Records - June 5th 2013

Records Commission Meeting
Wednesday, June 5, 2013 - 12:00 p.m.
Village Civic Center


Attending:  Mary Beth Betsa, Diane Calta, Cheryl Garinger, Vida Hauptman, Donna Heath, Susan Jerome, Maura McKinley, Patsy Mills, Nancy Plastine, Janice Reale, Jean Vitek and Danielle Echt.

Guest: Michelle Stys, Cleveland Regional Liaison for the Auditor of State of Ohio

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Introduction:  The meeting was called to order at approximately 12:46 p.m.  Nancy asked for approval of the April 24, 2013 Minutes.  Vida made a motion to approve them and Maura seconded.  All in attendance approved. 

Revisions to Records Retention Schedules

  • Mary Beth reported that she received information from the departments so she is transferring everything.    Once that is done she will send them to each department along with the Law Department for review.


Off-site Storage Update

  • Janice said there is no report


Shred Day Update

  • Janice reported there were 7,200 pounds of paper shredded which came from 235 boxes. She said this was more than the previous two years.
  • Janice said there was an issue with traffic flow and people coming into the Civic Center for youth football sign-ups. She said if the trucks set up on the west side of the lot it would be better. Patsy said it is nice on the east side of the lot in case weather is an issue; the volunteers/workers can wait in the Civic Center. Maura said that her family has a tent that she would be willing to bring. The Service Department also has pop-up tents.
  • Nancy asked if there were two workers from Cintas.   Janice said there were three originally but it was mostly two during the event.
  • Janice asked the committee members if they wanted to have it twice a year. Patsy and Susan both agreed that when it was offered in the fall previous years, there was not a good turnout. Janice asked about doing the event in October. Mary Beth added that business taxes are due September 30. Janice said the snowbirds were saying they did not have time to get everything ready for the May shred event. Patsy said it is best to set precedence and have it the same time each year; she said it has been advertised everywhere. Maura said other surrounding cities also have it in the spring. Mary Beth asked if Mayfield Village should have two dates. Janice said she thought it could be in the fall rather than the spring. Cheryl asked if we could just make sure the Civic Center wasn’t being used during Shred Day. Danielle said it was a group using the building for registration, it wasn’t anything through the Recreation Department. Danielle said it shouldn’t be a problem to make sure other groups are not using the building during the time of Shred Day.
  • Danielle confirmed with Debbie Thomas that there were no uses scheduled in the building on Saturday, May 17, 2014. Shred Day will be scheduled.


Report on House Bill 9 Training

  • Michelle Stys said that they enjoy having the training at Mayfield Village each year.  She said they would like to hold certified training at Mayfield Village each May.
  • Michelle Stys also said that they do other training seminars as well through the Open Government Department of the Auditor’s office. She said they can be specific seminars such as record retention or open meetings.  Michelle said they did one recently in Geauga County for law enforcement.


Public Records Policy Revisions

  • There was no report.


Status of Public Records Requests

  • Diane said that she had no report.
  • Maura said she had a request from Florida for a 1973 OVI case. She said she hasn’t found it yet.  Maura said this is something Terry would have handled in the past so she is new to this. Maura said there is a records room at the Police Department and she is trying to sort through everything there. Diane asked what the records retention schedule states. Maura said that the report would have to be kept for two years. Diane said if it is past the two year limit it is okay. Diane said that at the end of the day, if we have a document in our possession then we have to produce it. She said we don’t have to prove it was destroyed, we have to prove that it was able to be destroyed. Diane asked if there is a list of items in storage at police. Maura said it is from 2005.


Legislative Updates

  • Diane said she had no report.


Electronic Records

  • Mary Beth said there is no report.


Open Discussion

  • Michelle Stys said that there was a bulletin that came out from the Auditor’s Office in 2011. The document contains best practices. Diane said the committee has discussed it. She said the committee knows to copy the requested documents, keep a log of requests and if things are out of the ordinary, it goes to the Law Department. Diane said her office will check to make sure enough or not enough is redacted. Michelle said it’s all about what works best for your community.
  • Cheryl said she does not keep a log of attorney requests for medical releases. Diane and Michelle agreed that those are public records. Cheryl said they are put with the run reports. Diane said that is different then, there may not be something that actually says “log” but you have the documentation for the request. Maura added that the police department does not keep a log either. Mary Beth said that things have always been different for police and fire because of the sensitive situations and material they deal with on a daily basis. Mary Beth said departments know to give public records requests to herself and Diane. Diane then provides direction on what needs to be done. Mary Beth said she keeps a copy of the information also if it is not too many pages and if it is lengthy she documents it. So there is a record of all the requests that come in.
  • Mary Beth said that she got an RC-3 form from the Police Department. It does not need to go to the Ohio Historical Society. It was signed by Nancy.
  • Michelle said the Auditor’s Office is willing to help anyone who has questions.
  • Mary Beth said Diane is reviewing the public records signs that are displayed in each department.
  • Jean made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 1:28 p.m. Cheryl seconded. All in attendance agreed.


Next Meeting:  Wednesday, September 18, 2013, 12:00 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Danielle M. Echt