Activities Committee

Mayfield Village Parks and Recreation Department will coordinate with members of the Mayfield Village Activities Committee and other volunteers, to develop a wide variety of special events throughout the year. Through these special events, the Activities Committee hopes to promote a “sense of community” and carry on the annual traditions each season. 

Meetings are held on an as needed basis. When they are held, they meet at 6:45 p.m. at the Civic Center.

Current Members:

Chris Barni
Mary Ann Brastoff
Jean Britton
Diane Catalano
Mary Alice Chandramouli
Patti Fioritto
Terrie Haycox
Randy Hyde
Dona Kless
Ron Lew
Elliot Ross
Mary Singer (Chair)
Nona Stella
Debbie Thomas
Edie Wohlgang
Shane McAvinew (MV Recreation Director)
Danielle Echt (MV Assistant Recreation Director)
Patsy Mills (Council Rep.)
Steve Jerome (Council Alt.)

To contact the Activities Committee you can email Danielle Echt at or call the Recreation Department at 440.461.5163.