The Grove - May 29th 2013

Mayfield Village
“The Grove” Committee
May 29, 2013 Meeting Minutes

The Grove Committee met on Wednesday, May 29, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. in the Main Conference Room of the Civic Center.

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Garry Regan, Pat Andrzejczyk, Steve Jerome, Dave Hoehnen, and Blythe DiCicco


Rick Hall and Ron DiNardo

Also in Attendance:

Diane Wolgamuth, Director of Administration
Bill Thomas, Recreation Director
James McKnight, McKnight Associates, Ltd. (Landscape Architect)
Patsy Mills, Council Member

Approval of Minutes

The Committee members approved the Minutes of April 22, 2013, as written.

Bid Results / Infrastructure Update

Mr. McKnight reported that six bids had been received for the Phase I infrastructure work.  The low bid was $57,360 and the high bid was $71,302.  In Mr. McKnight’s opinion, the low bid from F. Buddie Contracting was the best bid.  He has worked with this company on several projects and they do quality work.

Mr. Regan asked what the process is going forward.  He knows that Council approved $50,000 in the 2013 budget.  Mr. McKnight explained that additional walkways near the pool were added to the original estimate and material was changed from asphalt to concrete at the suggestion of the Service Director and Engineer.  If Council accepts the bid, items can be removed later or Council can request that the work be re-bid.  Mr. Regan asked about timing and Mr. McKnight advised that the contractor is able to start immediately if Council approves the bid on June 3.  He expects the work to take four weeks to complete.

Ms. Wolgamuth explained that this item is on Council’s Caucus agenda only and, unless it is moved to the Special Meeting agenda that night, will not be voted on until the Regular Meeting on June 17.  Mr. Regan stated that if Council is going to undertake this work, he would advise that as much time as possible be given to grow grass so that the events planned for later this year can go forward.  Mr. Hoehnen asked if Council is able to accept the bid if it is over the budgeted amount.  Ms. Wolgamuth advised that Council can accept the bid, but the budget would have to be amended before the end of the year. 

Mr. Regan stated that he made his presentation to Council earlier this year, the brochure was mailed out and information has been in the VOV and he has heard nothing negative in response.  He asked Council member Patsy Mills if she had any thoughts about going forward.  Mrs. Mills stated that she thought Mr. McKnight should come to the Council meeting, explain the need to move quickly so grass can grow, and make the recommendation.  Mr. Jerome commented that he believed that this Committee has been reasonable about what it is trying to do.  Mr. Regan stated that we are never going to be able to test The Grove unless some money is spent.  Mr. Regan added that none of the planned programs are set in stone and can be cancelled with a couple of phone calls, but we need to know if we are going forward.  Mrs. Mills suggested that Council President Buckholtz be asked if this item could be added to the Special Meeting agenda. 

Mr. Jerome asked if we could go forward with the planned programs without doing any work and Mr. Regan stated that he believes it would be very difficult.  “If Council says no, wait until 2014, then we wait.”

Open House

The Committee discussed the need for signs to announce the Open House and encourage residents to attend.  The Committee updated plans for the Open House and agreed to schedule another meeting just before the Open House date.  (Attached is the updated assignment sheet).

2013 Programming

Mr. Regan reported that:

  • He met with a dance group that may put on an additional program the day after “Dancing with the Stars”, in order to utilize the dance floor that would already be on site.
  • He heard from a gentleman with the Cleveland Shakespeare Festival who is very interested in performing at The Grove in 2014.
  • He and Ms. Wolgamuth are meeting with the Metroparks on June 5.
  • He is meeting with President and Mrs. Garfield this Saturday in conjunction with “Lincoln at The Grove”.
  • Dan Zeiser from the Cleveland Civil War Roundtable announced The Grove at a recent meeting.  “It was great PR.”
  • The Lincoln event will include a musical group and participation by the Soldiers & Sailers Monument Commission.


Mr. Thomas provided the following names for possible bands for “Dancing Under the Stars” and stated that, once we know we are moving forward, he will call to determine which bands are available on August 24.  Mr. Thomas estimated the band cost to be $600 to $900 for the evening.

            Dan Zola Orchestra

            Prime Time Big Band

            Swingtime Big Band

            The Swing Era Band

            Tony Fortunato Band

Mr. Regan emphasized the need for good “dance” music.  Mr. Thomas advised that several of these bands can be heard at the gazebo at the following Thursday Night concerts:

  • July 11..... Swingtime Big Band
  • July 25......Dan Zola Orchestra
  • August 22... Prime Time Big Band


The next meeting of The Grove Committee was scheduled for Wednesday, June 19 at 7:00 p.m.  [Subsequently, the meeting time was changed to 8:00 p.m.] 

The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Diane Wolgamuth,
Director of Administration