D&I: May 20th 2019

Meeting of Monday, May 20, 2019 - 6:00 p.m.

The Drainage & Infrastructure Committee met on Monday, May 20, 2019 in the Mayfield Village main meeting room.  Mr. Michalko called the meeting to order at 6:16 p.m.

Present: Tom Cappello (Engineer), Doug Metzung (Service Director), Al Meyers (Council Representative), John Michalko (Resident Representative), Joe Saponaro (Council Representative), and Steve Schutt (Council Representative), and Susan Jerome (Committee Secretary)

Also Present: Brenda Bodnar (Mayor), Diane Wolgamuth (Director of Administration), Mr. Michael Tysh (Resident), Peter & Susan Lamb (Residents), and Mr. Rich Edelman (Resident)

Absent: Mike Bucci (Resident Representative)

Approval of October 15, 2018 meeting minutes:

  • Motion to approve Minutes of the Meeting of May 2, 2016

Mr. Al Myers, seconded by Mr. Joe Saponaro, made a motion to approve the Minutes of the Meeting of October 15, 2018.

Ayes: All
Nays: None

Motion Carried. Minutes Approved.


Mr. Mike Tysh 504 Zorn Lane

Mr. Doug Metzung said that Engineer Tom Cappello prepared plans after meeting with the residents. We have hopefully met their request. If anyone would like to review the drawing, now would be the time. What we are looking at is the back of Mike Tysh’s property to the Dorsh family property and through the Lamb property.  All the residents have agreed to let this work take place on their individual properties.

Engineer Tom Cappello took out the plans for everyone to review. Mr. Metzung showed Mr. Tysh’s backyard on Zorn Lane through Mr. Dorsh’s property on Metro Park Drive.  Mr. Tom Cappello said that it appears some of the water is coming from a swale on Mr. Dorsh’s property. This project would correct that. Mr. Metzung showed the committee where the path of the pipe would go. Mr. Tom Cappello said when we go to stake these catch basins, and this gets approved, that we would go out with the contractor and the property owner. There is a provision that can move the pipes 3-4 feet in either direction if there are any issues.

Mr. Peter Lamb asked how many bids were received? Engineer Tom Cappello said he requested proposals from 4 contractors. The contractor from Middlefield decided not to bid because he thought the job was located in that community. Mr. Cappello explained that it was Mayfield not Middlefield. We did receive two proposals. The other contractor wouldn’t be able to have it ready until next Monday.

Mr. Steve Schutt arrived at this time (6:20 p.m.)

Mr. Peter Lamb said he was concerned about strangers working in his backyard. We only got two proposals at this time. The gentleman who missed the bid date, the third company, I haven’t gotten back to him yet. He asked me if I still wanted a proposal. Mr. Peter Lamb asked if someone he knows, who did work on his landscaping and grading, could bid the project? At least I know him. Mr. Cappello said he would have to leave that up to the committee, if they would want to request another bid. We do have two. After we see the numbers, we may want to get a third bid.  I can go over that with you right now. There was a base bid – the main run. Mr. Doug Metzung said we can’t review the bids we have tonight if we are going to request another bid.

Mr. Peter Lamb said that’s fine. It’s a stranger in my backyard vs someone I know. Mr. Joe Saponaro said that if there is a stranger in your backyard, he will be in all of the backyards. If you think we need another bid, and you have someone, I don’t care. Mr. Tom Cappello said I have two bids, we always like to have three. It went out to four contractors.  Mr. Cappello said they don’t know these contractors because it is a small job and people don’t do city work. I did go through the list when they did septic conversions. That’s where I drew the contractors to get the proposals from.

Mr. Doug Metzung explained that as far as numbers go, this will go on next month’s agenda so feasibly, he could but I think as far as the committee goes, what we talked about here tonight, is the money issue because it’s in excess of the $10,000.00 limit on any one given project. Council has the authority to waive it.

Mr. Joe Saponaro asked is this a project where we get a contribution?

Mr. Doug Metzung said yes, 10%.

Mr. Tom Cappello said that Mr. Dorsh said we can use his yard but he is not paying the 10%. Mr. Mike Tysh and Mr. and Mrs. Lamb said they will cover his portion as well as their own. Is that still the case? Mr. Tysh and Mr. Lamb said yes.

Mr. John Michalko asked if we were waiting for a third bid?

Mr. Tom Cappello said if anyone else knows anyone who might want to bid.

Mr. Mike Tysch asked if one was from Mike Anselmo?

Mr. Tom Cappello said yes. We received his bid and one from ABB Contracting.

Mr. John Michalko asked if there was a time limit on the bids?

Mr. Tom Cappello said it is generally 30 days.

Mr. Peter Lamb asked who his contractor should contact?

Mr. Tom Cappello said it could be either himself or you.

Mr. Peter Lamb said he preferred he talk to you. Mr. Cappello gave Mr. Lamb his business card with the contact information on it to give to his contractor.

Mr. Joe Saponaro explained that if we wait for another bid it could take additional time to address this project. Mr. Doug Metzung said we have to have Council approve the number and suggested before the next Caucus meeting. Discussion was held as to what date and time would be best. It was decided that June 3, 2019 at 6:00 the committee would address this again.

Mr. Metzung asked what’s Council’s thoughts on waiving the $10,000.00 limit? Mr. Joe Saponaro said it is difficult to answer since they don’t know the numbers. If the committee says the project needs to be done, then Council will take it from there. Mr. Metzung asked does the committee have to vote to proceed with the project? Mr. Joe Saponaro said yes, that’s what we will do at the next meeting.

Mr. Peter Lamb asked is the funds include bushes and other landscaping that is going to be destroyed by this project? I know it doesn’t include large trees.  Mr. Tom Cappello said they would replace the grass, not the shrubs. Mr. Al Meyers said the bid is just the pipe project. Mr. Cappello said they were going to do the pipe, the catch basins, the grading, and the grass. We can always look at the placement of the pipe to a certain degree to avoid it. Sometimes there won’t be a guarantee. Mr. Dorsh’s wanted us to move and replace the arborvitaes but there’s no guarantee they’re going to survive, especially if this is done in July. 

Mr. John Michalko asked for a motion to table the project.

Mr. Joe Saponaro, seconded by Mr. Al Meyers, made a motion to table the project at this time.

Ayes: All
Nays: None

Motion Carried.

Mr. Tom Cappello said if we are going to wait two weeks then hopefully the other contractor, who couldn’t get it ready by tonight, will submit a bid and then we may have 4 bids which will give us a better indicator on the cost.

Mr. Peter Lamb asked if the contractors have been out to the site? Mr. Tom Cappello said yes, the ones who have given us a bid have been out there. The gentleman who didn’t give us a bid said he can get out there and have a bid by next Monday. Mr. Cappello asked if it would be a problem if this new contractor was walking around in the back yard. Mr. Peter Lamb said no.


Mr. Rich Edelman 6767 Hickory Hill

Mr. Doug Metzung asked if everyone received Rich’s application? Pictures of Mr. Edelman’s backyard were passed to the committee. Mr. Joe Saponaro asked if the water was after a particularly heavy rain fall? Mr. Rich Edelman said no; it doesn’t drain. Mr. John Michalko said he visited the property today. There were some puddles but the whole yard was extremely wet.

Mr. John Michalko said based on your application you have water ponding in the back and side yard. You seem to be the low property. As your looking at your house, on the right hand side, your neighbor’s driveway is at least 8-10” higher and pitches right toward your backyard.

Mr. Tom Cappello said he took the County topo to get an idea of the property grade. The grade in the front of the house is 906. The grade in the back is 906. This topo doesn’t give all of the detail though. Obviously, water is ponding. It looks like there’s a ridge in the backyard that is causing some of the problem. Would you like to grade the project now?

Mr. Joe Saponaro asked what other properties are affected because it’s not on the application? Mr. Rich Edelman said the properties on all three sides. The northwest and east properties. I get run-off from all three sides. Mr. Joe Saponaro said so yours in affected by them? Mr. Rich Edelman said yes. Mr. Joe Saponaro said on the application it says: “Does this problem affect more than one property owner”. You said yes but it’s actually their property that affects yours. Mr. Rich Edelman said he would agree with that. They have water also but the run-off affects me.

The committee did the project evaluation. See attachment A.

Mr. Tom Cappello asked Mr. Rich Edelman if this fence is on his property line? Mr. Rich Edelman said just inside it. Mr. Tom Cappello said that you can see on the pictures that the standing water reached into the neighbor’s yard over 5’ past the property line but they didn’t join on the application. There is definitely some ponding water to the neighbor to the north. Mr. Rich Edelman said the house is vacant and she doesn’t live there anymore.

Mr. John Michalko read the requirements for a project to be considered by the committee. Mr. Rich Edelman’s project scored an 8 which qualifies for consideration by the committee.

Mr. Tom Cappello said he’d rather not take the water out to Hickory Hill because the storm is so close to the sanitary system and we want to avoid potential flooding. I think the sewers are on the other side of the street. Mr. Rich Edelman said he thinks the storm sewer is on his side of the street. Mr. Tom Cappello said the other option is to get an easement from the one property owner or get permission from the Metro Parks to take it out the back.

If we could go to the swale or ditch behind these properties, by the pole, I’d have to get permission from the Metro Parks and the property owner. Is that Eunice’s house? Mr. Al Meyers asked if it could be channeled by the fence line? Mr. Tom Cappello said yes, and let it drain by gravity.

Mr. Al Meyers asked if it can go from the back of the property, along the fence, where it would be less intrusive? Mr. Rich Edelman explained that his property line is approximately 2’ in from the fence line and back to the pole. Mr. Tom Cappello tried to determine what the best access point would be.

Mr. John Michalko asked for a motion to allow Mr. Tom Cappello to survey the property.

Mr. Joe Saponaro, seconded by Mr. Al Meyers, made a motion to allow Mr. Tom Cappello to survey the property

Ayes: All
Nays: None

Motion Carried.

Mr. Joe Saponaro asked Mr. Tom Cappello if it could be ready for the next meeting. Mr. Tom Cappello said he’d see if he can. I won’t have numbers as to the cost by then. Let me see what the survey crews schedule is like because everybody’s building right now.

Mr. Joe Saponaro said do we need to move the meeting to June 17th to give you more time? Mr. Tom Cappello said he’d let him know as soon as possible. Mr. Joe Saponaro said to let Susan know who will contact Mary Beth.

Mr. Metzung said if we can let Council know that these two projects will be brought to meeting before hand, we should change the meeting to the 17th so we can have the drawings and pricing available. Mr. Joe Saponaro explained that if the committee suggested these projects then Council doesn’t have to have the three readings and the discussion would be limited.

Mr. Joe Saponaro said if we are doing the leg work and presenting a report to Caucus tonight as to what is going to be brought to Council at the next meeting then we will be one step closer towards it. Mr. Doug Metzung said it is his suggestion that we move the D&I meeting to June 17th to give everyone the extra time needed.

Mr. Joe Saponaro asked Susan to distribute all the information, again, and include any drawings that are available to all of Council, in their packets. He scheduled the meeting for June 17, 2019 at 6:00 p.m.

Mr. John Michalko asked if there were any other matters?

There being no other matters, the meeting was adjourned at 7:53 p.m.

Mr. John Michalko asked for a motion adjourn the meeting.

Mr. Joe Saponaro, seconded by Mr. Al Meyers, made a motion to adjourn the meeting.

Ayes: All
Nays: None

Motion Carried. Meeting adjourned.