CAC - September 22nd 2014

Mayfield Village Citizens Advisory Committee
Meeting Minutes
September 22, 2014

The Citizens Advisory Committee met on Monday, Sept 22, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. at the Mayfield Village Civic Center.

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Present: Brenda Bodnar (Chair), Bob Haycox, Shirley Jay, Kay Phillips, Marilyn LaRiche-Goldstein, Loretta Williams, Sandy Batcheller, and George Williams

Absent: Matthew Dickard, Carole Marrie, Joan Catalano, Merv Singer, Mary Singer, and Tom Piteo                   

Also Present: Steve Jerome (Council Representative), Patsy Mills (Council Representative), Diane Wolgamuth (Director of Administration), and Stacey O’Brien (Director of Community Partnership on Aging)

Approval of Minutes

The Minutes from the May 27, 2014 meeting were unanimously approved as written.

Senior Housing Opportunities in Mayfield Village

Mrs. Bodnar stated that when she joined this Committee Jim Mason was the Chair and he lived in the Village.  Unfortunately, he moved out of the Village when he needed a house with a first-floor bedroom and was not able to find one in this community.  Mrs. Bodnar thought it was a shame to lose him and others like him and, for this reason, suggested tonight’s topic.  Mrs. Bodnar welcomed and introduced Stacey O’Brien, the Director of the Community Partnership on Aging.

Ms. O’Brien distributed a chart she had compiled to illustrate the types of senior housing currently available in the area.  Ms. Wolgamuth provided US Census Bureau information and some details about the housing options at Governor’s Village.  (Copies of all materials are attached).  Ms. O’Brien stated that at a recent AARP Conference it was reported that 80% of the senior population wants to age at home.  Seniors are modifying their homes (adding lifts, bars in bathrooms, etc.)  in order to live independently longer.  Ms. O’Brien stated that Governor’s Village is the only formal option in Mayfield Village and reviewed with the Committee other housing alternatives in surrounding communities.

Ms. O’Brien suggested that the Village look at the existing options and determine if they meet the need here or if something in Mayfield Village should be converted.  Mrs. Bodnar asked the Committee for their perception of the adequacy of housing for seniors.  She stated that there appears to be a lot of housing available in the surrounding communities, even if residents cannot stay in Mayfield Village.  The Committee discussed their personal experiences with some of the housing alternatives.

Mrs. Bodnar asked Ms. O’Brien if many people consider modifying their homes as an option.  Ms. O’Brien said that many make minor changes as they age.  Mr. Jerome stated that he knows many people move their laundry room to the main floor.  Mrs. Mills suggested that people utilize the Village-offered service to provide a Knox Box so that the Fire Dept. has access to their home in an emergency. 

Mr. Haycox stated that he felt the Village should look into developing more senior housing.  Mrs. LaRiche-Goldstein agreed, adding that there is not much choice in the Village if someone wants to downsize their home.  Mr. Williams asked what is most important for people to consider when choosing senior housing—proximity, best value?  Mrs. LaRiche-Goldstein stated that each service provided typically costs more and assisted living can get pretty expensive.  Ms. O’Brien stated that most senior housing is “for-profit” and that, in her experience, better quality is obtained through a non-profit, adding that she thought a non-profit in the Village would be a good thing.

Mrs. Bodnar asked about the social aspects of going to assisted living versus staying at home.  Ms. O’Brien responded that staying socially engaged is very important whether at home or in a group home situation.  “Sometimes the tasks are so overwhelming to stay at home, the stress is not worth it.”

Mrs. Batcheller noted that most people’s children make the decision to put them in assisted living.  Mrs. LaRiche-Goldstein added that many times this is caused by an event.  Mrs. Bodnar summarized the discussion by saying that the consensus appears to be that it is worth looking into additional senior housing to allow people to stay in Mayfield Village.  Mrs. Jay suggested that if the Village were able to work with a developer, perhaps some percentage of the units could be designated for Village residents.

Council Update

Mr. Jerome reported on the following items:


  • Crack-sealing and pavement repairs throughout the Village are underway.
  • The purchase of smoke-detectors has again been offered and subsidized by the Village.
  • The Eastgate/Meadowood Sewer Project has been bid and it appears that DOPWIC funds have become available.
  • The Wiley basin has been cleaned out to help with flooding issues on Beta Drive.
  • The Village is working with the County to determine the cause of flooding in residential areas.  A letter and survey were recently mailed to all residents.
  • Work on the Civic Center driveway has begun.  The new driveway will help with traffic control and will be made with pervious pavers.  The Village was able to get grant money to help pay for this project.  The Committee suggested that lighting be added to the parking lot.
  • The last Grove event of the season, the High School Battle of the Bands, was held on Sept 6.  Two bands split the prize; one of the bands was from Mayfield High School.
  • The Aintree Park Entryway is almost complete and mounding at Raleigh has been added to help shield the houses behind from Wilson Mills traffic.
  • A Public Meeting for the East Side Greenway is scheduled for Wednesday night, here at the Civic Center.  Mrs. Batcheller commented that the money would be better spent on roads.  Mr. Jerome responded that trails were becoming more popular and would result in the need for fewer road repairs.  Mrs. Phillips commented that she believes that a connected trail system would be a large draw to this area of Cleveland.


Mr. Haycox asked about the status of the Community Room renovation.  Ms. Wolgamuth advised that an architectural firm, ThenDesign Architecture, has been hired and is working on some options.  Mayor Rinker would like to come to the next CAC meeting to provide an update and share the designs.

Upcoming Events

Ms. Wolgamuth reminded Committee members of the upcoming Halloween events.  She also advised that the Conservatory for the Performing Arts has started to offer Improv Comedy on Friday nights, typically once per month.  The next show is scheduled for Friday, Oct 3.  Also, in October, the CPA will present an off-Broadway show called “You’ve Got Hate Mail.”  It will run for three weekends beginning October 17.  Cost is $12 in advance and $14 at the door.

Ms. Wolgamuth also advised that the ribbon-cutting ceremony and official opening of the Greenway Trail is still being planned for this fall.  The date will be selected as soon as work on the final boardwalk is underway.

Open Portion

Ms. Phillips stated that the repaved roads in her neighborhood are very nice and much appreciated.  She also mentioned that her neighborhood has experienced many power outages recently.  Mr. Jerome responded that there are many loose connections and sometimes trees fall on the wires.  Mrs. Batcheller added that many times it is a problem with the transformer.

Ms. Phillips stated that the CodeRed system has been very helpful.

Mrs. Batcheller reported that State Representative David Joyce will be speaking at the Library on Oct 7 at 7 p.m.  Mrs. Batcheller also commented that the new Deacon’s building is very large and not very attractive.

Mr. Haycox mentioned that the underpass near the pool always has water near the entrance.  Ms. Wolgamuth advised that the Service Dept. is very aware of it and is trying to ascertain the source of the water. 

The next meeting of the Committee was scheduled for Monday, October 27 at 7:00 p.m.  The November meeting will be scheduled at the Historical House, possibly on Monday, Nov 24.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Diane Wolgamuth,
Director of Administration