PZ - March 19th 2015

Planning & Zoning Commission
Workshop Meeting Minutes
Mayfield Village
March 19, 2015

The Planning and Zoning Commission met in workshop session on Thurs, March 19, 2015 at 7:30 p.m. at the Mayfield Village Civic Center, Main Conference Room for a meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission. Chairman Pro-Tem Syracuse presided.

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Present: Mr. Vetus Syracuse (Chairman Pro-Tem), Mr. Bill Marquardt, Mr. Garry Regan, Dr. Sue McGrath, and Mr. Paul Fikaris                                                          

Also Present: Mr. John Marrelli (Building Commissioner), Mr. Ted Esborn (Economic Development Director), Lt. Michael Girbino, and Ms. Deborah Garbo (Secretary)

Absent: Mr. Jim Farmer (Chairman), Mayor Rinker, Mr. Joseph Saponaro (Council Alternate), Mr. Tom Hanculak (Law Department), and Mr. Tom Cappello (Village Engineer)


1: Conditional Use Permit
Haymer, LLC dba Royal Cheer Athletics

760 Beta Dr.
Weber Wood Medinger


Chairman Pro-Tem Syracuse called the meeting to order. This is a Planning & Zoning Commission workshop meeting. We won’t be taking a vote tonight.

We had two items originally. One was a conditional use permit for The Bouncy Place that was at our last workshop, but they forwarded an e-mail to Debbie on March 12th asking us to withdraw their application.

The only item on our agenda tonight is a conditional use permit application for Haymer, LLC dba Royal Cheer Athletics.


Cynthia Haymer & Dan Haymer, Owners of Haymer LLC introduced themselves. Cynthia states, we’re opening an All-Star Cheerleading Gym. Don’t know if you guys are familiar with what that is, you might have seen it on ESPN. They stunt, dance, they tumble, it’s gained a lot of popularity in numbers over the years for both boys & girls. It’s grown 10 times the size that is has in the last 5 years. They’re considering it a multi-million dollar industry now.

All-Star Cheerleading has been personally part of our lives for 10 years. We have two daughters, 16 & 13. They cheer at a cheerleading gym in Tallmadge, Ohio. We felt that since they’ve been cheerleading so long and that’s what we do all day, we’d invest in it and get paid for it.

We were able to find ourselves a coach. His name is Charles Lyons. He comes to us from Atlanta Georgia. He coached at one of the top gyms in the United States which is essentially the Super Bowl of cheerleading. He’s coached some of the top athletes in the Unites States. Having him on board is a huge draw for us.

Angel Rice is an All-Star Cheerleader. She trained underneath our coach when she was younger. She’s willing to come out and do tumbling for us. She’s what the industry calls a Cheerlebrity, which I know sounds silly. They do a lot of modeling, a lot of the advertisements. She’s a junior Olympian as well. She’s coming out to help us with the gym as well.

Cynthia said by background I’m a Registered Nurse and Dan’s a Fireman for Solon. I currently am V.P. of sales for Independence Medical Cardinal Health Co. I’ll maintain that job. This is strictly an investment for me, but I’ll be here at nighttime helping with the business.

Does anyone have any questions off the top of their head while we set up the presentation?

Mr. Regan asked about equipment.

Cynthia replied All-Star Cheerleading will have a spring floor similar to a gymnastics floor. Girls & boys are tumbling. There’s padding all around them. Anything that’s structural, be it a beam or a fence or anything in the building itself will be padded. The coaching staff is USASF certified. They’re very adamant about their coaches being certified. Safety is paramount. There’re also trampolines, also surrounded by padding. There’s a tumbl-trak, a long narrow track, about 40’ that teaches kids to tumble with a little more spring. They graduate and move over. There’s also a rod floor. You go from the trampoline to a rod floor, it has a little more spring, but not quite as much as a spring floor. They learn to balance themselves & step it up. There are no balance beams, no bars.

Lt. Michel Girbino asked about competitions. Will you be using folding or tiered seating?

Dan Haymer replied, this is strictly training only. We won’t have competitions here. There’re different group levels 1 – 5. If I get certified, I’ll do level 1 which is like somersaults, pretty much my ability, I can’t do splits. Then it’s all the way up to level 5. It goes up to junior Olympics and possibly an Olympic event. The equipment we have is a mat with springs and a layer of Birchwood and anywhere from 1” & 3/8th to 2” foam, then on top of that the color carpeting of your team colors. Max height off the ground is about 7 ¼ inches and it’s all springs. It’s kind of like jumping on a bed. They’re good for tumbling, stunts, and backflips. They’ll have spotters & coaches. It’s well organized. Like Cynthia said, we’ve been doing this for 10 years with our girls.

Cynthia said I’m also going through the certification process. I’ll do some coaching at the lower levels. To be a level 5 coach requires over 1,000 hours.

Lt. Girbino asked, as far as the area where parents watch, what type of seating will you have?

Dan replied, our plan for the office space is to have a leather couch, tables & chairs for kids to work on their homework. We want to set up work stations with Wi-Fi. There’s a viewing room with plexiglass for parents to view. We want to put in a pro shop for gear, equipment & t-shirts.

Cynthia added that the pro shop will not be to sell to the public, only to members of the gym. It’ll be Royal Cheer t-shirts & sweatshirts that parents wear to competitions to promote the company. We’ll have spare shoes & cheerleading bows. No retail going out to the public.

Mr. Marquardt asked about payroll.

Cynthia replied, our head coach will be on salary. The other coaches hourly. Head coach will make about $50,000/ yr. Additional coaches anywhere from $12 - $15/ hr. We estimate having about 3 – 4 coaches year one. As we double our athletes, that’ll grow over the next coming years. The gym we’re at presently has about 300 athletes and 20 employees.

Dan said the coaches will be there full time & part time. We’ll also be doing tumbling classes. We have different packages to allow them to increase their ability. They’ll also get paid on top of the hourly at a different rate. We’ll have private lessons.

by Cynthia & Dan Haymer

Floor Plan

Cynthia said we’re looking to occupy 21,000 sq. ft., very space intensive but given the nature of the business, it requires this amount of space to make sure the kids are safe. Plan; An area with a fence down the middle, it’ll all be padded, two cheer floors made of Birchwood with the coverings on top, tumbl traks & trampolines. An area of all mirrors up against the wall. Walk-in main entrance, greeting area, office space, break room, locker room for girls and boys, homework room and pro shop.

Lt. Girbino asked about hanging banners or if anything will be extended from the ceiling or walls.

Cynthia replied, we’ll have hanging banners that we create ourselves. We’ll have trophies too.

Lt. Girbino explained, the reason I ask, it has to do with the flame spread rating for banners dependent upon the size, what they’re attached to and how they’re suspended.

Mr. Marrelli said the right side of the drawing you have the cheering floor with the fence between the two floors. Do you have two exits out of that section?

Dan pointed out the man doors in the back. There’s also the loading docks back here, a ramp here, and steps here. There’s two ways of egress for the people on this side as well. 

Mr. Marrelli asked about setting occupancy. You have 17,000 sq. ft,, so if we apply the building code to the A-3 space, that could be 1700 people. How are you going to set your occupant load, your design load?

Dan replied since we only have 2 cheer floors, we’ll be a junior small, so we’re going to have for each mat 20 & 20. Our occupancy load will never be above 75 or 100.

Mr. Marrelli advised that when the build-out plans come in, have the designer specify that so we don’t have to apply the building code chart to it. Do you have enough area for bathrooms?

Dan pointed out the male & female bathrooms. When we mentioned locker rooms, that’s basically an area like this with cubicles for the kids to throw their book bags in after school.

Mr. Marrelli asked about showers.

Dan said no showers. It’s just a place for changing after school.

General Q & A

Mr. Regan said you mentioned it’s a certified facility through some organization and all the coaches are certified.

Dan said coaches are certified level 1 – 5. For Cynthia & me to go to level 1, we have to do a 100 hour class and have to go to the testing facility and do a practical hands on exam to show competence. To go from level I to 2, you do another 100 hours.

Mr. Regan asked, are you certified with a National or State organization? Is there some regulatory body that supervises these organizations?

Mr. Marrelli asked, does anybody come in from the National Association to look at your space?

Cynthia replied, no.

Mr. Marrelli asked, how do you know what your safety standards are supposed to be?

Cynthia replied, the coaches and owners are taught that. We will go to regional meetings and they’ll review everything with us. USASF Certifications, if you don’t have that, you can’t participate in the large competitions. All the kids have to be members, they’re trained on safety. The coaches have CEU’s, continuing education they have to keep up with. The Director will have a meeting with the Board every year just talking about the gym and general safety of the program. But, you don’t have to be USASF Certified. There’s a gym on Beta, Lakeshore Dance, they are not. To your question, no, there’s no government body that comes in.  

Mr. Marrelli asked, do you have a written standard that you design to, and what that’s based on?

Dan replied, it’s based on personal preference and experience, coming from a paramedic background. I’m also in the Army as a Medic, having had 3 combat tours, obviously we learn about safety. Cynthia’s background as an R.N. working in the emergency room and as Director of the E.R. We don’t want kids getting injured. There’s no checklist, it’s walking around and doing the right thing.  

Cynthia said we carry Insurance on the athletes themselves, granted they sign a waiver and they have their own health insurance. We carry insurance on the workers, the equipment and the building itself. We’ll have additional insurance for the Cheerleading Camp. USASF has a partnership with an insurance agency.

Mr. Marrelli asked if there’s a tenant next door.

Denise Hahn with Weber Wood Medinger Properties replied, right now no one on either side. One side is the former Ink Stop space and the other is empty to Beta.

Mr. Marrelli said if a company moves in with three shifts, in regards to noise, I don’t know how loud you’d get in here. Will you have a speaker system in place?

Cynthia replied, truthfully 90% of the practices run without music. It’s not going to be a major speaker system, maybe something from Walmart. We rely more on counting.

Mr. Marrelli asked, do you know what the fire separation wall is between you and the guy next door, i.e. masonry or drywall.

Dan replied drywall.

Mr. Marrelli asked about parking.

Dan said parking won’t be an issue. This is typically a drop off facility, some parents stay, some family’s go to the restaurants for a meal. It depends on the size of the facility and we don’t have a lot of waiting room.

Mr. Marrelli asked if kids will be driving.

Cynthia said there’ll be no messing around. All athletes sign an agreement of their behavior, their school grades. They’ll comply with all policies, i.e. parking, speeding. In the Cheerleading industry, once you’re designated to a gym for the season, you cannot move. If you screw up in that year, you don’t cheer. These kids eat, sleep & breathe cheer. They’ll comply. They sign an agreement as well as the parents. We don’t tolerate any social media bullying, no physical altercations on the property. As the athletes come in, coach does roll call. There will be someone by the front door as the kids come in. Also, with the parking situation, when we have a parent meeting, they’ll be told of the traffic flow. We’re allotted 55 spaces, and that’s more than enough. Our gym hours are essentially 4pm – 9pm. People will travel from all over, they’ll carpool, seems to be the going thing, parent’s take turns. These kids are in the gym 3 days a week. Our Boosters Club will be the one helping organize the car pools.

Mr. Marrelli asked if this is seasonal.

Cynthia replied, it’s year round. May is trial season. June – Sept is choreography, conditioning, mat routines. Oct – March is competition season. Worlds and what they call a Summit are in April, early May. Sometimes athletes only get a week off. You’ll see on ESPN, Royal Cheer Athletics, Mayfield Village, Ohio. We’ll be representing the City. That’ll be pretty cool for you guys.

Dan said best part of being in Mayfield Village is the location. We have five other teams surrounding us. We’ll draw a lot. Once they’re part of the team, they’re committed for the year. Mentor, Chesterland, Solon, Tallmadge & North Royalton all have one. We’re in the spotlight in the middle.

Mr. Marrelli asked if they’ll draw from other gyms.

Cynthia said the cat’s already out of the bag. We’re already getting phone calls to register.

Dan said everybody knows everybody. They found out our old coach is coming to our gym and within 2 days he got over 151 requests on where this gym is at and how do they register. We’ll be working with the School environment as well.

Cynthia said I’ll be in touch with the School’s Athletic Directors & Principals. I’ll want to know if someone is deviating from grades or behavior.

Mr. Fikaris said I’m understanding these kids at certain levels get higher off the ground and go vertical. Are your trampolines standard?

Dan replied, they’re 24” off the floor and matting around them. In the future we’ll combine them so there’s one level platform. Stunting and tumblers have backers. Our 13 year old is a flyer so she’s in the air, when in the air she has 3 – 4 people supporting her. They’ll have teammates. Cynthia & I will be behind the other person while they’re doing it with their teammate. Once you get into level 5 like the professionals in junior Olympics, it’s amazing. We’re not going to be at that level but our coaches do it. Our coach will stand there one handed and hold somebody like Cynthia. We’ll always have safety in mind with backers & coaches.

Cynthia states poor training is a huge portion for the fliers. The whole deal is to stay in the air, that’s how you get your points in competition. Rules in level 1, they can’t go above the shoulders. Level 2 they can be extended up in arms with 4 people around them. Levels 1 & 2 have a spotter behind them during both completions and practice. In the gym as a practice, there’s typically only one stunt at a time.

Dan said part of the certification coaches go through is over 42 pages of rules & regulations for each level. We have to conform to that certification, otherwise we get disqualified and lose points. It’s strict.

Mr. Fikaris asked how high they go up in competition.

Dan replied, we look for in a building a minimum of 18’ ceilings. Our 13 yr old couldn’t get close to touch that, she goes in the air about 15’ on a practice floor.

Mr. Fikaris said you explained plenty of supervision. Doesn’t sound like there’s potential for going crazy on a trampoline.

Cynthia states, American Elite in Tallmadge had one call in the last 18 months and it was a broken arm. Typically the injuries that come out of this is a sprained arm, wrist or ankle. That’s stuff the parent will take them to the ER for.

Dan states the competitions we just attended was in Atlanta Georgia. They had 1200 seats, 25,000 athletes, 3,000 coaches, 175 judges and over 45,000 spectators. Atlanta Georgia, they have 10 – 15 cheer mats just for warm ups, big stage with all the sound like being at the Browns Stadium with music. It’s Atlanta’s largest convention. You can’t even book your own hotel, you have to book through the cheerleading company. The cities jump in with Fire & Services. They want to know what teams are where, at what hotel they can find Cynthia & Dan. All the competitions are starting to regulate it as well in safety & accountability.

Presentation Overview

Mission Statment

They are committed to inspiring each and every child to exhibit respect, positivity, and a true competitive spirit. In addition to their all-star cheer program, they look to reach out to their community and offer health and wellness activities to all ages.

Cynthia states, these kids learn leadership. They are very confident themselves. They stay away from drugs, they get good grades. Busy kids are good kids.

Brief Description of Business

Royal Cheer Athletics aspires to be a premier competitive all-star cheer gym that supports the growth and development of the children in their community. They will provide an atmosphere that focuses on the value of teamwork, friendship, physical activity, confidence and leadership. They will teach their athletes to be highly successful without sacrificing true sportsmanship, and integrity.


1: Is consistent with the considerations set forth in the 2020 Master Plan or any other planning policies implemented by the Village.

We looked at your Master Plan. You guys specifically call out looking at developing Beta sites into recreational facilities. You have Lakeshore Dance, Health 360, and Crooked River Crossfit. Those are all similar uses. Ours is children focused. We’re a membership based. They’ll be paying a monthly fee as well as private lessons.

2: Is compatible with the adjacent properties?

We will not be changing any of the building structure. It’s an open space. We’ll be bringing in equipment.

Signage Mr. Marrelli asked if there will be any advertising signage from the street.

Cynthia said I have a sign I mocked up hoping to get it on the building facing 271, obviously with the building’s permission, because we get the traffic that way.

Mr. Marrelli said there’s a small issue with that. The only signage allowed towards 271 is buildings that face 271.

Ted Esborn said there’s the current sign which is For Lease. I think you might be confined to that amount of sign.

Mr. Marrelli thinks only For Lease copy is permitted, not advertising a business. The way our sign code was designed, those are the backs of the buildings and we’re trying to avoid having numerous tenants putting signs on the back of the buildings.

Dan said if that is true, once things are done, are we able to apply for a temporary sign for the first 3 or 6 months of advertising so they know where we’re located, then we could address the signage later?

Mr. Marrelli said you could put a temporary sign in the yard.

Cynthia said but that wouldn’t be seen by the highway.

Dan asked, what if I had a big trailer and put a sign similar to the available sign on the trailer facing the freeway that was temporary?

Darrell Young, Property Manager states, we’ll comply. I understand what you’re trying to accomplish. Let’s get through this process and deal with the sign issue separately.

3: Hours of Operation

We’ll be a membership base and will not be open to the public. Hours of operation:

Mon – Fri: 4pm – 9pm (during school year)
Sat: 9am – 4pm
Sun: Noon – 5pm

In summer hours, you’ll see Mon – Fri extended a little bit, not every day. It’s going to be choreography camp or tumbling clinic camp. Typical practice will still run 4 – 9pm.

4: Will not be detrimental to property values in the immediate vicinity.

We talked about similar use.

5: If a transitional or buffering use between two or more zoning uses and, as such, it shall serve to improve land use compatibility and further implement the 2020 Master Plan.

We’re not a transitional or buffering use because there’re similar uses in the neighborhood.

6: Is economically feasible based on documentation submitted by the applicant that there is sufficient market demand within the Village and/or the surrounding areas to support the use.

We’re obviously going to abide by the USASF guidelines. Looking at the overall gym:

20% Camps. Tumbling & clinic camps.  

50% Recreational. This is the lower level teams.

30% Intensive. These are your athletes at the high level teams. They’re in the gym more often, doing more private lessons and more camps.

Ted Esborn said when I read this 50% “recreational”, I thought that meant open gym to the public and Cynthia disabused me of that. All the “recreational” is cheerleading.

7: Will have no undue financial burden to the Village for utility extensions, delivery of government services or other infrastructure expenses.

Cynthia said all staff members will be CPR First Aid Certified. As far as fire safety, Dan pulled up some Fire Rating Specifications on the actual equipment, foam & vinyl. This is a typical spring floor with a rubber mat around it. This is a tumbl track, elevated off the floor 24”. Usually you have the pads that connect to it so it looks like it’s flushed with the floor.

8: Will provide benefits to the community i.e. medical, educational, technical, retail.

We’re committed to using education and specialized training. The athletes will participate in community projects. Our girls have done stuff at Rainbows Babies & Children’s, stuff at elderly communities, Toys for Tots, soup kitchens. Each team picks their own project for the year, one or two projects depending on the length of the project. It’s all volunteer. That’s giving back to the community.

As far as education benefit, this isn’t currently available in Mayfield Village. Yes, you have a cheer team at Lakeshore Dance, but this magnitude of a program is not available here today. There was a gym in Mentor that’s closing. There’s one in Chesterland, a very small one in Solon, then Tallmadge has a similar program as us. Other than that, next closest is Avon Lake. You guys are a great location with 271 and close to 480. If you map it out, you’re right in the middle.

Mr. Marrelli asked the length of the lease.

Cynthia replied we’re looking at a 5-year lease.

9: Will not diminish the use of the property.

There will be little or no impact. The nature of the business is space intensive, 55 parking spaces.

10: Has the potential to create a positive economic impact by creating or expanding employment opportunities and increasing tax revenue within the Village.

If I’m not making money, you’re not making money, and I’m here to make money. As far as a revenue structure; Year one 50 – 100 athletes, Year two 100 – 175, Year three 200 - 300 athletes. Athletes fees are $225 per month per athlete. In addition to that, they have competition fees which really doesn’t create revenue for us, that strictly goes to the cheer company so they can participate. Monthly class fees will be tumbling class, jump class, flex class; $55/month per athlete. Tumbling lessons & privates is $30/ ½ hour. Tumbling clinics vary on the length, generally $50 - $125 on a clinic.

I’ve dealt out a lot of money on cheerleading in the last several years as you can tell. I’m at a lower price range which will draw clientele here. Solon is $285/month, American Elite $300/month. We’re looking to draw new people and keep it affordable.


Mr. Marrelli asked, will you feed these kids?

Cynthia replied, they’re permitted to bring in snacks and water bottles.

Mr. Marrelli asked, will you have an area for them to sit with their brown bags, and maybe get a can of pop out of a machine?

Dan replied yes, the viewing room & internet room. We’ll have tables in there, bean bag chairs, a t.v. to relax for down time.

Mr. Fikaris states, you said one full-time coach, then hourly coaches. Can you address what growth you would get a second full-time coach?

Cynthia said if we get 150 athletes this year we’ll hire another full-time coach. With 300 athletes, we’d have at least 6 full-time coaches. With 300 athletes you’re talking 13 – 15 teams.

Chairman Pro-tem Syracuse notes the hours of operation. One of the guidelines, if we do grant conditional use permits, we like to limit the maximum operating hours. To confirm, you’d be looking at Mon – Fri till 9pm and weekends 9 – 4?  

Cynthia replied yes. We’ll be in the building during the day doing Administrative stuff.  

Dan supplied Lt. Girbino with a copy of Dollamur Fire Rating Specifications.

Chairman Pro-Tem Syracuse asked for any further questions or comments.

Dr. McGrath asked, what are your colors?

Cynthia replied, deep purple, a teal color and a white mesh across the top. Very pretty, a lot of bling. Boys wear pants and long sleeves. In the pro shop will be our socks & bows.


Chairman Pro-Tem Syracuse states, we will be taking a vote on Mon, April 6th @ 7:00 p.m.

Applicants thanked the Commission and left the meeting at this time.


Charter Review

Mr. Fikaris said discussion came up in Charter Review concerning referendum zoning. I thought we’d get as many opinions as possible.

Chairman Pro-Tem Syracuse said per the Charter you can’t change any of the zoning unless it goes to referendum.

Royal Cheer Athletics Proposal

Mr. Fikaris said, I have a question on tonight’s proposal concerning revenue.

Mr. Marquardt said I think we need something that gives us some idea to try and quantify the cost benefit. You’re talking maybe $3,000 revenue to the Village on this. You could end up with paramedic runs once a month that’ll cost the Village. There’s nothing in your criteria that spells out expected revenue, what the Village is going to get out of it, and what’s the liability to the Village as far as services. Their business case is fine, I’m happy to say, better than the Bouncy Place, but what’s the Village’s business case?

Mr. Esborn said maybe the guideline that addresses revenue can be expanded.

Mr. Marquardt said it should be quantitative. There should be something that says what’s the incidences of accidents or paramedic runs.

Mr. Marrelli said they addressed it in guideline #7; will have no undue financial burden to the Village, but they don’t get specific.

Chairman Pro-Tem Syracuse said I could see a lot of the injuries they have at practice, their parents would take them to the doctor or hospital if need be. As far as the Bouncy Place, there are kids banging heads against each other. This is a much different situation.

Mr. Marrelli said the difference between this and the Bouncy Place, this is a higher level of control. 

Lt. Girbino said this is supervised.

Mr. Marquardt said I agree, but I’d like to see something that goes into the evaluation that says in your business, what kind of incidences do you have.

Mr. Regan said I’m dumbfounded. I’ve never heard of this. I’m sure it’s huge, a monstrous thing. Somebody says USASF Certified. What does that mean? I’m deathly afraid of trampolines. My Father was a Trapeze Artist. I know a little bit about them. I’ve seen a person break their neck on one. You say they’re supervised, but they’re not caged in. You can’t tell me that when the coach is outside taking care of the kid in the squad that there isn’t somebody’s baby sister jumping on the trampoline.

Mr. Marrelli said they said they’ll have safety rails on the sides.

Mr. Fikaris said I brought this up because I thought there was some ratio that we didn’t want to fill everything with warehouse.

Chairman Pro-Tem Syracuse said we can always re-evaluate this permit in two years, if it were to be granted.  

Dr. McGrath said my guess is because it’s a small community, people at one gym know people at the other and vice versa. If they’re having injuries, they won’t survive.

Mr. Fikaris said I’m not really looking at that aspect. When Bill asked about a quantifier, is there some sort of number of dollars per square feet?

Mr. Esborn replied, we do a density. It hasn’t been part of the conditional use permit process. When we look at new business coming in, we calculate by payroll over square feet. For Office Use if you have $100 in payroll per sq. ft., we think that’s pretty good. If you are a Manufacturing Use we say $40 per square foot.

Mr. Fikaris thinks safety wise, these guys are way ahead of the curve. My concern is payroll and if it’s going to go up.

Chairman Pro-Tem Syracuse said that’s a very important factor we need to consider. Another thing is how this would benefit us as a community in other ways. In my opinion, a professional organization like this that goes to National competitions, this could be a big draw for Mayfield Village to get our name out there. At the same time, it could be a business that falters after two years. Hopefully they’ll add more coaches and people to their payroll and their business model and plan will be successful. I think this could really benefit our community.

Dr. McGrath said I also think you have captive adults who are going to be hanging around this area for two hours spending their money whether it be at Heinen’s or Kohl’s.

Mr. Marrelli said this could spur some kind of other business activity. Maybe somebody from Westlake that’s never been here drives around and sees the office space available down the street.

Chairman Pro-Tem Syracuse asked if any further discussion.

There was none.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Deborah Garbo
Executive Assistant
Building Department