CAC - February 24th 2014

Mayfield Village
Citizens Advisory Committee
Meeting Minutes
Feb 24, 2014

The Citizens Advisory Committee met on Monday, Feb 24, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. at the Mayfield Village Civic Center.

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Present: Brenda Bodnar (Chair), Sandy Batcheller, Carole Marrie, Bob Haycox, Mary Singer, Tom Piteo, Merv Singer, Marilyn LaRiche-Goldstein, George Williams, and Loretta Williams

Absent: Shirley Jay, Joan Catalano, and Kay Phillips

Also Present: Thomas Marrie (Council Representative), Steve Jerome (Council Alternate), Diane Wolgamuth (Director of Administration), Garry Regan (Grove Committee Chair), Richard Edelman (Police Chief), Eugene Carcioppolo (Fire Chief), and Matt Dickard (Resident)

Election of Chair

Mrs. Bodnar opened the meeting and welcomed new Committee members Tom Piteo, Loretta Williams and George Williams.  She also welcomed resident Matt Dickard who is a recent college graduate interested in joining the Committee.  Mrs. Bodnar stated that the first order of business was to elect a Chairperson.  She stated that she has enjoyed serving in this capacity and would like to continue to do so but, if another member was interested, she would gladly step aside.  Mr. Haycox nominated Mrs. Bodnar, Mr. Piteo seconded, and Mrs. Bodnar was unanimously elected to serve as Chair for another year.

 Approval of Minutes

The minutes from the November 25, 2013 meeting were approved, as written.

Home Fire Safety

Mrs. Bodnar introduced Fire Chief Eugene Carcioppolo who provided the Committee with a brief history of his service in Mayfield Village, including his recent appointment to the Chief’s position.  Chief Carcioppolo distributed pamphlets on fire safety and described the education provided to school children by the Fire Department. 

Chief Carcioppolo reviewed smoke detection with the Committee, including his recommendation on types of detectors, the Village’s program to help residents with the purchase of photoelectric smoke detectors, and the necessity for proper installation. 

Chief Carcioppolo reviewed basic fire safety information and answered questions regarding the following:

  • Sleeping with bedroom doors closed
  • Establishing an escape route
  • Practice drills
  • Changing the batteries in smoke detectors twice per year
  • What to do in the case of fire
  • Emergency escape ladders


Chief Carcioppolo cautioned about the proper use of space heaters and candles and discussed kitchen fires from cooking. 

Mrs. Bodnar asked about natural gas explosions, specifically, if there are warning signs and how explosions can be prevented.  Chief Carcioppolo stated that all gas appliances, furnaces, hot water tanks, gas dryers, etc. should be checked annually.  If a homeowner smells gas, they should call the Fire Dept.  The Fire Dept. has a meter to detect gas and will come out to check.  Mr. Jerome added that newer units have sight glass so the pilot flame can be seen.  The flame should always burn blue. 

Mr. Piteo suggested that fireplace flues should also be cleaned annually.  Chief Carcioppolo agreed and, after an inquiry by Mr. Williams, stated that the cleaning logs that are on the market do not work.

Safety Tips from the Police Dept.

Chief Edelman described for the Committee recent trends in Mayfield Village.  The most prevalent is thefts from automobiles.  He strongly recommended that cars be kept locked, even in the driveway.  Chief Edelman stated that residents know best was is unusual in their neighborhood and should call the Police if they see something suspicious.

Chief Edelman described his desire to create a citizen police academy so residents can learn more about the Police Department.  He also described the four Concealed Carry classes that have been held thus far and the successes already experienced with Canine Leo.

Mr. Marrie asked Chief Edelman to describe CodeRed.  Chief Edelman stated that CodeRed is the Village’s emergency notification system.  It can get messages out, Village-wide or to a narrower location.  It is a very agile system and has a very low cost.  Mr. Marrie stated that he believes it is a great system and an asset to the community.  Residents can call the Police Dept. to sign up and get messages sent to their home phone or cell phone.

Mr. Jerome stated that he receives text messages and sometimes only gets a partial message.  Chief Edelman said that issue has been resolved.

Mrs. Bodnar asked if the Village is having growing issues with drug use, particular heroin.  Chief Edelman responded that heroin use is a huge issue in many areas.  The SPAN communities have seen an upswing, but Mayfield Village is a very stable community and the growth here is very slow.  Mrs. LaRiche-Goldstein asked about drug usage at the schools.  Chief Edelman agreed that there are issues there but also not as bad as in other school districts.  He reported that, at this time, Canine Leo has not been taken to the school as utilizing a dog is considered an invasion of privacy.

Mrs. Bodnar asked if there are many handguns in the Village that are not registered.  Chief Edelman responded affirmatively.

Mrs. Bodnar asked about the usefulness of senior alert systems.  Chief Edelman stated that he thinks they are very good, very sensitive and are highly recommended.  Chief Carcioppolo agreed.


Update on The Grove

Mr. Jerome introduced Garry Regan, Chair of The Grove Committee.  Mr. Jerome stated that the Grove Committee has been working very hard to create a new venue for the community that will appeal to all ages.  Mr. Jerome has been a member of the Committee and he and Mr. Regan want to reach out to all Village Committees to get everyone on board.

Mr. Regan asked the Committee members if they all knew the location of The Grove.  Not all members were familiar with it.  Mr. Regan described the history of The Grove Committee and stated that it was about 15 years ago, when the Village looked at constructing the pool and other recreational facilities, that a dream about having something like Cain Park in Cleveland Hts. evolved.  Mr. Regan stated that he believes that offering arts and culture to a community is as important as health and safety.  Mr. Regan described the work that was done at The Grove in 2013 and made a brief presentation on last summer’s programming.  Mr. Regan stated that sledding makes this park a year-round facility and that, in the future, it may include a skating surface. 

For summer of 2014, the Committee is considering 24 events over an 8-week season and will adjust based on funding provided.  Mr. Regan encouraged everyone to come out to see events.  Mr. Piteo asked if there was a schedule and about cost to attend events.  Mr. Regan stated that all events will be free, at least this year, and as soon as the Committee receives budget approval, a calendar will be coming out. 

Mr. Haycox asked if the Conservatory for the Performing Arts, the group that is offering programming at the Civic Center, is involved at The Grove.  Mr. Regan responded that, because they have connections with local comedians, they are helping with a “Laughing Under the Stars” program.

Mr. Marrie suggested collecting donations and Mr. Regan advised that a small collection jar had been put out last summer. 

Mr. Regan described the infrastructure work that the Committee hoped would be done this year, including bringing in electricity and installing some basic safety lighting and a band shell.

Mr. Haycox asked if tiered seating would be installed and Mr. Regan advised that seating was a future consideration but agreed that tiers would be the best option.

Mrs. Batcheller asked if there would be restrictions on food and drink at The Grove.  Mr. Regan stated that the Committee discussed this issue and agreed that attendees would continue to be encouraged to bring picnic baskets with their favorite refreshments and that this practice would not be policed.  If events are planned that involve teens, there will be greater restrictions and security.

Mr. Regan reviewed the potential programming ideas for 2014.  He stated that not everything will appeal to everyone, but the Committee hoped that something would appeal to everyone.  Mr. Jerome added that the Committee is trying to show that The Grove can be more than just a concert venue, however, surveys returned show that most people want to see concerts.  Mr. Haycox stated that he thought trying a wide variety of events was a wise thing to do.  Mrs. Bodnar suggested that rather than organizing block parties, neighbors could plan to get together at an event at The Grove.

Council Update

Mr. Marrie provided an update on Council matters, including:

  • The success of the solar panels at the Police Department.
  • Budget meetings with Finance Director Ron Wynne are underway.
  • The Village is looking into a left turn lane at the Library.
  • The Greater Cleveland Trails & Greenways Conference will be held in Mayfield Village in June 2014.
  • Participation in the Heritage Home program was renewed for another year.
  • The Civil Service Commission has two new members—Brenda Bodnar and Henry DiBaggis.
  • Conceptual view of the Community Room and ongoing plans to renovate.


Ms. Wolgamuth added that, as previously suggested by this Committee, lighting along the Library driveway is being planned and should be installed this summer.  The Library has agreed to share in the cost of lighting.

Upcoming Events & Comments

Mrs. Wolgamuth stated that upcoming events were listed in the recent issue of the VOV.  She also distributed a flyer for the benefit gala being held by the Conservatory for the Performing Arts this coming Saturday, March 1.

Mrs. Bodnar stated that the Service Dept. has done an excellent job plowing and salting this winter.  The Committee agreed.  Mr. Marrie stated that he believes the Village has the best services in the County.  Mr. Dickard agreed and asked if the sidewalk on the south side of Wilson Mills, east of Deacon’s, could be plowed. Mrs. Batcheller stated that she thought it might be too narrow for the plow machine.  Mr. Marrie and Mr. Jerome stated that they would discuss this with the Service Director.

Mrs. Singer provided an update on the Memorial Day Ceremony which will be held on May 25th at 1:00 p.m.  Flags will be placed on May 24th.  This is the 25th anniversary and Mrs. Singer is hoping for greater attendance this year.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 p.m.  The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 31st at 7:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Diane Wolgamuth,
Director of Administration