Caucus Minutes - September 3rd 2013

Tuesday, September 3, 2013 – 8:00 p.m.
Mayfield Village Civic Hall

The Council of Mayfield Village met in Caucus Session on Tuesday, September 3, 2013.  Mayor Rinker called the meeting to order at approximately 8:04 p.m.

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Present:  Mrs. Cinco, Mr. Marquardt, Mrs. Mills, Dr. Parker, and Mr. Delguyd

Also Present:  Mayor Rinker, Mr. Wynne, Mr. Diemert, Mr. Cappello, Chief Edelman, Mr. Metzung, Mr. Marrelli, Interim Chief Carcioppolo, Mr. Dinardo, Mr. Esborn, Ms. Wolgamuth, and Mrs. Betsa

Absent: Mr. Buckholtz, Mr. Marrie, and Mr. Thomas


Safety and Service Committee/Finance Caucus

Mrs. Cinco reported, Safety and Service and Finance met this evening. All items are on the agenda.


Repair to kitchen roof at 470 SOM Center Road (JR Carpentry, Inc. - $13,257.00)

Mr. Marrelli referred to the memo which should have been in Council packets with photographs of the Zatko property at 470 SOM.  It’s an old stone castle.  I call it an old stone castle because it looks like a castle.  We have a roof problem over the kitchen area that’s causing the deck to get rotten and it’s spreading.  It’s gotten the cabinets wet.  For $13,200, I can get that gutted and a new roof on and dry it out.

Mr. Marrelli continued, we discussed in Finance the long-term projection for this building.  I laid out the scenario as I did in the memo that I believe it is a perfect location for some kind of food service assembly area for the ballfields, the trail, The Grove, the pool. The Finance Committee has asked a couple of questions.  One would be if there’s a liquor license available for that location. That’s a question that I can’t answer.  Maybe our Law Director can find out if there are any available in that area. The second item would be how much interest is here from the retail/food service people which I was going to sit down with Ted and see how we can go about beating the bushes to see if there’s any interest based on the location.

Mayor Rinker stated, I know you talked about this in Finance, but a little bit of history from my recollection. When we negotiated the purchase from Zatko, my recollection is it was either part of a contract but it certainly was a commitment that was made for some five years that we would not do anything adverse to the building itself.  I think it was more sentimental value on his part but that was one where we had pretty much a meeting of the minds because we always felt it was an unusual structure.  You may recall that we had some tenants for a while with a modicum of success.  One of the early ideas was as a unique structure it might lend itself to some kind of multiple civic uses.  We had speculated that there might be a certain corporation that would want to use it as sort of a guest house if it were fixed up.    Also, I can’t recall, was it sewered or not?  Did we tie in?  Because we were beyond the setback requirement to tie in.

Mr. Marrelli replied, it’s tied in.

Mayor Rinker stated, so there’s no question about utility connections per se?

Mr. Marrelli replied, right.  It’s in a commercial zone.

Mayor Rinker stated, that was my next question.  It’s zoned for commercial use?

Mr. Marrelli replied, right.

Mayor Rinker stated, but apart from that, probably a year or two ago you were saying you were getting a little concerned about the roof.  You really did a good inventory and inspection of the property.  Put another way, the bones are good, so unlike some of the properties we get where we seriously looked at whether the wrecking ball was ultimately the better way to go, this one for a lot of reasons is pretty unique.  I think just putting this out on the table and having some discussion, we can get some feedback.  It seems to me it makes sense to see what kind of commercial opportunities may be there.  Beyond that, we certainly want to maintain the structure but long-term it’s hard to tell exactly what to do.

Mr. Marrelli asked, would it be Council’s pleasure to engage a broker to try to market this property as a potential assembly?

Mr. Delguyd replied, to me, it’s however you think the best way to get the word out is.  As you said, it’s not your area of expertise.

Mr. Marrelli agreed.  I have no idea.

Mr. Delguyd added what we asked at Finance and Safety and Service is, we need to make a decision about this before the winter because the winter could cause issues.   We said take 60-90 days to market the property and see what kind of interest we can come back with.  If we come back with some serious interest, then we will be thinking of some kind of land lease contract where we still own the land.  We own the parking lot.  We could lease out the building for a year and then they do all the buildouts. They basically get the location. Like you said it’s tied in with sewers. And it is already zoned commercial.

Mayor Rinker stated, I think if we are going to do that, we should have it appraised.  The instruction to an appraiser ought to be look at it as a property that we subdivided because it’s got a parking lot in its front yard right now where it didn’t have it before.   Query whether that would impact future development.  But I think from an appraisal standpoint, the highest and best use is probably going to be commercial but it conceivably could be that its highest and best use is residential notwithstanding zoning.

Mr. Delguyd stated, we would have to get it rezoned to residential.

Mayor Rinker stated, we can take that a step at a time. The critical path determination is what the value would be.  Because even if we don’t market it well, I think we have to look at the asset in and of itself like we would a piece of equipment so you would have to be mindful of the fact in that regard.

Mr. Delguyd asked, the concern would be that if we didn’t fix the roof over the winter it would create more damage to the interior, the cabinets.

Mr. Marrelli agreed, you will get water in there and it will freeze.  You will have more damage.

Mr. Delguyd asked, if the core bones are still good, wouldn’t that be something they would tear out, cabinetry, equipment?

Mayor Rinker stated, bones to me are structural supports.

Mr. Marrelli stated, the frame is good. The stone is solid. Except for that one area of the roof.  It’s a slate roof.  If you look at the pictures of the dining room and living room, the plaster is fine.  It’s a big space.

Mayor Rinker stated, and it’s adjacent to a fair amount of open space too.

Mr. Marrelli stated, we are inviting so many people to that area and giving them no amenities whatsoever.  I just thought if we own it, we should try to do something with it.

Mayor Rinker stated, we had thought of it being a specialized community room at one point for organizations.  There are a number of things.  There’s no question that for serious usage, the inside has to be gutted, walls, partitions, all that, have to be looked at.

Mr. Marrelli stated, we will work with the Economic Development Department and see if we can’t get somebody on board to start waving the flag and see what happens.

Mrs. Cinco stated, and an appraisal would be in order.

Excavation and Backfill of the Restroom Facility at the Soccer Fields ($10,000 – change order)

Mr. Marrelli brought this up previously. The spot that was picked for the restrooms turned out to be a spoils area with stones in it.  The building had to be slid over 30 feet. We had to backfill the spoil area.  Luckily the footers had not been started. All of the footers are in now, but there’s about a $4,000 fee for two days of digging and backfilling and there’s $6,000 in contingency money to get it back to square one.

Mayor Rinker stated, from a historical standpoint, it was part of the SOM project that we worked out basically with the contractor to use that as a C and D landfill site.  I think that used to be where the water supply was. It was lower area.  It saved a fair amount of bucks to use that site.  This is one of those unanticipated things.

Mr. Marrelli agreed. You don’t know.  30 feet away is perfect. We found the one spot.

Mayor Rinker does not know if Council remembers, we are talking from North Commons to SOM which is kind of rugged because it was built on top of a lot of rubble.  We put a lot of work in to the two soccer fields adjacent to that, but it is pretty rough here.


Ms. Wolgamuth reported that the first two Grove events went well.  About 175 people came to Dancing Under the Stars and over 200 the next day for Dancestop. Saturday morning is Yoga at 8:00 a.m.


Tax Rate Resolution – 2013

Mr. Wynne reported, we are required on an annual basis to tell the County how we want our tax revenues split out amongst the General Fund, Debt Retirement, Police Pension and Police Operating. There are no changes on how we want that done.  We just have to let the County know so that they know how to distribute the funds next year.

Legislation regarding mandatory picked up contributions for Fire
Legislation regarding mandatory picked up contributions for Police

Mr. Wynne reported, the Police and Fire Pension Fund, to deal with some unfunded liability issues changed the contributions required by employees and increased them by a quarter of a percent on July 1 of this year and then a quarter of a percent next year and the year after.  We withhold that money from the employees’ payroll deduction and submit it to the Pension Fund on their behalf versus them paying it directly into the Pension Fund. The Pension Fund requests that we pass legislation just confirming that we will in fact withhold from their paychecks as the rates go up and remit on the benefit of the employees.

Mayor Rinker asked, so that’s like inverse garnishment?

Mr. Wynne replied, yes. 

Mr. Wynne continued, a final item which is not on there is, you might recall a month or so ago we had a couple Ford Tauruses that we were looking to sell. We got two bids in. One dealer bid $800 for each and then subsequently revoked their bid because they felt the cars needed too  much work. The other bidder is still interested.  He bid $400 a piece. The Blue Book value on the two cars are $1800 and $800. We had one employee who was looking at buying one of these cars and took it to a mechanic and the mechanic basically told them that they would have to put at least $2,000-3,000 in to it to make it safe and workable.  The Blue Book numbers I quoted were based upon fair condition trade value. These cars are far from that.  We had our mechanic look at them from the Service Department. After looking at all of that, my recommendation is to take the bid we got for $400 apiece and get rid of them and get them off of our insurance roster.


New Logging Recorder (Stephen Campbell and Associates, Inc. - $15,595.00) (State bid)

Chief Edelman reported, we have a recording device that logs all of our phone and radio traffic.  It is incompatible with the internet-based phones that we now have throughout the Village.  What happens is if a call comes in, it is recorded, but once that call is transferred to another phone, we lose the recording. That’s because the device we have is an analog based device. What we are asking for is a dual purpose device that will record analog as well as IP based phones. That will record all of our phones in the Police Station.

Mayor Rinker asked, was this discussed in Finance?

Mr. Delguyd replied, yes.  I forgot to ask though, does that amount include parts, software and installation?

Chief Edelman replied, installation and everything.

Mayor Rinker asked, any other questions? There were none.


Hose replacement (Warren Fire - $5,590.00)

Acting Chief Carcioppolo reported, we need hose replacement to replace some outdated hose that is potentially dangerous. The outer jacket is dry-rotted.  I received pricing submitted from 4 different vendors.  It is to comply with NFPA standards.  The expected life expectancy is 10 years typically. The hose we have is approaching 20 years old.  It’s visibly deteriorated.  It’s not even worth attempting to test and have it fail possibly. 

Mr. Delguyd stated, this is 10 sections, 100 feet each. This is roughly a third of the rolling stock.  We have been doing this for the past three years. This is the last one.

Mayor Rinker asked, how old are the other sections?

Acting Chief Carcioppolo replied, each 100 foot section has a date corresponding to it.

Mayor Rinker asked, the last section?

Acting Chief Carcioppolo replied, last year we replaced 1000 feet. This year would be 1000. We are going to try to make up with what we have off the vehicles, using the best of that to make up the other difference for now. We may have to replace more next year.

Mayor Rinker asked, anything else?

Acting Chief Carcioppolo replied, no, that’s it.


Tree Lawn Tree Maintenance (Tree Service Now – not to exceed $10,000)

Mr. Metzung reported, this is for maintenance of our larger growth trees in the Aintree and Aintree North area, specifically the Aintree area, Derby Drive and Chase and those areas.  It is to prune and raze tree limbs. We are trying to do them incrementally every year with $10,000-15,000 in this program so that every year we are continuing to maintain our older trees throughout the Village.

Mayor Rinker asked, do you have a tree count?

Mr. Metzung replied, I don’t know if we have a complete count, but every tree is being surveyed, mapped and a condition report done.  In that note in the Aintree neighborhood, we are going to lose 2 trees. We are going to take them down because they are not safe and they are declining at such a quick rate.  Throughout the winter and into next Spring we hope to have all of our trees surveyed and a report given to Council to show where we are at in that regard with our trees.

Mayor Rinker asked, GPS?

Mr. Metzung, it’s a pretty slick set up. We will have Frank come in at a Caucus meeting and show how it works.

Demolition of house at 6120 Wilson Mills Road

Mr. Metzung reported, we are going out to bid for the demolition of the home at 6120 Wilson Mills. This is the house next to the Library.  It had a flood.  It is not in our long term plans as a rental. We will go ahead and take that down. The house next door will be coming vacant soon and we will be taking that one down at a later date.

Mayor Rinker stated, we advised our tenants who are on month to month some time ago. That’s moving pretty smoothly, I take it?

Mr. Metzung replied, yes.

Mayor Rinker asked, with regard to the next house which is Christopher Skoda’s house, for some years ago they were talking about doing a lot split.  It looks like they are doing some work on the property?

Mr. Marrelli replied, I don’t think he’s doing anything.  That’s his sign in front of his house.  He’s working on it.  I can’t see anything happening.


Mr. Esborn had no report.

Mayor Rinker asked, what happened this evening during the Planning and Zoning meeting?

Mr. Marquardt reported, we had a lot split and consolidation, final site plan for Governor’s Village.  It was approved.  The lot split and consolidation for Louis G. Wellman Estate had a number of issues. They seem to have been worked out to split the property into three parcels to correct a bunch of long-term issues and to accommodate their current plans. That was approved pending the Engineer’s final review of the lot split.  The conditional use permit for Playground World was not approved.


Sodium Hypochlorite and Muriatic Acid for Parkview Pool (O.P. Aquatics – not to exceed $3,000.00 – change order)

Mr. Wynne reported, at the start of the season, we always negotiate a joint contract with other municipalities. Bill tries to estimate our usage based upon prior years.  Our usage depends on the weather. This year it came in a little bit above what was approved by Council in the Spring. This is what we need to cover the excess that occurred during the year.

Fall-Winter 2013-14 Wildcat Sport & Fitness Rec Brochure (Digest Media - $5,763.38)

Mr. Wynne reported, everyone should have a copy of this brochure.  It’s the first combined one, Highland Heights, Mayfield Heights, Gates Mills and Mayfield Village as well as the Wildcat Sports and Fitness. The amount of $5,700 is for all four communities together and is being mailed to 21,000 residents. We will receive reimbursement from the other communities for their proportionate share of this bill.  Everything funnels through us because we have a relationship with the vendor.

Mayor Rinker stated, it’s worthwhile looking at this brochure. We have had this discussion but it has been a while since there’s been any direct talk. Gradually, between the School District communities, they have really come together to economize.  This started with the School District.  They were finding that underwriting programming was really problematic. That actually dates back to when the Field House itself was constructed. There was a bond for it.  It opened up in 1989.  I think over the years there have been a variety of ways to try to keep good programming and keep the cost down, but it has been a real challenge.  About a year and a half ago, the Directors of the different park programs and the School presented a plan to the Mayors which really is looking to use the facility and maximize its potential and also find a way to provide programming that is pretty cost-effective for residents.  Our two Rec Department personnel started this week working half days, Monday-Friday, pooling the resources of the communities through personnel to provide some of the staffing of the facility which as you know has been pretty nicely upgraded. All the way around, it’s a good thing with programming and facilities.


Mrs. Mills reported, the movie next week on September 11th will be Hyde Park on the Hudson.  Also, in the new brochure, on page 30, it lists all of the movies, lunches and trips which have been planned.


Legislation relating to dangerous nuisance and vicious dogs

Mr. Diemert reported, we are going to have legislation changing our vicious and dangerous dog ordinance.  In the past, like most all communities and the State, they designated pit bulls by breed.  That has been held unconstitutional.  As a result, we are going to conform our ordinance to the State’s ordinance which does not go by breed, it goes by performance and behavior and a progressive type of discipline for dogs that are out of control or vicious or dangerous without specifying breeds.  It has been awhile that we have been looking at this and redrafting it to get it in compliance with State law and then our personal preferences.  That will be on the agenda for Council.

Acquisition of ODOT property at 734 SOM Center Road

Mr. Diemert reported, Council may remember a year ago we had talked about the fact that ODOT was moving its property by Ken’s to Euclid. They offered to donate the property to us, 2.2 acres or so of land with some buildings on it including a salt dome.  It is zoned office-laboratory.  It is located at 734. The condition of their giving the property to us is that it be designated for governmental or public use. It has a fair market value we believe of around $145,000. The Mayor had it appraised. The documents are being prepared to be sent over to us. It will be useful property because of its location and proximity to our other properties and the ability for the Service Department to find immediate use for it.  At no cost it is really not taking a taxpaying entity off the marketplace because the State has not been paying tax anyways.  It’s a good opportunity for us. We will have that on the agenda once we get the documents in.

Mayor Rinker supplemented, as part of due diligence, environmental testing was performed. 

Mr. Diemert added, it is suitable for the purposes we would use it for.

Mayor Rinker asked, did Finance discuss this?

Mr. Delguyd replied, we discussed it and have no concerns.  They are going to use it right away. 

Mayor Rinker stated, it allows us to control the land which is nice.


Mayor Rinker asked, any other matters? There were none.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at approximately 8:32 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary E. Betsa, CMC

Clerk of Council