CAC - April 28th 2014


Mayfield Village
Citizens Advisory Committee
Meeting Minutes
April 28, 2014

The Citizens Advisory Committee met on Monday, April 28, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. at the Mayfield Village Civic Center.

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Present: Brenda Bodnar (Chair), Sandy Batcheller, Carole Marrie, Tom Piteo, Joan Catalano, Shirley Jay, Merv Singer, Mary Singer, George Williams, Loretta Williams, and Bob Haycox    

Absent: Kay Phillips, Matthew Dickard, and Marilyn LaRiche-Goldstein                

Also PresentThomas Marrie (Council Representative), Steve Jerome (Council Alternate), and Diane Wolgamuth (Director of Administration)

Approval of Minutes

The Minutes from the March 31, 2014 meeting were approved unanimously, as written.

Anti-Idling Issues

Mrs. Bodnar welcomed Councilman Steve Jerome.  Mr. Jerome advised the Committee that Wayne Kline from NOACA is planning to attend the May meeting to provide information on anti-idling legislation.  Mr. Jerome has spoken with Chief Edelman about this issue and its potential effect on fuel costs for Police, Fire and Service vehicles.

Mrs. Batcheller asked if the anti-idling rules would apply to everybody and asked how they would apply to trucks making deliveries.  Mr. Jerome stated that it appears that different cities handle the issue differently.  Notification and policing need to be discussed.  If a vehicle is left running for more than three minutes, it would have to shut down.  Typically, the rules would not apply to concrete trucks.  Mr. Marrie commented that this could be difficult to police.  Mr. Jerome responded that perhaps anti-idling is something that could be encouraged, rather than enforced.  Similar to fireworks, enforcement could be reactive, rather than proactive.

Community Room Update

Ms. Wolgamuth advised the Committee that the Village had a preliminary structural analysis and conceptual sketches prepared to determine if the desired changes to the Community Room could be made to the current structure.  The changes were determined to be viable and she and Building Commissioner John Marrelli sought a cost estimate for the upgrade which came in at approximately $731,000.  This amount includes $54,000 in architectural fees, a 10% design contingency, 10% for project supervision and another $134,000 for misc. owner expenses and contingencies.  Ms. Wolgamuth explained that these contingencies are expected to cover “unforeseen circumstances and owner-initiated changes, bid solicitation costs, legal fees, testing and inspection, hazardous material survey, geotechnical fees, utility charges, builder’s risk insurance, moving/relocation costs, voice/data cabling, A/V, IT, furnishings and appliances.”

After the cost estimate was obtained, Ms. Wolgamuth and Mr. Marrelli approached Council to determine if it was their desire to move forward or reconsider the possibility of razing and rebuilding the structure.  Ms. Wolgamuth stated that the cost to raze and rebuild is estimated at $1.5 million.  After discussion, Council agreed to move forward with the rehab.  Mr. Marrie pointed out that this was consistent with the results of the resident survey.

Ms. Wolgamuth stated that the next step is to hire an architect to prepare plans and specifications, and then go out to bid.  The Law Dept. is preparing a request for proposals for professional services. 

Rental of the Community Room has been opened up for January and February 2015 since it does not appear that much work would be done in those months.  Work should commence in March of 2015 with completion expected in 4 to 5 months.

Ms. Wolgamuth distributed the site plan, floor plan and conceptual sketches (attached) and asked if the Committee had any comments or suggestions.  She and Mr. Marrelli have already discussed increasing the size of the deck on the east side of the building to allow room for some tables and chairs.

The Committee reviewed the materials provided and agreed that they liked the overall concept and the direction of the project.  They also liked the mix of brick and white siding on the exterior of the conceptual design.  The following suggestions were made:

  • Install removable walls between the large room and the room with the fireplace.  Alternatively, open up the room completely as multiple meeting and events are uncommon.
  • Increase the size of the covered deck on the east side of the building.  Ms. Wolgamuth asked how the Committee felt about a canvas cover and the consensus was that a solid roof is preferable.
  • Keep in mind that a door that enters directly into the kitchen is preferable for ease in unloading food and supplies.
  • Consider eliminating the eastern entry and enlarging the kitchen.
  • Consider enlarging the southern (main) entry to include room for coat racks.
  • If possible, install gas logs in the fireplace.


Council Update

            Mr. Marrie reported on the following items:

  • A Town Hall meeting regarding finances has been scheduled for May 21st.  He suggested that the Committee members attend as it is a very informative meeting.  Mr. Marrie stated that he believes Mr. Wynne is an outstanding Finance Director.
  • The Fire Dept. recently purchased a chest compression system.  Rather than stopping compressions during transport, the vest continues compressions automatically.
  • The salt dome at the ODOT property, now owned by the Village, is getting a new roof and some of the buildings will be razed.
  • A grant for $126,500 is being sought to help pay for reconfiguration of the Civic Center driveway and parking lot.  It will have pavers and include a drop-off area.
  • The remainder of the new street signs will be installed this year.
  • Five new businesses have moved into the Village.
  • The Recreation Board will be interviewing students for the Debbie Hudacko scholarship.
  • New umbrellas and awnings are being purchased for the pool.
  • Income tax collections are up and we are in good financial shape.


Upcoming Events

Ms. Wolgamuth distributed the upcoming Village calendar.  She advised that a mailing is going out this week that includes a notice of the Town Hall meeting, a magnet regarding recyclables, and a Police notification regarding scams.

Ms. Wolgamuth provided an update on the upcoming Trails & Greenways Conference as well as activities at The Grove.

Mrs. Singer updated the Committee on Memorial Day services, stating that she will be meeting with volunteers at 9 AM on May 24 to distribute flags and encouraged members to attend services on May 25th at 1 PM.   

Mrs. Singer noted that old flags should be brought to the Civic Center for proper disposal.

The Committee discussed various properties that are for sale on SOM Center Road.

The meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Diane Wolgamuth,
Director of Administration