CAC - March 31st 2014

Mayfield Village
Citizens Advisory Committee
Meeting Minutes
March 31, 2014

The Citizens Advisory Committee met on Monday, March 31, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. at the Mayfield Village Civic Center.

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Present: Brenda Bodnar (Chair), Sandy Batcheller, Carole Marrie, Tom Piteo, Joan Catalano, Shirley Jay, Kay Phillips, Matthew Dickard, Merv Singer, and Mary Singer

Absent: Bob Haycox, George Williams, Marilyn LaRiche-Goldstein, and Loretta Williams

Also PresentThomas Marrie (Council Representative) and Bill Thomas (Recreation Director)

The meeting began at approximately 7 PM with self-introductions from each person present.

Approval of Minutes

Minutes from the February 24, 2014 meeting were approved unanimously.

Following approval of the minutes, Recreation Director Bill Thomas circulated volunteer sign-up sheets for upcoming Village events and activities – May 11 pancake breakfast, May 24 placement of flags for the Memorial Day service, and June 14 Cruise Night.

Community Room Rental Policy

Mr. Thomas then discussed Community Room Rental Policies with the Committee. Since the Room itself will be undergoing major renovations, Mr. Thomas explained that it was also time to the review the policies, which had not been changed for quite some time. Currently, the rent is $100 plus a refundable deposit of $150 for residents. For nonresidents, the rent is $175 plus a refundable deposit of $150.  The room is available from 11 AM to 1 AM. Custodians clean in the morning. Until now, we have been lax in assessing damages and have mostly given back all security deposits, except in cases of extreme damage. The Committee agreed with Mr. Thomas that, once the remodeling is complete, we should be more diligent in evaluating the room after usage and keeping the deposit when appropriate. Mrs. Jay and others noted that we should provide some sorts of strips and have a designated posting area for signage, especially for voting.  The Committee also opined that rental rates should be kept the same for Villagers but raised to $225 to $250 for non-residents (who would still need a resident sponsor to get a contract). The Committee briefly talked about the possibility of having an exclusive time period for Villagers to rent the room before others could rent it, but decided that might create too many administrative problems. Finally, the Committee decided that the hours available should remain the same, even though it is sometimes challenging to accomplish clean up when the first group uses the room late into the evening and the next one begins the next morning, since the Recreation Department Staff has always been able to work things out in the past.

Mr. Thomas next discussed his idea of moving the sports facilities currently at Wiley Park (sand volleyball and bocci) to where the other programmed activities are by the pool, softball fields, etc, and eventually having 2 sand volley ball courts, 2 bocci courts and 2 tennis courts there. This would take time, explained Mr. Thomas, and he would like the move/addition to occur between fall of 2015 and the spring of 2016.  The cost would not be insignificant –about $125,000 (with each tennis court costing about $40,000), but the Recreation Department would seek grants which could cover a large portion of the costs. The end result would be that the recreation area by the pool would be an intergenerational park with activities for all members of the family, and Wiley Park would be available for Villagers to reserve for personal use (and not have to worry about conflicts with sports activities.) The Committee embraced the idea, noting that right now we do not have public tennis courts in the Village. Mr. Thomas said that land was available for the facilities in the pool/park area and that he would like to find a place for the tennis courts where additional courts could be added in the future, if the need and money were there. 

Finally, Mr. Thomas reminded the Committee of the inexpensive workout facility we have at our disposal at Wildcat Park, and noted it is being well used. Mr. Piteo indicated he uses the facilities daily.

Upcoming Events

Mr. Thomas gave an update and circulated information on upcoming activities, from the Easter Party on April 12 to shred day on May 17. Mr. Thomas specifically encouraged all to attend the Town Hall with Mayor Rinker and Mr. Wynne on May 21.  It was noted that the St. Francis parish festival was June 5-8, and would not conflict with Cruise night on the 14th.

Carol Marrie filled the Committee in on Garden Club Activities – an Arbor Day tree planting with Mayor Rinker and Center School second graders at the Fire Station on April 25 at 9 AM, and the Garden Club plant sale at the May 11 pancake breakfast.     

Next, Mr. Marrie swore in returning member Mrs. Phillips and new member Mr. Dickard.

Council Update

Mr. Marrie gave a Council Update, noting the following: (1) Council passed the 2014 Budget after three full readings. In doing so, Council cut $450,000 from the budget, including cutting out a second set of restrooms for the ballfields and half of the proposed budget for the Grove. This year, the Village will rent items at a substantial savings over investing in capital improvements now. The money saved will go to the Rainy Day fund which would be used primarily for sewer work. (2) Council approved new umbrellas and coverings for the pool, as well as funds for a new heater (necessary because the old one broke after 16 years). (3) A home near the old library will be torn down and will allow for a line up of the driveway with Miner Road. We have asked the School Board to chip in. Highland Heights will pay for part of the project. (4) The Police Department will conduct a traffic signal study, which is necessary prior to seeking grant money and updating the signals. Cost is approximately $180,000 for each new light. (5) Council passed two ordinances for minimum wage for summer help at the pool and camps. (6) Mayfield Village received acknowledgement in the local newspaper for its website and its efforts to notify residents about meetings and Village activities.


General Discussion

Mr. Piteo inquired about the seating at the Grove, and the Committee viewed depictions of different alternatives for tiered seating. It was also noted that we will not be bringing in Blossom type programming that would create traffic jams; and that the programming will be varied and appeal to a wide range of audiences.

Next the Committee discussed lighting issues. Mr. Piteo stated (and the Committee and Mr. Marrie agreed) that the Civic Center lot was too dark at night. Mr. Marrie will bring it up to Council, which is now addressing other renovations to the lot. Mrs. Jay indicated that the Library drive lighting was inadequate, and Mr. Marrie said it is being worked on. Mrs. Batcheller noted that some street lights on Wilson Mills are burned out. Mr. Marrie said that CEI has been notified but that they do things in their own time.

Mrs. Jay asked that Committee packets include Caucus minutes, as they did in the past.

Mrs. Singer updated the Committee on Memorial Day services, stating that she will be meeting with volunteers at 9 AM on May 24 to distribute flags at three cemeteries, and that last year 3,892 flags were placed on Veterans’ graves. Mrs. Singer encouraged members to help on the 24th and to attend services on May 25th at 1 PM.   

The meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Brenda Bodnar, CAC Chair