Activities - September 16th 2014

Mayfield Village Activities Committee Meeting
Tuesday, September 16, 2014 at 6:45 p.m.
Civic Center


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Attending: Mary Ann Brastoff, Jean Britton, Mary Alice Chandramouli, Dona Kless, Ron Lew, Patsy Mills, Mary Singer, Phil Stella, Debbie Thomas, Sean Supler, Bill Thomas and Danielle Echt.

Introduction:  The meeting was called to order at approximately 6:47 p.m.  Mary Ann made a motion to accept the June 3, 2014 Minutes as written.  Jean seconded.  All in attendance agreed.

Cruise Night Discussion

  • Patsy said that she thought everything went well.  She asked if there were any issues with people parking in the Civic Center lot too early.   Debbie said when she went to Heinen’s that morning there were cars parked in the lot.  Sean said that people probably park their regular cars here during the day and then someone else brings up their cruise night car to park in the spot.  The Recreation Department did not experience any problems with the parking at the Civic Center.
  • Bill said that the vendors seemed to be pleased.   Patsy said Tommy V was not happy with the band situation.   Bill said that is because he wanted the band to play longer, after Cruise Night ended.  Bill said he was able to give them a little more time.  
  • Bill said he plans to continue having two bands in the Yours Truly plaza as long as Tommy V’s is willing to contribute by paying the second band’s fee.
  • The committee members agreed that the shirts sold well this year.  Debbie said that there were only a few left over.  The committee members felt that a larger quantity of the bigger sizes should be ordered next year.  It is always hit or miss with sizes but Danielle said she would make note of it for next year.  Phil said to be sure to get more double and triple extra larges because people were asking for them.
  • Bill said there was a sign put out on Beta for a trolley stop that didn’t exist.    There was a call from someone who was waiting at the stop for 45 minutes.  Bill said next year he will coordinate the sign placement better with the Service Department.
  • Bill reported that the Civic Center parking lot will be reconfigured this fall so it might affect some of the parking next year.   Debbie said we were told there was going to be eight spots lost.  Patsy said the Village was able to secure grant money for the project.  She also reported that the new design will help control water runoff.
  • Phil said that the Billy J’s sound system might have been a problem because it was a bit loud.   He thought it might conflict with the bands located across the street.  Bill didn’t receive any complaints from Ricky and the Rockets.  Bill said he walked around the parking lot from Tommy V’s to Yours Truly and he didn’t think there were any problems between those two bands. Bill still plans to rotate them playing every half hour.
  • Phil asked if someone were to approach Council about staff expense for the event, what would we respond? He said in light of the situation with Mayfield Height’s Service Department, would we have an answer if someone asked?  Patsy said a lot of the set-up for the event takes place during the work day during the week.   The cleanup from the event takes a second crew.  Phil said that we should have an answer just in case and he suggested that Bill gather the financial information.  Bill said Mayfield Village subsidizes the event.  Phil said that we subsidize great events that are top notch but a lot of non Mayfield Village residents are benefitting.   Patsy suggested that Bill look at the overtime vs regular time cost for staff.   Police, Fire and Service Departments would be the biggest departments involved.


Fourth of July Discussion

  • Mary Ann said the fireworks were spectacular. 
  • Ron asked if the celebration could be closer to the actual Fourth of July.   Bill said there is more availability and they are cheaper if it’s not on the actual Fourth of July or the day before or after.  Bill said the Village has looked into it and also traditionally the fireworks are done the Saturday before the Fourth.  Debbie said the Mayor questioned it too and it looks like it’s scheduled to be early again in 2015.  Patsy suggested changing it to the Independence Day Celebration instead of Fourth of July Celebration.  Bill said it could be brought to Citizens Advisory and also Safety & Service Committees.   Patsy said to check with American Fireworks first to see what their availability is.  Bill said 2015 will be the third year with the American Fireworks contract.  Bill said maybe it could be on July 3 and with a raindate of the 5th for 2015.  July 3 is the observed holiday.  Poste Note:  Bill contacted American Fireworks and they are booked for 2015.
  • Bill said the trolley driver talked to him that night because according to the driver, he didn’t have to make many trips.  Bill said if they are not transporting people, it is a waste of money.  The committee agreed not to have the trolley in 2015 and then evaluate it after the event.
  • Bill said in 2015 the Village will be using only 3” shells.
  • Bill said that Port-a-Potties and trash cans would be needed at the Civic Center.  Danielle said that the Port-a-Potties could be left from Cruise Night and then they can pick them up after Fourth of July.
  • Debbie said that the Community Room is being remodeled next year so there may be some issues with parking and bingo.   Danielle said it probably would not be a good idea to have bingo at the Civic Center and leave the building open and unattended.   The committee felt that it would probably be okay having entertainment on the lawn by the gazebo still.


Summer Concert Discussion

  • Phil said the one concert he worked was the Scimitars. Danielle said that is the concert she moved indoors.   Phil said they made a great sales pitch that lasted about 10 minutes.  He said the organization does great work. Their music is good.  But he didn’t think that they needed to do that.  Dona said she worked the concert too and she was surprised to hear their speech.   The committee members agreed that it was not necessary. 
  • Phil said there was a replacement band for one of the concerts (Swing Era Big Band played instead of Straight-6-Dixie) and they were not that good.   Bill said Straight-6-Dixie had a scheduling error so he found Swing Era quickly.  Phil asked to look into using a college band and he thought jazz would be a good choice.   Phil said Tri-C, CSU, CWRU and Lakeland might be options.  Bill asked if it would be a big band sound.  Phil said it would be like the Dan Zola orchestra; they would fit in. 
  • Bill said the Blue Lunch Band is booked for the Friends of the Library Fundraiser again next year.    They will be scheduled August 6.
  • Bill said he will contact the surrounding communities to avoid having summer concerts on the same date.  Phil said the communities could probably promote each other’s concerts too.
  • Bill said the concert dates for 2015 will be:  July 9, 23, August 6 and 20.


The Grove Discussion

  • Patsy reported that attendance was slight at first but after the Irish and Greek events, it seemed to grow.  She said weather was an issue at times too.  Patsy said that Civic War event was not well attended so there may not be a need to repeat it.    She said if there was something like an encampment or cooking, it might draw more interest.     Patsy and Bill agreed that The Grove and the events are coming along well and are well attended.    Patsy said they have to wait and see what the budget is for next year.    Patsy reported that the Battle of the Bands and the Shakespeare event drew the biggest crowds.  The committee members agreed that there were a lot of nice events held at The Grove this year. 
  • Phil said Garry Regan and his team need to be congratulated.  He said they did great work with great results.   Bill added that Diane Wolgamuth played a huge role in the success also.  The committee members agreed.
  • Patsy said people coming to the events don’t mind that they have to bring a chair or blankets.  They like that it is family friendly.
  • Bill said that in 2015 they are going to try to plan the family movie night for a Friday or Saturday.  He said they had it on a Sunday this year, to tie into the Parkview Pool evening swim, but it’s too late for families who have to go to work or wherever the next day.
  • Phil said there is going to probably be more work on the infrastructure but once that is done, everything will be maintained so it might then be time to merge The Grove and Activities Committees.


Upcoming Holiday Events

  • Danielle passed around a volunteer sign-up sheet for upcoming holiday events.   Anyone interested in volunteering can contact her.
  • Danielle said that overall the events went well last year.   She said that she will work with Debbie to order supplies and the Service Department to make sure everything is set up for the events.


Tree Lighting Ceremony:  Sunday, December 7, 7:00 p.m. (outside Civic Center)

  • The committee members agreed that they liked having the ceremony at the Civic Center.
  • Patsy asked if we are all set on elf costumes and elves.  Danielle said the costumes were new last year so that should be fine and she will follow up with the elves. 
  • Danielle said the only issue in the notes from last year really was that something happened with the sound system Billy J was using.   When the group was singing, there was no sound coming out of the speakers.  Bill said he would follow up with Billy J.
  • Mary Ann said last year there was a problem with the hot chocolate.  Danielle said that we will read the label more closely to make sure the product can be mixed with water.


Singing Angels:  Saturday, December 13, 7:00 p.m.  (Civic Center)

  • Danielle said that there weren’t any problems with last year’s concert.
  • Bill asked if the contract was signed.  Danielle said she thought so but she would double check.


Menorah Lighting Ceremony:  Tuesday, December 16, 7:00 p.m. (outside Gazebo/inside Community Room)

  • Danielle reported that there weren’t any problems with last year’s ceremony. 


Open Discussion

  • Mary asked if Matthew Dickard was still interested in being part of the committee.  Danielle said he was not at our last meeting but she knew he had some ideas he wanted to share.    Danielle said she would follow up with him.


Poster Contest

  • Danielle said that Steve Jerome contacted her.    When the Village had a Beautification Committee, they had a poster contest that Patricia Russo is interested in bringing back.  She contacted Councilman Jerome about it and he thought it might be something the Activities Committee would be interested in coordinating.  Danielle said basically someone from the Village worked with the elementary schools and the students created posters about the environment, keeping the planet clean, recycling, etc.   The posters were then displayed at a Council Meeting where students, parents, committees were asked to attend because the students would be recognized.  
  • Jean and Patsy said the Garden Club of Ohio is going through Highland Heights to do something like this.   It involves posters and poems.
  • Patsy said the Village works with Center School for an Arbor Day Ceremony.  She said it is a project that Jean coordinates and she does a fantastic job.    Jean said the kids love it.    Learning about trees is part of the teacher’s curriculum and the unit ends by planting a tree next to Center School on Arbor Day.  The committee members agreed that Frank Stupczy from the Service Department does a great presentation when it’s time to plant the tree.  Patsy said she would like to see more attendance at the event and invited the committee.   Jean said the kids are very interested in the unit and planting the tree.
  • The committee members said that it may be difficult for the schools to fit an additional project into the curriculum.  The committee members also discussed that posters and coloring might not be that interesting to kids seeing how we only had one picture submitted to the Mother’s Day Coloring Contest.   Phil suggested maybe it is something the high school wants to do with their art classes but they too probably have a lot of things asked of them already.   If it is going to go through the schools, maybe the Superintendent has to be approached.
  • The committee members asked how it was a contest or what the point of the event was.    Danielle said she wasn’t sure about the contest portion but she thought it was just to bring awareness about the environment.  Sean said it was odd that they make these posters and what do they do with them after, throw them away?  The committee members felt that the Arbor Day Ceremony is a great way to go because the kids can see the tree grow over the years.
  • The committee members agreed that they would like to focus their attention to the Arbor Day Ceremony since it is established and it seems to be something the students really enjoy.   
  • Danielle said she would pass the information on to Steve.  The committee members agreed that Steve or Patricia could present more information at the next meeting if they wanted.
  • The meeting concluded at 7:47 p.m.


Next Meeting:  Tuesday, January 13, 2014, 6:45 p.m., Civic Center

Danielle M. Echt