P&Z: January 18th 2018

Planning & Zoning Commission
Workshop Meeting Minutes
Mayfield Village
Jan 18, 2018

The Planning and Zoning Commission met in workshop session on Thurs, Jan 18, 2018 at 7:30 p.m. at the Mayfield Village Civic Center, Civic Hall for a meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission. Chairman Syracuse presided.


Present: Mr. Vetus Syracuse (Chairman), Dr. Sue McGrath (Chairman Pro Tem), Mr. Bill Marquardt, Mr. Paul Fikaris, Mr. Jim Farmer, and Mr. Jim Kless

Also Present: Mr. Anthony Coyne (Law Director), Mr. Tom Cappello (Village Engineer), Mr. John Marrelli (Building Commissioner), and Ms. Deborah Garbo (Commission Secretary)

Absent: Mayor Bodnar and Council Alternate (TBD)


  1. Final Site, Landscape & Lighting Plan Approval
    ARTIS Senior Living East Commons
    285 NCB
    Polaris Engineering & Surveying, Inc
  2. Lot Split Approval
    Skoda Construction, Inc
    6492 Highland Rd.
    PP #831-10-007
    PP # 831-12-003
    Jones Surveying, LLC

    Planned Residential Development District (PRDD) Highland Rd.
    Preliminary Concept Approval
    Skoda Construction, Inc
    RSA Architects, LLC


Chairman Syracuse called the meeting to order. This is a workshop meeting of the Mayfield Village Planning & Zoning Commission Thurs, Jan 18th, 2018. Before we get to our proposals, I’d like to welcome to our Board, Jim Kless, welcome aboard. We also have Law Director Anthony Coyne with us as well tonight, welcome. We’ll have Mr. Coyne do a swearing in ceremony for Mr. Kless at this time.


Mr. Coyne administered the Oath of Office to Board Member Jim Kless.

Chairman Syracuse said, since you’re both new to the Board, if you’d like to introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about you.

Tony Coyne introduced himself. I was recently appointed as the Law Director of Mayfield Village. I’ve worked as a Law Director in another community for several years. I also have a background in city planning and municipal law. I formally served on the Cleveland City Planning Commission for almost 25 years, served as Chairman for 15. I’m looking forward to working with the community of Mayfield Village.

Jim Kless introduced himself. I’ve lived in Mayfield Village for 20 odd years. I grew up in this area, I’m a Mayfield High School graduate. Received my AB from Florida, got my JD from Cleveland State. I was with Parker Hannifin in Mayfield Hts for some 30 odd years. My last 16 years was with Information Technology dealing with strategic systems with customers primarily and also employee empowerment programs for the corporation.

Chairman Syracuse said, welcome aboard, we’re glad to have you both here. First proposal on our agenda tonight is the final site, landscape & lighting plan for Artis Senior Living.

ARTIS Senior Living East Commons
285 NCB

Final Site, Landscape & Lighting Plan

Dustin Keenan with Polaris Engineering & Surveying, 34600 Chardon Rd., Willoughby Hills Ohio, 44094 introduced himself. Also with me tonight is Thomas Jones with the ARTIS group.

On the civil site for final approval, from a history standpoint, we presented a preliminary and then requested to shift the building to the north which was actually a request from the Village staff. Since the preliminary, we did get that variance granted to shift the building. We’ve also been to Architectural Review Board to get that part of the project completed.

At this point in time we’ve proceeded onto final. We did receive some comments yesterday and earlier today from the Village Engineer and the Fire Dept. In reviewing those comments, we have absolutely no issue taking care of any of those cleanup details that have been requested by the Village and the Fire Dept. Those details that they specifically want could be taken care of over the course of the next couple weeks before the vote meeting. I’d be happy to answer any questions.

Chairman Syracuse asked if anyone has any questions or comments. Mr. Cappello, anything you’d like to add based on your review?

Mr. Cappello replied, I’m good.

Mr. Marrelli said, I think with the recognition that the Fire Dept had some issues with the placement of the Siamese and the hydrants, and then with Tom’s comments, with those being addressed the only loose end would be the Development Agreement which is still in flux a little bit. I know one of the issues is Mr. Kinnaird’s landscaping buffers, which I think they’re negotiating in the hallway right now. 

Chairman Syracuse said, I believe on the Development Agreement it states ARTIS will contribute up to $10,000 towards it.

Mr. Marrelli said, that’s what it says.

Chairman Syracuse said, and that was one of the conditions as part of the “USE” Variance the Board of Appeals granted. 

Mr. Marrelli said, that’s correct. I called Mr. Kinnaird today on the $10,000 set aside for landscaping and he was not aware of it.

Chairman Syracuse asked that Mr. Kinnaird come into the room to address the monies set aside for landscaping buffers.

Mr. Coyne said, one point for the record, the Fire Marshal submitted a memo to Mr. Marrelli, the Chief Building Official dated January 16, 2018 with 5 comments. Is it the applicant’s position they will comply with all those recommendations?

Dustin Keenan replied yes, absolutely.

Mr. Coyne said, Village Engineer Thomas Cappello submitted an Improvement Plan Review 3 pages in length to Mr. Marrelli dated January 17, 2018. Have you reviewed that?

Dustin Keenan replied, yes we have.

Mr. Coyne asked, will you comply with all of the Engineer’s issues raised in it?

Dustin Keenan replied, yes we will.

Mr. Coyne states, please note that for the record Mr. Chairman.

  • Development Agreement – Adjacent Property Owner Buffering

Chairman Syracuse asked Mr. Kinnaird, are you comfortable with the landscaping going up? Is it to your liking, as what you see on the plans today?

Chuck Kinnaird, 294 SOM Ctr Rd. replied, I was caught a little off guard. Thomas Jones had come out initially and we talked in my backyard. I didn’t know it was set in stone, I thought it was more of a concept. Just seeing the footprint of the building where I would want the most blockage/privacy from lighting would be on my deck, my kitchen window, my porch, to have trees in the back that would block the view. I’m not a landscaper, so whatever dollar it is, I’m not sure. I thought we were going to talk and then I’d bring a landscaper in and ask; can you do this for this, is this a reasonable amount?

Thomas Jones, representing ARTIS Senior Living interjects. Number one, the offer we presented allocates $10,000. We’ve stuck to the conceptual plan that we represented in all the meetings to this point. The Agreement allows Mr. Kinnaird to spend that $10,000 in any way he sees fit. Secondly, that is part of the Development Agreement which is the purview of Village Council and not exactly part of this purview of this Commission.

Chairman Syracuse said, that can be adjusted and negotiated if it turns out Mr. Kinnaird that you need more or less. We’re not going to be taking a vote tonight. This is our workshop meeting. I believe our regular meeting is on Mon, Feb 5th and correct me Debbie if I’m wrong.

Ms. Garbo confirmed regular meeting date & time; Mon, Feb 5th at 6:00 p.m.

Chairman Syracuse said, so between now and then if you could work out the details and then we could adjust the Development Agreement as needed. When we take a vote on anything, I’d like to have the Development Agreement finalized before it goes to Council.

Thomas Jones states, I’d like to add one more point. When this project first started going through the zoning variance process, we’ve actually since then moved the tree line back 10’ so now there’s an 8’ fence and 30’ of woods before you get to Mr. Kinnaird’s backyard which we think is a more than reasonable buffer. But, at the beginning of this process we committed to do something over and above that. So during the process of finishing the drawings for this committee, we had that drawing costed out, professional landscaping with plantings and restoring any sod damage that’s done to his property as far as putting the islands in. The cost is $9,900 so we represented that we would reimburse Mr. Kinnaird up to $10,000 and any landscape improvements you’d like to make.

Chairman Syracuse said, as I mentioned before you entered the room tonight, the Board of Appeals in granting the “USE” Variance did condition it upon Mr. Kinnaird’s approval of the landscaping and a buffer between his house. 

Thomas Jones said, I’m just trying to emphasize that we think the physical plan does that and we’re still committed to offering this Agreement to go over and beyond that.

Chairman Syracuse said, I understand that. It’s within the Village’s discretion on whether or not they feel that that condition of the “Use” Variance granted is met. I urge you to discuss this and make sure Mr. Kinnaird that you’re comfortable with everything prior to our regular meeting on Feb 5th so that we can take a vote on it then. 

Chairman Syracuse asked, anything further?

There were no comments.

Chairman Syracuse states, we’ll take this under consideration and we’ll take a vote at our Feb 5th meeting.


Skoda Construction, Inc
Lot Split Approval
PP 831-10-007 & PP 831-12-003
Planned Residential Development District
Preliminary Concept
Highland Rd.

Chairman Syracuse said, the second proposal on our agenda tonight is the lot split approval for Skoda Construction, Inc. and a Planned Residential Development District concept on Highland Rd. Whoever’s here tonight, if you could please state your name & address.

Chris Skoda, 6317 Kenarden Dr, Highland Hts, Oh 44143 introduced himself. We’re proposing to split off the residential portion of property that’s owned by Mayfran and they’ll retain the commercial portion.

The purpose for this is ultimately we’d like to propose a Planned Unit Development Subdivision there. By obtaining this lot split, we’ll have an excess of 6 acres of land to do that. We turned in some plans that are preliminary in terms of the drawings and street layouts. Our intention is to follow something along those lines.

Chris passes out a GIS Map showing the proposed location next to the Church. This shows you how we intend to utilize that property that would be split off from the back portion. Part of it buts up back where MARS Electric is and the other half would but up to where it would be retained by Mayfran as their commercial property.

Mr. Marrelli, refers to the street layout sketch. It may not be clear but we have split zoning between Beta Dr. and Highland. The backyard of Mayfran and Euclid Industries are actually residential.

Mr. Cappello said, Euclid Industries which is now Premier, some years back bought residential property on Highland that abutted their property. That property has split zoning, the first 500’ or 600’ is residential and the remainder is production/distribution.

Mr. Cappello points out on street map, this property here is 6660 Beta LLC, the old Euclid Industries. MARS Electric is back here, they just built that parking lot. They own this portion, this was a residential lot, the building line is the difference between production/distribution and single family is about 670’. Mr. Skoda bought this property from Premier. Mayfran owned this to this right here and then they own this residential property out to Highland which is a Highland address which was partially split zoned 450’ was production/distribution and the front 670’ was residential. In the process, he bought this residential portion from Mayfran, Mayfran wants to retain this portion of the lot that was a Highland Rd lot which was separate from this one. Ultimately he’ll get this 2.73 acres of residentially zoned property and Mayfran will retain this residual and have approximately 14 ½ acres remaining on the production/distribution residential zoning line. Mr. Piecuch and Mr. Monaco and Mayfield Village own the next few lots up, the same situation. The lots are close to 1000 plus feet long, of which the back 400 or so feet is production/distribution and the front 670’ residential. All Mr. Skoda is doing today is splitting off this Highland Rd property, it came to 2.7 acres and then Mayfran will then consolidate this into their original lot.

Chairman Syracuse asked, the Planned Development District is all within the residentially zoned portion?

Mr. Cappello replied, it’s all in the residential.

Mr. Fikaris asked about the units #25 & #26. Are these currently planned units?

Chris Skoda replied, there are contracts out on these units, we have a verbal agreement on those. If that doesn’t happen, we go back to 24 lots.

Mr. Farmer asked about size.

Chris Skoda replied, the units will be around 2500 sq. ft. and around $400,000.00.

Mr. Marrelli said, there has to be a rezoning done by referendum. We think he might make the May ballot.

Chris Skoda states, we can’t make May. There’s an August & November.

Mr. Marrelli asked, have you decided if you’re going to go straight to the voters?

Chris Skoda replied, I think we will go straight to the voters, not to bypass Council in any way and I’ll be more than happy to present to them and explain what we’re doing. Just from a time standpoint, that process is quite lengthy to go through all those meetings.

Chairman Syracuse asked, John what specifically will we be voting on at the Feb 5th meeting?

Mr. Marrelli replied, purely the lot split.

Mr. Cappello said, even if this wasn’t happening, you’re just splitting the residential portion off of Mayfran’s property and selling it to Mr. Skoda and then Mayfran will consolidate. Mayfran consolidation will be done as part of this split that we’re approving.

Chairman Syracuse asked, any other questions?

There were no comments.

Chairman Syracuse concludes, we’ll take a vote on this at 6:00 pm on Feb 5th at our regular scheduled meeting.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.