CAC - May 27th 2014

Mayfield Village
Citizens Advisory Committee
Meeting Minutes
May 27, 2014

The Citizens Advisory Committee met on Tuesday, May 27, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. at the Mayfield Village Civic Center.

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Present: Brenda Bodnar (Chair), Tom Piteo, Shirley Jay, Merv Singer, Mary Singer, Kay Phillips, and Marilyn LaRiche-Goldstein

Absent: Matthew Dickard, Loretta Williams, Sandy Batcheller, George Williams, Carole Marrie, Joan Catalano, and Bob Haycox    

Also Present: Thomas Marrie (Council Representative), Steve Jerome (Council Alternate), Diane Wolgamuth (Director of Administration), Wayne Kline (Transportation Quality Planner, NOACA), and Joe MacDonald (Manager of Environmental Planning, NOACA)

Approval of Minutes

The Minutes from the April 28, 2014 meeting were approved unanimously, as written.

Anti-Idling Issues

Mrs. Bodnar welcomed NOACA representatives Wayne Kline and Joe MacDonald.  Mr. Kline reviewed with the Committee a PowerPoint presentation regarding anti-idling considerations and legislation that has been passed in various cities across the country.  A copy of the presentation is available on the Mayfield Village website at

After the presentation, Mrs. Bodnar asked why these initiatives are not State-wide, rather than each local municipality creating its own legislation.  Mr. Kline stated that the Ohio EPA is not permitted to initiate such legislation.  The Committee discussed that awareness of the health, environmental and financial reasons to reduce idling and emissions is important and Mrs. Phillips asked what type of legislation Council is considering.  Mr. Marrie advised that no legislation is being discussed; this presentation is being made to start the discussion. 

Mr. Jerome advised that the cost of fuel to the Village has increased by $50,000 since 2009 and stated that the new fuel systems at the Fire and Service Departments will help track consumption better.  Mr. Jerome added that no matter how efficient the systems, idling is always burning unnecessary fuel. 

Mr. Marrie stated that he believes that the biggest problem with passing legislation is enforcement.  “We cannot expect the Police Department to watch how long cars and trucks are idling.”  Mr. Marrie added that it is a good idea to make people aware of the issue as most are likely unaware.  Mr. Jerome agreed and suggested signage or mailings to residents and businesses might be a good start. 

Mr. Jerome stated that he spoke with Chief Edelman who agreed that an internal policy might be effective to reduce the amount of idling of Village vehicles.  Chief Edelman had said that when temperatures are cold, police cars are left idling to prevent ice buildup on the windows in case a car needs to respond quickly.  Mrs. Bodnar stated that she agreed with development of an internal policy as it makes sense to clean up our own house before passing new legislation.

Memorial Day

Mrs. Bodnar thanked Mr. and Mrs. Singer for their hard work in planning the Memorial Day ceremony.  Mrs. Bodnar stated that the event was stellar and that everyone enjoyed it.  She commented that the three speeches were all very different.

Mrs. Singer stated that Mayor Rinker gave a great speech and people were asking her if it could be printed.  Ms. Wolgamuth responded that she would see if the Mayor could provide it and mentioned that, last year, the Mayor’s speech was included in the VOV. 

Mrs. Singer reported that 67 volunteers placed 5,328 flags at Mt. Union, Mt. Sinai and Whitehaven Cemeteries. 

Council Update

Mr. Marrie reported on the following items:

  • Councilman Nick Delguyd has moved out of the Village and resigned his Council seat.  In order to find a replacement, Council is advertising the opening to all qualified residents.  All who apply will be interviewed by Council.
  • Mulch deliveries have begun.
  • The Fire Chief and crew will be on Good Morning America in the near future.  They used the vacant, and soon to be demolished, home near the old Library to show the effectiveness of photoelectric smoke alarms.  The Good Morning America crew spent the day filming here.
  • Parkview Pool is opening soon and the slide has been restored.
  • Community Room improvement plans are in motion.
  • The Historical House is getting a new roof.
  • Shred Day was very successful.
  • The Hanover Woods neighborhood is getting their roads repaved this year.
  • The Grove has many wonderful events planned for the summer.  Ms. Wolgamuth distributed copies of the schedule and advised that a mailing was going out to the entire school district.  Mr. Jerome added that food vendors have been secured for each event.
  • Another great Town Hall meeting regarding finances was held on May 21st.  Attendance was good.


Upcoming Events

Ms. Wolgamuth reminded Committee members of Cruise Night and the July 4th celebration and said that volunteers are still needed.  She also mentioned that the Volunteer Appreciation Dinner, held in early August the last several years, might be moved indoors and held in September.  More details will be forthcoming.

Mrs. Bodnar asked if this Committee typically recesses for the summer and Ms. Wolgamuth advised that they do.  The Committee noted that the June meeting on the Village calendar should be canceled.  Mr. Jerome suggested that representatives from the Highland Hts. Green Task Force be invited to a future meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Diane Wolgamuth,
Director of Administration