good food that everyone enjoyed this season.  Most of all I want to commend Shane McAvinew on doing such a great job and putting such hard work into the season. That’s really what made it successful.  Thank you, Shane.


Ms. Wolgamuth stated, I just wanted to make sure that Council saw the memo about the Master Plan workshop scheduled before the next Council meeting on August 20th at 6:30 p.m.


  • Street Lighting Assessments

Mr. Wynne stated, this is a reminder about street lighting assessments. Typically we would renew those and submit them to the County in September for another two-year period.  We had collectively decided not to assess the residents and businesses for street lights from this point going forward as long as our revenues continue at the level they are at.  This will cost us $85,000 annually but also save the residents and businesses $85,000 annually.  If there’s any change of heart in doing that, we would need to do that and have it passed at the August Council meeting in order to get it to the County on time.

Council President Pro Tem Williams asked, questions?  Discussion?

Dr. Parker asked, what’s the distribution of what it costs residents versus businesses?

Mr. Wynne replied, it’s about 50/50.

Mr. Wynne stated, the next two items are not on the agenda but this is just an FYI for the Mayor and Council should you get any phone calls from residents. The County every 6 years goes through a full reappraisal of all residential and commercial property in all municipalities and changes the valuation for calculation of property taxes.  This year is the 6th year when they go through that study.  They have completed it.  Residents and businesses should start receiving this week notices of what the reappraised value is of their properties.  In general, residential property in the Village went up by 8.8% and commercial industrial property went up by 2.3%.  The good news from that standpoint for residents and businesses is that property is valued higher than it has been in the past but at the same time taxes will increase as a result of the increase in value.  I just mention this to you in the event that you do get a phone call from a resident or business owner so that you will be familiar with what that’s all about and how it transpired.

Mr. Wynne stated, the other item has to do with the Regional Income Tax Agency. As part of our program with RITA, we enter a campaign with them every so often to send out letters to individuals and businesses that have not filed their municipal income tax returns.  Last week, 560 letters went out to non-filers.  A lot of those are individuals.  The amount taken out of their paycheck equals what they would owe.  They don’t owe anything so they just think they don’t have to file their taxes.  It’s just a matter of going through the process of filing the forms.  But should you get a phone call from a resident who gets a letter from RITA, that’s what that’s all about.

  • Pre-Emptive Solutions LLC Economic Development Incentive Grant

Mr. Wynne stated, we are looking at an Economic Development Incentive Grant for Pre-Emptive Solutions on Beta Drive.  A little bit of history.  Administration was contacted back in March of this year by representatives from the Panzica organization to give us a heads up that one of their tenants in one of their facilities was looking to expand and looking to relocate and that we might want to reach out and talk to them to find out a little bit about what was going on from a business standpoint. At the same time, Panzica was trying to make adjustments within their facilities to accommodate the growth this company was expecting.  I met with the CEO and CFO of the company in April to get a little bit of a history on where they have come from, what their plans are and what their projected growth is.  Based upon those meetings and the information they presented us and discussions amongst the Administration and with the Council President, we decided that subject to MCIC approval, Council approval and confirmation of this new lease that they are considering for expansion plans, that we issue them a letter of intent for an Economic Development Incentive Grant that would be for 30% of their income tax withholdings.  The period mentioned would start in 2019 so the first grant payment would not be until 2020.   On Council’s agenda for this month will be a resolution of support to move forward with the process of putting this grant paperwork together and try to negotiate the terms with the company to put it into place by the end of the year.  I provided in Council’s packets last week a memo with back up of the information we had gotten and put together to show the history of the company and what their plans were.  Mr. Wynne asked, any questions?

Mr. Marquardt asked, what would happen if we didn’t grant them this?

Mr. Wynne replied, if Council decides they don’t want to do that, at this point I do not know whether they have signed the new lease agreement yet, or whether they are waiting to find out if the resolution is passed in two weeks.  It’s entirely up to Council whether they want to do that or not.  But they fit the bill of what we have done in the past.  We look for companies who have a real high density of payroll for a small amount of square feet.  Our measurement tool, we try to get about $100 per square foot from the standpoint of office space.  Their current density per square foot is $505 per square foot and projected to go with the expansion to $600 per square foot.  It’s the kind of company we are striving to get on Beta which is a technology company not taking a lot of space but with a lot of highly paid individuals that work there.  So, to answer your question, will that change their plans if we don’t approve it?  I don’t have an answer to that one way or the other at this point.

Council President Pro Tem Williams asked, I heard you say this started with a lead from the landlord?

Mr. Wynne replied, yes, someone from Panzica called us to tip us off that this company was relocating.  When I met with the CFO and CEO they already were in discussions with a facility in Beachwood.  I don’t know the facility that they were looking at to relocate to.

Council President Pro Tem Williams asked, any other questions?

There were none.


  • Air conditioning – second floor- Fire Station (Bialosky - $13,500)

Assistant Fire Chief Girbino stated, this is the engineering of the air conditioning system for the fire station’s second floor.  We received two bids.  We actually requested three, but one of the companies decided that the project was too small to bid on.  Bialosky Engineering is the lowest of the two bids for $13,500.  What they are planning on doing is engineering the system itself so that the contractors can bid on a lower playing field to bid the reworking of that system.  Right now we are using two to three different room air conditioners to keep that space comfortable through the hot months.

Mr. Meyers asked, is the second floor the living space Mike?

Assistant Fire Chief Girbino replied, the second floor is where the dormitories are and the locker room.

Council President Pro Tem Williams asked, any other questions?

There were none.



  • Home Occupations (Ordinance No. 2018-22)

Mr. Budzick stated, this contains amendments to the current Code.  It deletes bail bonds and has a little more clarification.  Instead of typing as a home occupation, typing and word processing.  And a new section, if the applicant does not meet one of those specific listed 22 home occupations, they can then ask for a special permit which then goes to Planning and Zoning for consideration.  The applicant will have to meet the standards set forth in the Code.  It will then come back to Council for final approval or rejection after that recommendation.

  • Small Cell Facility (Ordinance No. 2018-24)

Mr. Budzick stated, this is a rewrite of the current Chapter.  This is based upon the new law that just went into effect where on poles the telecommunication services will be adding little boxes to have the 5g system.  Therefore, the laws have been changed by the State and now the municipalities have more control as to how those boxes look with the character of, in this case the Village residential zones.  You can limit how big the box can be, the pole can be no more than 40 feet high, things along those lines.  This is somewhat of a rewrite of the current Chapter because there is actually a lot of meat in the State law so again we have a definitional section as to what these items are.  The law states if it is a new construction, the applicant gets 120 days and 90 days on existing.  The way I drafted this is it will go to Planning and Zoning for their recommendation to this body within 45 days and then it would come back to this body within the applicable timeframe for final consideration.  The law also talks about how much you can charge.  The way I drafted this was that the Village can charge up to what the State law mandates which is a $250 fee.  You are allowed to increase those fees every 5 years.  That’s contained in the rewrite as well.  I did not put specific dollar amounts in the ordinance itself.  I referenced an attachment, the application forms.  That will give the detail.  That way you don’t have to change ordinances all the time.  That’s why we did that.  But again this contains all of the timeframes and the use regulations and the construction modifications and regulations that the Planning and Zoning and Building Department will be looking at as they go through the process.  It’s a very short Chapter now.  It just talks about telecommunications permits.  This would replace it in essence.

  • Short Term Rentals (Ordinance No. 2018-25)

Mr. Budzick stated, this has been talked about for some time.  It gives regulations and the need for a permit for those rentals for 30 days or less.  There is listed a $75 permit fee which has been discussed administratively.  For the residential, the property cannot be used for business-type purposes as wedding banquets or things along those lines.

  • Housing and Care of Prisoners by County of Cuyahoga (Resolution 2018-28)

Mr. Budzick stated, right now the Village has a contract with Geauga County.  If the Village incarcerates a prisoner and you need to transport him or her for additional care, then they go to Geauga County.  It was determined that it’s probably best to have a choice whether the Police Department would want to transport those prisoners to Geauga County or in this case it would be Cuyahoga County.  It’s a $99 fee per day.  That also includes services that has a video system for an arraignment with the Lyndhurst Municipal Court because if you transport a prisoner to Geauga County, that prisoner then has to be moved back to Lyndhurst Municipal Court.  The agreement with Cuyahoga County also includes costs for medications to house the prisoner which in Geauga County right now that is a separate charge as well.  So overall the Police Department and the Law Department believe that this was a very good contract and it gives the Village an option where to transport prisoners if it is necessary.

Chief Edelman asked, may I give a little more information on that?

Mr. Budzick replied, sure.

Chief Edelman stated, right now we have an exchange of services agreement with Mayfield Heights where we use their jail and they use our shooting range.  No money exchanges hands for that exchange of services.  That handles the bulk of our prisoner housing.  Occasionally they do not have room so we have to find other housing for our prisoners or if there’s a sentence that exceeds 12 days through Lyndhurst Court, we have to find someplace else to house them because Mayfield Heights is a 12-day facility.  When that happens, we have to farm it out to some other facility and currently it’s Geauga County which is quite a distance from here.  It’s out on 44.  This gives us an option.   Cuyahoga County has been taking over some of the larger jail facilities in the County.  They recently have taken over Euclid and Bedford Heights, both of which are fairly close. Driveway to driveway they are about 10 minutes away.  They are full service facilities.  They have infirmaries.  They offer social services to prisoners.  They can handle any of the needs that may come up when a prisoner is incarcerated.  The cost for this is $99 a day.  It’s not something that will be used all the time.  It just gives us another option just in case we would need it from time to time this is what I am asking Council to approve.

Council President Pro Tem Williams asked, any questions?

There were none.


  • Senior Snow Removal Program – 2018-2019
  • Senior Snow Removal Program – Opt-Out Program

Mr. McAvinew stated, Ms. Heath recommended 4 sections for Ameriscape; 2 sections for Arnold’s and 1 section for MJO.  Arnold’s bid $250 per driveway; MJO $260; and Ameriscape had a sliding scale based upon the amount of sections that is selected.  In the past, Ameriscape had 3 sections.  They will go from one full-time driver and a part-time driver to two full-time drivers dedicated to the Village.  This is her recommendation based upon that.

With regard to the Opt-Out Program, Mr. McAvinew stated, there is no change from 2017.  It is the exact same formula.

Mr. McAvinew asked, does anybody have any questions?

There were none.

Mr. McAvinew further reported, the concert series has been going very very well this summer.  I have met a lot of new people from the Village who have come out and enjoyed both the Grove and Gazebo.  A lot of people are in the School District.  I met a few new people who said this is the first time being in Mayfield Village.  It’s been a great summer.  I have enjoyed it.  I enjoy the opportunity.  I do have to thank both Diane and Mayor because without their support I could not have pulled it through and get it up and going.  Thank you.


  • Assessment Center – Police Chief (Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police – not to exceed $5,400)

Chief Edelman stated, I am going to be retiring in Spring of next year.  We need to start thinking about an assessment for my replacement, my successor.  The Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police is an organization we have used in the past for Sergeant’s assessments. We have been very happy with the results they have provided us.  I am asking Council to approve the expenditure to use them for a Chief’s assessment.  The cost is $5,400 to administer a test to up to 6 candidates.  It will be internally, my Lieutenant and a number of my Sergeants who have expressed an interest in testing for the Police Chief’s position.  Mary Beth has been kind enough to make contact with the Chief’s Association for us.  I am asking Council to approve the expenditure.

Council President Pro Tem Williams asked, don’t you need Council to approve your retirement first?

Chief Edelman replied, fortunately, no I do not.

Council President Pro Tem stated, congratulations.  Anything else Chief?

There were no further matters.


  • Crack sealing of Village streets (D.J.L. Material – not to exceed $22,000)

Mr. Metzung stated, this is for our annual crack sealing program that we do every year.  We purchase the material through the State ODOT Cooperative Purchasing Program and they supply the equipment to apply the material.  It’s a little aggressive this year in the amount but a big part of this will be covered by a grant that we got from the County that we used when we repaired Lander.  We got money back for the materials because it was covered by this grant.  We will get a lot of this money back through the grant for the areas we apply on the County roads which will be Ridgebury, Lander and Wilson Mills.  There will be a lot of material going on those roads because of the way they are set up.

Mr. Metzung stated, the other item I have is this Friday we will be opening bids for our sidewalk snowplow machine.  That will be on Council agenda on August 20th.

Council President Pro Tem Williams asked, questions for the Service Department?

There were none.


Council President Pro Tem Williams asked, are there any other matters before Council?

There were none.

There being no further matters, the meeting concluded at 7:26 p.m.