PZ - September 18th 2014

Planning & Zoning Commission
Workshop Meeting Minutes
Mayfield Village
Sept 18, 2014

The Planning and Zoning Commission met in workshop session on Thurs, Sept 18, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. at the Mayfield Village Civic Center, Main Conference Room for a meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission. Chairman ProTem Syracuse presided.

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Present: Mr. Vetus Syracuse (Chairman ProTem), Mr. Bill Marquardt, Dr. Sue McGrath, and Mr. Paul Fikaris

Also Present: Mr. John Marrelli (Building Commissioner) and Ms. Deborah Garbo (Secretary)

Absent: Mr. Jim Farmer (Chairman), Mr. Garry Regan, Mayor Rinker, Ms. Diane Calta (Law Department), Mr. Tom Cappello (Village Engineer), Mr. David Hartt (Planning Director), and Mr. Ted Esborn (Economic Development Director)


  1. Conditional Use Permit
    6571 Wilson Mills Road
    Foxboro Holdings
    Color Luxe, Village Salon Studios, LLC
    Laura Storey, Owner
    (Beauty Services)
  2. Temporary Signs
    Section 1185.14 (e)(3)
    Note: Ordinance Review mtg of 9/9 approved recommendation to Council



Chairman ProTem Syracuse called the meeting to order. This is a workshop meeting of the Planning & Zoning. We won’t be taking a vote tonight. We have one item on the agenda.

Color Luxe – Laura Storey
6571 Wilson Mills Rd.
Conditional Use Permit

Mr. Marrelli begins with a brief background. Laura’s already in our town, down the street at George Argie’s building 6449 Wilson Mills Rd. She’s got about 300 sq. ft. now, it’s tiny. Her business is doing well. She’d like to expand and move into the building across the street where the Barber and office space is.

Bob Gelbach introduced himself. I represent and own Foxboro Holdings. The building is roughly 8,000 sq. ft. The available space is roughly 1,000 sq. ft. I purchased the building in 2005. Since then we’ve had three tenants there. The available space has been empty now since Jan 1st. It’s a two office open spacious area for 1,000 sq. ft. The building is a single story, two doors from Austin’s Steak House and one door from Jefferson Park.

There are 5 suites in there, three of which I’d say are office, one is a Barber Shop. One suite has 2 full-time people. The other suite is the Barber Shop which has 2 full-time beauticians and one other gentleman that comes in a couple days a week. Another one is Barber Helper which has been there almost as long as Sandy has with the Hair Salon. Sandy was the second occupant after they went from one company owning it. National Testing Labs, LLC is a company that I own, it’s in one of the other suites. There are 12 of us in there, we do water testing.

Zoning Classification

Chairman ProTem Syracuse asked how long the Barber Shop’s been in there.

Bob Gelbach replied, in excess of 20 years.

Mr. Marrelli said they’ve been in there since the zoning code went into effect, so they’re grandfathered in as a conditional use. 

Bob Gelbach said the building was built in the 70’s. It’s a great location.

Mr. Marquardt asked about the zoning.  

Mr. Marrelli replied, “Office”.

Number of Employees

Chairman ProTem Syracuse asked the applicant to present on behalf of Color Luxe.

Laura Storey introduced herself. I’ve been at George Argie’s building for 3 ½ years. I have a couple part time people who’d like to rent and join me, so I need a bigger location. I like the area, I want to stay in the area. I’ve been a hairdresser about 17 years in this area.

Chairman ProTem Syracuse asked, how many people work for you now?

Laura Storey replied, 3 part-timers, maybe 10-12 hours.

Chairman ProTem Syracuse asked, and how many are you planning to add?

Laura Storey replied, not sure, maybe 5 part-timers.

Mr. Marrelli asked, are they going to work for you or are they renting a chair?

Laura Storey hasn’t decided yet.

Bob Gelbach said Sandy Mancini’s Barber Shop business is not walk in, it’s quiet. I asked Sandy if she had any reservations when Laura came to me. Sandy’s one of the easiest individuals there is, being in that location for as long as she has. She advised me to ask Laura a couple questions and Laura responded; Are you client based (yes), do you get walk-ins (no). I don’t envision it to be taxing on our space. I don’t feel it’ll be a detriment to our parking lot and/or traffic. Quite frankly, I’d rather have them than all the traffic next door at the Doctor’s offices. Sandy, having been there as long as she has, beats what a lot of other people have in terms of tenants. Offices turn over far more frequently.

Mr. Marrelli asked if the space will need to be built-out, i.e. install sinks.

Laura Storey replied, it’s exactly the way I want it. The plumbing’s lined up where I need it, structure stays the same.


Mr. Marquardt asked about parking.

Bob Gelbach said I think we have roughly 36 spaces. Of the 36, we have 17 people today. Laura’s got plenty of room. I don’t think parking will be any issue at all.

Chairman ProTem Syracuse asked how long the available space has been vacant.

Bob Gelbach replied it’s been vacant since January. Before that we had Rite Rug for 1 year, before that was the Entertainment Book for 2-3 years, and before that was Argie Accountants who vacated shortly thereafter and went over to Jefferson Pk. From the time it goes vacant to the time we fill it, you’re probably looking at nine months. We had one other real prospect out of the nine months it’s been sitting. They were excited, but didn’t respond back. The office space does sit vacant. One of the reasons being Jefferson Park is right next door with a lot of space, but you have to fit what you want into the space they have. Our floor plan is a very nice flow, a simple hall down with an “L”. If approved, this will fill our space.

Chairman ProTem Syracuse asked if any of the other tenants have voiced any objection.  

Bob Gelbach replied, I talked to almost all of the tenants, there’s been no objections. It’s a great group, we’ve been together for so long. They were all obviously skeptical when I bought the building. We were in Jefferson Pk. I looked at that building for about 2 years. That’s how long it took me to negotiate. I went to all of them before, I asked them what their thoughts were. For anyone that had any concern, that was a long time ago.

Retail Component

Chairman ProTem Syracuse asked Laura if she’ll be selling any product.

Laura Storey replied, very limited. The retail aspect of it, the reason I choose not to move into a storefront is because I’m not looking at this, nor are the people I’m going to be working with looking at it from a high volume, let’s sell all this stuff. We’re just women that are also Mom’s that are working part-time, 10-15 hours a week.

Mr. Marrelli asked, are you relying on walk-in traffic?

Laura Storey replied, no. That’s not what our business is about.

Chairman ProTem Syracuse asked, the products you do sell, if it’s 6 bottles of shampoo, where would you keep those?

Laura Storey replied, on my counter.

Mr. Marrelli asked, will you have display cases?

Laura Storey replied, no.

Hours of Operation

Chairman ProTem Syracuse asked about hours of operation.  

Laura Storey said it’ll vary.

Chairman ProTem asked, how late at night?

Laura Storey replied, I could be there until 9:00.

Chairman ProTem asked, what will be the maximum amount of hours? We’re trying to set parameters for what the hours would be that we’d grant the permit for. If you were going to be there on Sundays, we’d want to address that.

Laura Storey replied, Monday through Saturday.

Mr. Marrelli asked Laura how many clients she has herself per week.

Laura Storey replied, about 12 - 15. That would be about the same for everybody else, but spread out over different hours.  

Bob Gelbach said my Son was in our building working late one night doing our I.T. and there was a knock on the window. It was a Police Officer checking what he was doing. It’s very secure, we have security on the building, and it’s well lit. Typically, the majority of our people are Mon – Fri and gone by 6:00 pm. Sandy works Tues – Sat. The Barber Helper is in & out. It’s a rarity that we have everybody there at one time.

Laura Storey said it’s hard to say, but I’d guess Mon – Sat. I had a hair emergency, and was there at midnight correcting somebody’s hair.

Mr. Marrelli said I don’t know what a hair emergency is. Generally speaking if it’s not a hair emergency, how late are you there?

Laura Storey replied, a couple nights a week until 9:00 pm.

Chairman ProTem asked, what’s your earliest?

Laura Storey replied, 9:00 am.

Bob Gelbach said the building is open on Sat for Sandy’s Salon. If somebody is there, the building is locked. If Sandy was not to be there on a Sat, the outside building would be locked. My unit has 12 people, 9 people have keys, people who have reason to be in the building. I would assume Laura will give a key to every one of her 5 people. They’ll each have a separate code to the building. If after hours, the building gets locked. They come in the front door (it’s a vestibule), they open the outer door, come inside, punch a code in, go through the other door and go to their space. We had one break-in. I’m sure it was kids. They took my Son’s credit card that was in my desk, went down to Shell and bought $20 worth of gas. Didn’t do a lot of damage. We put a security system in and haven’t had a problem.


Mr. Marrelli asked if there’s room for Color Luxe on the marquee.

Bob Gelbach said yes.

Mr. Marrelli asked, is your address on the marquee?

Bob Gelbach said yes.

Chairman ProTem Syracuse asked if there’s any variances required.

Mr. Marrelli said no, just a Conditional Use Permit.


Bob Gelbach asked about the process moving forward.

Mr. Marrelli said Planning Commission will vote on Mon, Oct 6th @ 7:00 pm, send their recommendation to Council for consideration. Council will discuss at their Caucus meeting following on that same night @ 8:00 pm. Council will vote at their Regular Council meeting on Oct 20th. Once she gets the approval, I would expect a floor plan with a build-out, plumbing, heating and/or electrical permits, whatever’s needed to get the shop built. An Occupancy Permit will be issued once all the work is complete.   

Bob Gelbach said I care about that. It’s the safety of my people and tenants. We pride ourselves on it being a nice place to hang your hat during the day.

Mr. Marrelli commented it’s a nice building.

Bob Gelbach thanked John.

Mr. Marrelli said I know you had some work done last year that came out nice.

Bob Gelbach said yes, the soffits, overhangs.

Dr. McGrath asked how long the Conditional Use Permit is good for.

Mr. Marrelli replied, two years.

Chairman ProTem Syracuse states, I encourage you both to attend the Oct 6th meeting, that’s when we’ll take a vote on this. Anything we vote on isn’t finalized until Council votes on it as well Oct 20th. I encourage you to attend in case any other Members that couldn’t be here tonight have any additional questions. If granted, it’s a two year Conditional Use Permit, automatically renewed in two years providing there aren’t any issues.

Dr. McGrath said the idea with the two year conditional use, if suddenly you’re selling guitars out of your space, something completely not within what you were approved to do, we can deny your renewal. If you’re doing what you said you were going to do and follow the guidelines you laid out, you’re fine. I bring this up because I see you’re asking for a four year lease. Does that make sense to you?

Laura Storey said yes.

Chairman ProTem Syracuse said the two years gives us an opportunity to re-visit, oversee and monitor the permit. That’s how we regulate it. If you needed to adjust the permit at any time, you can reapply. Generally, we limit 10% of the space for selling retail, that’s a special restriction we would impose for anyone who would come in with a request for retail.

Mr. Fikaris asked if she’s on a Conditional Use Permit in her present space.

Mr. Marrelli said yes. It’s been 3 ½ years and we haven’t had any issues. You’re not going to run the Firemen’s LLC out of here, are you? Laura said no. John said that would be one of the things we would revoke your permit for, if I would find out your husband set up his construction business out of here.

Bob Gelbach asked, can you share what the appetite is of Council on Conditional Use Permits, in an unofficial capacity, what their track record is.

Chairman ProTem Syracuse said we can’t speak on behalf of Council.

Mr. Marrelli said usually Council trusts the Planning Commission’s opinions. Sometimes things don’t turn out the way they’ve been presented and we have an issue. Now we have complaints, i.e. tenants getting into battles over parking spaces or not having fire protection when they’re supposed to.

Bob Gelbach said I would assume that would also apply even if it wasn’t a conditional use, if you had tenants complaining about other tenants or tenants complaining about landlords.

Mr. Marrelli said usually it’s when they reach too far and promise too much and can’t deliver, things go fowl.

Bob Gelbach said I have a funny feeling you haven’t heard anything about 6571.

Mr. Marrelli replied, you’re correct. It’s very quiet there. We like it that way.

Chairman ProTem Syracuse asked if any other questions.

Salon Odors from Product

Mr. Marrelli asked, are you doing hair dye, if so, what are you doing about the odors?

Laura Storey replied, it doesn’t smell. It’s not the way it used to be.

Mr. Marrelli said you’ve been in an office building for 3 years. Has anybody ever said they smell anything?

Laura Storey replied no, and I’m right in the center with no ventilation.

Bob Gelbach commented that nobody has said anything about that for Sandy’s business. 

Mr. Marrelli said maybe the products are different than what they used to be. Are you doing nails?

Laura Storey replied, maybe. A Salon encompasses skin, hair & nails.

Scheduled for vote at next Planning Commission Meeting Mon, Oct 6th at 7:00 p.m.

Representatives thank the Board and leave @ 7:00 p.m.


Temporary Signs
Section 1185.14 (e) (3)

Mr. Marquardt said we went over this last week in Ordinance Review. It’s been going around for a long time.

Mr. Marrelli said Reader’s Digest version is businesses will be allowed to advertise For Rent or For Lease on the back of their buildings that have visibility from 1-271. We’ve set parameters on how big and how long.

Scheduled for vote at next Planning Commission Meeting Mon, Oct 6th at 7:00 p.m.


Mr. Marquardt, back to tonight’s CUP proposal, how do we regulate people working part-time paying taxes.

Mr. Marrelli said when she applies for her Occupancy Permit, she’ll be the primary business and will put down the number of employees. I’m guessing they watch it through RITA to see if there’s that many people paying tax out of that suite.

Mr. Marquardt said if they’re coming & going all the time, she’s renting out chairs. 

Mr. Marrelli said if she’s renting chairs, they’re self-employed, like Consultants. I can talk to our Finance Director how they track that stuff.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:07 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Deborah Garbo
Executive Assistant
Building Department