P&Z: September 4th 2018

Mayfield Village
Sept 4, 2018

The Planning and Zoning Commission met in regular session on Mon, Sept 4, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. at the Mayfield Village Civic Center, Main Conference Room. Chairman Syracuse presided. 

Roll Call

Present: Mr. Vetus Syracuse (Chairman), Mr. Paul Fikaris (Chairman Pro Tem), Dr. Stephan Parker, Mr. Jim Farmer, and Mr. Jim Kless

Also Present: Mr. Anthony Coyne (Law Director (arrived 6:34 pm)), Mr. John Marrelli (Building Commissioner), Ms. Deborah Garbo (Commission Secretary), and Mr. Joseph Saponaro (Council Alternate)

Absent: Mayor Bodnar, Mr. Tom Cappello (Village Engineer), and Dr. Sue McGrath (Leave of absence thru 2018)


Mr. Kless, seconded by Mr. Fikaris made a motion to approve the minutes of Aug 6, 2018.


Ayes: All                                
Nays: None                            

Motion Carried. Minutes Approved As Written.


  1. Conditional Use Permit: Outdoor Storage/Retail Sales/Signage Rear of Building
    Tuff Shed, Inc
    600 Beta Dr.
    Weston, Inc


Chairman Syracuse called the regular meeting of the Mayfield Village Planning & Zoning Commission to order this Tues, Sept 4, 2018. We have one proposal before us tonight, a conditional use permit application from Tuff Shed, Inc 600 Beta Dr. It’s really three conditional use permits. When we vote tonight, I’d like to take these as separate issues;

  1. Outdoor Storage
  2. Retail Sales
  3. Signage Rear of Building

Chairman Syracuse asked, whoever is here on behalf of the applicant, please state your name and address. We did receive some supplemental materials and I’d like you to review those with us.

Christopher Whitefleet, Regional Sales Manager from Chicago with Tuff Shed introduced himself. I’m here in place of Curt Panfil who is out of town and was not available this evening. Today we’re here to talk about the alternative number of shed displays by the highway. This is the big change from our initial request. The modification is to go down to two or a single display from the initial three that was requested by the highway.

Chairman Syracuse asked, when you say 2 or 1, you’re talking about instead of 3 sheds at the rear of the building facing the highway, are you talking about either 2 or 1 and not removing those rear displays all together, correct?

Christopher Whitefleet replied, not removing them all together, correct. The initial proposal was 3, now we would go down to 2 or 1.

  • Law Director Anthony Coyne arrived at 6:34 pm

Chairman Syracuse said, we received comments via email dated Aug 31st from Assistant Fire Chief Girbino. John, anything you’d like to add?

Mr. Marrelli replied, the one thing I can add is that if this project goes through then the fire suppression system would have to be evaluated for their materials which is pretty common for any occupancy. The fire load and the type of materials has to be matched up against the suppression system. I think that’s pretty much what the Fire Marshal is trying to point out. Everything else is pretty much standard for evaluating the fire suppression / fire alarm system for any new occupant.

Chairman Syracuse said John, you also took some pictures.

Mr. Marrelli said, I took pictures in case anybody on the Board hadn’t gotten a chance to actually go out to the site. I took photos of the area looking at different directions towards where the sheds would be displayed outside.

Chairman Syracuse asked, does anybody have anything else they’d like to add?

Christopher Whitefleet said, we’re really excited to come into market in this area and have the opportunity to create more jobs for Mayfield Village.


1. Outdoor Storage Display

Mr. Farmer, seconded by Mr. Fikaris made a motion to approve the Conditional Use Permit for Outdoor Storage Display for Tuff Shed, Inc at 600 Beta Dr. as noted:

  • No displays permitted along the rear of the property facing the highway.
  • Maximum of up to 6 (six) shed displays permitted along the side of building as proposed.
  • Outdoor shed displays must be locked overnight at close of the business day.

Chairman Syracuse asked, any discussion?

Mr. Farmer said, my rationale is this, I’ve been involved with P & Z for a long time. We’ve always protected the view from the freeway. Right or wrong, that’s the way it’s always been. We’re opening up a door if we put these sheds there. If you’ve ever been on 1-90 going downtown and you get into Euclid, they have a whole bunch of building supplies outside, that’s one thing, but then right next to it there’s a bunch of sheds that you can see from the freeway. It looks like a little village for dwarfs or something like that. We’re opening up a door and that’s what I’m most worried about. I have no problems with the sheds. I love having a business going in there, I just don’t think we should have that display by the freeway.

Mr. Fikaris said, I intend to agree what Jim has said. I took a good look at the site. Heading north on the freeway you’re not going to see anything unless you’re looking for it because of the nature of the foliage and the level of the ground. If we allow that, it might set a precedent. You’re not getting any visibility there anyway, maybe a little bit. We would be allowing something, setting a precedent and I don’t think you’d be getting any additional exposure. I think you’ll be getting a lot of it with your building and with your side displays.

Chairman Syracuse said, I tend to agree with that as well as the fact that I’m not really in favor of any outdoor units, especially when it comes to these storage units with the danger that it could bring to invite people in if they’re not locked overnight.

Mr. Kless said, as a roadside/freeway advertisement gambit, it’ll have marginal effect on their business and not really a thing we want to encourage.

Mr. Marrelli said, this is really an outdoor display and we’re calling it outdoor storage. Maybe we can add the words “and display” to it. Like MARS Electric, their outdoor storage is conduits behind the building, Preformed Line has rolls of wire behind their building, that’s storage. This here, they’re not going to be storing these buildings, they’re displaying them. Maybe to protect against the next guy coming in and saying he wants to display stuff, we could say this was a peculiar circumstance with these buildings that are meant to be outdoors, and that was their display versus somebody with refrigerators, that’s not something you normally have outside. Not too long ago we had a hot tub & spa company that was putting hot tubs out in the parking lot. We had to stop that. We’re trying not to cross that line.

Mr. Saponaro asked, are you suggesting that we remove storage and just put outdoor display?

Mr. Marrelli replied, maybe add display to it, I’m just trying to discern between storage & display. I’m trying to protect against the next guy that comes in so we can say no, this is different. 

Mr. Coyne said, it’s a fine line, that’s a good point.

Consensus: Motion to read as “Outdoor Storage Display”

Jeff Kennedy, Director of Transactions with Weston said, I’m just throwing this out there since I know what the general consensus here is. Would it make any difference if it was temporary display while their brand is getting up and running? Just throwing it out there for discussion, maybe giving them a number of months so people can make the acquaintance. 

Chairman Syracuse stated, if anyone wants to amend the motion, we can. If not, we can take a roll call as it is.

Mr. Coyne asked, what temporary time period are you suggesting?

Jeff Kennedy replied, 6 months.

There was no motion to amend.


Ayes: Mr. Fikaris, Mr. Farmer, Mr. Kless, Mr. Saponaro
Nays: Mr. Syracuse                          

Motion Carried as Noted. Recommendation to Council.

2. Retail Sales

Mr. Kless, seconded by Mr. Farmer made a motion to approve the Conditional Use Permit for Retail Sales for Tuff Shed, Inc at 600 Beta Dr. as noted:

  • Maximum hours of operation 6:00 am to 6:00 pm Mon-Sat and closed on Sunday.
  • Retail sales not to exceed 10% of the total square footage.

Chairman Syracuse asked, any discussion?

Mr. Saponaro said, you mentioned servicing Home Depot. What are you selling here then?

Christopher Whitefleet replied, there’s some overflow, people will look for the warehouse and show up here. Home Depot does most of our business. 

Mr. Saponaro asked, this is not in conflict with Home Depot?

Christopher Whitefleet replied, no.

Mr. Saponaro asked, where’s the parking and entry?

Mr. Marrelli said, it’s all on the south end, that’s their main entrance.

Mr. Saponaro asked, people would come there, purchase them and carry them away?

Christopher Whitefleet replied, we deliver them. 

Mr. Saponaro asked, these displays that you said you sell-

Christopher Whitefleet replied, eventually we would sell them off.

Mr. Saponaro asked, why would people come?

Christopher Whitefleet replied, they think the fact there’s a factory direct option, we don’t turn them away. 

Mr. Saponaro asked, what percentage do you anticipate in terms of your sales?

Christopher Whitefleet replied, you look at a Home Depot store at 15,000 customers a week, if 5 people stop into this factory over a week, then that would be probably a high number.

Mr. Saponaro asked, there’s a space to receive people & hold events?

Christopher Whitefleet replied yes, there’s an office administration area.

Jeff Kennedy replied, we’re custom building an office for staff and a showroom, about 1500 square feet.

Chairman Syracuse asked, any further discussion?

There was none.


Ayes: Mr. Syracuse, Mr. Fikaris, Mr. Farmer, Mr. Kless, Mr. Saponaro

Nays: None                                      

Motion Carried as Noted. Recommendation to Council.

3. Signage Rear of Building

Mr. Fikaris, seconded by Mr. Farmer made a motion to approve the Conditional Use Permit for Signage Rear of Building West Elevation for Tuff Shed, Inc at 600 Beta Dr. as proposed.

Chairman Syracuse asked, any discussion?

Chairman Syracuse asked, there’s not an entrance back there, correct?

Mr. Marrelli replied, there is not. The whole back end of that building abuts the street.

Mr. Marrelli said, I want to make it clear that you’re only approving the location because the sign has to go to Architectural Review Board as well.

Mr. Saponaro asked, have we talked to Mr. Beams or anyone else?

Jeff Kennedy replied, we did. We wrote into the lease with Mr. Beams when we did the deal for the right for us to have this portion for a new tenant. Whoever would be interested in this space, they have an interest in signage on 1-271. We sent them this illustration and had this discussion.

Mr. Saponaro asked a gentleman in the room to introduce himself.

David Stover, Real Estate Broker with Hanna Commercial Real Estate introduced himself.

Mr. Fikaris asked, as a point of clarity, there’ll be traditional signage over their entryway?

Mr. Marrelli replied, I’m guessing they’re going to put signage by their entry on the south side of the building but I haven’t seen anything yet.

Chairman Syracuse asked, any further discussion?

There was none.


Ayes: Mr. Fikaris, Mr. Farmer, Mr. Kless, Mr. Saponaro
Nays: Mr. Syracuse                        

Motion Carried. Recommendation to Council.


Mr. Saponaro, seconded by Mr. Farmer made a motion to adjourn the meeting.


Ayes: All   
Nays: None              

Motion Carried. Meeting adjourned at 6:52 p.m.