Caucus Minutes - August 5th 2013

Monday, August 5, 2013 at 8:00 p.m.
Village Civic Hall

The Council of Mayfield Village met in Caucus Session on Monday, August 5, 2013.  Council President Pro Tem Marrie called the meeting to order at approximately 8:00 p.m.

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ROLL CALL:             

Present: Mr. Marrie, Mrs. Cinco, Mr. Marquardt, Mrs. Mills, and Mr. Delguyd

Also Present: Mayor Rinker, Mr. Wynne, Mr. Diemert, Mr. Cappello, Chief Edelman, Mr. Metzung, Mr. Marrelli, Interim Chief Carciopollo, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Esborn, Mr. Dinardo, and Ms. Garbo

Absent: Mr. Buckholtz, Dr. Parker, Ms. Wolgamuth, and Mrs. Betsa


Sale of 2007 CROWN VICTORIA (White): Model 2FAFP71W07X147468 – Mileage:  100,954

Council President Pro Tem Marrie stated, this was put out for bid.  Mr. Wynne reported, we had five companies bid on it, the high price being $2,275.00 from Willowick Auto. We compared this with the Kelley Blue Book value to make sure it was in line.  It is. 

Council President Pro Tem Marrie asked, any questions or discussion? There were none.


Mayor Rinker stated, although we had some rain late in the evening, we had a very nice night Friday night for our Appreciation Dinner for our volunteers.


In Diane’s absence, Mr. Wynne reported, that we received over 290 responses on the Community Room survey.  When she returns, she will be focusing on tabulating the results and will share it will everyone so we can decide our next step.


Mr. Wynne reported, on Monday, July 22nd, Mr. Dinardo and I went downtown to the County Administration Building for a meeting regarding our TIFs.  The meeting went fine. All of our TIFs were renewed and approved for another year.

On Tuesday, August 13th, we will hold our first Health and Wellness Fair. We have sent out e-mails and posters and have put information in paychecks. This is part of our program with the Cuyahoga County Regionalization Medical Plan.  It will be held in this room from 7:00-12:00. There will be wellness screenings available for those who want them.  If you want one, you are encouraged to make an appointment with Debbie Thomas ahead of time to schedule it.  There will be 10-12 different vendors promoting different types of health living items, whether it’s food related or exercise.   

Council President Pro Tem Marrie asked, is that just for employees?  Mr. Wynne replied, yes.

Council President Pro Tem Marrie asked, anything else to report?  Mr. Wynne replied, no. 

Council President Pro Tem Marrie asked, any questions or comments? 

Mr. Delguyd asked, residents can come if they want to?  Mr. Wynne replied, no.  Mr. Delguyd asked, is there a reason it is just for employees?  Mr. Wynne replied, it’s a part of our insurance plan and keeping our rates lower by holding health and wellness programs for the employees. 

Council President Pro Tem Marrie asked, any other questions?  There were none.


Smoke Alarm Program

Interim Chief Carcioppolo wanted to make sure Council is okay with us putting out flyers to the residents to offer the buy 2, subsidize 1 smoke alarm program again. 

Council President Pro Tem Marrie asked, any questions or comments?  It was brought up at Finance and seemed to be very well approved by them as we have done in the past. 

Interim Chief Carcioppolo thanked Council.


Steering piston replacement on large front-end loader (Southeast Equipment – not  to exceed $6,000.00) (Straw Vote Approved 7-31-13)

Mr. Metzung reported, the steering piston needs to be replaced. Council was asked for a straw vote. We have received approval and have ordered the parts to make the repair. This is the most used piece of equipment we own.

Contract for Sodium Chloride for 2013-2014 Winter Season (Morton Salt - $29.40 ton)

Mr. Metzung reported, we have been using Cargill for the last seven or so years.  Morton came in at $29.40 which is down from last year which was $34.40.

Crack Sealing Materials for Various Village Streets  (DJL Materials – not to exceed $10,000.00)

Mr. Metzung reported, this is a program in which we purchase the material through the vendor and the vendor supplies us with the equipment. We use Village employees to go out and crack seal streets that we have maintained throughout the years.  We have been doing this for many years now.  It is very successful.

New fuel dispensing controller (Petroleum Maintenance    Electronics - $8,566.00)

Mr. Metzung reported, this is for Police and Service vehicles and the School Board. We have an old system that when we first took fuel tanks out from under the ground, we put this system in.  It’s a card system that uses cash register tape to record the transactions.  That continues to mess up. We are looking to getting modernized. This new system will wirelessly send it to a computer at the Service Department so that we can keep track of it and be a little more modern with things we are doing.

Results of Bid Opening – Cuy-Greenway Trail, State Project No. 89721

Mr. Metzung reported, we opened the bids. They were over the Engineer’s estimate. We have contacted NOACA. We are verifying the numbers and sending everything to ODOT for their approval.  We will have the final numbers for you before the next Council meeting.

Council President Pro Tem Marrie asked, any questions or comments?

With regard to street striping, Mr. Metzung stated, he has not started yet.  I will call him. 

Mr. Delguyd added, we discussed the overruns on the trail at Finance. They were over because of asphalt and the actual boardwalk. 

With regard to the salt, Council President Pro Tem Marrie asked, is that negotiated by the State?  Mr. Metzung replied, yes, we are part of the State Cooperative Purchasing Program.

Council President Pro Tem Marrie asked, any questions or comments? There were none.


Money owed for Teen Adventure Camp (City of Mayfield Heights - $21,145.00) (Pass Through)

Mr. Thomas reported, this is our joint co-op camp program that we do with Mayfield Heights.  It’s a very popular program. This is a pass through.

Council President Pro Tem Marrie asked, any questions or comments?  There were none.


Mr. Cappello reported, the 2013 Road Program is complete.  There are some punchlist items that need to be addressed, but 99.5% of the project is complete.

Reporting on the Highland Road Sidewalk Project, Mr. Cappello stated, the sidewalk is installed and final grading being done. The site restoration is done.  The signal modification still needs to be done and the crosswalk needs to be installed and painted across from SOM Center Road. 

Mayor Rinker asked, e.t.a. for the signal?  Mr. Cappello replied, the contractor actually called me today.  He is contacting his sub and will get back to me.  He has the option of potentially giving it to another contractor.  I will keep Council posted.

Council President Pro Tem Marrie stated, I had a couple people come up to me on Friday who are extremely pleased with the sidewalk. They knew the system for the intersection was going to be done later, but they were very pleased with the sidewalk.

Council President Pro Tem Marrie asked, any other questions or comments?  There were none.


Council President Pro Tem Marrie asked, any other matters? There were none.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at approximately 8:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Taken by: Debbie Garbo

Transcribed by:  Mary E. Betsa, Clerk of Council