Caucus: April 3rd 2017

Mayfield Village Civic Hall - Mayfield Village Civic Center
Monday, April 3, 2017 - 8:00 p.m.

The Council of Mayfield Village met in Caucus Session on Monday, April 3, 2017 at Mayfield Village Civic Hall in the Mayfield Village Civic Center.  Council President Saponaro called the meeting to order at 8:00 p.m.

ROLL CALL:          

Present: Mr. Jerome, Mr. Marquardt, Mr. Marrie, Mrs. Mills, Dr. Parker, Mr. Saponaro, and Mr. Williams

Also Present: Mayor Bodnar, Mr. Guidetti, Chief Edelman, Chief Carcioppolo, Mr. Metzung, Mr. Marrelli, Mr. Cappello, Ms. Echt, Ms. Wolgamuth, and Mrs. Betsa

Absent: Mr. Wynne


Mayor Bodnar welcomed everyone to our new and improved room.  Hope everyone is enjoying it.  I think they did a good job.  By the next meeting, the t.v.’s should be up and running too.


Council President Saponaro stated, I first want to say I was sad but also excited for our Council member, Tommy Marrie, who has decided not to run for re-election. Sad because you have done such an amazing job, but also happy that you will be able to spend more time with Carole and your family as it should be.  You have done an amazing job.  We have such gratitude toward you.   We will be celebrating you obviously, but just wanted to mention that and give you our best.

Mr. Marrie stated, thank you very much.

The audience applauded.

Council President Saponaro stated, the second thing I want to talk about is the Local Government Officials’ Conference that Bill, Mary Beth and I attended last year.  It starts on April 11th in the afternoon and then goes to April 13th.  The two days are really the 12th and 13th.  It’s got some really good programs.  It’s for any of the officials here.  You do not have to be a Council member, it’s for everyone.  This could be something that anyone can take part in.  I really would encourage you to do that.  Bill and I are not going to be going this year, but if someone else, at least another person on Council wanted to go, I would encourage that.  It is a great opportunity.  If you want to go, please see Mary Beth and she will get you signed up and get everything all situated.  Keep that in mind.   It is coming up.  Time is of the essence.

Mrs. Betsa added, Debbie Garbo has registered for the Conference.

  • Discussion of proposed extension to moratorium on medical marijuana

Council President Saponaro stated, I had said at our previous meeting that I wanted to have anyone come here who wanted to at this Caucus meeting as well as our next Council meeting to have an open mic regarding the public’s views on the moratorium on medical marijuana in our community.  We have that in place right now.  It stays in place until June which would mean if we were going to do an extension, we would have to do that at the May meeting.

Obviously, we do not want to make all of the decisions.  This is something that is a hot button for everyone.  I know how I feel personally which is extend it, don’t allow it.  That’s just me personally.  We want to make sure that the community has a say in it if they want to.  If anyone is here to speak on that, they certainly can at this time.  We normally do not have open portions at Caucus but I did call that at our last meeting.  We will also discuss this at our next Council meeting in two weeks.  If anyone wants to speak then or if you want to tell other people, at least to give us your viewpoint, I think it would be important for us to hear it.  Other than that, we will have the legislation on the agenda to extend it at this point so we can figure out what we need to do and how we put a proper ordinance together that would safeguard our community.

Chief Edelman stated, if I may I would like to make a few comments on this regard.

Council President Saponaro stated, please do.

Chief Edelman stated, first of all, I am not going to speak to the medicinal benefits or lack thereof of marijuana.  I know nothing about that. I am not going to speak in that regard.  I am not a medical professional.  What I want to talk about are my views as a law enforcement professional and as a protector of this community.

With the legislature and the medical community coming on board recently on the medical marijuana aspects, much of the stigma of marijuana has been removed or diminished lately.  But I want to remind everyone that marijuana is still a controlled substance.  A business whose sole or primary revenue is derived from the sale of that single controlled substance can only be an invitation to a criminal element.  If that business does nothing but sell medicinal marijuana or medicinal marijuana products, we are inviting a criminal element into town to that local business.  I am not talking about seeing junkies on the street corner with needles in their arms.  Get that picture out of your heads right now.  That’s not what I am talking about.  But what I am talking about are crimes like identification fraud where people who have legitimate needs for this product who have medical problems that can be helped by this are having their identities stolen by thieves who want to use this product for their own nefarious needs.  That’s a very real problem that we are seeing with other narcotics, other drugs that are being sold at pharmacies.  So I can only assume that this is going to happen with a marijuana dispensary.

Other kind of crimes I am talking about are impaired driving.  The documentation that the Law Department provided for us indicated that the dispensary would not allow the use on-site, on-premises.  But there is no restriction for people to use it once they leave the premises.  So someone can go out in the parking lot in their car and use the product they just purchased.  The Police Department is not going to allow that, but they are going to do it.  What’s to stop them from doing it and then going out on the road and driving impaired?  We have enough impaired drivers on the road.  We don’t need to be the starting gate for more impaired drivers to be out on the road.  That’s another one of the issues that I am very concerned about.

Another one is theft and robbery. Not just in the store, but the customers leaving the store once they purchase the product.  If the criminal element knows that this store is in Mayfield Village and they know that people in need are going to come to Mayfield Village to purchase the product, they are going to come here too.  Make no mistake about that.

Lastly, I am sure you have read in the Sun Messenger that South Euclid, Richmond Heights and Eastlake have already introduced legislation looking at allowing these dispensaries in their cities.  I don’t see any benefit to having one in Mayfield Village especially when these other cities that are so close to us are going to have these dispensaries.  Let them have it.  We don’t need it here in Mayfield Village.  Let them have it.  Thank you.

Mr. Jerome asked, personal opinion aside, do you think the fact that this is medicinal but not allowing recreational is still going to create a problem where if it was everybody could use it, things like identity theft and all that stuff would not come, but the fact that it is going to be just a slim market, still letting everyone else, the possibilities, all the things you said?

Chief Edelman replied, that goes to my personal opinion of marijuana and I am just not going to answer that question.

Mr. Marrie stated to the Chief, I could not agree with you more.  We don’t have the problem here, why bring it in? If someone wants it, like Eastlake, good for them.  God bless them.  Let them keep it.  I agree strongly on everything you said that we don’t need it here.  It’s just inviting problems or people that can cause problems.

Chief Edelman stated, thank you.

Mrs. Mills stated, I had the opportunity to talk with the Mayor of Richmond Heights. They are seriously considering the Villa di Borally and the Casa as a growing facility.  Eastlake has passed their legislation on that, right?

Mr. Guidetti replied, I think they have.

Mrs. Mills stated, what the Mayor of Richmond Heights said, the permits for the growing are very very expensive, but these people are willing to spend this money.

Chief Edelman stated, sure.  It’s absolutely a definite revenue stream if we were to have that.  Another point I would like to bring up in the documentation the Law Department provided, it called for during business hours the dispensary would have to have a Mayfield Village police officer on site.  They would have to hire someone off-duty. If you think that I have the manpower to staff that continually in ad infinitum, I don’t.  There is no way that I could ever staff that perpetually going into the future.  I could not possibly do that.  I don’t know where they would ever get the security to run that facility to do it.

Dr. Parker stated, I heard something to the fact that they were talking in Richmond Heights about using Richmond Mall as a growing site.  It’s a big revenue stream.  These communities apparently need the money.  That’s how they are going to get it.  I don’t know what it means to them in terms of money, but I heard Richmond Mall which is not far from us at all as a growing site.  There are huge box stores there.

Chief Edelman stated, Councilman, that begs the question then, what is the purpose for Mayfield Village to even consider this?  Is it just for the revenue stream?  Or is there some other benefit that I am missing?

Dr. Parker stated, I am just telling you what I heard.  I just wanted you to be aware of it.  Not that you weren’t maybe, I don’t know.

Chief Edelman stated, thank you.

Council President Saponaro stated, I think that from, and please anyone correct me if I am wrong, our objective here is to make sure that our residents tell us what they believe.  I don’t think you would be hard-pressed to find a majority here that believes this would be a good idea, but I don’t want to speak for anyone who does think it is a good idea.  I agree with what Dr. Parker said, I think communities that are looking at this unfortunately are looking at it because it is a revenue stream.  Unfortunately what they don’t realize is the amount of money it is going to cost them ultimately in the end.  It is going to far outweigh any benefit they could actually receive.  That’s something they are going to have to deal with.  We just wanted to make sure as a community, as a Council and as an Administration that all of the residents have a voice at the table and make sure we hear what you have to say.

Mrs. Mills stated, as the ordinance is right now, could someone legally challenge it if they wanted to rent a storefront here?

Mr. Guidetti replied, sure, they could legally challenge it, but the State law that is enacted is pretty clear that there can be an outright prohibition and that’s why we have the two drafts, one is an outright prohibition and the other one allows the dispensaries but regulates it.  So it is really up to Council what direction they want to go.

Mrs. Mills added, because it seems like everybody has their rights today.  Even if it is wrong, they have the right.

Marge Eisenberg
6783 Seneca Road

I am going to address what Chief Edelman said.  My son-in-law’s brother lives in Colorado Springs.  It started out as medicinal marijuana and ended up as recreational marijuana.  Everybody in Colorado Springs is insured at the top rate.  Their insurance went up skyrocketing.  Everybody’s car insurance went up because of the marijuana.  Everybody.

Council President Saponaro stated, excellent information. Anybody else?

Mr. Jerome asked Mr. Guidetti, any referendum or anything like that they could do locally that can supersede what we are doing?

Mr. Guidetti replied, sure they could attempt to, but we have that with any legislation that’s passed.

Mr. Jerome stated, right.  But from what the State has laid out, obviously chartered municipalities are allowed to enact an ordinance?

Mr. Guidetti replied, that’s correct. Normally moratoriums are frowned upon, but like I said, it’s specifically provided for in the Bill that allowed the municipalities the option to permit it or not.

Mr. Jerome asked, can we do moratoriums forever?

Mr. Guidetti replied, it can be a permanent moratorium per the State law.

Mr. Jerome asked, it that the way to go?

Mr. Guidetti replied, that’s a decision for Council to make.

Council President Saponaro stated, the memo says there are two ways of doing this.  We can enact an outright prohibition of any such activities within the Village of Mayfield.  This option is authorized pursuant to Revised Code 3796.29.  It’s a simple ordinance adopting an appropriate Chapter within the Codified Ordinances that would be attached. It’s not anything that is huge that we have to do.  The option that a lot of other communities are taking is to pass legislation regulating and establishing fees for the licensing in any retail dispensaries giving themselves the options to do that.  My understanding is the consensus here is that we don’t even want that option.  We want an outright prohibition. However, that’s why I want to hear from members of the community to make sure that’s what everyone else wants.

Mr. Jerome stated, I think if we allow the moratorium now, it would be nice to go one way or the other.  Who’s to say that down the road we change our mind?  We can always change the ordinance.  So I would just say why keep bringing it up and do the moratorium?  We have given everyone 180 days.

Council President Saponaro stated, the moratorium is the legislation.  It’s permanent.  It’s the prohibition.

Mr. Jerome stated, that’s what I am saying.  If we are going to that, do the prohibition.

Council President Saponaro stated, what we passed in December was a temporary one so we can see it through. Now we either make it a permanent one or we go the other route.

Mr. Jerome stated, okay, we would not have to keep coming back to it.

Mr. Guidetti replied, no.  The moratorium is from now through the future.

Mr. Jerome stated, okay.  So when you say moratorium in the grander sense, it’s a final.

Council President Saponaro replied, yes.  It’s the prohibition language that you need.

Mr. Jerome stated, I was speaking to someone in Colorado Springs that has a business out there.    She said yes, you live in Colorado, everybody thinks marijuana.  She said she has not had too many issues with employees but from what they had said obviously being still illegal at the national level they can still enforce any kind of drug policies they have for their business.  To be seen, but I don’t know if Mayfield Village is a testing ground that we need to have this.

Council President Saponaro stated, I agree.  And by the way, just because it’s legal in a community doesn’t mean that employers have to allow the employees to work under the influence whether it is medicinal or not. There’s no discrimination action that can be taken for someone who uses it that says you have to let me smoke marijuana at work because I have this prescription.  That was a lot of what they ran into, I know when I was reading up on it.  There’s a whole area of law called marijuana law which is just crazy to me.  I want nothing to do with it.  Thank you for your comments and just being here.  Certainly we welcome more of them and that’s what we are looking for.  Chief, your words were much appreciated as well as everyone else who contributed.  Thank you.

Chief Carcioppolo stated, I just wanted to recap.  Steve said just a moment ago that it is not nationally regulated.  That’s one of the bigger take homes, that it is Federally regulated.  Any of these other communities can allow that to go in, like Richmond Mall, but the Feds can come in and the ATF can come in and shut it down, or the DEA can come in and shut it down whenever they want.  Then you have a rift between local and Federal government because the State allows for people to do this.  It just lends itself to bigger problems. Not on the criminal side, on the legal side.

Council President Saponaro added, regulatory and compliance and all that.

Mrs. Mills asked, what would we do if we had someone with the inclination to grow it for themselves in their own home?

Council President Saponaro replied, no different than what we would do now.  It’s illegal.

Mr. Guidetti replied, it’s only medical marijuana that was legalized.

Mrs. Mills asked, if they claim they were using it for their own medical purpose?

Mr. Guidetti replied, it has to come from a licensed physician.

Mrs. Mills asked, would they have to have permits?

Council President Saponaro replied, they couldn’t do it. You can’t grow it for yourself.  It has to go through a dispensary.  They are looking at only 40 in the State of Ohio.  Everything has to be followed.  You can’t say, here’s my prescription, I am going to have it in my backyard.

Mr. Guidetti replied, depending on the amount, it would be a minor misdemeanor.

Mrs. Mills stated, on Sunday, Channel 8 had a program on marijuana.  It was very interesting.  There are marijuana and other drugs available to people.  I think the media ought to get busy and really tell people exactly how dangerous all this is.  They talk about it all the time, the number of deaths that they have already this year.  People are not listening.

Council President Saponaro stated, unfortunately we have a big faction that has the public’s eye that glamorizes it.  Thinks it’s no big deal.  It’s in movies.  It’s portrayed as being, who cares, it’s not a problem.  I can tell you firsthand, it is a problem.  It is a gateway.  Even though we are talking about medicinal at this point, I agree.  I agree with what Marge said.  I agree that when you start with medicinal and you allow it in the communities, there will be a big faction that will try to make it recreational because to so many people it’s not a big deal.

Mrs. Mills stated, what they said tonight on the news was to be careful when you go into the changing rooms in public facilities because that’s where the drug deals are happening and they are laying their supplies on changing tables.  That can be ingested through your skin.  What young mother would want that to happen?   Let’s get all this information out there.

Council President Saponaro replied, no argument from me.  Thank you.  I think that was a good conversation.  I hope to have more of one at our next meeting as well.  It is important that we come together as a community.


  • Concrete Furnishings for Community Room patios (Belson Outdoors - $9,999.44)

Ms. Wolgamuth reported, on Council’s agenda this month is a quote from Belson Outdoors for 7 concrete tables and 6 concrete benches for use on the patios at the Community Room.  We would like to have them in place before Cruise Night and maybe even earlier.  We are expanding the Gazebo concerts this summer.  We would like to have seating available so we can use the concession area.  The budget for it was $10,000 and the quote came in at $9,999 and some change.  We are under budget.

  • Legislation authorizing filing an application with ODNR for financial assistance with public recreation areas through the Natureworks Grant Program

Ms. Wolgamuth reported, this project is the trailhead project that we have talked about for several years which is the property right next to the Fire station.  We are planning on putting some parking there.  It has expanded to include a Fire memorial which would include the World Trade Center piece that Chief Carcioppolo got in November 2015.  We also want to include a fire pit for the Boy Scouts to do their flag retirement ceremonies.  This project has not been a priority.  We keep putting it off year to year.  We thought it might be worth trying to get some funding for it because we are likely not going to construct it this year anyway.  We will find out whether or not we are awarded the Natureworks Grant later in the year, probably October, whether we get any grant money and then we will plan to construct next Spring. This legislation is just authorizing the filing of the grant application which is due May 1st.

Mr. Jerome asked, what is the status with the traffic light and the crosswalk?  I saw the light was up.

Mr. Marrie replied, they have not painted it yet.  They can’t do it until the concrete is a certain temperature.  It’s too early for that, but it is going in.

Council President Saponaro stated, I am sorry, the side conversation here is about the fact that we are up against this ordering deadline for the concrete furnishings.

Mayor Bodnar replied, it’s a 6-week timeframe.

Council President Saponaro stated, it is not guaranteed 6 weeks.  It could be longer or it could be shorter.

Ms. Wolgamuth replied, right.

Council President Saponaro stated, obviously every week counts.  If we were to try to approve it for ordering purposes, is that something you would like us to do, or is it something we should wait until the regular Council meeting?

Ms. Wolgamuth replied, my thought was if we didn’t have them in time we would use some of the tables from inside and then just pull them out onto the patio.  I wasn’t panicked about it.  But if we want to pass it sooner, that’s fine.

Dr. Parker stated, in the past when we have needed things, we have done a straw vote and then okayed it.

Council President Saponaro stated, the law has changed about straw votes.

Mr. Guidetti stated, the law has changed, so we can’t do straw votes like we used to.

Council President Saponaro stated, we could do them, but they are limited.

Mr. Guidetti stated, we really wouldn’t recommend doing it in this scenario.

Council President Saponaro stated, we used to be able to do the straw vote. We have done them in the past where we have had lead time on a broken loader that we needed to get as quickly as possible and Doug would say, I really need this, can we do a straw vote?  We would do a straw vote and at our next meeting of Council we would go through why we did it and how that worked.  We are not able to do that any longer.

Mr. Guidetti stated, that’s that lengthy legal opinion we issued last year from the Ohio Supreme Court.

Council President Saponaro added, the White case.

Mr. Jerome asked, was that about a public meeting?

Mr. Guidetti replied, the case was about e-mail correspondence and a majority of a public body communicating about a subject matter within an e-mail chain even if it wasn’t intended to be a discussion among a majority of the public body.  That applies not just to e-mails.  It applies to telephone calls and things of that nature.

Mr. Jerome asked, what about pre-determined Caucus meetings?

Mr. Guidetti replied, Caucus meetings are public meeting, but it is still not a vote-taking meeting. You want to do the official vote at the official meeting.

Council President Saponaro stated, obviously what we are going to have to do is in situations where we know they are coming up, we are going to have to work with Mary Beth and me or whoever the President of Council is if it’s not me, to get these on the agenda so that if we need to have a special meeting for these purposes, we can have it.

Ms. Wolgamuth stated, we were really just not that worried about these.  I think we will probably get them in time.  We chose a company that is in Illinois so that the shipping is a shorter distance.

Council President Saponaro stated, perfect.  I think we just have to learn how to do this differently from how we have done it before and adapt to what the new rules are.


  • Wage Ordinance
  • General Terms and Conditions of Employment
  • Collective Bargaining Agreement – Police
  • Collective Bargaining Agreement – Fire

Council President Saponaro stated, these will be up for consideration by Council at our next meeting.  Any questions that anyone has, certainly bring them to the floor here.  You can also talk off-line to the legal department or to Diane, who was actively involved in a lot of the discussions there.  Ron was as well, but as we know, Ron is not here.  Myself as well.  Is there any discussions on these?

There were none.


  • AED Legislation

Chief Carcioppolo reported, this was discussed at a previous meeting where it was referred to Ordinance Review. Ordinance Review Board met and the language is almost the same with a couple of verbiage changes.  It was agreed it is important.  Dr. Parker ran the meeting.

Council President Saponaro asked, is there anything to add, Steve?

Dr. Parker replied, we made some changes in qualifications as to what constitutes a physical fitness facility like the yoga studio?  Well, maybe not technically, so we kind of massaged some of the language.  We also put in some language in terms of advising that the businesses have some notification of where these things are to employees and occupants so that way someone does not have a problem when the unit is right around the corner and no one knows where to find it.  It was a productive meeting.  Most of the changes were not too substantive.  We discussed it previously at a Council meeting.   The legislation was sent back to the Law Department and they made the amendments.  In general, it’s a pretty compact ordinance.

Mr. Jerome asked, where did you guys go, that it should be or should not be included?

Dr. Parker stated, I would have to have the exact verbiage that was worded.

Mr. Guidetti added, it’s a center that has moderate or extensive physical exertion.

Dr. Parker stated, yoga would be included in that.  We tried to qualify it according to moderate physical activity as opposed to just physical activity.  We wanted to make sure they would be covered as well.

Mr. Jerome stated, the one thing I did not see in the Ordinance was a number per square footage or for employees.

Chief Carcioppolo stated, you can’t really specify it based on that because based on the structural features of a facility, you might not have a quantity per square footage but because of how the building’s constructed, you might need one on this wing of the building and one on this wing of the building because there’s a lock in between the two.

Mr. Jerome stated, I understand that.  You could go in there and say you need 20 of them.   You have to go spend $30,000.  There’s no protocol of some sort.

Chief Carcioppolo stated, you are right.  I could go in and say you need 20 of them.

Dr. Parker stated, I think we are going to leave it up to the discretion of the Fire Department.  Obviously we are not looking to be putative with these companies but we are looking to make sure that there’s something there, whether it be one or two.  For example, Progressive has them all over.

Mr. Guidetti stated, they have their own facility.

Dr. Parker stated, they have their own health administrators, doctors and nurses. But still there are people who have used the facilities.  They can go to these facilities at certain hours and there’s no one there, or there’s one other person there.  People knowing where they are so that there’s one other person and that person could potentially administer it.  Their staff might not even be at the Progressive center at the time you are using it.  We just try to be reasonable but thorough and make sure that in the event of an emergency –

Chief Carcioppolo stated, it would be very difficult to legislate based on how many people are in a facility and based on all of the construction features.

Mr. Jerome asked, what is the maximum?  Progressive would not necessarily count as a facility?

Council President Saponaro asked, can I interrupt?  It says right here “all assembly occupancies exceeding an occupant load of 200 persons, all nursing homes, all assisted living facilities, all rehabilitation facilities, public and private K-12 schools and all physical fitness facilities in the Village whose occupants engage in activities that are of moderate or higher level of physical exertion.”  The assembly occupancies is probably the only thing that says more than 200.

Chief Carcioppolo stated, the reason we chose language like that was because we didn’t want to have a smaller occupancy.  That was more constructive for a place, for example, the Conference Center, that has an occupant load over 1,000 people for its maximum occupancy.  That’s a facility where you should have them and that it be accessible because they have multiple events going on and because of the quantity of people the potential for a problem is there but you also have a lot higher potential for someone to be there to help them.  By limiting it to 200 for an assembly, it would exclude smaller businesses.  But I would also like to point out that we have one at our Community Room, in this building, at the pool, the Fire Station and the Police Station will be fitted with one.

Council President Saponaro stated, I would imagine that any business that would like to have one which is not required to have one will be encouraged to do that and could talk to someone in the department about that.

Chief Carcioppolo stated, actually, Diane sent me an e-mail showing the prices.  That was one of the concerns.  They used to be expensive devices. Now you can buy one for less than $1,000.  That’s a pretty inexpensive insurance policy that could really save someone’s life.

Mr. Jerome stated, I think about the businesses that don’t want to put too much on.  Obviously, we are getting mobile AED’s by having them on the police cars.  I want to make sure we are not overlegislating on businesses.

Dr. Parker stated, the problem with anything coming through our protective services is that with the 911 system and the Chief pointed this out, in terms of having to go through certain kinds of various facilities just to get to our dispatching, it could be 4 or 5 minutes before we can get someone close to there.

Chief Carcioppolo agreed.  When you are talking about someone with a lethal cardiac arrhythmia that has no blood flow going to their brain, after 4 minutes you start killing brain tissue.  If it takes 2 minutes for the call to get to our dispatch center and 30 seconds for her to comprehend what they are saying and the reflex time is a minute and a half before we even roll into a call, they are starting to kill tissue.

Mr. Jerome stated, I don’t disagree with any of it.  I just wanted to make sure we are not going after businesses and saying, you need 30 of these things.

Dr. Parker stated, we are not doing that.

Mr. Jerome stated, it’s not your intent, but, you know.

Chief Carcioppolo stated, it’s not.  But you also have to understand that there are certain businesses with higher probability that aren’t required by law to have it and they need to be.

Mr. Jerome stated, I agree.

Mr. Guidetti stated, there’s always a certain level of discretion you have to exercise with these kind of measures. That’s exactly what the Fire Department would do.

Dr. Parker stated, and that’s why we added in the type of activity as a quantifier.  There are some businesses that have under 200 but the risk goes totally up because of the activity that’s current.  You know there might only be 20 people in there. There is some discretion here but we trust our safety services to make good decisions.

Council President Saponaro stated, thank you.

Chief Carcioppolo stated, I also wanted to say, we had a big drill yesterday.  Police and Fire met yesterday and we started doing our Rescue Task Force training which is the active threat response training which involves both of us.  It was a monumental day for us.  It’s one of the first joint trainings that I can recall happening between our two departments.  We met yesterday morning at around 7:00 and did multiple evolutions at Center School with the help of the volunteers of the CERT team.  We had very realistic active threat response training. It was all very positive.  We will be doing more of that and eventually we will be involving surrounding communities.  The Rescue Task Force gear is a ballistic gear that we purchased over the last year and a half or so.  That’s what it is evolving in to now.

Council President Saponaro stated, thank you.  Appreciate that.


Mr. Guidetti stated, if Council members happened to notice some activity outside of the Community Room, specifically on the fireplace, there was an issue that came up regarding the stone that had to be addressed.  The contractors that did the install will be at the Community Room correcting the issue in the next few weeks.  Obviously the goal is to have that completed before events really start.

Mr. Jerome asked, is that a warranty issue kind of thing?

Mr. Guidetti replied, not a warranty issue.  The stone was flaking and some other issues that they have to come in and make some repairs so to speak.

Council President Saponaro stated, very good.  Thank you.


  • Range Cleaning (Best Technology Systems, Inc. - $12,290)

Chief Edelman stated, this quote is for cleaning of our shooting range at the Police Department.  As I mentioned before, after 6 years we have accumulated quite a bit of solid lead and lead particulate with our shooting range.  This company has an extensive process whereby they clean the lead out of the shooting range to a very high standard.  It’s something that we just can’t take a broom to. I can’t ask the Service Department to do this.  It’s a hazardous waste.  We have to go through a multi-step process to do this.  It’s somewhat costly but it is something we have to do for safety purposes.

Dr. Parker asked, is there any type of ammunition that could be utilized that might avoid that?

Chief Edelman replied, we are using jacket ammunition which minimizes the lead particulate, but there’s still quite a bit that’s in there.  It still uses lead which is a hazardous material.

Council President Saponaro stated, and for anyone who’s interested, if you haven’t seen this, it will be on our website, the 7 stages of process they have to go through is pretty amazing.  Obviously well worth it and something we need to do.

Chief Edelman stated, it is. It’s the first time since we have opened the building that we are doing this.

Council President Saponaro stated, 6 years.  It is recommended every?

Chief Edelman replied, every 5-8 years.

Council President Saponaro stated, okay.  Very good.

Chief Edelman stated, thank you.


  • Solid Waste and Recycling Services (Bid Opening April 7, 2017)

Mr. Metzung stated the bids will be coming in on Friday.  They will be on the agenda for the next Council meeting.

Council President Saponaro stated, we want to remind everyone your thought process was if you were going to recommend the company we have right now, we did not need to make sure we approved it at the next meeting because they don’t need time to gear up; however, if we were going to approve a new vendor, they would need that timeframe.  This is something we would need to approve right away.  Just so everyone is on the same page.

Mr. Metzung stated, in the case of it being the old vendor, we would probably want to approve it right away also because we know what we have.

  • Dude Solutions Tracking and GIS Software (Dude Solutions - $16,101.66)

Mr. Metzung stated, this is to track our call complaints or any work we do, we can track it.  Like if we put a sign in the road, we can track when we did it, take a picture of it, and then it is logged in permanently.

Council President Saponaro stated, between our meeting, someone was asking the question, how did you come to, hey we need this type of system?  What was the issue?

Mr. Metzung replied, the catalyst was actually the Mayor requesting a report on flooding.  While we did it manually knowing that a system of this nature would do it instantly, it was the catalyst.

Council President Saponaro stated, the man-hours utilized in order to do a report that could be done through this system.

Mayor Bodnar stated, if anyone’s old enough to remember the old encyclopedia system that you had in your house when you were a kid and once a year they would mail you updates and you would take those and manually put them in the binder.  That’s almost the technology we have now. This would replace it with computerized technology so that hopefully people out in the field will have user friendly software that they could just key in information directly from there to bypass a lot of steps and then whenever someone calls in and you need to look up what’s going on with a certain property, it will all be obtained in a matter of seconds.

Mr. Cappello added, also, the County GIS system which you can go to the auditor’s web page and look up property information.  It’s very similar to that.  It’s a depository information which you can easily access instead of having to pull files everywhere.  Like Doug says, it’s instant. You answer a request regarding installing new signs, roadside ditch cleaning, a new culvert goes in.  This can get updated real time.

Dr. Parker asked, is this information available to the public?

Mr. Metzung replied, no, this is information we will input.  It will be in-house information.  There are outside entities that are going to tie in to the GIS.  Cuyahoga County has GIS maps that will be pulled on tab so we can tie in to the same time.  When you get into GIS mapping, you have layers.  If you build upon these layers, you can build up through the waterline, through the road, in each home basically.

Council President Saponaro replied, and obviously subject to public records requests, everything’s public, but that’s not the intent here.

Dr. Parker stated, I just was curious if a member of the community had a concern they could just first look everything up and know what was happening and what was done.

Mr. Metzung stated, the intent is not for the public’s use.

Mayor Bodnar stated, it would be accessible and subject to a public record’s request.

Dr. Parker stated, it would make it easier for you to provide, but it’s not going to be like something on a website.

Mr. Metzung replied, right.  In that regard, I talked to the gentleman from Berea.  They are going to this system.  They are doing it now.  They are going through it now.  He is looking to put a pothole complaint or branch complaint and have that on-line so you can go on-line, register that, they will get it, it can be dispatched immediately.  Something like potholes where you can track when it got called in and when it got repaired, that’s pretty important.  That technology is there.

Mayor Bodnar stated, so Doug, once you get that pothole complaint, you have to be on top of it because you have notice.

Mr. Metzung replied, yes.  We have run into that situation where people have damaged cars.  We have paid claims.  We are good about that here, but a lot of times we don’t know about the complaint until after the car is damaged.

Council President Saponaro stated, the other side of it is if you wanted to find anything out about a house, the Building Department has records.  You can always come and find out there what has taken place, permits and things of that nature.  So we do have a mechanism for that.  That’s not necessarily a public record’s request.  You can certainly just go and talk to the Building Department and find that information out.  It does not have to be so formal.  So there are mechanisms but the pothole or the branch, that may be something that we extend to at some point.

Mr. Metzung stated, there will be a building maintenance component in it so we can keep the records or maintain buildings in that component.  It also has fleet maintenance for all of our vehicles.  It’s modernizing our whole system.

Council President Saponaro stated, right.  So when we ask questions like how long has this been in operation and what has the maintenance been on this and do we have any issues with it, instead of having to spend hours to figure this out, you can create a report and provide it which is extremely valuable.

Mr. Metzung stated, correct.

  • Fertilizer for Sports Fields (Walker Supply - $8886.62)

Mr. Metzung reported, this is the same as we have done for the last 4-5 years.  We do the sports fields in-house.  We use an organic fertilizer but we use a hybrid approach and we use the mildest, safest, least toxic weed and bug killers that we can.  We have had excellent results.  I don’t think anybody’s had any complaint about our sports fields, the shape they have been in.

  • Lawn care of Village properties (EcoLawn, Inc. - $14,244)

Mr. Metzung stated, we are going to go with the exact same program which is an organic fertilizer with the same exact weed control and insect control products to be used.  I have not been overly impressed with our all-organic program that we have used in the past.  I think this is a step that takes us back towards what we consider to be what we want and the best way that we know how.

  • LED Lighting at Fire and Service Departments (Leff Electric Co. - $13,245)

This is for the bay areas for both Fire and Service Department.  This is working with First Energy that has a rebate program based on the amount of lights and the amount of energy saved.  The calculations for this between the rebate and energy saved we are looking at just over 1 year payback for this program.


Ms. Echt stated, no report.


Mr. Cappello reported, on Friday, April 14th we will be opening bids for the 2017 Watermain Replacement Project which encompasses Joyce, Hemingway, Robin Circle, Worton Park south of Hemingway, Woodlane, South Woodlane, North Woodlane and Norman.  That’s the first phase.  Next year those streets will then be resurfaced as a second project.

Dr. Parker asked, Tom, can you let us know again for the record, the work on the overpass, can you give an update on that as well at this point?

Mr. Cappello reported, we met with ODOT last Wednesday for a safety response meeting.  Chief Edelman was there and Assistant Chief Girbino.  They moved the date up.  It was originally scheduled for April 17th.  It’s now going to be April 10th.  Sometime actually this week you will see they are preparing to transfer the traffic on 271.  It’s going to end up moving from the outer lanes into the inner express lanes to get the traffic off of the bridges.

Starting the week of April 10th, the plan is, weather-permitting; everything’s weather-permitting; they are going to close Wilson Mills, a night closure to start demo’ing the outer bridges.  They can do up to a total of 8 separate night closures.  They plan on doing the first 4, if they get done sooner, the better, but they will be closing Wilson Mills roughly at 9:00 p.m. and opening the road back up at 5:30 or 6:00 a.m.  They have to close it underneath to be able to do this work. You can’t have cars driving underneath while they are doing the bridge.  The on and off ramps will be open all the time.  Anyone needing to go westbound on Wilson Mills will need to go to Lake County, turn around and come back or go another route.  Turn right, go down Beta to Highland to Alpha.  Anyone going eastbound on Wilson Mills should go to the Mayfield Road exit and come back on and get off.

The deal is, they are going to try to get that work done in that week and then I believe they stated either end of April or so is when the eastbound inner lane on Wilson Mills, the one that is the center piers as we are heading eastbound from Alpha to Beta, they are going to close that lane.  They have anywhere from 30-60 days.  There is an incentive for them to get done sooner.  They will get a $2,400 incentive up to $96,000 if they get done sooner.  That lane will be closed so they can demo the interior piers and build the new ones.

Later on, there will be 4 night closures again potentially to set the steel because they are going to be steel bridges just like the inner ones.  They are going to match the ones in the middle.  The closure of the eastbound lane on Wilson Mills they have scheduled for 45 days. They are hoping to get done sooner than that.

After all that work is done and they open those lanes back up, there will be non-peak hour lane closures, but they will always maintain traffic on Wilson Mills.

Dr. Parker asked, out of curiosity, how old are those bridges?

Mr. Cappello replied, they are the original bridges.  I think that freeway went in in the early ‘60’s.

Council President Saponaro stated, thank you for that wonderful update.  Is there any other matter that needs to come before Council?

Chief Edelman stated, I just wanted to remind everyone that the 911 Smartphone App went live this past Saturday.  If you have not downloaded it to your smartphones yet, feel free to do so. If you have any problems with it, let us know at the Police Department.  We will help you out.

Council President Saponaro asked, just call the non-emergency number and dispatch and they will walk you through it?

Chief Edelman replied, they will walk you through it.

Council President Saponaro stated, terrific.

Mr. Jerome stated, I was just going to say quickly.  I had a resident have an issue over on Sandalwood reach out to me.  I went over and took a look. There’s a lot of garbage getting in to her yard from behind Musca Plaza where CVS, Aladdin’s and a whole bunch of other things going on back there.  She said it has been going on for 20 years.  I don’t know how it has never been noticed, but either way, I reached out to the Building Commissioner and included the Mayor.  They are going to be looking in to that tomorrow.

Mr. Marrelli stated, tomorrow morning at 9:00.  Be there.

Mr. Jerome stated, I walked back there and couldn’t believe what I saw.  I am surprised it took this long.

Mr. Marrelli stated, every winter the trash goes out in to the snow banks.  It gets pushed into the corners. This is nothing new.  Every Spring it gets cleaned up.

Mr. Jerome stated, I hope it will stay cleaner in the future, but again, winter comes and that changes things, but –

Mr. Marrelli stated, it’s like every other property in any town after winter when stuff gets buried in the snow. Any property in any city in Ohio when it snows, trash gets dropped into the snow, it gets plowed into the corners and you don’t see it until it melts.  This is nothing new.

Mr. Jerome stated, okay.  Just for anyone else’s record, if you see anything in your yard or garbage trashed or anything, you have John’s number.  Give him a call and he will straighten it out for you.

Mr. Marrelli stated, you can text me too.

Mr. Jerome stated, text him too.  Thank you.

Council President Saponaro stated, all right, very good.  That all being said, if there’s nothing else, we are adjourned.

There being no further matters, the meeting concluded at 9:05 p.m.