Rec Board - February 12th 2014

Mayfield Village Parks & Recreation Board Meeting
Wednesday, February 12, 2014
Wildcat Sport & Fitness, 7:00 p.m.

Attending: Stivo DiFranco, Troy Koch, Tom Marrie, Mary Murphy, Dave Perout, Lori Sperling, Meg Stifler, Kate Sullivan, Sean Supler, Bill Thomas and Danielle Echt.

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Introduction: Meg called the meeting to order at approximately 7:15 p.m.  She asked for approval of the January 15, 2014 Minutes as written.   Kate approved and Tom seconded.  All in attendance approved.  Prior to the meeting, Bill gave a tour of Wildcat Sport & Fitness.

Senior Program Updates

  • The next Lunch n’ Movie is March 12.  The movie is “Blue Jasmine” and reservations are due by March 5. Menu is Potato Basil Frittata with a spring salad and dessert.
  • AARP volunteers will be doing taxes on March 17 and April 7 at 12, 1, 2, and 3 p.m. 
  • The next Foot Clinic is March 14.
  • We are taking reservations for the next trip which is to Lakeview Cemetery on April 16.


Easter Party (Saturday, April 12, 1:30 – 3:00 p.m., Community Room)

  • Volunteers are still needed.  Danielle forgot the sign-up sheet but said she would bring it to next meeting.   Stivo said he could help.
  • Meg said they need help decorating for the party.   She said the committee talked about shifts for the parties where a group helps for decorating/set-up, another group helps during the party and then possibly another for cleanup.   The committee members were asked to think about it and discuss it at the March meeting.
  • The committee asked if the same person would be the Easter Bunny this year and Troy said yes.  
  • Bill asked if the egg hunt would be outside on the lawn by the gazebo and the committee members agreed it would depend upon the weather.
  • Danielle said she is working with Meg to buy some new decorations and the craft.    They will be all set with supplies.


Debbie Hudacko Walk/Run and Scholarship Interviews

  • Bill asked for volunteers for the scholarship interviews on Wednesday, April 30, 7:00 p.m.   Kate, Mary and Lori volunteered again.
  • Mary asked how many candidates will be interviewed and Kate said it depends upon how many apply.  Danielle said there has been a fair amount of applicants the last few years so generally the committee narrows it down before the interviews.   Danielle will get the candidate information out to them as soon as it is ready.
  • Dave said he heard from the Alumni Association that they have said that the number of applicants has decreased for their scholarship.    Kate said that applying for scholarships is a long process.
  • Stivo asked if the applicants know who Debbie Hudacko is.  He said when he did the interviews a while ago a lot of the kids didn’t know.    Danielle said we did put together a page together with her information.   Dave asked if they need to know and said how many people know who Heisman is?   Kate said it’s important that they know who Debbie Hudacko is.    Danielle said we could give the guidance department the information so that way the students can have access to it.  Stivo said the interviewing students could do research. Stivo said it is a life lesson and it is applicable to the business world.  Kate said out of curiosity she always ask the applicants if they know about Debbie.  She said some know and some don’t but the committee always educates the students if they don’t know.   Kate said they usually discuss Debbie Hudacko at the end of the interview, when the student is a little more comfortable.   Meg said it’s not detrimental that they know about Debbie and they won’t be omitted if they don’t know.  Meg suggested including some information about Debbie Hudacko on the application.   Kate said even if they don’t know who Debbie is, they generally have some involvement such as helping out at the race.  Next year information will be given to the Guidance Department when the application is distributed to students in January.


Open Discussion

Wildcat Sport & Fitness

  • Kate said that at the last Recreation Board Meeting, she discussed giving LESD (swim team) more lanes in the evening because there are a lot of kids crammed into a few lanes.  She said the public is not using the open lanes so it probably wouldn’t hurt to give LESD more lanes.   Kate said she knows the pool staff counts when swimmers enter but they don’t count when they leave so their tally for the hour may not be accurate of how many swimmers are in the water.   Kate said in order to get an accurate count, it needs to be marked when they enter and leave.
  • Meg asked if the guards will give LESD more lanes.  Bill said yes, they should.   Meg said the guards are young though.   Danielle said for many of them it is probably their first job and they may not feel comfortable speaking up.  Dave said if the guard tries to say something and someone tells them no, they will probably back down.   
  • Mary asked if there is a pool supervisor that could handle it.    Meg said not at night and she said the front desk cannot help either; front desk staff cannot leave the desk.
  • Mary asked how often this happens and Kate said she could only speak about Thursday nights when she is there teaching the adaptive class.  She said the public has not needed two lanes then. 
  • Kate said the LESD swimmers pay a lot to swim.  Bill said that they only pay $32 to Wildcat Sport & Fitness.   They pay their other fees to LESD. 
  • Tom said the indoor pool is for Mayfield School District residents, we should have a say in what lanes we have available.   Bill said everything was negotiated.  
  • Meg said that as part of the front desk staff, that she has not heard any complaints from LESD or the residents about the lanes.   She said she likes the idea of giving lanes to LESD when they aren’t in use by residents but she didn’t know how it could be implemented.  Kate said the LESD swimmers are residents.    Sean asked if they all are.  Kate said most of them.   Meg, Danielle and Sean thought they were from everywhere.
  • Troy asked why not just give LESD another lane.  Tom said a sign could always be put up to notify people.  Danielle asked if we knew if the other evenings were popular for residents to swim.  Bill said he didn’t know.  
  • Dave said maybe if LESD is given the extra lane and we find we need it for public swim, maybe LESD will just move when asked.  
  • A lengthy discussion ensued about LESD using the pool when it is typically a public pool for Mayfield School District residents.  The committee members said it is difficult to decide what to do and suggested that the pool staff collect more data.  Mary suggested monitoring it for a month and have pool staff tally every half hour and then have Wildcat Sport & Fitness Staff discuss it.
  • The committee discussed having a lifeguard on deck when LESD or Varsity Swim Team is practicing.    Bill sought information after the meeting and it was determined that as long as the coach is certified and there are other coaches there, they do not need another lifeguard on deck.  The certified coach acts as the lifeguard.
  • Bill said that the first Family Fun Night is being held at Wildcat Sport & Fitness on Friday, February 28 from 7:00 – 10:00 p.m.  Volunteers are welcome.
  • The meeting concluded at 8:03 p.m.


Next Meeting:   Wednesday, March 19, 7:00 p.m. at the Civic Center

Respectfully Submitted,

Danielle M. Echt,
Assistant Recreation Director