Caucus Minutes - April 1st 2013

Monday, April 1, 2013 at 8:00 p.m.
Village Civic Hall

The Council of Mayfield Village met in Caucus Session on Monday, April 1, 2013.  Council President Buckholtz called the meeting to order at approximately 8:00 p.m.

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Present:  Mr. Buckholtz, Mrs. Cinco, Mr. Marquardt, Mrs. Mills, Mr. Marrie and Mr. Delguyd

Also Present: Mayor Rinker, Ms. Calta, Mr. Cappello, Chief Edelman, Mr. Metzung, Mr. Marrelli, Acting Chief Shrefler, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Esborn, Mr. Dinardo, Ms. Wolgamuth, and Mrs. Betsa

Absent: Dr. Parker and Mr. Wynne


Mr. Regan thanked Council for the opportunity to present.  The Committee is having fun. We have good leadership here. It’s been a lot of fun to have Diane, Jim and Bill. We have very good professional direction with the three of them. Anything you see tonight, anything you really hear comes from Diane who is really guiding us through this.

I think everyone has seen The Grove. We are located next to Parkview Pool and Progressive.  We think it is going to be a unique situation. There are 7 of us on the Committee.  We were volunteered.  We come from different experiences. We have some music people. We have some arts people. Bill and I share a very similar experience with Cain Park at Cleveland Heights.  I don’t think The Grove is going to be a Cain Park or Blossom, but I think it is a very interesting opportunity for the Village.  As you will hear and see, we are going to do some things.  We have used our experiences to get some initial things on paper. We are volunteers who talk things out and put things on paper. We hope that you in particular like what we have done. We are going to go to the community shortly. We hope to get some feedback in meetings like this and start to get some quasi-marketing or attention in the local media as to what this thing can be. 

We have had some Ad Hoc activities. We have had sledding during the winter.  I am not sure if it came from our initial meeting or if the Village had already prepared to do this, but there wasn’t preparations made for potential sledding which did take place during the winter.  It led us to think about year-round activities and what our discussions have been as to what may happen year round.  As you will see, we will be limited to a certain time of the year this first year, but we are thinking this is a facility that could be used year-round.  Jim has worked to put together a plan.  I am going to ask him to come up and share some of that. As you will also see, we have done a little investigating. We have had some help from other people about different areas around the State and around the nation that have given us some ideas.

Mr. McKnight pointed out the different aspects of the plan and proposals.  Generally, the site is low in the center.  This is the area designated for a stage ultimately.  Here is a canopy where there is shade and protection from rainfall.  Here are step terraces and a path that goes across and ultimately one that goes up to the very top.  It’s about 26-27 feet above the stage elevation.

Some of the trees pictured have already been planted by the Service Department this past Fall. We have the accessway here for Service vehicles.  That’s already a gravel path that exists on the site.  A backdrop with evergreens will be planted this Spring. There’s an entry path that comes in with an entry feature here which is somewhat of a plaza space.  There’s a connection to the drop-offs so you could be dropped off here if you were in a wheelchair or used a walker or stroller.  You could then make your way on to the site without steps to impede your travel.  There’s a connection path that comes right on to the bike path. 

We are looking at a number of elements, the stage, the kind of lighting needed for events, whether or not a sound system is necessary. These are all the items we are discussing.  We are looking at terraces being ingraded into the slope of the site for seating.  Pathways and trees will be planted on an ongoing basis. We talked this winter and spring about year-round activities. Garry mentioned sledding and also identified a potential location for where a potential ice rink could occur.  Those are some of the primary features of the preliminary Master Plan.

Mr. Regan stated, the ice rink is a discussion topic.  I know that everything costs and has implications. We wanted to throw out what could be done. We will see as this progresses. 

Mr. Marrie asked, up at the top, are those permanent seatings?

Mr. McKnight replied, yes.  Ultimately that’s the kind of suggested seating. That is a canopy area. We will have a couple images of what that could look like.

Mr. Regan stated, I don’t think it’s clear here, but Jim has provided basically a sledding pathway that would be marked off in the winter months so that they aren’t going to be sledding down concrete steps.

We took a look at what different communities are using, facilities like this.  One of the things that is important to keep in mind is when we first started our conversations, our first meetings, people came in with the idea that we were going to have an amphitheatre and it was going to be concert music.  Actually, at our last meeting, there were conversations about moving the summer concerts from the gazebo. There’s a large segment that believes that is where that belongs.  That is a good point.  We are thinking of using this space for a lot more than just music concerts.  Not that there’s anything wrong with music concerts, but this has the opportunity to be a lot more.

Mr. McKnight showed some images of the pergola that would provide shade or rain cover. The terraces I mentioned are on the slope of the hill. We would design it in such a way that they would actually be able to be mowed between.  At the top are actual canopy elements which would be over the stage potentially and/or over the area where you enter the site near the pool drop off.

Mr. Regan stated, there was a very good comment that we should leave the terraces available and large enough so that those people who wanted to throw a blanket and sit on a terrace versus sitting at the edge on the seat still would have that flexibility.  Again, I keep coming back with these are only what could be.

Mr. McKnight stated, we have talked a little bit about Phase I and the immediate infrastructure needed to make the site more functional than it is right now.  If you have walked out there by the stage, it’s a little soft and mushy. We have an existing drain over here. We are suggesting there be some draintiles installed, a couple yard drains and that it be piped into the existing structure that’s here.  We recognize that we do need a harder surface for a stage.  We need an accessible path for a wheelchair or stroller to come on to the site from the pool drop off area. That would be a paved asphalt path similar to the bike path.   There will be additional concrete pavement which would be ADA with a curb ramp to connect over to the pavement.  Ron has done some research for us on electrical power, bringing power off of an overhead pole on SOM and bringing it underground to a transformer here.

Mr. McKnight continued, here are some other activities we talked about.  Sledding is occurring at this area.  Here are some of the estimates for the infrastructure, creating a drainage, storm sewers and drain tile and asphalt pavers.  We are working with First Energy to bring the transformer and have it put in place.  It is quite expensive. 

Mr. Regan stated, this will be made at the appropriate time.  We are looking at the first two items for Spring/Summer of 2013.  You will see we have tentative plans for programming. We think we can work around the lack of electricity in 2013. 

We see a lot of different things going on here. You will hear more about this in the future. We have already met with the Library. They are pretty excited about it. We have already shared some ideas about what could be Library events that might take place at The Grove. We have also made contact with the Metroparks.  We will be looking for a lot more from different community and regional groups that might have an interest in this facility.  Again, it’s a place for participation.  It’s a place to hold or join an activity.  It’s a place where the community can get together.

There are a lot of ideas.  A Farmer’s Market.  The Cain Park Arts Festival.  I can see that type of event happening here particularly with our access now with the Library.  I think it’s going to be a real possibility. 

We are going to be inviting people to participate in a lot of different ways. As we all know, we don’t have funding for The Grove. We don’t have a budget.  That’s one of the reasons we are here today, to lay the groundwork.  But there are a lot of opportunities we think that will be out there for the community to participate in growing the The Grove with the tree plantings and for commercial businesses to join in with us in some sponsorship. Again, Bill and I come from a background where public recreation is as much as important as public safety.

We have already picked the date of June 22nd when we are going to introduce The Grove to the community. Again, we hope that before that we will get some opportunities for some exposure to talk about it to different groups.  We are going to set up a tent near Parkview Pool.  If it’s a rain date, we have already been invited in to the Library. We are going to try and lay out some of the improvements in some of the areas you have seen on the slides, either with ribbon or a sign so people can see where the sledding hill is, where the potential pergola is, where the stage will be going and we will invite people to give suggestions as to what type of programming they would like to see and those types of things.  As I mentioned, we were delighted when Bill Rubin from the Library came to our last meeting.  I think he was pretty excited about what he saw and heard. There was quite a bit of dialogue going. We are hoping to get this started with the Metroparks and with others as well.

We have identified a few programs, Cleveland Yoga, a pretty large yoga provider school in the area has traditionally done a year-end thank you program at Patterson Fruit Farm and Orchard Hills Golf Course.  That’s not available to them this year.  I have had conversations with them.  Diane and I are going to meet with them next week about having Yoga at The Grove, a one-day event. In the past, it has been 200-300 people.  I think with the Library promoting Health and Fitness and Wellness Week several weeks before and what we are able to do with it at the Village, we might be able to get 300-400 people to do yoga at The Grove.

Dancing under the Stars, again, I go back to Bill and my background.  That was perhaps the biggest event at Cain Park that we did on an annual basis. We are talking about a big band sound.  We are not talking rock and roll. We are talking about swing dancing under the stars. We will try to pick the right night where we can invite people out to throw blankets out on the hill and get ready for the big band sound and the stars to come out and then twirl the night away.

Everyone in this room knows that we are in the process of celebrating the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War. Cleveland has the oldest and largest Civil War roundtable. They are very excited about doing Lincoln at The Grove. Again, the idea here is that The Grove can be more than music and dance.  It has an educational piece to it that we can bring different groups to. The Library is on board with this.  I don’t know what the whole program is going to be, but we are going to work towards bringing that to reality.

Lastly, if we can pull together a modern dance company, this would be a performance type thing. We are blessed here in this area to have some very talented dance companies.  I am trying to twist the arm of one of them to come and perform here. They are all artists. I don’t know if our make-shift stage will accommodate them, but we are going to try.  We have a good group of people, young, old and have a good time together.  Thank you everyone, Bill, Diane and Jim.

Council President Buckholtz asked if there were any questions.  With regard to the Lincoln Civil War event, it sounds very interesting.

Mr. Regan replied, we are lucky in this community. We have several Lincoln scholars who live in this area, one in particular who does Lincoln all around the country.   I am a member of the Cleveland Civil War roundtable.  I am trying to twist a few arms. 

At our very first meeting, we discussed our limitations; that we know there is grass growing there, we know that there’s plantings going on, we know that there has to be some infrastructure improvements that need to be made that won’t be done until the end of summer and early fall.  If we only have two events, that’s good enough.  All we want to do is open the place up.

Council President Buckholtz asked, any further questions? There were none.   Council President Buckholtz thanked Mr. Regan and all of the participants for the presentation.


Span Dues – 2013 ($14,000.00)

Chief Edelman reported, this is the annual dues.


Canon C2225 Digital Color Copier (Lake Business Products - $5,310.00)

Acting Chief Shrefler reported, we are purchasing a new copier. We are having problems with ours.  What we have is over 10 years old and it’s time to replace it.

Council President Buckholtz asked, does it have any value? Acting Chief Shrefler asked Jeff Thomas who was present at the meeting.  Mr. Thomas replied, not really. The company built in the removal of it and stripping it for parts.

Council President Buckholtz asked, do we use the same company for all departments? Mr. Thomas replied, Lake Business, yes.  This would be a network copier.


Resolution in support of the participation in the ODOT purchase of sodium chloride for the 2013-2014 season

Mr. Metzung reported, this year we managed to get all our salt in to our bins. We don’t have to go through the troubles we went through last year with storing. Already, ODOT is looking for our new numbers and a resolution for next year.

Sidewalk program in Aintree North

Mr. Metzung reported, this will follow what we did last year at Aintree, that being, a reimbursement to the homeowner’s association for sidewalk repairs to blocks damaged due to trees.  We reimburse $125 a block. They have found a contractor to do the work for that amount so in essence, the residents will not pay out of pocket.  We will deal with the homeowner’s association.  The homeowner’s association deals with the homeowners. The Village sends out the letters and coordinates those efforts so the homeowner’s association does not have to pay for all the mailings.  Otherwise it is to keep the Village one step off of the sidewalks so they don’t become ours in essence.

New 1 ton cab and chassis from Valley Ford

Mr. Metzung reported, this is the cab and chassis portion. We are looking at $30,000.  Another $15,000 will be expended for the dump bed and hydraulics to go with it. That’s a separate item.  It typically takes at least 6 months to get all of these put together.

Council President Buckholtz asked, any discussion or questions on any of these items? There were none.


Mr. Thomas reported, the Fire, Police and Recreation Departments will be meeting with our new fireworks company, American Fireworks, on Friday to get the ball rolling on all of our safety issues. 

I wanted to also commend and thank Doug Metzung for hiring Scott Sipos.  Since he has taken over in that position, he has been very diligent and systematic in his approach in completing projects in a very timely fashion. Scott has also made safety recommendations both on the playground equipment and Parkview Pool facilities.  I wanted to thank Scott and Doug for that.


Phase II Stormwater Management Program with the Cuyahoga County District Board of Health

Mr. Cappello reported, this is our annual Memorandum of Understanding with the Board of Health. They do our Phase II testing.  It’s a renewal.

Mayor Rinker added, this keeps us compliant.


Council President Buckholtz asked if there were any other matters.

Mrs. Cinco wanted to bring up two items discussed in Safety and Service.  The items are in the discussion stages, the Community Room and the siren that no longer works.  It was the committee’s decision that Code Red works best.  At this point, the siren stopped working at the same time and Code Red took over that job. We are going to no longer investigate the siren warning system.  Does anyone have any questions on that?

Council President Buckholtz asked, this was discussed at Safety and Service?   Mrs. Cinco replied, yes.

Council President Buckholtz asked, so their recommendation was that Code Red effectively replaces the warning system?   Mrs. Cinco replied, yes.  It is more effective.  Our safety officers have also found that.

Council President Buckholtz stated, I have had several calls on this. Mrs. Cinco stated, this is a way to make people understand what is going on because of the cost and the re-location.  There’s different sirens for different events.  It would take a lot more than just moving and getting it set up electrically.

Acting Chief Shrefler, as it stands, it is by the Community Room.  If the Community Room goes away, it would be considered an eyesore.  If it was relocated to be totally functional we would have to tie it back in to electricity.

Council President Buckholtz asked, the siren itself is still located outside the Community Room? Acting Chief Shrefler replied, yes.

Council President Buckholtz asked, it’s just the electrical feed and connection? Acting Chief Shrefler replied, yes.  If the Community Room goes away, it would be complex.  It is going to take education for the citizens to understand.  We probably should have the siren removed if we are not going to use it. Keeping it there may make people think it is still functional. 

Mrs. Cinco stated, some cities have them and some don’t. Acting Chief Shrefler replied, right, some do some don’t. Solon did their whole town with sirens.

Concerning the Community Room, Mrs. Cinco stated there was a lot of discussion. Diane is going to look into researching the size of the room now, the replacement costs, what the needs are of the people who use the Community Room and the costs.  That’s all still up for discussion.

Council President Buckholtz asked if there were any further matters. There were none.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at approximately 8:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary E. Betsa, Clerk of Council