The Grove - January 23 2013

Mayfield Village
“The Grove” Committee
January 23rd, 2013 Meeting Minutes

The Grove Committee met on January 23rd, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. in the Main Conference Room of the Civic Center.

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Garry Regan
Rick Hall
Ron Dinardo
Steve Jerome
Blythe Woodie
Dave Hoehnen

Also in Attendance:

Diane Wolgamuth, Director of Administration
Bill Thomas, Recreation Director
James McKnight, McKnight Associates, Ltd. (Landscape Architect)
Scott Sipos, Service Dept. Lands & Buildings Foreman


Pat Andrzejczyk


Mr. Regan asked if the members had reviewed the Minutes of November 12, 2012.  The members responded that they had received the Minutes and approved them as written.


1. Electrical Power

Mr. Dinardo reported that he contacted First Energy and requested pricing to run electric service to the site.  First energy provided two “good faith” estimates:

  • The cost to install a transformer on a pole with the Village being responsible to bring secondaries to the pole location is $25,000.
  • The cost to install a pad-mounted transformer located near the proposed electrical panel is $31,000.


In each scenario, the quotes do not include electrician expenses for trenching, conduit piping, secondary wires, cost of the electrical panel, etc.  These additional costs are $13,000 - $25,000, depending on the First Energy option chosen. 

Mr. Dinardo described that if the pad-mount option is chosen, the access driveway that already exists on the property must be extended with gravel.  Mr. Sipos advised that this area has a heavy base due to the work already done at the site.  Mr. Dinardo stated that the Committee should expect the overall cost to be approximately $50,000.

Mr. Hoehnen asked which option was better aesthetically.  Mr. Dinardo responded that both options run underground; it is just a matter of where the panel is placed.  Mr. McKnight suggested that the pad mount provides more flexibility and can be hidden with landscaping.  He believes that the pad location being suggested is the best location on the site.

Mr. Hoehnen asked if the electrical work needed to be done immediately.  The Committee agreed that electricity did not need to be installed immediately.  Mr. Regan stated that this was an exercise to see what the cost would be.  Until power is available, generators could be used.

Mr. Dinardo suggested making improvements to the site in steps.  Mr. Jerome suggested that it might make sense to get the conduit in the ground before too much planting is done, even if the power is not run immediately.

Mr. Regan stated that we still need to sell the idea of the amphitheatre to the community and demonstrate that it can work.  Mr. Dinardo agreed to pull the numbers together and prepare a more formal cost estimate for future use.

2. Drainage

Mr. McKnight distributed a Phase I Site Development drawing (attached) and reviewed with the Committee his suggestions for resolving the drainage issues in the bowl of the amphitheatre, including installation of catch basins and drain tile.  Mr. Jerome suggested that electrical conduit could be run while the drainage work was being done.  Mr. McKnight agreed and said that he would speak with the Service Director about the ability of the Service Department to do the drainage work.  He estimated the cost at roughly $10,000.

3. Stage Area

Mr. McKnight stated that on the Phase I drawing, he added approximately 250 ft. of asphalt path from the parking lot to the stage area to make the area ADA accessible.  He also made connections to the restrooms at the pool.  He suggests that the stage area be covered with pervious pavers, large enough to hold two 12‘ x 32’ stage risers.  Mr. Regan asked how many people can dance on a floor that size.  Mr. McKnight said approximately 50.  After further discussion, the Committee members agreed that providing access and improving drainage were the most important items to be addressed in the short term.  Mr. McKnight projected the cost of installing pavers at approximately $15,000.

Mr. McKnight distributed a Winter Activity Overlay (attached) in which he depicted the locations of the best sledding runs.  He advised that he will adjust the landscaping plan to keep these runs clear.  The Overlay also shows the potential for an ice rink in the bowl area.

4. Trees

Mr. McKnight distributed a sheet entitled “Tree Planting Gift Opportunities” (attached) in which he provides cost for planting various types of trees at The Grove.  He advised that that there are approximately 50 of each type of tree on the plan.  Service Director Doug Metzung has indicated that he plans to plant the backdrop of Cedars in the spring, but there are many opportunities for planting, fundraising and recognition.  The prices provided include planting by the Service Dept.  Mr. McKnight suggested that a central place to recognize people who purchased trees be created near the entrance, rather than marking each tree.

The Committee reiterated that the most basic infrastructure improvements needed in order to begin using the site were drainage and a path for ADA access and discussed how best to present requests for funding to Mayor Rinker and Council.


Mr. Regan provided the Committee with an initial list of suggested programming for The Grove, that he believes could be accomplished without much infrastructure:

  • Move Gazebo concerts to this location
  • Dancing Under the Stars
  • Local dance performances
  • Lecture series
  • Health fair
  • Yoga
  • Debate or presentation through Civil War Roundtable
  • Lunch at The Grove with food trucks and music
  • Farmers market
  • Book review (in collaboration with the Library)
  • Kick off with arts festival or art walk and sell spaces to vendors


Mr. Thomas stated that his staff suggested family entertainment with jugglers, food, etc.  The Committee members discussed whether alcohol should be permitted at this facility and, if so, how that might be accomplished.

Mr. Hoehnen stated that he also prepared a list of programming ideas that assumed no sound enhancement; some are repetitive of Mr. Regan’s list:

  • Potluck/picnic
  • Silent entertainment, i.e. mimes, jugglers
  • Big band concert
  • Community sing-along
  • Tai chi or yoga
  • Spring dance
  • Live exhibits (in collaboration with the Metroparks)
  • Art exhibits with Mayfield Village artists
  • Ice cream social
  • Farmers market


Mr. Thomas suggested incorporating The Grove into some of the events being held at Parkview Pool.  Mr. Hall suggested that astronomy clubs might be able to use the site and a movie night would need only limited electricity.  Ms. Woodie suggested using The Grove as a staging area for runs or other events already scheduled.

Mr. Regan stated that he believes the Committee needs to pick a couple of test events for late summer/early fall and make plans to promote it.  The Committee discussed scheduling an open house for the community, tentatively on Saturday, June 22.

Mr. Hoehnen stated that he believes we need to solicit feedback from the community through the brochure that the Committee is developing.  Mr. Regan added that the local Sun Messenger reporter has expressed interest in doing an article on The Grove and suggested the reporter be invited to a future meeting.  Requesting feedback from the community could be included in her article.  

Ms. Wolgamuth agreed to contact the Library and the Metroparks to see what interest they might have in scheduling future programming at The Grove.


The Committee reviewed the draft brochure prepared by Mr. Hall and suggested changes and additions.  Mr. Hall agreed to work on revisions before the next meeting, which will be scheduled in February.  The Committee asked Ms. Wolgamuth to look into setting up an email address for the Committee to use to solicit feedback:

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted,
Diane Wolgamuth, Director of Administration