Activities: May 2nd 2017

Mayfield Village Activities Committee Meeting
Tuesday, May 2, 2017 at 6:45 p.m.
Civic Center

Attending: Mary Ann Brastoff, Jean Britton, Patti Fioritto, Terrie Haycox, Steve Jerome, Ron Lew, Patsy Mills, Mary Singer, Debbie Thomas

Also Present: Shane McAvinew and Danielle Echt

Absent:  Chris Barni, Diane Catalano, Randy Hyde, Dona Kless, Elliot Ross, and Nona Stella

Introduction:  Mary called the meeting to order at approximately 6:52 p.m. Patti made a motion to accept the February 7, 2017 Minutes as written. Debbie seconded.  All in attendance agreed.

Mother’s Day Pancake Breakfast Update (Sunday, May 13)

  • Danielle said that there are plenty of volunteers and we are in good shape with supplies. Danielle added that the Boy Scouts are sending a large amount of volunteers.  She also said that the high school Interact Clubs were asked to help but a lot of the kids have prom weekend.
  • Debbie reported that there were no presale tickets sold yet.
  • Steve said to make sure that staff knows to park away from the Service Department building.
  • Steve suggested having an open air photo booth or something similar next year. He said the quality of pictures would be better, it’s more modern and volunteers wouldn’t need to take pictures.

Memorial Day Celebration Update (Sunday, May 28)

  • Mary reported that the flags have been received. This year there are 50 more flags being added to the unmarked graves.
  • Mary is still working on securing someone to speak at the event.
  • Shane said he will make sure there is an adequate sound system. He will also be sure to bring the flag.
  • Danielle said that information for the event can be put on the new electronic sign board.

Cruise Night Discussion (Saturday, June 10, raindate Sunday, June 11)

  • Shane reported that the usual merchants are on board and he will follow up with Smokin Q’s to see if they would like to participate.
  • Shane said that Eastwind will perform at Austins, Turnaround at the Civic Center and Ricky and the Rockets at Yours Truly. Billy James will be at the gazebo.  Shane said next year that it might be ideal to change the bands to play 70’s, 80’s and 90’s music.  He mentioned that Tommy V’s was interested in new music.  Shane asked if Billy was needed at the gazebo.    The committee said the gazebo was more for kids entertainment which is what Billy does.    Danielle asked if his service is worth the price he charges.  The committee members agreed that $2,400 seemed pretty expensive.  Shane said we would use him this year and then evaluate after.  Steve said a “wedding band” might even work.   They may be interactive and there could be other vendors in the area too.  Danielle said there will be the face painters and a balloon clown this year.  Billy J usually provides the caricature artist. 
  • The Recreation Department interns will have surveys on hand to talk to the crowd and gather feedback.
  • Patsy asked how people would know the concession stand is there? Danielle said there will be classic cars parked there so there should be a good sized crowd walking around that area.  Debbie suggested adding balloons. 
  • Terrie asked if the Community Room bathrooms would be open? Danielle said yes, but the doors by the coat rack will be locked so people cannot walk through the building.  They would only have access to the bathrooms.
  • Steve suggested putting a car on the lawn by the Community Room; like something from the Crawford Auto Museum so people are drawn to the area. He also said having the Euclid Beach Rocket Car might be a great addition to the event.  
  • Danielle said that Meals on Wheels asked for table space during the event and it would be no problem especially since that is who the donations are going to.
  • Jean mentioned that more large shirts were needed last year.   Danielle said yes, she had that in her notes.

Fourth of July Celebration Discussion (Saturday, July 1, raindate Sunday, July 2)

  • Danielle asked the committee members if they felt bingo was necessary. Steve said if Chris and Elliot want to run it again, why not.   Danielle said Chris is traveling a lot so she doesn’t know if she will here and the logistics/acoustics of being outside in the pavilion make it a bit more difficult.  Shane said to check with Elliot and Chris to see if they can run it again.
  • Shane mentioned that there will be more entertainment at the pool this year; another band was added.
  • Debbie asked about food trucks. Shane said there will be 4 – 5 there most of the day.
  • Shane reported that the pool staff will run the concession stand at The Grove and there is a limited number of snack items available. This includes snow cones, popcorn, candy and beverages. 
  • This year Mayfield Village residents can use Parkview Pool for free on July 1. The committee members liked this idea. Debbie asked if they would have to bring identification or proof of residency and Danielle said yes.
  • Last year there was very little light at the soccer field area so it was difficult for parents to see their kids and the port-a-potty area was not well lit.
  • Shane said the Mayor has already spoken to Progressive about parking in their lots. There will be two trolleys again to bring people back to The Grove area. Patsy asked if people could park at St. Bart’s. Shane said he would check. 
  • Steve asked if the dumpster at the pool parking lot could be moved so those spaces would be available for parking. Shane said he would check with the Service Department.
  • Steve said that last year, traffic was backed up on SOM and Parkview. Shane said that this year should be better because there is more activity going on during the day so hopefully people arrive at different times to enjoy the day’s activities.

Summer Concert Discussion

  • Shane said the concerts are all booked and the schedule is complete.    The Grove schedule will be mailed out in June.
  • Tentatively there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony on June 30.   More information will be made available when it gets closer. 
  • Piccolo’s will use the Community Room Concession Stand to sell food during the Thursday gazebo concerts.  Steve asked if any of the other local businesses would provide food during concerts.   Shane said not at this time.  He said they are welcome to leave menus and promote their business.   The restaurants he talked to are not interested in providing food during the concerts. Patsy suggested bringing in the food trucks that visit Progressive during the lunch time.   Shane said that could be a possibility and added that it might upset some of the local restaurants. Debbie suggested something like Jersey Mike’s doing a boxed lunch. Steve added the possibility of having the Village grill and give out hot dogs.
  • Donna has secured sponsors for the Wednesday daytime concerts. 
  • Steve said that Hillcrest Rotary was interested in sponsoring a concert.  He said that maybe it can be worked out next year.

Open Discussion

  • Danielle said that the Singing Angels contacted her to see if the Village wanted to have a concert again in December. Danielle said that attendance drops each    Debbie said it’s mostly the Angels parents that attend.  Danielle said it’s a nice concert but it’s usually the same program every year.  It was suggested to possibly offer every other year.  Patsy said maybe the Cleveland Institute of Music would perform a holiday concert.   Terrie and Steve suggested partnering up with another event such as Tree Lighting. Someone suggested using the MHS Jazz Band or Ensemble.   Danielle said local performers might have a bigger draw,  especially since there are not a lot of local residents attending the Singing Angels. 


The meeting concluded at approximately 8:03 p.m.