Activities - April 2nd 2013

Mayfield Village Activities Committee Meeting
Tuesday, April 2, 2013 at 6:45 p.m.
Civic Center

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Attending:  Mary Ann Brastoff, Terrie Haycox, Randy Hyde, Dona Kless, Steve Jerome, Patsy Mills, Mary Singer, Phil Stella, Sean Supler, Bill Thomas, Debbie Thomas and Danielle Echt.

Introduction:  The meeting was called to order at approximately 6:50 p.m.  Steve asked for approval of the January 29th Minutes.   Debbie Thomas made a motion and Terrie seconded.  All members agreed. 

Mother’s Day Pancake Breakfast (Sunday, May 12)

  • Volunteers are always needed.   Anyone interested can contact Danielle.  She will keep circulating a sign-up sheet to various committees.
  • Danielle said they will work with the Service Department for inventory and ordering supplies.
  • Swifty the clown and the harpist have been booked for the event.
  • Terrie asked if we decided if we were going to charge for pictures or not.   Danielle said it was brought up at a previous meeting but the committee never reached a consensus.  The committee members agreed not to charge for pictures.  The members said that since prices were raised slightly, it should help offset some of the cost.  Most of the committee members felt that raising the prices was justified based upon everything that is offered at the breakfast.
  • Danielle said there was a comment last year from one of the servers that the tables were too close together.  Steve explained that it wasn’t really for the servers but he said that people sitting down couldn't move their chairs back.  Danielle said she will ask the Service Department to move the stanchions by the grills thus allowing more room for the tables.    The issue in the past has also been the drainage grate that runs along the floor.  The committee members suggested moving the tables so the legs did rest upon the grate.
  • Danielle said based upon last year’s notes, they will look into ordering smaller plates and plasticware packets without salt and pepper but with a wipe instead.
  • Danielle said it was also suggested to put a parking sign on Beta Drive so people know there is parking at Skoda Minotti.    A sign might also be needed at the Skoda lot so that people know where to enter for parking.
  • Steve said it might be nice to have name tags available for volunteers.


Memorial Day Weekend (Saturday, May 25 and Sunday, May 26)

  • Mary reported the Shrine Band has been secured for the Sunday, May 26, 1:00 p.m. ceremony at Whitehaven Cemetery.  They donate all of their money, it does not go to the band itself.  A local student, Sweata, will also sing the National Anthem.  Mary said the Boy Scouts usually stand at the front entrance and give a flag  to anyone who enters.   She said they are pretty well set with refreshments, tents and volunteers for the ceremony.
  • Mary said she needs volunteers to help place flags at Mt. Sinai, Whitehaven and the Mayfield Union Cemeteries on Saturday, May 25.  She said the county gives her flags for free but she needs volunteers to help place them.  She said there are 5,000 flags that need to be placed.  The committee members asked how they know which ones are veterans and receive a flag.   Mary said many are marked, she also works with the local VFW posts, American Legion and the families for information.   She said if the grave is not identifiable as a veteran, they do receive a flag.  Mary said she keeps a list that is updated every two years.    This is her fifth year organizing this project.
  • Mary said she would like to have a new sign that can be used each year.   She said something more visible than the current sign would be nice.   Mary suggested red, white and blue and it would have to have dates that could be changed.  Bill said that was a good idea.


Cruise Night (Saturday, June 8/raindate of Sunday, June 9)

  • A volunteer sign up sheet was passed around.  Anyone who would like to volunteer can contact Danielle.
  • Bill reported that the bands are secured.   Jeff Shibley from Yours Truly wanted to have the band Live Bait there but Bill had already booked Ricky and the Rockets. 
  • Steve asked what the event would be called now since the committee felt that 50’s Cruise Night didn’t apply because the car requirement was 25 years and older.   Per the Mayor’s approval, it is now simply called Cruise Night. 
  • Danielle asked volunteers to put their shirt size down and also if they would like a tshirt or tank top.
  • Bill asked if the trolley was all set.  Danielle and Debbie said that they were secured in January.
  • Patsy asked about parking at the Community Room.   Debbie and Danielle said that in the past it has only been used for handicap parking and the police and fire departments.   The committee members suggested signage if it was for handicap access because otherwise people won’t know it’s available.  Danielle and Debbie said that the police department usually handles that area and placing barrels that day but they can ask the department to put up a sign.
  • Patsy asked about a First Aid station. Danielle and Debbie said that is something that the police and fire department have handled.
  • Patsy asked if Deacon’s would be participating this year.   Bill said he would follow up with them.
  • Steve asked about the parking issues at the Civic Center.  Danielle said that they hope to put up a sign saying no reserving spots and parking for cars 25 years and older.
  • Bill said a student from Mayfield Middle School (the same one performing during Memorial Day Ceremony) will be performing a few songs at the Gazebo. 
  • Terrie asked if the clowns would be back again.  Bill said yes.  She also asked about the green screen photos and Bill said no, they were not successful.  Steve asked if we should try it again and Bill said we tried during Fourth of July festivities last year and still no luck. 
  • Steve suggested putting grandstands along SOM Center Road.  The committee members agreed that it was not feasible due to the crowd size and the bleachers are in use at the soccer and softball fields. 
  • Bill said that stages will be lowered this year.  
  • Bill asked how the committee members felt about allowing outside restaurants to sell during the event.  The committee agreed to keep it to Mayfield Village businesses only.
  • Steve asked if Pizzazz was going to participate this year.  Bill said he would follow up.
  • Bill said he would like to find someone to make lemonade and sno-cones this year.  Patsy said Elliot used to volunteer for lemonade.  Bill said he would follow up with him.  Steve suggested bringing in a vendor for those items.  Bill said possibly.   Phil suggested bottled lemonade.  The committee members agreed that most people would prefer fresh squeezed.   They also said that those items require additional volunteers, resources and supplies.  Sean suggested slushies instead and said that the machine from the pool concession stand could probably be brought down.   The committee members thought this was a great idea.  Bill will look into it.


Fourth of July Celebration (Saturday, June 29/raindate of Sunday, June 30)

  • Randy said that he, Bill, someone from the Fire and Police Departments and American Fireworks will be meeting later this week.
  • Phil asked what details were in the bids.   Randy said they specify exact number of shells, cost per shot, all of that sort of information.  
  • Bill said he will work with Billy J for entertainment.   Steve said we brought the cost down last year so that worked well.   Bill agreed and said he would stick with the same expense. 


Open Discussion

  • Steve reported on The Grove.  They are working on things like a path, pavers and drainage.   There will be an open house on Saturday, June 22 from 11:00  a.m. – 1:00 p.m.   There will be a tent set up by Parkview Pool and people will be able to walk over to The Grove.  Patsy asked if flyers/notification would be given to residents and Steve said, yes, once it is finalized.   Bill said things will tie in nicely, with the path, library and everything.  Steve said they are trying not to overschedule the facility this year so that the grass and plantings can take hold.    The committee is planning to have Dancing Under the Stars in August or September where a portable dance floor will be brought into the facility, possibly a Civil War Round Table in conjunction with the library, Cleveland Yoga and an outdoor dance program.  Steve said there is no electricity at this point so they are mostly looking at daytime programming.  Patsy added that the hill was used for sledding this past winter so there is a possibility that there might be ice skating there next winter.  
  • Patsy reported that the library open house will be Saturday, April 20 at 2:00 p.m.    They are expecting a lot of people to come through the doors.   Patsy said the Garden Club will be there with a booth and Debbie said Mayfield Village will be there with information about the trail and trail mix.   Terrie asked if they were going to open the doors for business on April 22 and Patsy said as far she knew, that is correct.  
  • The meeting concluded at 7:38 p.m.


Next Meeting:  Tuesday, May 21, 2013, 7:00 p.m., Civic Center

Respectfully submitted,

Danielle M. Echt,
Assistant Recreation Director