D&I: June 17th 2019

Meeting of Monday, June 17, 2019 - 6:00 p.m.

The Drainage & Infrastructure Committee met on Monday, June 17, 2019 in the Mayfield Village main meeting room. Mr. Michalko called the meeting to order at 6:03 p.m.

Present: Tom Cappello (Engineer), Doug Metzung (Service Director), Al Meyers (Council Representative), John Michalko (Resident Representative), Steve Schutt (Council Representative), and Susan Jerome (Committee Secretary)                                  

Also Present: Mr. Ron Wynn (Finance Director), Mr. James Budzik (Village Attorney), Diane Wolgamuth (Director of Administration), Mr. Michael Tysh (Resident), Mrs. Susan Lamb (Resident), Mr. Rich Edelman (Resident), and Ms. Eunice Kalina (Resident)

Absent: Mike Bucci (Resident Representative) and Joe Saponaro (Council Representative)

Approval of May 20, 2019 meeting minutes:

Motion to approve Minutes of the Meeting of May 20, 2019

Mr. Al Myers, seconded by Mr. Steve Schutt, made a motion to approve the Minutes of the Meeting of May 20, 2019.

NAYS: None

Motion Carried. Minutes approved.

Old Business:

Mr. Mike Tysh 504 Zorn Lane

Mr. Tom Cappello distributed the four proposals he received for this project. Mr. Tom Cappello explained, last meeting we only had two bids. I took the other suggestion, from the Lamb’s, and contacted Klerco Construction, who provided a proposal. We received an additional one from Site Works Developing.

There was a request for a base bid and an alternate. Some people combined them. As you can see, the low bid is Anselmo Landscaping and Supply for $19, 306.00. The Site Works came in low with the base bid but with the alternate they are at $24,119.14. Klerco Construction included the alternate. They were at $23,500.00 total then ABV was $41,300.00.

Mr. Doug Metzung said you said Site Works was low but they’re not the low base bid because Anselmo is still lower. Mr. Tom Cappello said you are correct. Their base bid is lower than Klerco if you just took the base bid.

Mr. John Michalko said you said you made a change on the one property? Mr. Tom Cappello said no, this was the same plan that we saw last time. Mr. John Michalko said at this point and time we need to look at what the normal fee is. Mr. Tom Cappello said I believe it is $10,000.00 and anything above that would need Council approval.

Mr. John Michalko said at this point and time we need to make a motion to forward this to Council. I don’t think they’ll get it on the agenda tonight. Mr. Mike Tysh asked how far that would be? A month away? Two weeks? Mr. Tom Cappello said Caucus would be the first Monday in July and then they’ll have a discussion and make a decision on what they want to do then it will go to a vote on the 15th of July.

Mr. Mike Tysh said so at this Caucus it could be squashed right there and if it isn’t then it still has to go to Council for the final vote. Mr. John Michalko said right. He asked Mr. Ron Wynn if he had any comments. Mr. Ron Wynn said no.

  • Motion to forward Mr. Tysh’s project to Council.

Mr. Al Myers, seconded by Mr. Steve Schutt, made a motion to approve forwarding the project to Council.

AYES: All                           
NAYS: None  

Motion Carried.

Mr. Mike Tysh asked if he was permitted at the Caucus meeting? Mr. Tom Cappello said yes. Mr. Mike Tysh asked where it is held? Mr. Tom Cappello said it is in the room to the right when you walk into Civic Hall. Mr. Tysh asked when does that take place? Mr. John Michalko said July 1st at 7:00 p.m. Mr. Tom Cappello said to also refer to the website.

Mr. Mike noted that Anselmo was the low bid. Is that pretty much a straight deal? Do you look into insurance, liability, performance? Mr. Doug Metzung said we’ve used them a lot, we know they are reliable and do a good job.

Mr. Rich Edelman 6767 Hickory Hill

Mr. Tom Cappello distributed the proposals for 6767 Hickory Hill project. We requested proposals from the same four contractors. Site Works Development did not provide us with a proposal. One of the changes from the last meeting was originally we were planning on going through the neighboring property, the home of Eunice Kalina, to go through the Metro Parks which is heavily wooded to get to the stream.  We then looked at the possibility of taking it out to Hickory Hill and tie it to the existing storm connection. That’s what we designed and that’s what we bid.

Of the three bidders, Klerco Construction came in at $10,000.00, Anselmo’s Landscape and Supply at $10,730.00, and ABV Contractors at $17,800.00.

Mr. John Michalko asked Mr. Rich Edelman if he had seen the drawings. He said he had, when they came out. Actually, this plan works better for me because it will take care of the drainage problems on the west side of my property as well.

Mr. Tom Cappello said, just so Rich knows, we installed the sewer to get it out. It kind of gets deep in a couple of spots. The entire trench isn’t going to be filled with stone to the top. We’re going to get this back area drained.  Mr. Tom Cappello went on to explain the project on the map to clarify the process.

Mr. Al Meyers asked if it was going to be all solid pipe? Mr. Tom Cappello said yes.

Mr. Rich Edelman asked if the Village has dealt with Klerco Construction before? Mr. Tom Cappello said I have not. This is the company that Mr. and Mrs. Lamb suggested. I have dealt with Anselmo before.  Mr. John Michalko asked if anyone has had any experience with them before because the pricing is all very close. Mr. Tom Cappello said I have not. Mr. Doug Metzung said apparently the Lamb’s have.

Mr. John Michalko asked if we should make a motion to accept the bid from Klerco for $10,000.00?

Mr. Tom Cappello said he doesn’t think there will be any problems going with Klerco. We can check references.

Mr. Rich Edelman asked if the bids were based on the specs alone because to my knowledge they  didn’t come out to the site. Mr. Tom Cappello said he believes ABV came out and looked at it. Maybe you weren’t home when the others came. I know they were supposed to go look at it. Anselmo said he was looking at it today.

Mr. Rich Edelman said if it’s just a matter of $730.00, for somebody that you’ve worked with before, I would rather pay the $730.00 out of pocket to go with someone you’re familiar with rather than someone we don’t know anything about.

Mr. John Michalko asked if we got any references from Klerco? Mr. Tom Cappello said no, but I can get some. Mr. Doug Metzung said he doesn’t want to not use Klerco just because we don’t know them. Mr. Rich Edelman said he hesitates because the only reason Klerco bid on the project was because the Lamb’s wanted him to; you wouldn’t have even asked them to bid if it wasn’t for Tysh’s neighbor.

Mr. James Budzik said there is a procedure to follow as they come up. You have the authority to go up to $10,000.00. Mr Tom Cappello said, Council still has to approve it, don’t they? Don’t they vote on it? Ms. Diane Wolgamuth said, yes, they still have to vote on it.

Mr. James Budzik said they need further approval if it goes over $10,000.00. The Village is in charge since it is Village property. Mr. Ron Wynn said, in my perspective, anything over $10,000.00 Council has to authorize otherwise it’s the responsibility of the resident because right now the ordinance authorizes $10,000.00 per project. So, whether it’s this project or the other one, the maximum the Village is supposed to pay is $10,000.00.

Mr. James Budzik said that Council still needs to approve it because it has to be a public benefit because if it’s a private interest, the Ohio Supreme Court said that’s not enough to make it a legal expenditure. So that’s what Council has to approve, that it’s a public benefit.

Mr. Al Meyers asked if Council has to approve it at $10,730.00 or $10,000.00? If he’s willing to pay the $730.00 do we approve up to $10,000.00 or do we have to approve the $10,730.00? Mr. James Budzik said, if you’re going to go with the $10,730.00 then yes, Council will have to approve the $10,730.00.

Mr. Tom Cappello said this has to go to Council anyway so we could discuss this in detail at the Caucus and it will give me time to get references for Klerco and gives you, Rich, the opportunity to do some research yourself if you don’t feel comfortable with them. We also have to discuss at Caucus, if the people are willing to come up with anything over the $10,000.00.

Mr. John Michalko clarified that references will be obtained for the two low bidders for this project and followed-up by Tom for the Caucus meeting.

  • Motion to forward Mr. Edelman’s project to Caucus.

Mr. Al Myers, seconded by Mr. Steve Schutt, made a motion to approve forwarding the project to Council.

AYES: All                             
NAYS: None

Motion Carried.

Mr. John Michalko asked if there were any other matters?

Mr. Doug Metzung said he had a new resident email me and ask if there was a program like this. I emailed him back and said we did and can you forward me your address so we can take a look at it but I have not heard from him since.

There being no other matters, the meeting was adjourned at 6:23 p.m.

  • Mr. John Michalko asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting.

Mr. Steve Schutt, seconded by Mr. Al Meyers, made a motion to adjourn the meeting.

AYES: All                             
NAYS: None                       

Motion Carried. Meeting Adjourned.