PZ - January 15th 2015


Planning & Zoning Commission
Workshop Meeting Minutes
Mayfield Village
Jan 15, 2015

The Planning and Zoning Commission met in workshop session on Thurs, Jan 15, 2015 at 7:30 p.m. at the Mayfield Village Civic Center, Main Conference Room for a meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission. Chairman Farmer presided.

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Present: Mr. Jim Farmer (Chairman), Mr. Vetus Syracuse (Chairman Pro-Tem), Mr. Bill Marquardt, Mr. Garry Regan, Dr. Sue McGrath, and Mr. Paul Fikaris                                                          

Also Present: Ms. Diane Calta (Law Department), Mr. John Marrelli (Building Commissioner), and Ms. Deborah Garbo    (Secretary)

Absent: Mayor Rinker, Mr. Tom Cappello (Village Engineer), and Mr. Ted Esborn (Economic Development Director)


  1. Conditional Use Permit
    Gargiso Properties, Ltd
    6449 Wilson Mills Road
    Salon Services
  2. Conditional Use Permit Renewals / Approval New Expiration Date of Dec 2016
    1. Ken’s Auto Body (744 SOM Ctr. Rd)
    2. Dr. Jeffrey Eadie & Megan Ursick, DDS (865 SOM Ctr. Rd.)
    3. Man’s Hair Barbershop (6579 Wilson Mills Rd.)
    4. Georgian Center (Medical)(730 SOM Ctr. Rd.)
    5. Noreen Londregan Dance (750 Beta Dr.)
    6. Lakeshore Dance & Gymnastics (701 Beta Dr.)
    7. Mt. Vernon Square (Medical)(6690 – 6700 Beta Dr.)
    8. Progressive Ins. Claims Center (651 Beta Dr.)
    9. Hilton Garden Inn (700 Beta Dr.)
    10. Governor’s Village Assisted Living (280 NCB)
    11. Altercare REHAB (290 NCB)
    12. Heinen’s (Use of Village Land)(860 SOM Ctr. Rd.)
    13. Beta Drive Conference Center (700 Beta Dr.)
    14. Health 360 (700 Beta Dr.)
    15. Cuyahoga County Public Library (500 SOM Ctr. Rd.)
    16. Sign-A-Rama (731 Beta Dr.)
    17. Forest City Tree Protection (731 Beta Dr.)
    18. Crooked River CrossFit (701 Beta Dr.)
    19. Koinonia Homes (701 Beta Dr.)
    20. Color Luxe (6571 Wilson Mills Rd.)



Chairman Farmer called the meeting to order. This is a workshop meeting of the Planning & Zoning. We won’t be taking a vote tonight.   

Gargiso Properties, Ltd
6449 Wilson Mills Rd.
Salon Services
Conditional Use Permit

Mr. Marrelli states, everyone should have received a memo from me. Mr. Argie’s here today, it’s his building. He wants to take the empty space, former Color by Laura and expand it into a salon chair rental.

George J. Argie, Gargiso Properties, Ltd introduced himself and explained it would be a leasing arrangement on an individual basis. It’s what they do at the Salon Suites / Salon Lofts with multiple tenants.

Mr. Marrelli said the difference is instead of owning the salon and having people work for you, you rent them the facilities and they do their own thing.

Mr. Regan asked if the building will be managing the salon.

George Argie replied, I’d convert the space but would not manage it. I’d be the landlord. I’m applying for the permit as the building owner. The last time I did this, I applied as the building owner so I could lease 400 sq. ft. to Color by Laura.  

Mr. Marrelli said Laura came in and presented her business plan to get the conditional use permit. There’s no person to come in and explain the business plan because it’s not his business.

Mr. Regan asked, you’re converting some of your space into a salon and then will contract with people or engage people to take a chair and use that space?

George Argie said that’s correct, not much different than what she did. She had two units within her space and she sub-leased to someone else to provide salon services.

Chairman Farmer asked, you’re quarterbacking this, she’s not?

George Argie said right, she’s moved out. I believe she was granted a similar conditional use permit at 6571 Wilson Mills.

Mr. Marrelli said, so her space is open plus he’s going to expand it so there’s more services. She was just doing hair color. This will be a full service salon.

Mr. Regan asked Mr. Argie if he already has people lined up.

George Argie replied, I have three parties interested right now. I haven’t pushed or marketed it much, a little premature, but I did put some feelers out.

Mr. Regan asked if the people bring in their own supplies & equipment.

George Argie explained. I plan on making the stations / stalls. They’ll bring in whatever they work with, i.e. scissors, blow dryers. Basically like a turn-key operation. There’ll be very little retail, some will have retail and some will not, very limited.

Mr. Fikaris asked, is this strictly by appointment only? Or will this accept walk-ins?

George Argie said I expect everything to be booked directly with the tenant on line or by phone. I don’t expect walk-in traffic. I have my Law Offices in the building, other professionals, a Family Dentist, Doctor. I want to keep it low key. I want it on an upscale basis. There won’t be signs in the windows. I expect one sign on Wilson Mills on the marquee and perhaps one on the monument by the driveway.

Mr. Regan asked about hours of operation.

George Argie replied, typical of what Laura had. Mon – Fri 9 – 6. Certain days may go till 9:00 in the evening. Sat hours not as long, closed Sundays.

Mr. Regan asked, do you anticipate “x” amount of stations will be occupied throughout the business day?

George Argie said I’m learning that one stylist would have M/W/F another one will do T/T/F/S. I don’t expect one tenant per styling chair. I have a girl that wants two chairs for herself.

Mr. Marquardt states, I think a condition should be whoever leases a chair, needs to register with the Village relative to tax collection. Plus the fact I think we should know what businesses are operating there.

George Argie said from a liability standpoint, some may form LLC’s.

Mr. Marquardt said, there are other reasons too I’m sure, but I think that should be one of the conditions on the permit.

Mr. Marrelli said, if you sign a lease with somebody, they should come in and get their own Occupancy Permit. On our Occupancy Application, they’ll provide us with a contact phone number, Federal ID #, e-mail address, whether they’re using hazardous materials, etc. But you’ll have to be responsible if their lease changes or terminates. 

George Argie will incorporate that into their lease.   

Mr. Marrelli asked, did you do any kind of marketing study to find out if this will fly? Do you have a business plan?

George Argie replied, it’ll be a substantial investment. I’m testing the waters. There’s been enough interest for me to feel I can justify doing the project. There are no guarantees with any business. If I’m going to make that commitment, I feel pretty comfortable I can get the leases. I have 800 sq. ft. across the hall from where Color by Laura was that’s been vacant for 6 years. I was going to do it in that space. I apologize to all of you that these drawings have changed since I initially filed the application the later part of November. As I looked into that size, the lack of plumbing, the cost of having to go outside & around the building to get plumbing in, and recognizing Michael Jiannetti’s office in conjunction with Color by Laura’s already has existing plumbing. Michael had three lawyers in his office, he’s down to one. He hasn’t been able to get any tenants. The plan is to shift him over to the 800 sq. ft. which’ll cut his rent down and we’ll utilize his space for this project.

Mr. Marrelli said the reason I ask is we’ve been down this road with Salon Blu across the street at 845 SOM. They spent a ton of money, built it out, bought the nicest stuff, and two years later they were gone.

George Argie said, to me that’s a different location, a different kind of building, the access is difficult, a little tricky. The rents too, were very high there. I think that was part of the problem. You can see it’s close to vacant. The rent I would charge, looking at the market, would be more reasonable than what Salon Suites down the street by Five Guys strip center is charging.    

Mr. Marrelli said I was looking at the business model. I didn’t know if maybe there wasn’t enough business for another salon in this area.

Mr. Syracuse asked what the current permitted use is in Mr. Argie’s building.

Mr. Marrelli replied, small office, professional offices.

Mr. Syracuse asked if it’ll require a parking variance.

Mr. Marrelli said I didn’t get a parking plan yet. We spoke about that today. I was informed if there’s overflow needed, they can go next door to the hotel.

George Argie said the Holiday Inn ownership is a client and friend of mine. I talked to them about it. If there’s a need for additional parking, they said it’s not a problem. They never need the parking in the back of their lot. I have not had any kind of problem with parking in my building to date and I don’t think this will create any problem.

Mr. Regan asked, will you contract with the massage therapist the same way you would with the stylist?

George Argie said yes. They’ll all require licenses in place. They’ll all need to register for necessary permits.

Ms. Calta asked, do they pay rent at a flat rate?

George Argie replied yes. It’ll include utilities, everything, a fixed amount every month.

Chairman Farmer asked John about each stylist registering. Is that something unique?  

Mr. Marrelli said they’re a tenant just like a multi business, every tenant in every building registers with us.

Chairman Farmer said so they’re supposed to do that regardless. We don’t have to vote on that per say. He’ll put that in his lease.

Mr. Marrelli said it’s just an oddity that there’s no manager, no owner of the business. Normally we would have the owner’s information and he’d be responsible for everybody else. The way this is working, it’s kind of like a free space and everybody’s on their own.

Mr. Syracuse asked about the terms of the lease.

George Argie replied, probably one year. The party that wants the two stations wants something long term. She lives in the area, wants to stay in the area. She’s moved twice already. She wants a permanent home, she likes the building. Someone like her, I have no problem committing beyond one year. What I’ve seen is that a lot of these leases are year to year. My push would be to get something 2 – 3 years.

Mr. Marrelli asked, if something happens, hot water doesn’t work, they’ll come get you out of your office?

George Argie said right. It’ll be spelled out like any other lease. I’ll be responsible for certain things as the landlord and they’ll be responsible for certain things as a tenant. More than likely, if it’s a hot water problem, you can’t pick on one. I’d assume that kind of responsible.   

Mr. Fikaris said, with 17 stations, you could potentially have 35 people in the waiting area. Could there be an occupancy issue?

George Argie clarified, 12 stations.

Mr. Marrelli referred to the Building Code, it allows 1 person per 100 sq. ft. in a business occupancy. They can get 17 in there legally at one time.

Mr. Fikaris said but with 12 stations & 12 clients.

Mr. Marrelli said I’m led to believe because it’s by appointment only, they won’t be all in there at one time.

Mr. Marrelli states, I haven’t received the ten (10) Guidelines about how this’ll provide benefits to the Village, will have no financial burden to the Village for delivery of government services, etc.

George Argie replied, I did that for the previous conditional use permit. For all those reasons from three years ago, it remains the same. 

Chairman Farmer asked if any further questions or comments.

George Argie asked, is it necessary to get another conditional use if one exists in the building?  My original application was for the building. The reason I ask, I filed back in November, meeting got rescheduled and I have people on hold. I understand you have to go through your motions. I was thinking about it as I was reviewing the code before I came here, whether it could be just an expansion of the existing. It’s the same space, only being made larger. I don’t know if it’s necessary to go through the whole process again.

Ms. Calta replied, between enlarging the use versus applying for an expanded use is probably not very significant, you’re talking about the same thing, just putting in different lingo. I think you’re doing the right thing, because this has changed in scope. We’re talking 400 sq. ft. to 1100 sq. ft. But if you would not mind supplying a copy of the “Guidelines” list from three years ago for the file. Mr. Argie supplied a copy of the list to include seven (7) that apply (enclosed).   

Mr. Marrelli notes, I’ll need a parking plan at some point and how big the building is so we can apply the parking code to the square footage. The square footage doesn’t change, so if the parking was sufficient for the square footage it ought to still be. I have to look at the use. A business office is not the same as a salon. It’s a higher density.

George Argie said with 12 stations, I don’t anticipate 12 individual leases. I determined it would be too busy to have that many. The one girl out of the three wants two stations. That already eliminates one.

Mr. Marrelli said when I review the application, it’ll be based on square footage, not chairs.


Vote at next regular meeting date Mon, February 2nd at 7:00 p.m.

George Argie thanked the Board for their time. Left the meeting at 7:55 p.m.


Conditional Use Permit Renewals
New Expiration Date of Dec 2016

Mr. Marrelli said there’s only been one change and it’s not fully enforced it. That’s Dr. Eadie, the non-conforming Dental Office across the street. Megan K. Ursick, DDS is on a land contract to buy the Dental Office from Dr. Eadie who is retiring. I guess it’s going to take maybe 3 – 5 years to pay him off from what I understand. I’ll add her to the Conditional Use Permit. He’ll come off when she’s the sole owner. Everyone should have received the Resolution from 1983 granting Dr. Eadie a Special Use. I consulted our legal department on this. It was a non-conforming use of a building which doesn’t go with the person, it goes with the property.

Mr. Regan asked, it can only be a Dental or Medical Office?

Ms. Calta said I would confine it to a Dental Office. If it ceases to exist for six months, at that point you could say, it goes back to residential.

Mr. Regan asked, if someone bought it, knocked the building down and put up a residence, they’d be allowed to do that?

Ms. Calta said yes.

Mr. Marrelli said everybody else is doing what they’re supposed to be doing. I had a little bit of an issue with our pool guy, but we straightened that out.

Ms. Calta noted Best Buy Pools was missing from the list.


  • On 6/18/12 Council denied P & Z’s recommendation to allow Best Buy Pools & Spas to operate his business under a Conditional Use Permit @ 731 Beta Dr.
  • On 7/25/12 Best Buy Pools & Spas was issued an Occupancy Permit to operate his distribution wholesale business @ 731 Beta Dr. in compliance under the zoning district.


Chairman Farmer asked how Forest City Tree Protection is working out.

Mr. Marrelli replied they’re enjoying their two spaces.

Mr. Marrelli notes that Mt. Vernon Square is starting to heat up with the medical. They’re getting more tenants, more interest in the building.

Mr. Regan said the patients love the access, the ability to pull up to the building and not have to fight for a spot. Lot of traffic in the building now. With this weather they’re dragging in the salt and management’s cleaning the carpets once a month. I’m on the 2nd floor, someone’s going in above us and they’re banging away.

Mr. Marrelli said we just had an accounting office, BSB Partners move into 6700 Ste 310. An Optometrist I think moving in next to Dr. Castellarin on top of your office and Dr. Stockfish moving into 6690 Ste 312. The ownership has changed, but the same group is still managing it. I’m hearing at Hillcrest that the traffic on 91 & Mayfield’s impossible, the medical building’s tough to get in & out of, can’t park, the rent’s cheaper here and the amenities are as good or better. They’re starting to come. The news got out. We’ve been talking to the management about doing some kind of café / coffee shop on the first floor.

Mr. Marquardt suggested a Roach Coach.


Vote at next regular meeting date Mon, February 2nd at 7:00 p.m.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:06 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Deborah Garbo
Executive Assistant
Building Department

Enclosure: Guidelines Question/Answers; Color by Laura “2011” (top of page)