Finance Caucus - January 16th 2013

Wednesday, January 16, 2013 – 4:00 p. m.
Main Conference Room – Mayfield Village Civic Center

The Finance Committee meeting was held on Wednesday, January 16, 2013 in the Main Conference Room at the Mayfield Village Civic Center.  Mrs. Mills called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m.

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Present: Mr. Marrie and Mrs. Mills

Also Present: Mr. Wynne, Acting Chief Girbino, Chief Edelman, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Esborn, Ms. Garinger, Ms. Wolgamuth and Mrs. Betsa

1. Annual subscription and fiber maintenance fee (OneCommunity - $15,000)

Mr. Esborn reported, this is an annual payment.  We have paid this amount for the last 7 or 8 years.  This is how we get our internet and phones through the internet.  We are also able to provide companies on Beta with it.

Mrs. Mills asked, on the questions you got from the floor of Caucus the other night, are you going to be able to answer them?  One question was about whether there is any discount to us? Mr. Esborn replied, right, for being a founding.  Mr. Esborn will check in to this.  The question is, do we get a discount on being a charter member?  Mr. Marrie asked, do we get it cheaper than anybody else because we were in the beginning?  Mr. Esborn stated, we were an early subscriber, but I have never heard OneCommunity refer to its charter members.  I will ask someone there.

2. Retention of Village Engineer for 2013

Mr. Wynne reported, Mr. Cappello submitted his request to nominally change his hourly rates for 2013.  Mr. Marrie asked, it was very small, like 1 or 2%?  Mr. Wynne replied, yes. And we had held those rates firm for 2009-2011.  He got a small increase in 2012 and is requesting a small increase for 2013. The Mayor has looked at the request and approves.  It is competitive of what municipalities are paying.

3. Prosecutor legal fees for balance of 2012

Mr. Wynne reported, this is for 2012.  The legislation that Council approved in 2012 is the same for 2010 and 2011.  We capped his fees at $50,000 total which includes a little over $26,000 in a retainer and $23,000 and some change for additional fees for handling cases at the Court.  I received his December bill today. The cap is supposed to be $23,871.56.  They exceeded that amount by $5,600.92. The issue is, do we want to change the legislation to approve the additional amount or hold him to the amount we put in place back in the beginning of the year?

Mr. Marrie asked, how many thousand was it over?  Mr. Wynne replied, $5,600.92.

Mr. Marrie asked, you had cut him back in 2012 from prior years? Mr. Wynne replied, we cut him back significantly in 2010.  We were being incorrectly assessed.

Mrs. Mills asked about the Flagg case. Mr. Wynne replied, that was the property in disrepair that needed to be fixed up. It’s separate from the normal go to the Municipal Court once a week to handle some of the cases.  The house is blighted.  In order to get it fixed up, we had to take it to Court.

Mr. Marrie asked, are you good with this? Mr. Wynne replied, I have mixed feelings on it.

Mr. Marrie stated, based on what you said, you should come up with some figure for 2013 and put a cap on it. Say that’s it. Mr. Wynne replied, yes.  If Council lets me, we can settle the 2012 number as opposed to the whole thing.  He agreed to these terms at the beginning of the year.  He should try to abide by it.

Mr. Marrie stated, okay, what do you think is a fair figure? What would you like to settle on? Mr. Wynne replied, I would give him maybe 2/3rds. Mr. Marrie replied, pass it as 2/3rds.  Mr. Wynne added, it’s not as much the dollar figure. Mr. Marrie replied, it’s the principle.  I agree with you.   So, settle for 2/3rds.

Mr. Marrie asked, Mrs. Mills, do you agree?  Mrs. Mills replied, yes.

4. 2013 Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan

Mr. Wynne reported, there will be two motions at the Council meeting.  One would be to amend the plan to provide for the funding for the cards for individuals on the $250/500 plan and also to put in there a clause that says anybody who retires during the year, they would get a pro-rated amount of the funding.  The second motion will be to provide the funding for 2013 so that we can wire the money out the day after the Council meeting to fund the cards for everyone. 

Mr. Marrie asked, any questions?  There were none.

5. Prisoner housing for 2013 (City of Bedford Heights Jail - $15,000)

Chief Edelman reported, this is a slight increase from last year.  We found that in the past two years we have exceeded the $10,000 requested at the beginning of the year. Just so I don’t have to come back to Council in December again, we increased the amount.  Mrs. Mills stated, hopefully you won’t have to use it. 

Mr. Marrie asked, are you all right with this Patsy?  Mrs. Mills replied, yes.

6. Cleaning of police station for 2013 (Carlson Cleaning Service - $7,884.00)

7. Monthly CRIS/LEADS/NCIC usage for 2013 (CRIS - $15,000)

8. Code Red Emergency Notifications (Emergency Communication Network dba Code Red - $6,350)

Chief Edelman reported, these three items are annual contracts.  It’s the same amount we have paid in the past. 

Mrs. Mills asked, are you satisfied with the cleaning services?  Chief Edelman replied, yes.

Mr. Marrie asked, have you gotten any calls on Code Red since the letter went out? Chief Edelman replied, no.  I am hoping that at Mr. Thomas’ meeting in the summertime, we will get more people registering. Mrs. Mills referred to the letter recently sent by the Mayor.  It’s also been in the VOV.  Mrs. Wolgamuth replied, it’s been in every issue since we signed up. Mr. Marrie feels so strongly about Code Red.  It is so good.  I don’t mind pounding it on people, for two reasons, one because it is a tremendous service and two, it helps people out.  Ms. Wolgamuth stated, both of you mentioned it in the recent issue of the VOV.  So did the Mayor.

Mrs. Mills reported, we will also be talking about it on Tuesday at our Commission on Aging meeting. We want to have all Department Heads come in and explain what kind of services they provide for the Community.

9. Annual MARCS fee – 2013 (Treasurer of State – $7,280.00)

Chief Edelman stated, these are annual fees.  Mr. Marrie asked, is this the same as last year? Ms. Garinger replied, yes. We are looking at the same amount.

10. 2013 Memberships for Residents (Progressive Fitness Center – not to exceed $22,000 - pass through)

Mr. Thomas reported, this is a pass through.   I don’t think we are going to go over this amount.


Mr. Marrie asked, any other matters?   There were none. 

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:13 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary E. Betsa, Clerk of Council