Activities - January 29th 2013

Mayfield Village Activities Committee Meeting
Tuesday, January 29, 2013 at 6:45 p.m.
Civic Center

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Attending: Jean Britton, Terrie Haycox, Randy Hyde, Dona Kless, Steve Jerome, Patsy Mills, Mary Singer, Nona Stella, Sean Supler, Bill Thomas, Debbie Thomas and Danielle Echt.

Also in Attendance: NDCL Seniors Julian Wilson and Mikayla Bucci.

Introduction: The meeting was called to order at approximately 6:50 p.m. Debbie nominated Steve Jerome as chairperson and Nona seconded.  All members agreed.  Members then introduced themselves.

Elf Suit Discussion:

  • The members agreed that the current suits were old and worn. Danielle said that there are some parts missing.
  • Danielle found some costumes online and circulated the information to the members.
  • Patsy suggested that Terrie and Rachel look into it more since Rachel has been an elf for several years. Terrie said she would get back to Danielle.
  • Steve asked how many costumes were needed. The committee agreed on two elves.


Tree Lighting Recap:

  • Bill said that the ceremony went well at the Civic Center.  It was moved from the gazebo area because of the mounds and grass that was recently planted. Bill said it would probably be moved back to the gazebo next year.
  • Patsy said it looked impressive with the chorus on the steps.
  • Patsy asked about the quantity of donuts. Danielle said she thought it was a good amount.  Dona said that after the kids were done singing, they went fast.
  • The committee members agreed that the event went well.


Menorah Lighting:

  • Patsy said the evening went well. Attendees had to walk around on the sidewalk to get to the Menorah this year but it was fine.
  • Patsy had some decorations for the Community Room and Michael Wolfe also had some. Patsy had a Menorah on the food table that one of the participants even lit.
  • The members agreed that it was a nice celebration.


Singing Angels:

  • Danielle said there weren’t any issues this year. There were approximately 15 tickets that weren’t sold. The Singing Angels staff cleared out the theatre before the public was allowed in so seating worked well.
  • Bill asked about holding tickets at the box office. Danielle said there were no problems because we specified tickets would not be held unless they were paid for in advance.
  • Danielle reported that after the expenses were covered, the Village’s revenue for the concert was $176 which was donated to the Singing Angels Scholarship Fund.
  • Jean said they had a security guard at the event and he asked her some questions when she went into the theatre to find accommodations for someone in a wheelchair. Danielle clarified that it was a parent of one of the Angels and he has been there each year we have had the concert. She said that he has a background in law enforcement/security and he was more alert since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings. Danielle said that the Singing Angels might have their own security next year. Bill asked if the guard was checking people as they came in and Danielle said no, he was just watching people.


Mother’s Day Pancake Breakfast (Sunday, May 12)

  • The committee members reviewed last year’s expenses and revenue.
  • The committee members discussed raising prices. Debbie said the seniors already say something about it being expensive when they purchase tickets. Dona and Nona said things are just getting more expensive, even in the stores. The committee agreed that compared to other pancake breakfasts in the area, people get a lot more at ours because of Swifty and the harpist. Mikayla said her family really enjoys hearing the harpist each year.   Steve asked if the $500 difference in breaking even was really an issue. Someone suggested raising prices 50 cents to help cover cost and Danielle and Debbie agreed that it would be best not to deal with quarters or change. Bill suggested raising prices one dollar. Dona asked about the vendor prices, maybe there are better prices out there. Patsy said she is fairly certain that Bob Evans gives the Village a good price.  The committee members decided to raise the Senior and Adult prices one dollar so the price for an adult is $8, senior is $6 and child is $4.
  • Steve said that marketing items should have information about the harpist and clown on it. He said that it might help for people to see what they are getting for the money they are paying. Patsy suggested putting it in the VOV and Debbie said it is about to be delivered to residents. Patsy asked if there would be another issue before the breakfast. Bill will make sure the park and recreation brochure has the information.  Danielle said it can be put on the website also.
  • Debbie suggested putting a donation box by the pictures with Mom. Danielle said we tried asking for donations like that by the sausage one year and people really didn’t donate.
  • Patsy reminded everyone that new aprons are needed. She found some pricing online. Patsy gave the information to Danielle and she will look into it. Danielle will also research it with other clothing vendors that the Village has used before.


Memorial Day Weekend (Saturday, May 25 and Sunday, May 26)

  • Mary said she is in need of volunteers to help place flags at Mt. Sinai, Whitehaven and the Mayfield Union Cemetery on Saturday, May 25. She said the county gives her flags for free but she needs volunteers to help place them.
  • Mary also reported that she is trying to secure a band and a speaker for the ceremony on Sunday, May 26.


Cruise Night (Saturday, June 8/raindate of Sunday, June 9)

  • Danielle said that she reviewed notes from last year and there were just a few issues. She said the two biggest ones were cars that were cruising or parked and they were not within the age range of 25 years and older.  The other issue was people reserving parking spots. After evaluating Cruise Night last year, the committee thought posting signs might be a good idea.
  • Steve said maybe the officer who is at the location where cars enter the cruise, maybe he can just reiterate that it is for cars 25 years and older. Sean said as long as they donate to Make-A-Wish, would the year really matter.
  • Patsy said that it might help if the actual year is marketed/posted everywhere, something along the lines of: for cars prior to 1989. Steve said the brochure and publications say 50’s Cruise Night.  Danielle said maybe it should be called just Cruise Night. The committee members suggested something along the lines of Mayfield Village Cruise Night or Classic Cruise Night. The committee members agreed to check with the Mayor about changing the name.
  • The committee members agreed to post some signs at the Civic Center about age/eligibility for cars and reserving spots. The members felt enforcing these two policies would be extremely difficult but the signs might deter some people.
  • Bill reported that he secured the bands, Ricky and the Rockets at Yours Truly and Turnaround at Austin’s. He also said that the stages will be lowered from 5 feet to 3 feet. Danielle asked if they were higher, wouldn’t people be able to see the bands better? Bill said he thought so but one of the bands requested a lower stage.
  • Danielle asked if Billy J would be doing the green screen for pictures again. Bill said no, it did not work well last year.
  • The committee members asked where the Police and Fire Departments would be stationed since the old Village Hall parking lot used to be one of main areas the departments would be stationed. Danielle said that area used to be used for handicap parking as well.
  • Sean asked if there would be room for the concession trailer. Debbie said yes.
  • Danielle said the permit fee for the trailer will be increasing because the Cuyahoga County Board of Health misclassified it previously.


Fourth of July Celebration (Saturday, June 29/raindate of Sunday, June 30)

  • Randy said that the Village is going with American Fireworks this year. It is basically the same show, same amount of shells for half the price. It is $9,000.
  • Randy said he still needs to have a meeting with Fire Chief and the representative from American Fireworks.   Patsy said there is an interim chief right now. Bill said he would talk to Mike Girbino.
  • Debbie asked if it was a one year contract. Randy said yes, it is to see how it compares to Zambelli. Bill said American Fireworks is reputable. Randy said they probably gave us such a good price because they are trying to drum up business and get themselves established more.
  • Patsy said that everyone always says the Village’s display is spectacular.


Summer Concerts

  • Bill said he has secured the bands:
    • July 11-Swingtime Big Band
    • July 25-Dan Zola Orchestra
    • August 8-Blue Lunch Band (Friend of the Library fundraiser)
    • August 22-Prime Time Big Band


Open Discussion

  • Nona asked why there are mounds by the gazebo. Bill said it has been realized that they need to be adjusted.
  • Nona asked about The Grove. Patsy said it is being used now for sledding. Bill said it will be used for entertainment in the future and that Garry Regan is the chairman of the committee. Bill said they are working on drainage. Sean asked if summer concerts would be moved there and Bill said possibly. Steve added that the grass needs to grow first.
  • The meeting concluded at 7:57 p.m.


Next Meeting:  Tuesday, April 2, 2013, 6:45 p.m., Civic Center

Respectfully submitted,
Danielle M. Echt,
Assistant Recreation Director