Activities - January 14th 2014

Mayfield Village Activities Committee Meeting
Tuesday, January 14, 2014 at 6:45 p.m.
Civic Center

Attending: Chris Barni, Mary Ann Brastoff, Jean Britton, Dona Kless, Patsy Mills, Mary Singer, Sean Supler, Bill Thomas, Debbie Thomas and Danielle Echt.

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Introduction:  The meeting was called to order at approximately 6:50 p.m.  Bill nominated Mary Singer as chairperson and Mary Ann seconded.  Mary accepted.  All members were in favor. 

Elf Suit Discussion

  • Danielle said she thought the new suits were fine.  She said the costume came with the top, a hat, belt and shoe covers.   The covers only would work for indoor events.  The elves were able to wear whatever pants they wanted.  
  • The committee members said they agreed that the costumes were fine.
  • Danielle reported that the suits were inexpensive so they would not last long but she said they would probably get a few years out of them.


Tree Lighting Recap

  • Patsy reported that it was cold but there was a good crowd.  Patsy asked if the Village sends a thank you to Center School. Debbie said no but the kids do keep the Santa hats.
  • Bill said that he received feedback that the sound provided by Billy J was hard to hear.  The committee members agreed that they could not hear anything at the tent.  When the choir was singing, there was no sound coming out of the speakers.  Chris asked if we could use a different sound system.   Bill said the Village might have something portable but wasn’t sure if that would mean eliminating Billy J.  The committee members weren’t sure how to proceed and would discuss it prior to the 2014 event.  Bill said he would have to look into a separate sound system to see if that would be feasible. 
  • Mary Ann asked if the event will always be at the Civic Center.  Bill said yes.  Patsy said the Civic Center location is easier for the Service Department to set up and Scott from the Service Department supports it.  The committee members said they like the location as well.
  • Mary Ann said there was an issue with the hot chocolate.  Debbie said the Service Department read on the package later that milk should be used with the mix but we never had any issue in the past and they have always used water.   Debbie said we used the same mix as previous years.  


Menorah Lighting

  • Dona said it was cold outside but it was warm inside the community room.   Danielle said they weren’t outside long because of the temperature.  Patsy said the participants would have stayed longer but the committee started cleaning up. Danielle said the event is scheduled until 8:00 p.m. 
  • Patsy said there were about 50 people there and there was someone from Greece visiting so they were part of the festivities.
  • Patsy said the hot chocolate for this event turned out fine and she asked Danielle how she made it.  Danielle said she just used water and measured it.


Singing Angels

  • Jean and Dona said everything went well.  Jean said that the ticket taking, opening the doors and passing out programs went well.  Danielle agreed and said everything went well.
  • Dona said there were tickets left over but it was probably due to weather.    Danielle reported that there were approximately 30 tickets left over.   She said weather was probably a factor but she said each year there seems to be more tickets remaining.   
  • Danielle said with what we paid the Angels and with the snacks the Village bought for the Angels, plus the open seats, they lost around $65 this year.  She said in the past that the money left over after the expenses was donated to the Singing Angels Scholarship Fund but there was not anything to donate this year.  
  • Danielle asked if the concert should be offered in 2014.  Bill asked if the Singing Angels could reduce their fee.  Danielle said she wasn’t sure but she could check.  Chris asked who attends the concert and if was a family tradition.  Danielle said there are a lot of Singing Angel parents that attend but there are some Village residents too.   She said that it probably is a tradition.  The committee members agreed to try it again for 2014.    Dona asked if there are any other performers around that could do something around the holidays. The committee members weren’t sure if there was anything else that could be offered.   Mary Ann said she would hate to take money away from the Singing Angels.   Bill suggested raising the ticket price.  Danielle said she isn’t sure when prices were raised last.  Debbie suggested raising the non Mayfield Village resident price $1 but keep Mayfield Village resident rates the same.  The committee members liked this idea.


Review of Summer 2013 Special Events Finances and Discussion of 2014 Events


Pancake Breakfast (Sunday, May 11, 2014, 8:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.)

  • Patsy asked why Swifty the Clown’s fee was so much more from 2012 to 2013.  Danielle said she thought that he had a conflict with the date in 2012 so it was a lesser fee for the lesser time.  She said she was pretty sure he was there for almost the entire event in 2014.     The committee members agreed that it is well worth it and the kids love his balloon art. 
  • Patsy reminded Danielle to follow up with Susan for inventory for this year’s breakfast.   She also said that there seems to be a tablecloth shortage each year so she suggested that service buy extra.


Memorial Day Weekend (Saturday, May 24 and Sunday, May 25, 2014)

  • Mary said she has two speakers but she needs a different band than last year.   Bill said he would work on securing the band.  The ceremony will be Sunday, May 25.
  • Danielle asked Mary if she needed volunteers to help place flags on Saturday, May 24.   Mary said yes, she has the Young Marines and maybe another troop but additional volunteers would be nice.  Danielle said she would add it to volunteer sign up sheet for special events.  Mary said that would be fine and she said all volunteers should go to the back of Whitehaven Cemetery by the Veteran’s Memorial, where the flags are, by the tents at approximately 8:30 – 9:00 a.m.   Mary will instruct volunteers which graves need flags placed.  Mary said the flags have been ordered.
  • Mary also said that the Young Marines will remove the flags this year and make sure the flags are disposed of properly


Cruise Night (Saturday, June 14/raindate of Sunday, June 15, 2014 )

  • Bill said there will be an additional band, Armstrong Bearcat Band, by Gary Ann Hair Studio.  He said Tommy V’s is paying for them.   It will require approximately 10 spots to be blocked off.   Bill said there will still be a band by Yours Truly but one band will play while the other has a break so that way there is no interference.    They will play for a half hour and then break for a half hour.  Ricky and the Rockets will perform by Yours Truly again.  Debbie asked if they were still $1,000 and Bill said no, they are $1,100 this year.  Debbie said they were $800 a few years ago.  Bill said they are good.    Bill said Eddie and the Edsals will be at Austin’s.  He said he rotates the band there each year.
  • Patsy asked if there were a lot of dash plates left over.  Debbie said there are some.   Patsy suggested cutting back on them.   Danielle said every year we reduce it but just a little bit because we don’t want to drastically cut and then find out we don’t have enough.  
  • Patsy asked if there were leftover shirts.   Debbie said there are some, they sold well.  Chris asked if the old shirts pay for themselves.  Debbie said we sell them for $5 so it’s pretty close to what we pay.
  • Bill said he would like to have Marra’s Market back.  The committee members thought they didn’t do so well last year so they weren’t sure if they would be interested in returning.  Bill will follow up with them.
  • Patsy said the lemonade stand went well in the past but it requires a lot of supplies and manpower.   Bill said it would be nice to have a vendor sell it.   Patsy asked about the vendor that has been used at The Grove events.   Patsy also said that it also depends upon the heat; if it’s hot they would sell a lot of lemonade probably.   Mary Ann asked how it would work if a vendor was brought in.  The committee members also thought in the past we have not allowed vendors. 


Fourth of July Celebration (Saturday, June 28/raindate of Sunday, June 29)

  • Bill said the fireworks are all set with the cost of $9,000.  Patsy said that Randy and Bill got the contract together for Council and they approved it for two years.
  • Bill said the fire department is comfortable with American Fireworks.  
  • The committee members agreed that quality was not sacrificed with the switch to the new vendor last year.  Dona said there was a continuous flow of them being shot off, there wasn’t a lot of stopping.
  • Patsy asked if the fireworks could be shot higher.  Bill said he wasn’t sure.
  • Bill brought up the issue of pedestrian safety again.   He said we discussed it briefly before but there is concern for pedestrian safety along S.O.M. Center and Wilson Mills during the event.  The committee members agreed that something should be done.    Bill said Steve Jerome suggested signage for cars to slow down.  Chris said maybe Center School could turn on their lights that flash during the school day.   Someone else suggested parking a police car on the road with its lights flashing.  Danielle will check with the police department to see who handles traffic situations and will get their feedback. 


Summer Concerts

  • Bill said he has secured the bands:
    • July 10-Tony Fortunato
    • July 24-Straight 6 Dixie
    • August 7-Blue Lunch Band
    • August 21-Scimitars Swing Band
  • Bill said that he rotates the bands each year except for Blue Lunch. That is the concert that the Friends of the Library pays for and it is for their ice cream social/fundraiser. 


Open Discussion

  • Patsy said The Grove has performances scheduled tentatively for 2014.  Bill said in the future, additional concerts might be scheduled there.  Patsy said 2014 could have music, comedy and theater.  She said The Grove committee is working hard and has high expectations.   Mary Ann asked if there is electricity.  Patsy said it is up for discussion but they are looking into it.  
  • Bill said the new pavilion at the soccer fields will not be able to be reserved.   He said it is for safety/shelter of the participants using the field.  In addition Progressive will use it for lunch often.  Bill said Progressive is paying for the material to build and landscape it.  Bill said Mayfield Village has a great relationship with Progressive.
  • Patsy said volunteers are always welcome to join the Activities Committee.
  • Danielle will have special events volunteer sign-up sheets available at the next meeting.
  • The meeting concluded at 7:58 p.m.


Next Meeting:  Tuesday, March 18, 2014, 6:45 p.m., Civic Center

Respectfully submitted, 

Danielle M. Echt,
Assistant Recreation Director