Activities - April 7th 2015

Mayfield Village Activities Committee Meeting
Tuesday, April 7, 2015 at 6:45 p.m.
Civic Center

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Attending: Jean Britton, Mary Alice Chandramouli, Patti Fioritto, Terrie Haycox, Steve Jerome, Dona Kless, Ron Lew, Patsy Mills, Mary Singer, Nona Stella, Bill Thomas and Danielle Echt.

Introduction:  Mary called the meeting to order at approximately 6:50 p.m.  Dona made a motion to accept the January 13, 2015 Minutes as written. Ron seconded.  All in attendance agreed.  Special event volunteer sign-up sheets were circulated.

Pancake Breakfast Discussion (Sunday, May 9)

  • Bill said that some of the items used this year will be biodegradable.    Danielle said that in the past the plates and things like that have been regular Styrofoam but the items this year will be more environmentally friendly.
  • The committee members discussed other supplies and the food inventory from last year.    They agreed to cut back slightly on pancake batter and sausage.  Danielle said that she will do that this year.  The committee suggested one less case of sausage and two less buckets of batter.
  • Danielle will remind the Service Department to put out the signs.  They usually are posted a few weeks before the event.  Dona asked if signs can be put elsewhere.   She also suggested having someone else sell tickets, some place like Heinen’s possibly.  Bill said they wouldn’t do that and Danielle added that it would probably not work either financially because the money would not be in the hands of Mayfield Village employees.   Nona suggested posting a flyer instead at Heinen’s and Bill said he would follow up with Nick, the new store manager.  Dona asked if a flyer could be put up at Wildcat Sport & Fitness and Bill said he would check.  Patti suggested advertising there and selling tickets and Bill said he would have to check with the core committee on it.
  • Bill said that he tried to bring a variety of flyers to the Mayfield library and he was told he could not leave them there.    He said they now only accept not for profit flyers.   Patsy added that it was probably a decision from the corporate offices. 
  • Patsy suggested giving Donna and the senior lunch/movie group flyers. Danielle said she would do that.
  • Danielle said that tickets just went on sale and we have not sold any yet.


Memorial Day Ceremony Discussion (flags Saturday, May 23 and ceremony Sunday, May 24)

  • Mary said the Young Marines and Boy Scouts will help again this year
  • Mary reported that Mount Sinai needs an adult volunteer with the group due to the layout of the graves because flags are only allowed in one spot.   She said that her husband Merv will probably be there.
  • Mary said she would like a sign about the ceremony at Progressive.  One of the speakers is from Progressive.  She added it would be nice to make Progressive employees aware of the ceremony.
  • Bill said the Village is purchasing a new speaker system so he will bring that to the ceremony.  Mary said they may be all set with the podium and everything from Whitehaven but she will touch base with them and Bill to make sure it’s covered.
  • Patsy suggested giving a flyer to Donna for the seniors and lunch/movie group to promote the ceremony.


Cruise Night Discussion (Saturday, June 13)

  • Bill reported that collected donations will still go to Make-A-Wish.
  • Danielle said that with the new Civic Center parking lot, parking and traffic flow could be an issue during the event.     Bill said he is setting up a meeting with key people from Service, Police, Fire and his department to discuss the situation.  Patsy asked if more police officers could be at the Civic Center.  Danielle said she is pretty certain that all of the officers are already assigned and there are no more to spare.
  • Bill mentioned that someone from a home school group contacted him and offered to volunteer that night.    The committee members agreed that Cruise Night is a pretty big event and generally we have enough volunteers.   They suggested that the Pancake Breakfast might be a better fit. 


Fourth of July Celebration

  • Bill reported that he has a meeting about the fireworks next week.
  • Steve Jerome asked the committee members if they would be interested in raising fees at the concession stand so that money could be donated to the Cleveland Fisher House. He said the Fisher House is similar to the Ronald McDonald House but it specifically helps families of veterans. Steve said they are trying to build one downtown. The committee members agreed that it was okay to do but they didn’t want to deal with change and weren’t sure what prices to raise. They discussed raising the price of water or popcorn. Terrie suggested giving the Fisher House a table/booth where they could provide information or have donation jars at the concession stand and t-shirt sales areas. Dona asked what popcorn costs at the movie theatres and the committee members agreed that it was a lot.  Dona said it’s a pretty big markup. The committee members agreed to only sell the bigger box of popcorn and at $3.00.  Steve asked if there was a way to track the expense and revenue on this. Danielle said we could probably get close with an estimate but we don’t really track individual items sold at the concession stand.  Bill suggested counting the boxes prior to the event.  Nona suggested putting up a sign at the concession stand saying money would be donated to the Cleveland Fisher House and a short explanation of what the Fisher House is. Steve said he would handle it.Terrie also suggested having the DJ make some announcements about the donations and Fisher House.


Summer Concerts

  • Bill reported that everything is all set for the summer concerts.


Open Discussion

  • Bill said that the Village hired a professional marketing firm to help with The Grove events.    He said the programs for The Grove were not in the Parks & Recreation Brochure information will be out soon.  Bill said that Village residents will receive a direct mailing like last year.  Information should be in the VOV as well.
  • Bill said a food truck vendor contacted him about selling their product during special events.  Bill told them no because for things like Cruise Night we only use Mayfield Village businesses.    The committee members said that it might be something to have at The Grove again this year.  Steve said getting the food trucks to come to The Grove last year was a lot of work and it didn’t always pan out.    He said that some of them did okay.   Patsy said it seemed like a lot of people brought in their own food.
  • Bill said Mayfield Village is looking to hire someone part time this summer to help with The Grove events.   Information has been sent to the local colleges.  If anyone is interested, they can contact Bill directly.  
  • Steve said that he is involved in River Sweep again this year.    He said it is a one time event to help clean up the area along the Tow Path Trail.   The event is scheduled for Saturday, May 9.    Contact Steve if you have questions.
  • Bill said that the Menorah Lighting will be on the second day of Hanukah this year because the Tree Lighting Ceremony and first day of Hanukah conflict. 


Next Meeting:  Tuesday, July 7, 6:45 p.m., Civic Center 

Danielle M. Echt