Rec Board: September 20th 2017

Mayfield Village Parks and Recreation Board Meeting
Wednesday, September 20, 2017, 7:00 p.m.
Mayfield Village Civic Center

Present:  Pat Andrzejczyk, Sara Calo, Aaron Caunter, Stivo DiFranco, Patti Fioritto, Peggy Kerver, Derek McDowell, Mary Murphy, Laura Prcela, Pam Schutt, Lori Sperling and Meg Stifler.

Also Present: Shane McAvinew and Danielle Echt.

Absent:  Steve Jerome, Troy Koch, Shelly Kovacevic, Dave Perout and Kate Sullivan

Introduction: Meg called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m. Laura made a motion to approve the April 19, 2017 Minutes as written and Stivo seconded. All committee members agreed.

Senior Program Updates:

  • The October trip is to see Covered Bridges.
  • The deadline to receive snow removal applications to opt in is October 4. Please remind your neighbors to submit them.
  • The October foot clinics will be on the 13th and 20th at the Civic Center. The cost is $20.
  • The next Community Partnership on Aging Lunch n’ Movie will be Wednesday, October 11. The cost is $5 and reservations must be made by the week before by calling CPA.
  • The next Commission on Aging meeting will be held on October 12 at 11 a.m. at the Community Room.
  • The 4th Annual Mayfield Art Show will be held at the Mayfield Branch Library from October 15 through the 22nd. There will be a reception for the artists and patrons on Sunday, October 15 from 2-4 p.m.
  • The October Lunch & Movie at Governor’s Village is on Wednesday, October 18. The cost is $5 and reservations must be made by the week before by calling Senior Services.
  • There will be an AARP Safe Driving Class on October 25 at the Civic Center. The cost is $15 for AARP members and $20 for all others. Reservations may be made by calling MV Senior Services.

The Grove/Summer Concerts Updates:

  • Shane had copies of the Summer Intern’s reports/summaries from the events. Shane welcomed comments and invited anyone who wanted to discuss future events to contact him. Pam asked if someone is not on the Recreation Board, would he still want their feedback.  Shane said yes. Pam asked who picks the events/bands and Shane said he worked on it along with some other people. Pam has someone who books events in Beachwood; Shane said that they could come in to discuss future events.  Shane said that the first year is always difficult when booking a venue. He said that he is planning in October and hopes to book in November for 2018. Shane said he is looking at a range of activities including plays and an illusionist.
  • Laura asked if the Wednesday lunch time concerts were well attended and Shane said yes, there were about 100 in attendance each time. He said it was mostly an older population and Governor’s Village and a few other local places would bring seniors in. Shane added that there is not a lot of shade at the Gazebo area so they are looking at putting up tents for next year.
  • Shane reported that the Thursday concerts attendance was okay. Other communities also had concerts on the same day sometimes so there was a lot for people to choose from sometimes.
  • Stivo asked what the intent of The Grove is. Is it a revenue generator or for Mayfield Village residents only?  Shane said it is not a revenue generator. He would like to see 500 people at our events.  Shane said that Mentor has a new amphitheater and they get thousands of people for an event. The Village may get a thousand sometime but we really don’t want that many realistically. Shane said 200-500 would be a good amount of people per event. Stivo asked if there were any complaints; Mayfield Village spending tax dollars on free events for everyone? Shane said not that he is aware. The participants are generally 2/3 Mayfield Village and 1/3 from elsewhere. Shane added that the hope is when outsiders come into the Village for events, that they spend money in the Village businesses. Shane said he has seen it working like this in the other cities he has been in. Derek asked if he has heard anything from the businesses.  Shane said he has not but with the attendance being around 100, it’s really not enough to make an impact yet.
  • Mary asked where everyone would park if we had 1,000 people at a Grove event?  Shane said with the new Intergenerational Park, there will be 125 spots and there will be additional parallel parking spots on the West side of North Commons. Peggy said nobody parked at the existing softball parking lot on hot days; they all parked at the pool. She said she had residents tell her that they were not happy. Shane said the month of May will be used to educate people and to get the information out to the tournament participants that they need to park in the softball field parking lot. Plus with the lot being paved, it will be more welcoming. Mary asked if an auxiliary officer can be used and Shane said yes, it may help.

Debbie Hudacko Run Update:

  • Shane reported that the date was changed for this year so it did not interfere with the Johnny Cake jog like it did previous year. Shane said our participant numbers are down but that is also the trend; 5ks numbers are dropping across the board. This year there were 29 runners in the Debbie Hudacko event.   One of the summer interns came up with a Market Day at the Grove and all of the money collected was for a donation to the scholarship fund.  Shane said that he touched base with the Hudacko family to let them know that we are trying to keep money going into the fund.
  • Shane said that the Recreation Department was approached by an individual who is working with the running company to bring a race through the Village in 2018. All of the details are in the preliminary stage but it might be possible to tie our run into this bigger event. Shane also said that the department is in favor of eliminating the hattrick; the 2018 race would be a 5k or 4 mile along with a walk and maybe a kids fun run.
  • The scholarships in the amount of $1,500 went out. Mary said we need to discuss all of this in the future because the race with low participation is not worth the shirts, etc. Derek said that he was part of the interview process with the Mayfield High School students. It’s really nice because this is a Mayfield School District thing and it’s special to this area.
  • The committee members agreed that there is a lot of competition because there are races every weekend.
  • Mary asked what the sponsors give and Danielle said they give various amounts.
  • Shane suggested that the department try to revamp the run for 2018, evaluate afterwards, and go from there.   He said if nothing happens with numbers than most likely the event will be cancelled after 2018 but the Village will find ways to keep the scholarship going.
  • Meg asked if Mr. and Mrs. Hudacko were spoken to about the event. Danielle said that she thought Bill spoke with them before he left but she did not recall the outcome. Shane added that he has spoken to them as well but not in depth.

Summer Camp Update:

  • Danielle reported that camp went well overall and the participant numbers were really good. She said every session was full and usually had a waiting list. There were very little complaints about camp so it seemed very successful and camp did not lose money.
  • Laura asked if camp was extended this year. Danielle said that there were four two-week sessions this year. She said that most of the campers were signed up for every session. The committee asked what the price for camp was and Danielle said $225/session for Mayfield School District and then $245 for non. She said there were small discounts for siblings or registering for all sessions. The committee members said that they thought the price was low and that it could be raised. The Recreation Department will look at it before putting together information for 2018 camp.
  • Meg asked if the staff would be returning next year. Danielle said that we talked to them at the end of the season and let them know that we would like to have them back. Danielle said overall they did a great job and there was only an issue with one counselor. Shane said Tara did a great job directing the camp again this year and she worked with counselors to help them know where they need to improve and things they could do differently. Shane added that there were a variety of ages from high school to college.
  • Shane asked if preference was given to Mayfield Village residents for registration. Danielle said just in terms of the lower price for the district residents. It was suggested to give Mayfield Village residents a month to register before anyone else. It was also suggested to let people know that camp sold out in 2017 so they know it’s high demand. The committee members agreed that it was good faith to let Mayfield Village residents register first.

Parkview Pool Update:

  • Shane said that single admissions were good across the board.  He said that the pass sales went up for the Village seniors but most others went down..
  • The pump motor broke this season so it was replaced and the Village now has a back up pump. They will be on a three year maintenance plan. Pam asked who takes care of the pool maintenance. Shane said it is a combination but the Service Department handles a lot of it, some is outsourced and then Sean and himself help maintain the equipment/system. Shane said that Sean became a Certified Pool Operator so he can help maintain/balance the chemical.
  • Pat asked if the leak was found. Shane said the leak will never be completely found. He said there were six holes that were filled but the other leaks are probably from fixtures. They will always be chasing leaks. Shane said the leakage has been slowed and that is good. Pat said that she thought it could be the gutters. Shane added that the Service Department is also pressure testing the lines.
  • Shane reported that the pool remained open for four extra days and that will be the standard from now on. Anna, one of the Assistant Managers, was key to getting staff so they could open those days.
  • Shane said the staff will not be allowed to wear sweatpants while guarding in the future. He said it is a safety issue. Peggy asked what would happen if it’s cold? Shane said if it’s that cold then the pool would not be open anyway. Peggy said there were a lot of closures this year and people were not happy. Meg said that as an employee of Parkview, she has been at the desk for hours with just one person coming in to swim. She said that they look at the radar and temperatures. Shane said Highland Heights usually closes first. Peggy disagreed and Pam did also saying that the swim team practices in Highland Heights.  Meg said that Parkview tries to stay open but Shane and Dave make a decision; there is a chain of command. Shane agreed and said that sometimes it is a financial decision. Meg said over the years we have closed and then reopened later in the day. She said this year they didn’t because of various reasons. Shane said that Dave usually calls around 2:00 p.m. and the two of them discuss the factors and then wait until 4:00 p.m. to see what is happening. Shane said that Dave is usually right when it comes to making a call on the weather.
  • Sara looked at the $173,000 loss on the pool and said that she is bothered by it and asked for an explanation. Shane said our pool rates are already higher than most. He also added that a portion of the taxpayer’s money goes towards things like this. Mary Murphy said it’s a Service and Peggy added that pools never make money. Shane said that things like pools and trails add to the quality of life and it’s important for a community. Shane said that we can reduce staffing but then it becomes a safety issue.   Pam said that the pool is open three months a year so there is no way it can be profitable. Shane said we can manage certain things with a pool but expense will always be there. The committee members agreed that most communities with pool have the same issue. Peggy added that our pool is a huge service and it’s a really nice pool compared to others in the area. She said that Progressive employees also enjoy using Parkview.
  • Meg reported that Kate was unable to attend the meeting but had some feedback. Kate mentioned that Wildcat Sport & Fitness members are allowed to use Parkview for lap swimming at the end of the season because the indoor pool is closed for maintenance. She asked why Parkview passholders can’t use Wildcat Sport & Fitness pool in return. The committee said the indoor would be very crowded in the lanes if Parkview lap swimmers went there. Peggy said it is already difficult to get some of the indoor lap swimmers to share lanes. Meg and Pat agreed that management should say something at Wildcat if lanes are not being shared. Shane said he would ask Annemarie (WS&F Aquatics Manager) about this. He added that generally it should be four to a lane and Peggy re-emphasized that they do not share. Patti suggested that the older lap swimmers might be uncomfortable with other people using the lane. The committee members also agreed that membership to WS&F is so cheap anyways; it wouldn’t hurt for people to purchase a membership there if they wanted to swim indoor. Shane said that the school is working on installing air conditioning so as things are added in the future, membership prices may increase. Peggy said the rates are so low and Shane said that is something that was determined by the school board.
  • Mary asked if there was a size limit for Parkview Pool rentals.   Shane said that in the past there was a rate for 0-75 people and then there was rate for over 75; no limit.   He said the new limit is 200 people.  There was an issue this past summer where management thought there were going to be 400 in attendance so they staffed for it and in reality there were approximately 200 people at the party.  Meg said that the night manager needs to be aware of large rentals.   Shane said that he and Dave discussed it and there is a notation on the rental paperwork saying arrangements need to be made with the manager prior to large group use so everything should be more manageable going into the 2018 season. Pat asked what about guard to people ratio. Shane said that was taken into account; there is a formula for the number of people and the area to determine staffing needs. He added that Dave usually adds some extra staff just to be sure everything is covered.
  • Peggy and Mary commended Meg for a job well done at Parkview Pool front desk.
  • Pam asked why the tall guard chair isn’t used in the shallow area.   Shane said it was misplaced from the beginning and it should have never been there.
  • Derek asked if more lounge chairs were ordered. Danielle said yes; they were ordered and received.   Meg reported that she did not hear of any incidences with pool patrons and chairs; there seemed to be enough. Derrick said the shade structures were always crowded. Shane said that an additional 2-3 structures will be added next year. They will be put in the grass on the SOM Center side because there are water lines that would interfere with installation on the parking lot side.
  • Pam asked about the hole with the chair on top of it on the SOM Center side. Shane said that it was a manhole that sunk and it should be fixed before next season.
  • Shane reported that concessions made a profit; The Grove is also included in this. Toni did a great job managing expenses. Shane said in 2018, he plans to have a civic group run The Grove concession.  Derek said that the Indians/Browns have volunteer groups running theirs.

Fall/Winter Programs:

  • Shane reported that the Fall/Winter brochure went out to the school district and it was reformatted to give it a new look.
  • Derek asked how online registration was going. Danielle said it’s going well; it’s a little slow but we get a few every week. Some programs do not allow online registration because they are specific to a certain group such as Mayfield Village residents and there is no way to verify that online at this time.

Halloween Party (Saturday, October 21, 1:30 – 3:00 p.m., Civic Center):

  • Danielle said the flyer is out and information will be put on the signboard.
  • Shane will be contacting the Interact Club for volunteers. Meg said that is good but she also asked to have Recreation Board Members on hand too. Pam said that the St. Paschal confirmation kids need hours.
  • Danielle said the room can be decorated Friday evening. Meg said she would be able to coordinate the decorating and said that she hoped that the haunted house could be set up that day too. Danielle said she was trying to reach Paul Lynch to make sure he still wants to do the haunted house. She hasn’t reached him yet.
  • The room for the party cannot have tape put on the walls so Meg and Danielle have been discussing other options. There will be balloons, cardboard cutouts and all the games. The committee members said they really liked the bales of hay and the items that were used for pictures last year. The games will be similar to previous years.

Santa Party (Saturday, December 9, 1:30 – 3:00 p.m., Civic Center):

  • The committee agreed to table the discussion until the October meeting.

Open Discussion:

  • Stivo said whatever material is being put on top of the softball fields is awful. Shane agreed and said that the Service Department was asked to wait until after soccer and softball seasons to apply it.