Records - December 18th 2014

Records Commission Meeting
Wednesday, December 18, 2014 - 12:30 p.m.

Mayfield Village Civic Center

Attending:  Mary Beth Betsa, Diane Calta, Cheryl Garinger, Laurie Hughes, Maura McKinley, Patsy Mills, Nancy Plastine and Danielle Echt

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Introduction:  Nancy called the meeting to order at approximately 12:40 p.m.  Cheryl made a motion to accept the September 24, 2014 Minutes.  Maura  seconded.  All in attendance approved. 

Revisions to Records Retention Schedules

  • Mary Beth said that it is currently 75% done.  She hopes to have it completed in February along with the Public Records Handbook.


Off-site Storage Update

  • Laurie reported that there were no updates.


Shred Day

  • Mary Beth said that Cintas is now Access.   She will check with them and also the new company that is on Beta.   She said they would keep their off-site storage with Access but might use this local company for Shred Day.   Diane said she didn’t think the new place on Beta had off-site storage capacity. 
  • The date the committee asked Mary Beth to secure is Saturday, May 16.


Public Records Policy Revisions

  • Diane reported that there were none.


Status of Public Records Requests

  • Maura said the Police Department always has requests. She said there is reporter now who sends a mass email asking for newsworthy information.   Diane said that they are currently trying to determine what newsworthy is. 
  • Mary Beth said there was the one request where we charged for off-site storage retrieval and the requestor tried to fight the cost.   Mary Beth received confirmation that a requestor may  be charged the actual costs of retrieval.  The requestor was advised and did not pursue.
  • Mary Beth reported that there was a request for timesheets and also a separate request from about revenue from traffic tickets.
  • The annual request from Theodore Evans came in where he requested information on how to become a police officer and he was interested in the annual report from the department. Mary Beth responded.


Legislative Updates

  • Diane and Mary Beth each said there was none


      House Bill 9 Training Session-May 2015

    • It has been scheduled for May 15, 2015.   Mary Beth said Mayfield Village is scheduled to host however there is now an online seminar as well so it may affect attendance.   She said the online course fulfills the certification requirement.    If there is not enough rsvp’s for the Mayfield Village seminar it will be cancelled.  Danielle asked if this online seminar would run during the same timeframe or if it were one you could do at any time.  Mary Beth wasn’t sure and said she would look into it.
    • Patsy asked if she could be Joe Saponaro’s designee if he was unable to attend and Mary Beth said yes, as long as the arrangements are made prior to the training.


    Open Discussion

    • Diane advised that a personal email address used for public business can be considered public record.
    • Cheryl said that the Fire Department is going paperless for their run and log reports beginning in January 2015.  She said that reports can be printed so the Fire Department will start by printing and scanning and then Cheryl will have access to double check.   Once the procedure is well established,   everything will be scanned to be included in one report electronically.   The printed copies will be shred after they are scanned.   Diane said to make sure the retention schedule and policy state electronic as well as destroyed once scanned.
    • Patsy asked what is going on with electronic storage.  Diane said it is on her list to look into cataloging email from the server and in general, how things can be catalogued electronically.  She said she will keep on pursuing and she will talk with Jeff as well.    Mary Beth said the new company on Beta might handle electronic storage so she will do some research.  Diane added that the county has recently done away with microfiche.
    • Mary Beth thanked the Commission for all of their hard work over the year.
    • The meeting concluded at 1:08 p.m.


      Next Meeting:  Wednesday, February 18, 2015 p.m. at the Civic Center