PZ - February 21st 2013

Planning & Zoning Commission
Workshop Meeting Minutes
Feb 21, 2013

The Planning and Zoning Commission met in workshop session on Thurs, Feb 21, 2013 at 7:30 p.m. at the Mayfield Village Civic Center Conference Room for a meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission. Chairman Farmer presided.

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Mr. Jim Farmer, Chairman
Mr. Garry Regan, Chairman Pro Tem
Mr. Bill Marquardt
Dr. Sue McGrath
Mr. Paul Fikaris
Mr. Vetus Syracuse

Also Present:

Ms. Diane Calta, Law Department
Mr. Ted Esborn, Economic Development Director
Mr. John Marrelli, Building Commissioner
Ms. Deborah Garbo, Secretary
Lt. Michael Girbino, Acting Fire Chief


Mayor Rinker
Mr. Nick Delguyd, Council Alternate
Mr. Tom Cappello, Village Engineer
Mr. David Hartt, Planning Director


  1. Deacon’s Chrysler Jeep Dodge
    835 SOM Ctr. Rd.
    J.T. Management Limited Partnership
    Davison Smith Certo Architects
    • Lot Consolidation Plat
    • Project Revisions-Site Plan
  2. Forest City Tree Protection Co., Inc
    Mr. Lauren S. Lanphear, President
    731 Beta Drive
    Panzica Realty Company
    • Conditional Use Permit
  3. Conditional Use Permits
    Special Use Permits
    Discussion & Extension of Use x 2 years (Expire Dec 31, 2014)
    Section 1149.02 Use District Exceptions



Chairman Farmer called the meeting to order. This is a workshop meeting. We won’t be taking an official vote tonight. Let’s begin with an update from John on the Deacon’s project. 

Deacon’s Chrysler Jeep Dodge
835 SOM Ctr. Rd.
a) Lot Consolidation Plat
b) Project Revisions-Site Plan

Mr. Marrelli said there’s been movement in ownership. Deacon family has sold some of their interest. There are two new partners in the mix now, for a total of three partners. There have been changes in the building. It’s gotten bigger to absorb tearing down the wash bays and the back service garage. Consolidation plat is finished and has been reviewed by our Village Engineer. I believe the Law Department is done with all the legal work on any declarations and agreements. I’ll let Randy take it from here.

Randy Smith introduces Project Revisions

Randy Smith with Davison Smith Certo Architects refers to two separate sets of drawings to explain changes.

The existing service building sits here and this portion of the building was approved previously along with the drive-thru bays for the service area. We’re proposing taking down the existing service building and adding this whole new service area which expands to the east by three bays from what we had before. Basically everything’s the same behind the existing building.

There have been some changes on the site a little bit. The Village asked that we dedicate this piece of property as part of the landscape easement which we did. In exchange, the Village will give us an easement on the existing Village owned property to the east for one row of parking here. We’re tearing down the existing three bay wash bays behind the existing building. We’ve revised the landscape plan per discussions with the Village’s Landscape Architect. That’s about it on the changes.

This new building’s about 16,000 sq. ft. Total project’s now about 24,000 sq ft, a little larger than it was before.  

Second drawing shows the changes from Wilson Mills Rd. These two bays here were existing. We’re now adding three bays for more service access. SOM Center elevation has not changed any and front elevation has not changed. Only changes are in the back. There are no existing structures left. We’re basically enclosing the existing service building and expanding all the way around the existing building.

Jim Deacon said the existing wash bays are very old buildings. By taking that building down I think it’ll be a nice addition

Mr. Marrelli said everything will be new now. We’re not trying to mix new and old buildings together. This turns out to be a lot nicer and I’m sure a lot more expensive.

Randy Smith said they’re also picking up about 6 service bays in the building.

Jim Deacon said the reason for the service expansion is we’ll be selling the Dodge & RAM trucks. We were on a tight budget before. Luckily I’ve got two new partners now. Rather than build the new showroom now and find out in three years we need a new service area and have to come back to you guys, we said let’s just spend the money up front and do it right the first time.

Mr. Marrelli said that pretty much wraps it up. It was on hold for 6 or 7 months while ownerships were changed and parcels consolidated.

Ms. Calta said as far as what we’re working on with the greenspace easement, we’re still working on it, it’s not finalized yet. Jim’s been reviewing the actual document and we’re revising some of the exhibits. That’s set to be finalized before your March 4th vote meeting. That’s one of the components discussed in the development agreement entered into way back when. There’s some other conditions in there that have been met like the setback from Wilson Mills, where the driveways are supposed to be aligned, lighting, where there aren’t going to be ground signs. All those things have been complied with in the plan. A lot of this was on hold waiting for the consolidation of the ownership. That has now been achieved.

Jim Deacon said this was my Dad’s baby. It was a bitter sweet thing for him. He just didn’t want to take on the risk at his age. I let him know we’ll move on but unfortunately it set the project back a little bit. We hope to continue, this is our 50th year. I’d like to think we have a good reputation and I think we’ve been good neighbors for the Village and want to continue that.

Mr. Regan asked if we’ve picked up or lost anything on recorded parking with the changes in the building.

Randy Smith replied the parking requirements have not changed. We still have adequate parking per code. We lost a little bit of display parking, I think 9 spaces on the display area. We’re still within the code requirements.  

Chairman Farmer asked if any further questions or comments. We will be voting on Mon March 4th.

Mr. Regan asked if we have to do the consolidation plat first.

Ms. Calta replied one of the conditions was that all the properties be consolidated under one ownership and then that consolidation plat be reviewed and recommended for approval by the Planning Commission. That’s one approval. The second is the final site plan.

Mr. Marrelli confirmed that after the consolidation and agreements are done, everybody will then be satisfied. The Architectural review’s been done, Landscape Architect is done and Engineer is done.


Forest City Tree Protection Co., Inc
Mr. Lauren S. Lanphear, President
731 Beta Drive
Panzica Realty Company
Conditional Use Permit

Chairman Farmer said our second item is a conditional use permit request for Forest City Tree Protection Co.

Mr. Marrelli defers to the applicant who has brought a power point.  

Lauren Lanphear introduced himself, President and Owner of Forest City Tree Protection Company in South Euclid. With me is Mike Verik who runs our Lanphear Supply Division and is involved in production management with the tree crews. Also here is my daughter Clare who has helped in locating a spot for us. I’d like to tell you a little bit about what we do so you get an idea of what our operation is. We’d like to be able to move to Mayfield Village. I’ll talk about how we’d use the building and how we’ve addressed some of the issues that Lt. Girbino and Mr. Marrelli have asked us to address.

PowerPoint Presentation

Lauren Lanphear begins. Our company was founded in 1910 by my Grandfather. He was in the city of Cleveland for about 4 years. In 1916 he bought the property that we’re on in South Euclid. Originally it was 60’ wide & 1,000 ft deep. After the depression there was a lot of adjoining land that became available and the developer’s plans for it fell through so we’ve been there on 4 acres since 1916. The house I live in was the house my Grandfather built in 1916. The house I grew up in, my Parents house is on one side of the property as well.  

We’ve had 4 generations of the family working it. My Uncle John and Father Bill followed my Grandfather in 1938. My Grandfather passed away in 1966 and my Father retired in 1983 and passed away in ‘01’. My Son Will worked for us for 9 years. My Daughter Clare worked for me for several summers. After moving back from New York, she’s helped me with a location for our business. We’re pleased to be recognized as one of Cleveland’s 100 Year Old Businesses. I grew up in the tree care business. I attended Hiram College, earned a double major in both Science & Religion.

Tree Pruning & Removal. The majority and half of our business is pruning, removal work, installation of cabling and bracing.

Tree Health Care. The other half of our work is a little more specialized and unique in the area in that we do diagnosis and treatment of insect and disease problems and other illnesses. We call it Tree Health Care. We do things such as injecting nutrients and soil microbiology elements into the soil and injecting tree medicines directly into the sap stream of the tree. This is the newest way that we’re able to expose root systems and do aeration. Some unique bracing systems we’re involved in out of the Holden Arboretum.

What our Clients Say. Being in business 100 years means you’ve got to do something right once in a while. I think our clients speak well for us in terms of our dedication and expertise. We want to do things right and that includes meeting the needs of the Village in terms of our facilities.  

St. Gregory the Great – Historic White Oak Tree. We’ve been recognized for the work we’ve done. We’ve provided care for this tree for over 25 years in South Euclid, probably their oldest tree. In 1998 we recommended mycorrhizae inoculation combined with an application of humates. We have every reason to believe this 300+ year old, Historic White Oak will remain a healthy and significant asset to the community for many years to come.    

Jesse Owens Olympic Oak Tree. Jesse Owens won 4 gold metals in the 1936 Olympics. He was presented four Olympic Oak Trees, one for each of the four gold medals he garnered. One was planted by the track where Jesse practiced for the Olympics, at James Ford Rhodes High School in Cleveland’s Old Brooklyn neighborhood. We did some work there on a pro bono basis to help keep that going. What a privilege it was to work on and provide care for such an incredible tree. A tree that represents so much for so very many and which connects us and future generations with a crucial part of our history and heritage. We received Excellence in Arboriculture Awards, Heritage Award (2003) for efforts to preserve this Olympic Oak.

Community Involvement. For 30 years now we’ve donated a day every Arbor Day of pruning and tree health care for the Cleveland Botanical Garden. We’re very involved in the community. I’ve chaired City of South Euclid Tree Commission since inception in 1992. Here is a number of Arbor Day Programs we’ve been involved in, planting trees on the Veterans Memorial, Anderson in Mayfield. This one is particularly special to me because that was planted in honor of my Parents for what they’ve done for South Euclid in trees over the years. We’re very involved in Schools and education. We certainly look forward to being involved here in Mayfield Village.

Lanphear Supply. This is a smaller part of our business. We sell equipment and supplies, things used to take care of trees. Primary customers are professionals. One area because we are a dealer for steel power equipment, that’s the one area where we do interact with homeowners. You’ll see in our plans we have a small area for a showroom, particularly for STIHL equipment. Most of our business in Lanphear Supply is chipping stuff. STIHL is unique in that all its dealers are servicing dealers. Mike Verik is our Gold Level Certified Technician, the highest level they can have. You’ll also see a small area we designed to handle our repair work. These are all things most people would not have a need for other than if you’re trying to get up a tree. The equipment is some of what we would sell, but primarily stuff we’d be shipping.

Chim, Chim, Cher-ee. The smallest part of our business is a chimney cleaning service we started in 1979. I went to a chimney sweep school in Vermont. At that time I was thin enough to stand on a roof without creating any structural issues.

Employees. One of the things I’m particularly proud about is our people. I think that’s one of the things that’ll be a great impact on Mayfield Village. Of these 12 folks here, seven of them have worked for Forest City for over 10 years, 4 of them for over 20. I think that speaks well for our industry which has high turnover. It also means that you’re getting good people into the community and of course the payroll associated with this.

Use of space @ 731 Beta Suite F. What we’d like to do with the property. This is Wilson Mills, Beta Dr. here and this is Panzica Construction’s headquarters. Panzica would be our landlord. We’re looking at space in the front building here. I think that’s the Mayfield Village’s Service Department that backs up to that. Suite F is on the south end of this first building. The space we’d like to utilize is 5400 sq. ft. This drawing shows space as it’s laid out currently; offices here, 2 doorways here, right now this wall is open because it adjoins another space here, all open warehouse here and offices in this area.

We’ll be using the back warehouse area primarily to park our vehicles at night and store our equipment. We’d be taking down this back space here, it’ll open up, this room and walls would come out. This area here would remain as offices with a small showroom.

John Marrelli & Lt. Girbino met with Mike Verik. They were very helpful in pointing things out that they wanted to make sure we addressed in how we would use the building and how it’s set up. Tony Panzica was very helpful in providing us his Architect to look at our needs we needed to address and design this sketch to accommodate.

One of the concerns from a fire standpoint was if we would be able to get our vehicles in here and still have two clear ways of egress from the front to the back. There’s a door that exists here already, a door here, a room here where we’d put a door in so they have egress here. This is very good because this room even though it says conference, will be used by our Production Foreman so the crews could come in, get their orders and interact with him. The other existing door is just being moved from here to there. Another thing to realize is this is all firewalls here. We’re separating those areas that have the vehicles in them from the front of the building.

We made sure we had room to park our trucks with 3’ between them, working with the Architect on that. The way our business operates is these trucks all go out in the morning. The chip truck leaves in the morning and comes back at the end of the day. It’s not an in & out thing. The trucks used for tree health care go out in the morning, and may come back at some point during the day into the garage to refill water.

We also do nutrition applications, so we need to store fertilizer. We built a separate room here with fire walls around it and a fire rated rolling door here to have that safely stored and not present a danger to the offices.  

I mentioned we do repair for our supply business. This room here would be used for repairs. These all become firewalls with a fire door here, so that’s separated.

Our showroom here is where folks would enter. The display I showed you would be in this area with counters for business transactions. Then offices here for myself, our accountant, office manager and salesmen are back here. We also have an area for our training meetings and conferences.

We do realize Beta is not something intended to be major retail. This is about 10% or less of the space that we’d use. It’s a small retail area and we feel it’ll be fine and will handle what we want to do.

Lauren Lanphear concludes his power point presentation. I’d like to entertain any questions at this time.


  • Signage


Mr. Marrelli going back to the floor plan asked, with the retail space do you have any plans or will the landlord allow you signage in the windows to advertise?

Lauren Lanphear replied we’re in discussions with that. As far as the windows, we might like nothing more than window decals to show what kind of equipment we have. We talked to the neighbor there, a sign company about building signage that meets code.

Mr. Marrelli asked if the window signs would be lit.

Lauren Lanphear said not lit up, more like a decal that might show a chain saw.

Nanci Ferrante, Panzica Realty said we haven’t gotten into specifics on signage.

Mr. Marrelli said right now the Conditional Use Permits operating in that area haven’t gone as far as to put signs in the windows yet. I think it’s probably coming. We don’t have any code requirement to approve or disapprove that because you’re really not supposed to be in that area, unless this Board says; “It’s o.k. that you do the retail but we don’t want any signs in the windows, we don’t want any lit up signs in the windows, you can have your sign on the door but no advertising on the windows”. That could be a condition of the Permit.

  • Repair Shop
  • Fertilizer & Gasoline Storage


Mr. Marrelli said secondly is the repair shop. You’re going to repair chain saws?

Lauren Lanphear said chain saws, trimmers, leaf blowers. They’re not necessarily two cycle equipment, some will be four cycle.

Mr. Marrelli asked how he’ll handle the fumes from the gasoline that has to be put in there.

Lauren Lanphear replied we know we’ll be venting this area here for fumes from the trucks starting up. The repair room is something we’ll work with the landlord on. There’s some kind of a vent in there already.

Nanci Ferrante said there’s an overhead exhaust fan right now. That will be designed.

Lauren Lanphear said we’ll run equipment in there and for that reason we have firewalls around it and certainly intend on venting it.

Lt. Girbino addressing John states the exhaust fan has to be intrinsically safe. What about the rest of the electrical wiring in that room?

Mr. Marrelli said we’ll have to see how they lay it out. It may have to be explosion proof. There’s a Class I Division II. Everything is sealed, the light bulbs are sealed inside glass containers.

Mr. Regan asked if the zoning here in these buildings is the same zoning as C.E.I.

Mr. Marrelli replied yes. 

Mr. Regan asked about fertilizer, gas storage & ventilation. 

Lauren Lanphear said we have gas cans that go on the trucks with the chain saws. They have pre-made to code cabinets to put those in so we’re not storing them out in the open.

Mr. Regan asked if the fertilizer is a mix or bags of fertilizer.

Lauren Lanphear replied 30 pound bags of tree fertilizer. 

Mr. Regan has heard of explosions coming from fertilizer.

Lt. Girbino states we spent some time looking at that fertilizer and the manufacturer and it doesn’t appear to be any kind of a major hazard.

Dr. McGrath said I think a thing to keep in mind is this is not a start up business. He’s been doing this for a long time. I would hope you know what you’re doing.

Lauren Lanphear said I would hope so.

  • Parking Trucks


Mr. Marrelli said presently your business in South Euclid is in separate buildings, trucks in one, fertilizers and offices in another, correct? 

Lauren Lanphear said we have 4 buildings. Some trucks are inside the buildings. All of them were built prior to 1950. Our chip truck and chipper’s rarely inside, doesn’t fit.

Mr. Marrelli said this will be the first time you’ll have everything in one place at one time.

Lauren Lanphear said yes.

Mr. Marrelli asked, do you really think you could get those trucks in sideways like that?

Lauren Lanphear said currently there are two doors that we’re going to replace with one wider door. Obviously there’s a routine that they’ve got to go to get in there. The garages that we put them in currently are a tighter fit.

Mr. Marrelli brings this up because he’s seen this kind of thing before and it never works because it’s so cumbersome to try and coordinate.

Lauren Lanphear said these trucks here are all cab over engine trucks so they have a nice turning radius on them.

  • Retail Sales


Mr. Marrelli states that’s all I have. The retail space is pretty simple. I appreciate you bringing the slides to show us the materials.

Ted Esborn said having been in your current space, there’s one photo in particular that really captures the whole retail space. Lauren displays slide. Ted refers to the right side of slide which is pretty much the entire retail space. Lauren concurred that’s the entire space plus a counter.

Mr. Marrelli asked if he advertises to the public.

Lauren Lanphear said we ourselves don’t, but STIHL advertises. If we had 6 – 10 customers in the supply business area in one day, that would be our busiest day of the year. Other than a storm day when the tree companies and landscapers are trying to buy every chain saw they could find. If somebody wants a cheap homeowner piece of equipment, they’re going to go to Home Depot and get something they can throw out when it’s done. If it’s someone who likes to cut firewood at home and likes a good piece of equipment and wants to get it repaired, that’s the homeowner that we do business with.

Mr. Regan asked if business that comes in is tax exempt, business to business.  

Lauren Lanphear said anything that we sell that’s going to be resold is non-taxable. When we sell equipment to someone who isn’t going to be selling it to a client, they pay tax on it.

Mr. Regan asked how much is business to business vs. Joe Blow needs a chain saw?

Lauren Lanphear replied the biggest part of our business is our tree company. In the supply business the homeowners are maybe 10% of our customers.

Mike Verik clarified it might be a little higher like 15% or 20% homeowners and the rest is business. A lot of the business is UPS and shipping. It’s not like they’re walking in everyday to buy something. A good percentage of business to business is UPS.

  • Employee Parking


Mr. Marrelli asked if the employees will park in front of the building or behind.

Lauren Lanphear said we’ll take up maybe 4 spaces in the front and 6 or 8 in the back. 

Mr. Marrelli asked if the crew brings stuff back on the trucks, i.e. logs.

Lauren Lanphear said logs and wood chips for us is a cost. We keep no wood chips on site in South Euclid. We have a variety of people who will take them to a recycling center. There will be no outside storage.

  • Why is Company Relocating?


Mr. Fikaris said I’m curious why you’re leaving South Euclid after all those years.

Lauren Lanphear said good question. The Cuyahoga County Library is replacing the South Euclid Library. It’s a beautiful home but makes for a lousy Library. They bought our land and two adjoining homes which are 3 lots each so they could get the 5 acres they needed to build what they want to build there. They will be building a new South Euclid-Lyndhurst Library. I don’t have family that would be taking the business and at some point if the business gets sold, the people that buy it won’t care about where you operate it. Given the real estate market in South Euclid, when you have a buyer that wants your property, it’s time to sell it.

  • Fertilizer Storage Room


Lt. Girbino asked if there will be a drop ceiling in this room.

Lauren Lanphear said no drop ceiling. The intent would be to stack stuff in there.

Lt. Girbino asked how high he plans to stack.

Mike Verik replied maybe 2 or 3 palettes high. I asked people about stacking and they said they didn’t think there was a code.

Lt. Girbino clarified there is a code. It deals with standard storage and high pile storage. Anything above 12’ in height is considered high pile storage.

Mike Verik said it would probably be 6’ – 7’ in height.

Lt Girbino asked if he’ll move palettes with a tow motor.

Mike Verik said yes.

Lt. Girbino asked if battery powered.

Mike Verik replied propane. 

Lt. Girbino prefers battery powered.

Mike Verik will check into converting that over.

Lt. Girbino asked John about the ventilation system.

Mr. Marrelli said it hasn’t been designed yet. They have just a floor plan and no mechanicals yet. Also, with the tow motor, if you’re going to use a propane tow motor, the system could be designed to pick up excess fumes from that too. Let’s say you’re running the trucks too long and it starts to build up carbon monoxide, the detectors will go off and the fans will go on and it’ll evacuate the building, or at least the garage.

Lt. Girbino is more concerned about the propane within that space, the actual gas in the canister and the potential for leaking, especially since we have a Health Care Occupancy right there.   

Mr. Marrelli said you’ll also have to be cautious of where you exhaust the fumes from that repair garage and from your garage. As you can see the roof top units also have air intakes on them so we wouldn’t want your chain saw fumes to get sucked into the Health Care Facility. I mention this because it’s something you probably haven’t dealt with before because you had all those little buildings you worked out of. 

Lauren Lanphear said we remodeled a portion of our supply building in ‘87’ and created a conference room. At that time we were instructed to install an exhaust fan up in the crawl space because the heat could start a fire in there. In 2002 the exhaust fan started a fire. So I’m somewhat familiar with exhaust fans.

  • Hours of Operation


Mr. Regan asked what time the crews leave in the morning and return.

Lauren Lanphear said people arrive 7:30 a.m. Field guys punch in at 8:00 a.m. and get out around 8:30 or 9:00. They come back between 3:30 & 4:30 p.m. Normally everyone’s gone but maybe me at 5:00 p.m.

  • Conditions for Consideration


Chairman Farmer asked what the Commission will be voting on March 4th.   

Mr. Marrelli said you’ll vote on a Conditional Use for the retail space. You might want to think about conditions, i.e. signs in the windows, hours of operation.

Mr. Regan asked about the ventilation and propane issues.

Mr. Marrelli said they have to have an Architect do a plan and give us the electrical, mechanical, fire walls, code parameters, use groups, fire ratings. There’s a lot of work to be done yet.

Lauren Lanphear said we have until the end of June from the Library to vacate our property. Given that our landlord is a construction person, I’m confident they’ll be able to do whatever needs to be done in there.

Chairman Farmer asked if any further questions or comments.

There was none.


Conditional Use Permits
Special Use Permits
Extension of Use to Expire Dec 31, 2014

Mr. Marquardt is concerned about the creeping retail on Beta without any guidelines. We blew by the sign guy now we’re going to blow by the one tonight. Where are the standards? I don’t think I’m going to let the next one blow by.

Ted Esborn states this puts urgency on the Planning Department to put something together. The idea is to take places like Sign-A-Rama and Forest City Tree and put those in code so they are by right permitted uses. It’s identifying the kind of retail that’s permitted by right.

Dr. McGrath said it needs to happen fast. While we’re all o.k. with the ones that have come, you never know what might be next that isn’t so desirable.

NOTE: Following discussion, Ted agreed to have standards drafted by Planning Commission’s March 4th meeting date.

Mr. Regan likes the fact about Forest City being a 100 year old business. It’s retail, but that retail is primarily to professionals. There’s a comfort fact there. The likelihood that it’s a fly by night operation is remote. Besides the opportunity to sell his property, in reading his materials, he has big clients right here. That makes sense, although I’m dumbfounded about the safety issue. They’ve got a gasoline fuel storage area, a repair shop with engines running, fertilizer, etc. Are they going to be able to meet between the landlord and tenant, meet safety code?

Ms. Calta said they are going to have to.

Mr. Marrelli added it’s not going to be cheap.

Ms. Calta said there’s a possibility that they may get down that path and it’s not financially feasible and viable for them.

Lt. Girbino said they explained the rationale behind the location of that repair shop in the conversation I had with them. It’s because as the customers come in the door, they want that repair shop proximal to where the customers are dropping off their equipment. They went as far as to say they want to have a large window to see into that room which would have to have the same rating as the wall.

Chairman Farmer asked if all the Conditional Use & Special Use Permit holders are abiding by their requirements.

Mr. Marrelli is happy to report we haven’t had any issues with any of the permit holders. All the users are abiding by their requirements. I recommend they all get approved for the extension x 2 years.

Chairman Farmer said we’ll take a vote on the extensions March 4th.



  • Sport Fields New Restrooms & Pavilions


Mr. Marrelli said this is for your information. We’re planning to build two restroom facilities at our sports facilities, one at the baseball diamonds and one at the soccer fields. Each one would have a pavilion, maybe not the first year, might be the second or third year for the pavilions. I’ve distributed aerial views. These are renderings that we hope will come to fruition in the next couple years. It’s being designed where the storage might be converted to concession, depending how things develop over time.

Mr. Regan said I’m sure that in this building people have considered the fact there is now a committee that’s looking at The Grove.

Mr. Marrelli said the soccer field restrooms would service that area.

Mr. Regan is hoping they’re taking into account what’s being discussed to see if between these two things, that we give some consideration to The Grove.

Mr. Marrelli said I was not involved in the planning of this. I believe it was the Recreation Board and the CEDC. I don’t know that any consideration has been given to The Grove specifically.

Ted Esborn said not so much the CEDC. It was more the Recreation Board in conjunction with the Recreation Department.

Mr. Regan said if it ever comes to fruition, you’re talking about perhaps a duplication of some of the things, so you might want to tie some of this into what’s being considered there.

Mr. Marrelli said good point. I’ve been given the task of introducing these two buildings to the Planning Commission for your information. The storage area is for stuff for the fields, i.e. lime and spreaders.

Mr. Marquardt asked why the different dimensions. I would think they’d be identical.

Mr. Syracuse imagines the soccer fields would have a need for less storage. 

Mr. Regan asked about the food truck parking at Progressive.

Mr. Marrelli said that’s going on now. There’re a lot of vendors that sell sandwiches, soups, salads there. They have to get a vendors license from the Police Department.

Mr. Marrelli said back to the restrooms/pavilions, we’re starting now to work out the costs. Stay tuned.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Deborah Garbo
Executive Assistant
Building Department