Finance Caucus - February 4th 2013

Monday, February 4, 2013 – 7:30 p. m.
Main Conference Room – Mayfield Village Civic Center

The Finance Committee meeting was held on Monday, February 4, 2013 in the Main Conference Room at the Mayfield Village Civic Center.  Mr. Marrie called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.

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Present: Mr. Marrie and Mr. Marquardt

Also Present: Chief Edelman, Mr. Metzung, Acting Chief Girbino, Mr. Wynne, Ms. Wolgamuth, Mr. Dinardo, and Mrs. Betsa

1.  Retention of Prosecutor for 2013

Mr. Wynne reported, I discussed with Mr. Feudo the final settlement as far as the 2012 fees are concerned and also having 2013 be the same terms and conditions that we had in the past.  He was fine with everything.

Mr. Marrie asked, same as last year?  Mr. Wynne replied, yes.  I just let him know that we would address any potential overages or caps as we start to get close to that number as opposed to after. 

Mr. Marrie asked, okay, so leave the same cap on it? Mr. Wynne replied, that was suggested by this Committee last month.

Mr. Marrie stated, okay, fine.  Any questions, Bill?  Mr. Marquardt replied, no.  Mr. Marrie stated, this item will go on to Finance Committee.

2. Yearly assessment – Bureau of Workers’ Compensation ($96,415.03)

Mr. Wynne reported, this is a little bit higher than last year.  Our rate went from 1.69 per $100 of payroll to 1.78 which is the function of the pool that we are in and the experience that had in the past year.  It’s a slight increase in the rate.  Our premium last year was $91,800. This year, it’s $96,400.  It’s gone up about $4,500.

Mr. Marrie asked, by joining that pool, it was a considerable savings from where we were before, correct?  Mr. Wynne replied, yes.  The pool is going really well. When I started here in 2009, we were paying over $200,000.  It is a combination of being part of the pool doing really well and the Bureau reduced their rate.  The pool is with the Ohio Municipal League.

Mr. Marrie asked, questions?  Mr. Marquardt replied, no.  Mr. Marrie stated, this item will be moved to Finance Committee.

3. Replacement of MDT for PD unit #4640 (TAC Management Co. - $5,643.00)

Chief Edelman reported, the MDT’s are the Mobile Data computers in the cars. They are approaching their usable life. They are currently working off of Windows XP.  I am asking for one this month just so that I can try out the process of using TAC for the entire thing. They will provide the computer, software, installation and support.  In the past, we have bought the computers separately and have had TAC install it. This time I am going to have TAC do it all. The computer itself is about $200 cheaper than if I buy it myself.  We are going to try that. There are 5 total.  I am going to ask for one this month to see how the process goes.

Mr. Marquardt asked, does this cover one or five? Chief Edelman replied, one.  It is expensive.  Mr. Marquardt asked, what is the cost?  It’s not the computer.  Chief Edelman replied, the computer is a large part of it because it’s ruggedized.  It’s got all kinds of cushioning inside for the hard drive because it is in the car all the time.  It’s constantly under vibration.  They have to upgrade it to cushion it.  Mr. Marquardt asked, do they have a solid state drive?   You wouldn’t need cushioning if you have a solid state.  Chief Edelman replied, this is what they told me. It’s also proprietary software which is fairly costly.

Mr. Marrie asked, any questions? There were none. This item will be forwarded to Finance Committee.

4. Hillcrest Mobile Air Unit and Tech Rescue Team (MAUTRT) annual fee ($5,000.00)

Acting Chief Girbino reported, this is the annual fee to support the Hillcrest Mobile Air Unit and Tech Rescue Unit.

Mr. Marrie asked, are you familiar with this Bill? Mr. Marquardt stated, no, go ahead and explain.

Acting Chief Girbino reported, all of the participating communities in the Hillcrest area pay in to this.  It’s a mobile air truck that responds to a scene of a fire. They have the capability with their mobile air cascade system to fill air bottles on a large scale if they have to.  It’s available to any of the cities. The Incident Commander on the fire will typically call for them.  It is housed in Mayfield Heights.  They commit at least one firefighter who brings the unit and stays with it. The Tech Rescue Team folks are also from the Hillcrest area as well as outside.  They also have an agreement with Chagrin. They provide Hazmat and we provide Tech Rescue for them in exchange of services. This money helps supply the members trained in particular areas.

Mr. Marrie stated, this item will be passed on to Finance Committee.

5. Painting and Sandblasting of Parkview Pool

Mr. Marrie stated, this is just a request to go out to bid.


Mr. Marrie asked, any other matters?

Mr. Wynne reported, I am finishing meetings with Departments Heads this week going over the budget for 2013.  I wanted to find out from the Committee as to how you would like to handle review of the budget before it goes on the floor for passage by the end of March.  In the past, I have given it to Council members to take a look at and come back to me with any questions.  Do you want to be a little more engaged in the process and meet separately to go over the budget when you have had a chance to look at it?

Mr. Marquardt suggested we meet separately.  Mr. Marrie agreed.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary E. Betsa, Clerk of Council